If the task is not to install wireless surveillance, which was mentioned above, then the use of analog surveillance cameras in the country will be optimal. This is determined by the fact that:

  • Installation and configuration of such systems is easier;
  • They are cheaper;
  • Virtually no operational failures.

There are times when only one camera needs to be installed. To do this, you can purchase gsm or 3g cameras. At the same time, we get the opportunity to exercise remote control.

A very good and convenient option would be to use a cloud monitoring service.

Now let’s consider the feasibility of purchasing a ready-made observation kit for giving. By this link you can get acquainted with the features of choosing a ready-made set of equIPment and with the pitfalls that may be encountered along the way. Here we will consider the main types of kits that can be used in the country:

To monitor the internet.

Such a kit will facilitate the process of installing the system. As a rule, it includes equIPment that supports Cloud services, so configuration does not require any special knowledge. It is enough to follow the attached instructions.

Analog for 4 or 8 surveillance cameras.

Here you can get some money savings and nothing more. This also includes surveillance kits for the street, etc.

When purchasing them, you should carefully study the composition and characteristics of the equIPment included in the delivery set. Make sure this is what you need, otherwise money will be wasted.


Since the dacha is not a place of permanent living, you need to choose a surveillance system for it with the ability to create an archive and / or remote online access.

Below we will consider some of the tasks that may face the dacha surveillance system, as well as ways to solve them.

Periodic analysis of the situation.

This refers to the opportunity, upon arrival at the dacha, to watch the events that took place in the absence of the owners. Naturally, there is no question of responsiveness here, however, this is often not necessary, for example, to record the illegal actions of neighbors.

If you plan to install do-it-yourself surveillance at the dacha, the minimum necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Choose the right surveillance cameras, determine the place of their installation,
  • Find the Appropriate Registrar,
  • Calculate the power supply.

By the way, for this option, it would be advisable to use an analog system as a more unpretentious and cheap.

Online control of the system.

In this case, it is already possible to quickly respond to emergency situations, although this efficiency is determined by the time during which you can get to the cottage or turn to a third party for help. Friends who live near your dacha or the security of the cooperative (if any).

It should be noted that such a system must be able to generate and deliver in any convenient way (for example, an SMS message) a notification of an alarm situation.

This is achieved by using burglar alarm sensors or by introducing surveillance equIPment with a motion detector and Corresponding alarm outputs.


There are two options for using wireless technologies to consider here:

  • Providing remote access to the entire system;
  • Or wireless connection of cameras to a device for recording and processing information.

As for the first, it provides the possibility of online control, which was mentioned above.

Remote access for data transmission involves the use of Internet channels. At the dacha, a wired connection to the Network is sometimes impossible. Remains wireless Internet. 3G or 4G.

Thus, the purchased equIPment must have a built-in modem or the ability to connect it externally. With this option, you can get access to any type of surveillance system, including analog.

If we talk about the rejection of wires to ensure communication between cameras and the recorder (or computer), then it is optimal to opt for IP surveillance and Wi-Fi technologies. In most cases, this seems to be impractical for giving:

  • First, it’s expensive;
  • Secondly, it is quite difficult in terms of technical implementation.

Indeed, the site can be monitored by cameras installed on the outside of the house. Inside, you can always find the opportunity to lay wires.

Of course, a situation may arise when the dacha has an exclusive design that cannot be spoiled by boxes or second wiring materials, but such cases are rare. By and large, IP surveillance for a summer residence is an overkill that requires unreasonable (as a rule) costs.


An autonomous surveillance system means that there is no Internet connection or any other method of remote access. In this case, the set of equIPment includes:

  • Registrar;
  • The required number of surveillance cameras;
  • Power Supply.

In the absence of the owners, information is recorded on the hard disk (HDD) of the recorder. By the way, the monitor will be needed for initial setup and viewing records, so its permanent connection to the system is NOT required. Since autonomous monitoring is designed to record events in the absence of the owners, it is necessary to provide several points.

1. The storage time of the records (the depth of the archive) must be no less than the time the owners were away from the dacha. This parameter is determined by the amount of HDD memory, the number of cameras and recording parameters. An approximate calculation of the disk can be made using the appropriate calculator.

2. In case of power outages, it is advisable to provide redundancy for the dacha power monitoring system. There are certain nuances that are written on this page.

3. In case of penetration of the criminals’ dacha, they can steal the registrar with all the information. Therefore, it should be installed as secretly as possible.

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On. surveillance for giving via a 3g modem:

Monitoring in the country by phone: how to connect the system with your own hands

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend all their free time in the country. In most cases, a country estate is visited on weekends, and then, and not every time, and on holidays. Therefore, the question of its protection is quite acute, you never know what can happen when the owners are absent for so long. One of the ways out of the situation can be monitoring in real time, as soon as there is a cause for concern, to really react quickly. In an area where there is no wired Internet, an alternative is a system connected to the network via a 3g modem.


A lot of organizations provide services for the installation of surveillance kits. They offer various system variations and professional installation. When a dacha is understood as a mansion of several floors and a couple of hectares of a courtyard, it makes sense to pay the masters and do not fool around. And it is quite possible to put a modest house and adjoining six hundred square meters on your own.

When choosing the type of system, they are repelled by the working environment. if the dacha is used from season to season and is not heated in the cold (which is a rarity), it makes no sense to bother with the recorder and the drive. They will still fail at minus. You can also get by with an outdoor camera, although there is a chance that they will pose for it.

Find out what a GSM security system for a home is here.

Usually, it is easier for a user who is far from the basics of programming to install a modem camera or a couple. In terms of cost, they will not cost much more than a set with a recorder, and problems with installation and configuration are much less. One camera is usually mounted above the entrance to cover the area of ​​interest. Everything you need for installation is included, as is the Step-by-Step Guide for installation, configuration and launch. Here the owner requires a minimum set of tools and hands at least once grabbed the screwdriver.

If the skills of owning the tools at hand go beyond the minimum ability to hammer in a nail, and the knowledge of technology does not lag behind them, the possibilities expand many times over. It is possible to buy a ready-made set for a very reasonable amount. The cost of a set from an average brand starts at 10,000 rubles.

  • Outdoor cameras. 2 pieces.
  • Registrar.
  • Software (disk).
  • Camera power supply.
  • Wires and connectors.

A router and a modem are purchased separately. Such a system is assembled and configured even without professional skills, without problems, it is enough to strictly follow the instructions. With the proviso that the owner is initially aware of what software is, IP address and administrator rights.


The modem on which the outdoor surveillance kit is BASED acts as a conductor, it allows the equIPment to transmit data, and the owner is always aware of the situation.

With a 3g modem, the owner has the ability to monitor the current state of the site, request and view archive data, adjust the operating parameters of the remote monitoring system. Together with the modem, digital recorders with an output for connection are usually used, they are universal and allow you to receive a record of good quality. If the terrain is to jam the signal, amplifiers are additionally installed. In addition, the kit includes special cameras, their number depends on the area of ​​the viewed area.

Read also about GSM alarm system for summer cottages with a camera at this link.

To record the archive, the recorder can be connected to an external storage device (hard drive, old laptop) or the compressed data will be written to a memory card (SD). As the cards are filled, they are replaced with new ones, or you can simply regularly clean the database of outdated information.

The second option for organizing remote monitoring of your favorite summer cottage is to install outdoor cameras with built-in 3g. This device does NOT require any additional devices for operation, the archive is written to the memory card. The SIM card purchased from the operator is simply inserted into the camera, and it begins to shoot in real time. The motion sensor reacts to unauthorized entry, the data will be sent to an electronic device or a smartphone, thanks to special software.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras For Summer Cottages With An Exit

How much does the wireless surveillance kit for 4 mini cameras cost, indicated here.

There are several types of such cameras on sale, they differ in size, volume of supported memory cards, functionality, and technical characteristics. At a cost, such a toy can be compared with a set, but there are models that are simpler. There is no need to expect clarity from them, but the fact that someone outside is rummaging around the yard is real.

PrincIPle of operation

The modem provides the equIPment with Internet access and high-speed data transmission. It should be borne in mind that the real traffic speed can be strikingly different from that declared by the operator. Therefore, before buying rather expensive equIPment, you should use a modem and try to watch a movie on the network. Of course, traffic depends on the time of day, and on the day of the week, and even on the weather, but such a test will give a general idea.

Although the kit, even the camera, work according to the general princIPle: the site is monitored, the data is archived and transmitted. Depending on the selected setting, the recording can be conducted around the clock, but then the archive will swell from useless. Or at certain hours (the intruder’s favorite time). Information is sent to the address specified during system setup.

The princIPle of response is also chosen by the owner; data can be sent regularly or according to a specific schedule. Most conveniently, when the cameras are equIPped with a motion sensor, it is when it is triggered that the picture is sent to the owner of the household. Almost all cameras and recorders are equIPped with an “alarm output” and can be triggered as an alarm. The owner can at any time go to his system via the Internet and be curious about what is happening in the country. Yes, at least look at the weather to know if you need swimwear or it is better to grab rubber boots.

How much do hard disk surveillance recorders cost here.

The best option for remote monitoring would be a modem with an unlimited tariff, it is enough to pay a monthly fee once a month and send whatever your heart desires at least around the clock.


Street surveillance for a summer residence through a 3g modem, this is an opportunity to be aware of everything that happens in the country. It is very convenient for parents, and rather unpleasant for adult children, who now have to think about the consequences once again before throwing a private party in a country house. Where is the guarantee that the ancestors will not decide to join after seeing the scale cooked through the camera.

You may also be interested in reading about the alarms for a summer residence with a howler.


When choosing a surveillance camera for a house, dacha or apartment, its permission should be the last thing to worry about.

After the appearance on the market of “legal successors” of analog cameras, for example, AHD equIPment, the minimum resolution became 720p, that is, about 1 megapixel.

I’m not talking about the IP system. it has long been in the order of things there. over, there has been a recent trend towards the widespread displacement of 720p cameras by devices with a resolution of 1080p (2 megapixels). From my point of view, this is already overkill.

The fact is that 1MPx was the optimal choice from all points of view:

  • Sufficient detail in the image;
  • Cost;
  • Required disk space for creating an archive (you can use a calculator to check).


Another trend: multi-format cameras. You also need to choose them with caution.

As an example. A friend calls me, who, by the way, is not a layman in security systems, and asks for advice. The crux of the matter is that his friends bought a surveillance camera and cannot launch it.

After a few questions, it turned out:

  • This camera is multi-format (AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS)
  • The resolution has 3 megapixels;
  • Acquisitions on the advice of some experts.

My recommendations were unequivocal: to seek help from an advisor. Let’s figure out why.

In order to configure the camera through the OSD menu, you need to see this menu on the monitor screen. The test monitor does not have this resolution, and a direct connection to a standard monitor is not possible.

And if it were possible, then a 3-megapixel display also needs to be looked for. it’s 2560 x 1440 and costs ten times more than this camera.

Suppose we found such a monitor. As already mentioned, you can NOT connect directly, you need, for example, a registrar. What format is installed in the cameras by default? I don’t know what to buy a multi-format recorder? And so on and so forth.

And in general, why such a camera. Is it planned to be connected every day to the second type of recorder? A similar question can be asked regarding such permission.

In most cases, surveillance is installed in the office, apartment, in the country and solves trivial tasks: fixing the situation, identifying, if necessary, people in the field of view, their actions. This requires a different approach than the race for megapixels (see here).

Thus, the question of choice is simplified. If a recorder is used together with a camera, then it makes sense to focus on AHD equIPment: a wide range, reasonable prices, sufficient quality.


The next tIP is about which technology to choose. IP or the alternative in the form of AHD, TVI, CVI or CVBS. As a rule, IP cameras are superfluous for home use.

What’s the main advantage of IP surveillance? Support for network technologies. This is the main thing. That is, if you need surveillance in the country, even with Internet access, it is not necessary to acquire IP.

But for large systems, such technologies are useful. Only a good IP camera should cost no less than 10,000 rubles (this is the very minimum). Why is the market full of such cameras at starting at 2,000 rubles? Then, that people were killed in their heads that IP is definitely good and cheap crafts are used for this.

No, they work too, but how? For interest, I purchased an inexpensive camera from a Russian manufacturer. It connects to a computer, has access in the browser window and the attached program, shows, is configured.

An attempt to connect to it through the Cloud Service ended in failure. Plasma he is hers, and she is his. I played around and threw this device NOT to the far shelf.

WHAT to pay attention to when choosing a CAMERA

1. Viewing angle.

It directly affects the effective observation range. A larger or smaller angle may be required depending on the degree of detail. You can read about this parameter here.

As a rule, the focal length is indicated in the characteristics of the camera. How to choose the angle of view depending on the focal length of the camera and the tasks to be solved this calculator will tell you.

2. Design option.

Outdoor surveillance cameras, in addition to climatic protection, in some cases must have anti-vandal design. In the first case, if the seller writes “street camera”, then, most likely, it is so. Check the operating temperature range and ingress protection just in case.

As for the anti-vandal, I will rush to announce such a camera in a metal case. This is not true. In order to choose the right camera really resistant to various encroachments, I recommend Pay attention to other design features. About it here.

3. Ability to observe in low light conditions.

In this case, infrared illumination is required. However, once again I urge you to be critical of marketing moves that promise over parameters at modest costs.

What you can believe and what not worth it is written on this page. Hope this material will help you choose the right IR camera.

4. Parameters that improve image quality.

The minimum set of characteristics today is provided by almost any manufacturer. Check the parameters described for the operating conditions of the purchased camera.

5. Installation site.

For the choice here, only placement is critical: external or internal. The rest of the surveillance cameras are for home. Cottages or apartments are not much different.

We can talk about diminutiveness, the possibility of hidden installation, but this applies to all categories of premises.

6. Possibility of organizing remote access.

This is the case when preference should be given to an IP camera. It is she who most easily connects to the Internet. It is this method of remote control that is most accessible to the average user.

I hope the information provided will help you choose the right characteristics and design of the camera for its installation in the place of your interest. Remember. there is no better security camera for all occasions.

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Remote camera viewing can be organized in two ways:

  • Through the Internet;
  • Using the GSM module.

Viewing and connecting a surveillance camera via the Internet for a summer residence in the vast majority of cases is possible only wirelessly. That is, you need to have a 3G or 4G connection.

It is worth noting that the speed of the wireless Internet with an insufficient signal level may not be enough (it is already low for online surveillance). In this case, a GSM signal booster can help.

If the Internet channel is stable and allows you to work at good speeds, then supplying such a camera is the best solution. It remains to decide how to view it from a technical point of view.

If you are NOT experienced in the settings of network connections, dynamic name servers, etc., then it is better to use the services of a cloud service.

To simplify the procedure and eliminate all kinds of “jambs”, it is worth purchasing a camera from a provider whose cloud services you plan to use. In this case, setting up the connection is as easy as possible.

GSM surveillance camera for summer cottages.

You need to explain right away. a GSM camera will NOT provide streaming. The most that this technology is capable of is the transmission of an instant image in the form of an MMS message. Everything else is 3G and 4G as described above.

Thus, from the point of view of security, such a camera is a good addition to the GSM burglar alarm.

It is triggered when the system detects an alarm event and allows you to determine its cause (false alarm or caused by unauthorized entry of the intruder).

Thus, the presence of a SIM card in the camera does not automatically make it a full-fledged online surveillance tool. Pay attention to the signal transmission technology.


There is no separate category “for summer cottages” among surveillance cameras. If by such a request you will be taken to the page of the selling site, it simply means that it is optimized for this request.

Cameras in one place announced as summer cottages, in another will be offered for a private house, and in a third. for an apartment. Thus, the question of which surveillance camera to choose for installation in the country must be decided differently.

Depending on what is required to Obtain from observation, the composition of the equIPment and its characteristics are determined.

The first thing that affects the choice is the type of system:

  • Autonomous;
  • Or with remote access.

In the first case, any cameras of the corresponding design (outdoor or indoor) are suitable. In addition, you will need a registrar to create an archive of records.

You may want to choose in parallel between analog and IP surveillance cameras. For giving it is better to choose “analog”. It’s easier, more reliable and cheaper.

However, there are cases when it is possible to solve the current problems only with the introduction of digital technologies.

For example, you can abandon the recorder and use a recording camera. Such versions have the ability to connect an external Flash drive or CD card. A mandatory requirement is the presence of a motion sensor in the camera.

He can be:

  • Hardware;
  • Programmatic.

In most cases, the second option is used, by the way, it works more correctly. And the implementation of a software detector is possible only for IP cameras.

When choosing this method, it should be borne in mind that the capacity of these media is small, therefore, if movement of any degree of intensity is expected in the viewing area, except for low, then the memory will NOT last for a long time.

You can read the information in offline mode only by pulling out a card or USB flash drive and inserting it into another device for viewing, for example, a computer or laptop.

In addition, a viewer program may be required, so a surveillance camera with recording is NOT the best choice.

It should also be borne in mind that any AUTONOMOUS surveillance system allows only to Record an event after the fact. In the case of rare trIPs to the country, this may be inconvenient and ineffective.


Since, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, Special surveillance cameras for summer cottages are NOT produced, then the choice of street performances should be made guided by generally accepted criteria.

Of course, there are certain features. In many respects this concerns anti-vandal protection. It is implemented in two main ways:

  • Special design solutions;
  • Choosing a location.

One, by the way, the second does not exclude.

As for the design, the only correct option is the dome version of increased reliability:

  • The body is made of metal of sufficient thickness;
  • Lens breakage protection;
  • Installation method, excluding the possibility of dismantling, at least with improvised means (without special equIPment).

The next moment is editing. For a summer residence, hardly anyone will place additional supports and pillars. Easier to find the ability to mount the camera on the wall of the house.

By the way, in this case, when purchasing a device in a “correct” vandal-resistant case, all other problems associated with the camera’s failure are removed: access to the fasteners is carried out from the inside, and the wires are inserted in such a way that it is closed by the camera body.

Wireless surveillance camera for summer cottages.

Everything here is ambiguous. What do we mean by a wireless camera? If GSM or 3G performance is one thing, if Wi-Fi is another.

In 99% of cases, Wi-Fi cameras in the country are not needed. Wired cameras are more reliable, simpler, cheaper and are NOT inferior in functionality.

The last thing I wanted to say: the organization of surveillance in the country without electricity. If there is no power supply as such, then the problem can be solved solely by organizing autonomous power supply. Alternatively, use a high capacity battery.

But it will have to be carried to recharge with depressing regularity. The fact is that the surveillance camera consumes power within 5-10 W.

To constantly maintain it in working order, a large battery capacity is required. About this is in the material on power supplies.

The only way out is a GSM surveillance camera as part of specialized security devices for summer cottages, which can work without electricity for a long time. These include signaling devices such as “Express GSM”.

They are combined in one housing:

  • Motion Sensor;
  • Camera;
  • GSM module.

This device is powered by a battery. In standby mode, its energy is consumed only by the motion sensor.

When an intrusion is detected, the camera turns on, takes a picture and a photo is sent to the owner’s phone in the form of an MMS message. The best has not yet been invented.

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A ready-made surveillance kit for 2 outdoor cameras for a private house, summer house, street and other territory with HD 720p recording quality. The set is assembled on the basis of equIPment of the world famous brand Dahua Security.

The kit contains everything you need for installation, it is easy to install and configure, you can do it yourself, there will be questions. we will tell you!

By choosing this kit, you will receive:

  • 2 outdoor all-weather cameras with night IR illumination and operating temperature 30 ° 60 ° C,
  • Modern registrar with a graphical interface in Russian,
  • Recording resolution HD 720p (1280×720) at 25 fps (real time),
  • Browsing via the Internet, working in 3G / 4G networks (router required), free P2P cloud service. easy remote connection setup, convenient mobile clients for smartphones and tablets IPhone / IPad / Android in Russian.

The set includes: HD recorder for 4 channels, 2 outdoor HD cameras, power supply for cameras, 20 m outdoor multi-cable, 4 BNC connectors, 2 power connectors and 2 “Surveillance” stickers as a gift. We can replace the multi-cable with two ready-made cables with connectors 18 m long.

Reviews (3). Instructions and software. DescrIPtion. Specifications. HD surveillance kit for summer cottages / houses for 2/4 cameras

An example of a set recording quality

We recommend that you select the highest available quality in the player settings and watch it in full screen.

IDMSS mobile clients for IPhone, iDMSS HD for IPad and gDMSS for Android.

The DVR can be connected to any TV or monitor with VGA or HDMI input. Display 1 or 4 cameras simultaneously.

Cameras in a compact sealed case with convenient mounting on hinged brackets, 720p resolution (1280×720 night IR illumination 20 m (automatically activated), infrared filter, 93 ° viewing angle. If necessary, we will replace cameras with similar ones in a metal case.

Recording by motion or schedule. To save space on the hard disk, we activate the software motion detector, it will track changes in the picture coming from the camera and activate recording. To eliminate losses, prerecording with a duration of up to 30 s is configured.

Continuous recording capacity with default settings (2048 kbps) 20 GB per camera per day. For a week of continuous recording of 2 cameras, you will need a 280GB disk. When recording with a motion detector, the volume is several times less. The maximum possible installation of a SATA 3.5 “drive with a capacity of up to 4 TB.

Convenient search for records in the archive by date, time, event. Indication of the availability of records by day. Graphical player with timeline search. Play forward and backward, fast, slow, Single frame, digital zoom. Copying the archive via USB to external media and over the network in ASF format or your own DAV.

Controlling a standard USB mouse. Graphical interface in Russian.

Difficulty installing cameras, equIPment

When installing a surveillance camera for a summer residence, there are no special problems. Each product comes with fasteners, installation and operating instructions. You just need to define the necessary tasks for each camera and follow some simple rules:

  • During installation, the maximum viewing angle should be provided in the selected key places: the entrance to the site, to the house, to the territory where the bathhouse, garage, summer kitchen are located as objects of potential interest of intruders.
  • The distance of confident, clear shooting should not be taken by the maximum value indicated in the technical data sheet for the device, but half the distance to obtain a high-quality image.
  • Cameras should be installed at a height of about 3 m to exclude the possibility of easily catching and knocking them down. If you want to scare off potential intruders, surveillance devices can be installed in a conspicuous place, but you can also initially mount it inconspicuously. Combined options are possible, including using a dummy camera.

All this will make it possible to maximize the possibilities of cameras for a country house: scare off burglars, capture them in case of penetration into the site, respond quickly by sending a message to the owner.

Cottage security. choose a surveillance camera for the house

Despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies, the level of crimes against citizens’ property remains high. Country houses and outbuildings on garden plots remain one of the most vulnerable real estate objects. Media information about burglary, theft of property, arson. all this does not allow the owners to wait calmly for the new season. To protect a country house with a strong door and bars as a city apartment is most often impossible in princIPle. But, in recent years, the owners have the opportunity to install security and fire alarms, surveillance cameras for summer cottages, which allow you to quickly detect criminals, take measures to search for and detain them, as well as return the stolen property, we will receive compensation.

From the material you will learn:

What kinds / types of cameras are better to use

To organize surveillance at a summer cottage, both main types of cameras are used, which differ in the method of receiving, processing and transmitting a signal:

  • Analog. Cheaper, but less clear when viewing events on the screen. This is quite enough to obtain information on penetration into the site, inside the buildings.
  • Digital. Correspondingly more expensive, with better image quality.

By the type of feedback with the owner, cameras for summer cottages are divided into whether they have Internet access or not. The second, most often wired tracking installations with a recorder. The event archive is viewed by the owner from time to time upon arrival at the dacha. Usually, these are older devices and systems in terms of installation.

Their real effectiveness is extremely low, for a number of reasons:

  • There is prompt information about illegal actions, and the registrar can be stolen along with the rest of the property.
  • The recorder stops working in most regions of the country in winter, as it is NOT intended for use in such conditions.

Cameras and receiving and recording devices working with Internet access have their own signal transmitters. They are of two types:

  • With the use of Wi-Fi wireless technology, familiar to all Internet users. Unfortunately, there are not so many dacha villages that have a network with the ability to install Wi-Fi routers in homes. Therefore, this type of cameras did not receive distribution here.
  • With the introduction of cellular communications GSM, 3G, 4G. Taking into account the most widespread standard, coverage areas most often choose GSM cameras for summer cottages, as the most practical and effective device.

This is due to the fact that GSM cameras are independent optoelectronic devices with a number of necessary characteristics capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Taking photos and shooting at the beginning of movement in the observation area from the built-in sensor, including at night with the introduction of IR illumination.
  • Sending SMS, MMS, messages in events to one of the owner’s mobile devices or PC with a GSM modem, where the archive of events is stored.
  • Power supply. battery or from the lighting network (for additional information, learn how the power supply of IP cameras works).
  • Reliable operation both in the Far North and in regions with hot, humid climates. Insensitive to precIPitation, sudden changes in temperature.
  • Depending on the model, they have built-in memory or record photos on a microSD card up to 32 GB, which is usually enough for a long time.
  • To start the camera, it is enough to purchase and insert into them a SIM-card of a cellular operator, which ensures reliable signal reception in a summer cottage, select and pay for a tariff plan such as “data transmission over GSM” for a quite reasonable price.

Today GSM, as well as even more efficient 3G, 4G cameras, are the optimal solution to the problem of surveillance at remote sites without the constant presence of people.

Choice. TIPs

If the task is not to arrange a classic surveillance system with a receiving and recording device inside the guarded object, and there is also no opportunity for a weekly arrival at the dacha to view the archive of events, delete it, maintain a positive air temperature in the house, then it is better to choose GSM cameras for the dacha.

The complexity of the choice lies only in the huge number of cameras for protecting the cottage, offered by manufacturers, suppliers of security systems, and local trade organizations. It is worth choosing devices from the middle price range. Cheaper products can provide (although not necessarily) low image quality, while expensive ones, including new ones, compensate for the costs of active advertising.

Many manufacturers offer surveillance kits for summer cottages, which have various options for the number of cameras, the distance of high-quality shooting, and the second functions. Usually these are products balanced in terms of technical compatibility, quality and price. You can recommend them for purchase.

Surveillance system for a summer residence: how to choose the right one

Ready-made surveillance systems are the best solution for summer cottages and country houses: they are inexpensive and easy to install. In the article we will tell you what nuances you need to consider when choosing a kit.

for surveillance systems for summer cottages

for ready-made systems depend on the configuration and quality received (it, in turn, depends on many factors, each of which affects the cost). Budget solutions for summer cottages include the following sets:

Ucontrol Start 7S (price from 6990 rubles). It includes 4 medium resolution all-weather cameras with a viewing angle of 55 degrees and a night vision range of 15 meters. Digital ZOOM and Internet access provided. The system is suitable for a small country or country house.

A more advanced ready-made UControl Economy 7S set (price from 12,990 rubles) is equIPped with all-weather cameras with a higher than average shooting resolution, with a longer night vision range (up to 30 meters) and better color rendering. The recording resolution is slightly higher in the recorder and it is possible to configure remote access without an “external” IP address using P2P technology.

UControl Apartment system (price from 14 750 rubles) consists of 2 miniature cameras, a recorder with 4 inputs and accessories for installation. Internet access without an “external” IP address is also supported by the system. If necessary, the set can be supplemented with two observation points.

For large areas, ready-made systems with the ability to connect 4-8 cameras are suitable:

Ucontrol Business 7S Mini (price from 25,990 rubles). The set includes a recorder for 8 inputs and 4 all-weather cameras in anti-vandal design. In the future, it is possible to additionally connect up to 4 outdoor or indoor cameras. Simple configuration of remote access from a smartphone, tablet or computer is provided by the built-in P2P technology.

Ucontrol Business 7S (price from 38,990 rubles) is equIPped with 8 all-weather cameras with night vision, connecting cords for 30 meters and all the necessary accessories and instructions. If necessary, each camera can be removed up to 180 m using additional cables. Browse online or archived recordings over the Internet easily Organized with P2P cloud technology supported by the recorder.

Choosing cameras

When choosing equIPment, special attention should be paid to cameras. the quality of the “picture” and the price of the kit primarily depend on them. The dacha surveillance system is installed inside the house and on the street. Each zone has its own characteristics.

For the outer perimeter, pay attention to the following camera specifications:

  • Vandal-proof design for better protection against mechanical damage;
  • Anti-glare coating to correct images in sunlight;
  • “Winter” temperature regime;
  • Night vision for shooting at night;
  • Resolution depending on the task at hand (maximum performance for HD-SDI digital cameras is 19201080 pixels, for AHD format. 19201080 pixels, for standard analog models. 900-1000 TVL)
  • Correct angle of view for the task at hand (the smaller the angle of view of the camera, the smaller the area it covers, but in this area the details are seen more clearly compared to a camera with a wide angle of view) or the ability to rotate the camera / have a zoom.

When choosing cameras for a room, pay attention to the wide viewing angle (distances to objects indoors are usually less than outdoors), the presence of IR illumination (if you need to shoot without lighting) and the shooting resolution that would allow you to perform the tasks facing the camera. These options will help, if necessary, to compile a composite sketch and identify the robber. The best option is dome cameras similar in body material / color to the interior of the room. They will attract less staff attention and will NOT scare away visitors.

What should be included

The standard ready-to-use set includes a multi-input recorder, an appropriate number of cameras, a hard disk for recording (optional), power supplies with splitters, connecting cords, fasteners, a remote control or a mouse. HDMI and AV cables for connecting the recorder to the monitor are included, VGA cable is usually purchased separately.

Choosing a recorder

Most modern models of surveillance systems provide for the possibility of remote access from any device (smartphones, tablets, computers) using cloud technologies, for example, P2P. Other characteristics vary:

  • The number of. and audio inputs. The choice depends on how many cameras and microphones you plan to connect.
  • Recording functions. Optimal modes for giving are motion sensor or alarm recording. They allow you to save space on your hard drive and do not waste time watching alls.
  • Recording quality. It is affected by the format and resolution level: Full D1 (704×576 pixels), 960H (960×576 pixels), 720p (1280×720 pixels), Full HD (1920×1080 pixels). Here you need to focus on the size of the room or the local area and the required detail. It is important to note that the further the camera is removed from the subject and the wider its angle of view, the worse the details will be distinguishable, which means that the camera must have sufficient shooting resolution to maintain the required quality.
  • Memory size. For motion recording or alarm recording, a 500GB hard disk is sufficient. If you plan to shoot continuously, choose recorders with support for large storage devices (3-4 TV).

Ready-made kits are completed with connecting cords of different sizes. If you need to install cameras at a great distance from the DVR, check the possibility of extending the wires. It can vary up to 240 meters.

In custody

Focus Not only on the price of the finished kit, but also on the quality characteristics of the equIPment. It is better to take the set a little more expensive, but with a higher resolution, support for remote access using P2P technology (the “external IP address” service is NOT required in this case) and the ability to expand in the future. You can save on installation. by doing the installation yourself.

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Outdoor surveillance cameras

Outdoor box-type surveillance camera:

  • Format. AHD, TVI 2.0, CVBS, CVI;
  • Lens. varifocal 2.8-12 mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V (/. 10%), 210m;
  • Resolution. 1928×1088;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Dome and vandal-proof outdoor surveillance camera:

  • Format. AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS;
  • Lens. Fixed 3.6mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V ± 10%, 500mA;
  • Resolution. 2 megapixels (1920 × 1080 pixels)
  • IR illumination. yes.

Outdoor box camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. 2.8-12mm @ F1.4;
  • Power supply. 12V DC ± 10%, PoE (802.3af);
  • Resolution. 1280 × 960;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. fixed 3.6mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V ± 20%, 190mA (400mA with IR)
  • Resolution. 1280×720;
  • IR illumination. Yes.

Outdoor AHD Camera:

  • Format. AHD;
  • Lens. 2.8-12 mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V ± 10%, 420mA;
  • Resolution. 1920×1080;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Outdoor box camera:

  • Format. CVI;
  • Lens. 2.7-12 mm;
  • Power supply. DC 12V, up to 3.9W
  • Resolution. 1280×720;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Dome and vandal-proof outdoor surveillance camera:

  • Format. HD-TVI;
  • Lens. 2.8-12 mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V (/. 15%), 210m;
  • Resolution. 1984×1225;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Dome and vandal-proof outdoor surveillance camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. varifocal;
  • Power supply. POE / DC12V, 580m;
  • Resolution. 1920×1080;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Dome and vandal-proof outdoor surveillance camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. 2.8 mm;
  • Power supply. PoE 802.3af / DC 12V;
  • Resolution. 2048×1536;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Outdoor box camera:

  • Format. HD / TVI / CVI / CVBS;
  • Lens. 3.6mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V ± 10%, 500mA;
  • Resolution. 1920 × 1080;
  • IR illumination. yes.

Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. 2.8-12mm;
  • Power supply. DC12V ± 20%, 210m (510m with IR)
  • Resolution. 1280×720;
  • IR illumination. Yes.

Outdoor box-type surveillance camera:

  • Format. IP;
  • Lens. 4.3 mm, F2.0, M12;
  • Power supply. 12 V (DC);
  • Resolution. 640×480 (VGA), 320×240 (QVGA)
  • IR illumination. yes.
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Outdoor surveillance cameras are installed outdoors, and later equIPped with a system of protection from external influences. The body of such cameras protects the optics from moisture and snow, overheating and hypothermia, direct sunlight.

As a rule, the device of street cameras is designed to work in difficult conditions, at a considerable distance from other parts of the surveillance system, with a large flow of visual units.