The phone is very heated. what to do?

Today it is difficult to find a person who did not have a smartphone. Despite the difference in models, colors, cost and functionality, many of these devices combine one unpleasant feature. strong heating during operation. This causes bewilderment of their owners who are interested in the reasons for overheating and how to eliminate it. What to do if your phone while working greatly heats up? And what steps will help get rid of overheating? Tell me in our material.

The reasons for overheating of the smartphone can be diverse, and directly depend on where the heat is most.

If the rear of the phone is heated, then the problem may be in overheating of the battery. Most modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries with good capacity and small sizes. Such batteries are usually safe, but sometimes problems arise with them (as in the case of the Battery SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 7). Too hot battery is a lactum that it should be replaced.

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If the bottom of the phone is heated during charging. it can signal problems in the charger. It is best to use a native charger that comes with the phone. Also can help a third-party device certified by the manufacturer of your gadget.

Other reasons for overheating of the smartphone: Explanation:
Games for a long time. Some gaming applications intensively use the graphics processor of your phone, which leads to the overheating of the device throughout the many hours of gaming.
Streaming content. For example, a thorough view of streaming services of the Utube level or netflix.
Not optimal phone settings. The settings of your gadget also affect how much energy it consumes. Maximum screen brightness, animated wallpapers, abundance of widgets and other analogs Create a significant load on the device.
Environmental factors. Leaving the phone in the sun or in the car, do not be surprised by its subsequent overheating.
Error in the program. If there is an error in any application, it can bring to overheating to the device due to excessive load on the processor.
Malicious programs. Some viruses, as well as miners, are able to heat the phone significantly.

Let’s figure out how to get rid of the fact that the phone battery is very overheated.

What are your common problems?

Le Samsung Galaxy S10 usually suffers from various common failures, mostly these problems usually battery. then bluetooth. Compound 4G OÜ overheating.

These samsung types have a large capacity battery, but some users of the phones found that their smartphones lose at least 30%. 40% of their charge nuit. This problem arose especially with mobile phones outside. United States. And the main reasons may be the approximation sensors or an error that impedes the use of the battery saving function after Skype calls.

  • Disable phone approximation function. To do this, you will need to go to the settings of the lock screen and unload the option “Always In Point”. Then we go to the settings extended motion and gestures and gestures and uncheck the “Raise to wake up”
  • As for the problem of AppleSkype. is solved by rebooting the phone every time you call.

Why do you need to avoid (or correct) problems with overheating samsung galaxy a12?

Phones are heated when used, and it is inevitable. However, the problem is overheating when you feel that the phone has become warmer than should. Overheating can cause many problems due to a reduction in phone performance, the appearance of delays and freezes.

If the phone temperature continues to rise, it can damage the components inside, it is possible to burn the motherboard, and it will be a disaster. I listed the obvious reasons why SAMSUNG GALAXY A12. Read on to find out how to solve this problem.

Disable high performance or game mode

Some Android phones have built-in high-performance or gaming modes. When such a mode is enabled, the phone increases the performance, the maximum loading processor and the graphics processor. It also causes a higher temperature and increased battery discharge.

So, if your phone is heated during the game, turn off the game mode. In addition, you can reduce the quality of graphics and frame rate in the game to reduce heating. Usually, game phones have special cooling systems that allow control temperature.

How to prevent samsung heating

There is not so many solutions. Everything comes down to avoiding the situation when the mobile device begins to heat.

Yes it can be heavy. It is true that you can disable the already mentioned location modules, Bluetooth and others, but playing in demanding games, you will feel warm in your hands.

At the moment we must count on solutions used by manufacturers. Today, copper tubes operating as radiators are the most effective solution. This is best visible in the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 (EDGE), which practically does not heat up, but this decision is not ideal.

The reason can also be infected with malicious. The problem occurs when the phone is heated to such an extent that it cannot be kept in the palm of palm or it begins to behave strange.

overheating, samsung, phone, other

First of all, these types of problems can be the result of faulty equipment, but they can also be caused by software defects. The heat generates three main elements: battery, processor and screen.

When the phone is heated, we usually check the battery first, especially if there is warmth on the back of the phone. Modern lithium-ion batteries are extremely capable, and therefore sometimes heated.

Heating leads to the fact that the battery is getting rid of organic solvents that can ignore due to sparks or too high temperatures. The cause of the notorious explosions of the Samsung Galaxy phones has become faulty batteries.

Only if you feel warm in the front of the screen, the reason can be a processor or a graphic chip. Both of these elements highlight heat during operation, so the larger the processor is loaded, the greater the temperature increases.

However, if you feel warm at the bottom of the phone, the most likely problem is the battery.

What is the danger of overheating of the smartphone?

The main risk when heating the smartphone lies in the fact that his battery can simply explode. Of course, this is a big rarity, but it is not necessary to completely exclude such a scenario, so the precautions must be observed. At the first signs of excessive heating, it is worth attributed to the phone for repair, where experts will diagnose and restore its performance. But the weak heating will adversely affect the functioning of the device. For example, when the smartphone or tablet is heated, its performance is reduced. And this is due to the fact that to combat heating, the system resets the processor frequency. As a result, the temperature drops to a safe mark, but at the same time it is lost part of the power and the smartphone begins to slow down what is called trottling. It also leads to the fact that the battery is discharged faster than the usual.

  • Software errors. It is often happening when you put a custom firmware from little-known developers. The code may contain an error leading to the telephone overheating;
  • Overheating processor. As a rule, this happens when the device is overly active, the opening of many applications and additional modules. 4G-Internet, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth;
  • The phone was long in the open sun, which would undoubtedly lead to its overheating and the appearance of brakes;
  • Overheating battery. Often, it gives the operation of a non-original charger or a malfunction of the battery itself;
  • Using a gadget at the time of charging. Ask why it is impossible to use the smartphone during charging? All simple. The power source receives energy and immediately gives it, which increases the load and negatively affects its reliability;
  • Injection of water inside the design or operation in conditions of high humidity;
  • Subcase communications. Due to the poor quality of the coating, constantly switching from 3G on 4G and vice versa. As a result, there is an accelerated battery discharge and heating.

The temperature is due to 45 degrees Celsius. All that is higher than 50 critically. To control the heating portal MobileGadjet.RU recommends installing the CPU-Z program or its analogues.

A bit of theory

It is not a secret for us that a lot of processes hidden from a human eye runs in a running device. This is the work of the same processor, and the consumption of electricity, and processing graphics, and many other. If an externally, the smartphone looks calmly, then inside it there is a series of operations that can cause, including, and heating.

Answers to the question of why the phone is heated may be somewhat. To understand the true cause, you need to know which of the device modules is heated, after which we will understand and the reason for this phenomenon. And to know that it becomes hot, you need to understand where it is heated. Learn it’s easy: Pay attention to the place in which the temperature rises.

In total, the smartphone is not so many elements capable of hot. This is: Battery, Processor and Display. Only these parts can cause a serious temperature increase during their work. Because of them and the phone is heated, only the reasons for this are different. Read more about this in the following sections divided by the criterion of which item becomes hot.

What to do if the phone screen has gone

Display overheating can be that it has too high update frequency. 90, 120 Hz is perfect and convenient, but the phone begins to work in reinforced mode and overheats. When you tolerant overheating, it will be enough to remove the phone and give it to dry and cool. You can reduce the gerents of the screen in the settings, reduce the brightness. It will be useful for your eyes, and for smartphone.

For smartphone Normally, temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. Above. already reason to start nervous

If nothing helped. Contact experts

If your phone is still overheated even after you have tried all of the above, you may have to take it into repair service.

There is a possibility that some part of your equipment is broken, and it must be repaired to work correctly.

Under normal conditions, the phone should never display overheating warning. If you extend the problem, there is only a chance to aggravate her.

Do you know for what other reasons the phone can be heated? What did you do to solve this problem? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.