9 best outdoor CCTV cameras

Review of the best according to the opinion of the editorial board of expertology.Ru. In the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not advertising and does not listen to a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

When organizing video surveillance in an office, at work or at home, it is important to take into account many external factors, among which Weather conditions play not the least role. The climatic features of most of the city are such that it is very hot in summer and in winter. very cold. And sensitive electronics, including CCTV cameras, are not always able to survive such temperature changes.

Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the 9 best outdoor CCTV cameras. The devices included in it are distinguished by their reliability and good performance characteristics. signal quality is by no means sacrificed for reliability.

Rating of the best outdoor CCTV cameras. Best Wired Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Hikvision DS-2CD4232FWD-IS

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Why her: Flagship high-definition camcorder.

An almost ideal camera for organizing outdoor video surveillance. The 1/3-inch 3-megapixel sensor provides up to 2K live streaming in two independently adjustable channels, while the mechanical switchable IR cut filter maintains visibility and detail even at night. Sensor sensitivity. from 0 lux with the introduction of IR and from 0.01 lux at f / 1.2. The camera is equipped with a lens with a switchable aperture of f / 1.2-f / 1.4 and a viewing angle of 91.2 degrees.

The smart features of the outdoor security camera include auto focus, smart analytics, a wide range of 120 decibels, and auto switching IR cut filter in day and night modes. The case is made with IP66 protection, which guarantees safety when used during a rainstorm, hurricane or snow.

The camera connects to the DVR via IP and uses an Ethernet cable.


  • Advanced video analytics system, can be used as a security camera with automatic alarm triggering;
  • High resolution and bitrate audio stream;
  • Excellent sensor light sensitivity, suitable for dark and poorly lit spaces.


  • Sun drive for camera rotation;
  • Rarely on sale;
  • Relatively low frame rate (20 fps) on a video stream with a resolution above Full HD.

Dahua DH-SD49225I-HC

Why her: PTZ video camera with optical zoom, high definition analog video stream.

2-megapixel video camera that connects via coaxial cable and supports remote control via the same interface. To do this, it uses the HDCVI standard. The CCTV camera is equipped with a 1 / 2.8-inch sensor, which is capable of collecting data at a speed of 30 fps at full resolution (Full HD). The matrix light sensitivity is 0.005 lux without infrared illumination and 0 lux with it. IR illumination range is 100 meters.

Stock built-in lens. motorized, provides 25x optical zoom (focal length 4.8-120 mm) and a field of view up to 59.2 degrees horizontally. Although it is not too wide, it is compensated by an electromechanical drive in the bracket. Thanks to this, the camera can be rotated.

The camera is made in an IP66-protected case. For connection, a regular coaxial cable is used.


  • HDCVI technology allows high definition video streaming with legacy coaxial wiring (minimizes upgrade costs)
  • High sensitivity sensor based on Starlight technology;
  • Infrared illumination with a range of 100 meters, one of the largest in the rating.


  • Relatively high price;
  • Small field of view, panning required;
  • Large and heavy. height 30 cm, weight 3 kg.

Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN

Why it is: Low price, high resolution, optical zoom support.

Outdoor CCTV camera designed for IP networks and related registrars. It is carried out in a dome housing, motorized, can be rotated. The camera is equipped with a 2-megapixel 1 / 2.7-inch sensor, which provides a video stream with a resolution of Full HD 25 fps. Light sensitivity. 0.05 lux in day mode and 0.005 lux in night mode with activated monochrome delight.

The camera is equipped with a built-in motorized lens, which provides 4x optical zoom (focal length 2.7-11 mm). The field of view is up to 100 degrees per second horizontally with active panning. The device’s “smart” features include video stream analytics, business and security. Motorized arm provides panning horizontally and vertically.

The outdoor camera is connected via IP (Ethernet cable), supports PoE.


  • Low price. one of the most inexpensive high definition IP cameras with IP66 protection;
  • High image detail thanks to the actual sensor resolution of 2 megapixels;
  • Lots of smart image optimization features and technologies.


  • Wired connection only;
  • Inconvenient control via a web browser;
  • Infrared illumination available, purchase of an appropriate searchlight required for night observation.

Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS

Why is it Very wide operating temperature range, high sensor resolution.

This outdoor CCTV camera is designed for use in regions with extreme weather conditions. It maintains its functionality and performance in the temperature range from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. As a result, it can be installed even in places with direct sunlight.

At the same time, the technical characteristics of the device are also at their best. The camera is equipped with a 4-megapixel 1/3-inch sensor with a maximum video stream resolution of 2.5K 20 fps and a mechanical IR-cut filter that supports auto-switching, as well as a light sensitivity of 0.01 lux in Color mode. This is complemented by a lens with a focal length of 2.8-6 mm (3x optical zoom) and a fixed aperture of f / 2.0. Viewing angle. up to 106 degrees.

The camera is connected via IP, supports power supply over PoE. There are Smart functions. Bracket motorized, swivel.


  • Viewing angle up to 106 degrees without panning;
  • Operating temperature range 40. 60 degrees;
  • Advanced Smart Features.


  • Relatively low frame rate at maximum resolution;
  • Short infrared illumination length (up to 30 meters depending on weather conditions).

Hikvision HiWatch DS-T500

Why it is: The cheapest outdoor camera in its segment of the rating.

Despite the low price, this camera is only slightly inferior to other models. It is equipped with a 5-megapixel 1 / 2.7-inch sensor, which provides a video stream with a resolution of up to 2.5K 25 fps inclusive. In this case, the camera is connected via the HD-TVI interface using a standard coaxial cable. Thus, on the basis of this device, you can upgrade the existing video surveillance system with minimal costs.

The high-resolution sensor is complemented by a mechanical infrared filter with automatic switching; and has a photosensitivity of 0.01 lux. The camera supports EXIR illumination up to 20 meters. All this is complemented by a lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm and an aperture of f / 2.0, which has an angle of view of 86.5 degrees.

The camera is made in a protected IP67 case, supports operation in a temperature range from.60 to 40 degrees Celsius.


  • Cheapness;
  • Suitable for upgrading existing CCTV networks with coaxial cables;
  • Provides a video stream with a resolution of 2.5k and a speed of 25 frames per second.


  • Fixed focus and aperture lens;
  • There is a slewing mechanism and smart-functions as well as remote control;
  • Short distance infrared illumination.

Best Wireless CCTV Cameras

Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-IWS

Why her: Flagship high-definition camcorder with Smart features.

Top IP video camera for outdoor use. The main advantage. high sensor resolution, which is 4 megapixels. Thanks to this, the device is capable of broadcasting a video stream with a resolution of up to 2.5K 20 fps over a wireless network (Wi-Fi). The sensor has a light sensitivity of 0.01 lux in Color (day) mode and supports automatic switching to night mode with activation of infrared illumination with a range of up to 10 meters.

The outdoor camera is equipped with a fixed f / 2.0 aperture lens with a focal length of 2.8-6 mm (2x optical zoom). The design also includes a built-in microphone and a slot for microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

Many Smart features are supported, including virtual border crossing notifications. The camera can be connected via a wire (Ethernet interface), either standard 12V or PoE is used for power. The housing is protected according to the IP67 standard.


  • Built-in microphone and memory card slot;
  • Lots of Smart features (in fact, this is one of the smartest cameras in the ranking)
  • High resolution sensor and video stream.


  • Short range infrared illumination;
  • Codecs are NOT compatible with all DVRs;
  • Inconvenient stock software.

Vstarcam C8833WIP-X4

Why it: Supports P2P technology and performance-enhancing protocols.

Budget outdoor CCTV camera with 4x optical zoom. Equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor with a full set of effective pixels, so it is able to broadcast a video stream in Full HD resolution at 15 frames per second. Supports Wi-Fi connection. The sensor has a physical size of 1 / 2.7 inches.

Motorized camera lens provides 4x optical zoom (focal length 3.3-12mm) with f / 1.4 aperture and field of view up to 118.5 degrees. The most common H.264 codec is used for compression, which is compatible with any operating systems. Processing technologies help improve image quality.

The outdoor camera is equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB. Supports wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connections. Supports P2P technology for fast connection.


  • Wide viewing angle;
  • 4x optical zoom (highest in its segment)
  • Low price.


  • Few Smart features;
  • Short range infrared illumination;
  • Flawed operating system of the camera itself.

Vstarcam C8815WIP

Why it is: Low cost and easy installation, support for removable antennas.

This outdoor CCTV camera. a good solution for creating a security system in a private country house. It is easy to install. thanks to P2P technology, installation and connection are made according to the “plug and play” method. At the same time, it is equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor, which provides a Full HD video stream at a speed of 15 frames per second.

The built-in lens has a fixed focal length of 3.6mm for a stable viewing angle of 91.7 degrees. The outdoor video camera supports automatic switching from day to night mode with activation of infrared illumination with a range of up to 15 meters.

The device is made in a waterproof case. The camcorder can connect to the router both via cable (Ethernet) and wireless network (Wi-Fi). P2P supported. Antenna. external, thanks to which you can install a more powerful or reinforced.


  • Low price;
  • Fast connection (P2P technology)
  • Possibility of connecting an antenna of increased power or with external amplification.


  • There is an optical zoom;
  • Few smart features;
  • Extremely short range infrared illumination (only 15 meters).

Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW1120E-W

Why it is: Low price, 30-meter infrared illumination, vandal-resistant housing.

Budget video camera for outdoor surveillance. The main advantage. high range infrared illumination. Unlike the previous model in the ranking, it is 30 meters. True, the sensor installed in the devices is not so impressive.

In particular, the device is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel matrix, which provides a video stream with HD resolution (1280 × 960 pixels) and 25 frames per second. The attached lens has a fixed focal length of 3.6 mm and a horizontal field of view of 72 degrees.

The device is made in a high-strength case. waterproof according to the IP67 standard (survives heavy rainfall, fog and other negative factors) and protection against vandalism according to the IK10 standard. The camcorder is connected to a router or recorder like a cable. Ethernet. and wirelessly. The Wi-Fi antenna is remote, so it can be replaced.

GSM CCTV Camera: Tips for Choosing the Best Model

Video surveillance can dramatically increase the level of security of the facility where it is installed.

However, in some cases, build an efficient system with the introduction of standardized hardware. either irrational or impossible.

This primarily applies to remote objects. Protect warehouses, garages, summer cottages, rarely visited private houses, the GSM surveillance camera will allow.

Data transmission by such a device is carried out via mobile networks, and no cable structure is required.

Features of GSM CCTV cameras

In practice, any GSM camera is a standard segment device, the functionality of which is supplemented by hardware and software modules.

The features of work on mobile networks include:

  • Discreteness of image transmission, the camera broadcasts a certain number of frames per second
  • Transfer format, either via 3G communication protocols, or by sending SMS / MMS messages to a Customized subscriber number.

Depending on the system configuration, GSM video surveillance can be represented as a set of cameras, each of which. an independent device and a structure of recorders and a central data processing unit.

What the device consists of

If we consider self-installed equipment of the middle price range, designed for a certain period of autonomous operation, GSM video surveillance cameras will include the following hardware groups:

  • Battery or single battery with voltage conversion circuits, power control;
  • The system of interaction with the network of the mobile operator, including the unit for installing the SIM card;
  • A separate software module that controls transmission parameters;
  • The system for accumulating archive data, both with internal memory capacity and providing for the installation of external expansion cards.

Depending on the actual needs, the structure of GSM video surveillance can be built on devices with additional capabilities. In practice, there is nothing new that conventional cameras on the market do NOT offer in solutions for mobile networks. not offered.

In GSM CCTV cameras, there can be IR illumination for shooting in night mode, a rear light source compensation system, a motion detector, and separate image capture modes.

Cameras with built-in GSM module

The rationale for choosing such equipment is simple:

  • With a single camera, it is easy to monitor a small area or inside a single room;
  • There is only one number attached to the camera;
  • Choosing a mobile operator, it is easy to achieve optimal communication quality at the desired point in the area.

GSM IP cameras of this class can have any format configuration. For a covert view of a small area from a long distance, directional cameras are suitable when observing a room, garage or adjoining territory. dome models will show good results; devices with a wide viewing angle will be needed to fix visitors in the door.

The camera with GSM offers the owner everything at once in one housing. However, when using multiple devices, difficulties arise.

In particular, spending on mobile communications (data transmission) is sharply increasing.

In addition, it is necessary to purchase several SIM cards, pay for service packages, and inevitably invest more money and resources to maintain the system.

Connectable GSM unit

Cameras that are connected to a single video processing and storage unit. preferred option for those who want to get a multi-viewpoint tracking system.

In this case, the system is built on the following principles:

  • A rational structure of the interaction of nodes is determined (via cable or wireless protocols)
  • A decision is made on the power supply system (a list of points where an autonomous mode is needed and cameras operating from a 220 or 12V network);
  • Selects cameras from which data will be broadcast via the mobile data network

When designing a network, the best option would be to install cameras with an internal data storage. Especially in those points where constant data transmission is not provided.

The central GSM unit performs the following functionality:

  • Receives data from cameras via cable or wireless protocols;
  • Performs image processing (for example, combining images from several cameras into one screen)
  • Interacts with the operator’s mobile network;
  • Transfers data in accordance with the mechanics set in the settings.

With the help of such equipment, which has a fairly affordable price, it is possible to implement any complex system.

For example, using a GSM unit and several video surveillance cameras for a summer residence with motion sensors. easy to build a well-thought-out and reliable structure of continuous data collection in cases of unauthorized entry.

GSM IP video cameras

IP video cameras have an undoubted advantage of data transfer with the introduction of computer protocols, their own image processing system, easy connection to a PC.

When expanding the functionality with the GSM module, you can get:

  • The ability to build a complex structure, with GSM, wireless, cable data transmission networks;
  • Ease of integration into existing video surveillance systems;
  • All the advantages of cameras equipped with autonomous power sources, located at a great distance.

You can assign a unique address to each device using the provider’s services. If there is such a possibility. cameras are registered with dynamic name services. Free DDNS. a popular and effective way to get convenient access to a GSM camera via the global Internet.

Review of popular models of GSM cameras

The modern market provides all the possibilities for building GSM video surveillance with the necessary functionality. At the same time, it is easy to apply one of the popular camera models.


Simple GSM solution with expandable functionality. This camera is made in a protected outdoor case, can take pictures with a resolution of up to 1280×768 pixels, has a 5 megapixel sensor.

The features of the device include:

  • Work in GSM, 3G networks;
  • Possibility of connecting external intrusion sensors, monitoring perimeter (rupture) security, motion, smoke, fire, temperature;
  • IR illumination for night work;
  • Remote control.

The camera is equipped with an external antenna for good reception, sends photos to a list of 5 mobile and email addresses, supports Gmail, Hotmail and others. Data storage is not provided. The image is broadcast either when a command is received via SMS, or when an alarm sensor is triggered.

Proline PR-G01AM

Compact and handy, Proline PR-G01AM offers high autonomy, data storage, microphone and IR illumination. It records photos and videos, provides remote access.

Its features include:

  • Built-in motion sensor;
  • The ability to automatically send photos and videos in the form of MMS messages;
  • Working with a proprietary service for storing data;
  • Built-in battery for 8 hours of battery life;
  • Supports external memory cards up to 4 GB.

You can connect to the camera directly with a smartphone, call its SIM card number. This opens access to the microphone for a quick assessment of the situation at the protected facility.

Outdoor GSM camera VS IP5163

An excellent option for observing objects from a long distance. VS IP5163 has powerful IR illumination for night mode, with a range of up to 60 meters. The device is equipped with 12 mm optics with controlled focus.

Other features of the model include:

  • Robust outdoor housing;
  • Ability to work at temperatures from 30 to 55 degrees;
  • Internal image processing system;
  • Work in the networks of mobile operators;
  • Support for external memory cards;
  • Sending photos on demand, storing videos and images in a corporate cloud service.

The advantages of the camera include ease of setup, low power consumption (8 watts in night mode with the introduction of backlighting), as well as excellent image quality with a resolution of up to 1280×960 pixels.

3G camera AVT DOZOR 326

Easy to install, reasonable price, work in all existing formats of mobile networks, access via the Internet. this is what distinguishes AVT DOZOR 326.

The camera is housed in a rugged outdoor enclosure that does not require a permanent IP address for full functionality. Everything you need to use. installation and power supply 12V.

At the same time, the device provides:

  • Data storage on a memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB;
  • Receiving audio signal from the built-in microphone;
  • Stable communication thanks to an external antenna;
  • All-weather (including frost resistance)
  • Availability of software motion sensor.

The device can operate at temperatures from 20 to 66 degrees, supports almost all digital access and transmission protocols, formats and frequencies of mobile networks. Up to 16 users can simultaneously connect to one camera using unique names and passwords.

GSM camera PH-X2

PH-X2 belongs to the expensive and extremely functional class of products.

There is everything here not only for building a video surveillance system, but also for designing an effective security structure.

  • Connection of wireless sensors (motion, smoke and fire detectors, perimeter violation, glass breakage and much more) is provided.
  • When triggered. not only the image from the corresponding point is sent, but also the code of the sensor that triggered the alarm.
  • The device has its own data storage, equipped with IR illumination.
  • Excellent connection quality thanks to external antenna.
  • Sending photos on request, at the same time is enough to send SMS, to get a picture on your smartphone anywhere in the world (the number must be registered in the settings).

Each PH-X2 signaling may serves as a central console, supporting up to 10 guard zones, up to 24 sensors, and remote security systems structural associations.

The device is configured both via direct connection and remotely via SMS commands.

As can be seen from the market offers, there is no difficulty in organizing video surveillance at remote or rarely visited facilities.

Modern equipment guarantees convenience, efficiency, the ability to operate only in emergency situations.

With a rational choice of models. it is possible with minimal investment of money to create Not only a system for recording what is happening, but also an effective security structure.

Choosing an IP camera with WI-FI for home and outdoor

If a decade earlier the ability to connect CCTV cameras was limited only by pulling a large number of cables to each device from the central control module, today there is an excellent opportunity to do without entangling everything around annoying wires. Wireless connection of all elements of video surveillance among themselves today can be carried out thanks to the well-known and available wireless technology Wi-Fi.

The main advantage of a CCTV camera with WI-FI is, of course, that there is no need to lay long cable lines, which saves both time and money. Using WI-FI cameras, you can wirelessly connect each device at a distance of up to 100 meters in a straight line, in the absence of interference in the form of walls, houses, trees, etc. If you introduce intermediate signal extenders into the system, the distance can be increased to several kilometers. Wi-Fi cameras, as well as wired video surveillance devices, are subdivided into outdoor and home based on housing.

Main functional features

Wireless IP camera. basic functionality

Modern IP cameras with WI-FI have a number of unique characteristics that distinguish them from wired analog systems. Due to the possibility of signal transmission without wires, as well as their compact size and high mobility, such cameras are very easy to install and, if necessary, easily change their location without the help of specialists. Most Wi-Fi cameras can operate as an access point, allowing you to easily connect to them directly from your laptop, PC, or wireless network mobile phone, and view the camera image. For this, there are special applications that are suitable for all modern mobile and computer operating systems.

With the help of such cameras, you can easily configure the broadcast of the video stream to the Internet. all you need to do is connect it to a router connected to the computer, enter the IP address in the browser (IP addresses, as well as a login with a password.This must be written in the instructions or at the bottom of the camera), make all the necessary settings, then pull out the cable from the camera and connect to it via Wi-Fi. Now it remains to configure the signal transmission to the Internet using a special program, which in some cases comes with the kit, or download it from the Internet.

Some devices are equipped with a motion sensor and IR illumination. The presence of the former allows you to start recording only after the appearance of motion in the field of view of the camera, thereby saving disk space, and also simplifying the task of viewing the archive. IR illumination, invisible to the human eye, makes it possible to conduct video surveillance even in complete darkness.

As an additional option, the manufacturer sometimes implements the ability to write to an internal drive. Micro SD card. This function can be very useful in some situations, for example: if the signal is broken, the IP camera with WI-FI will record what is happening on the card, so you will not miss anything important during the loss of connection. It can also be useful for offline recording of any event outside the home, or simple life moments.

In some cases, manufacturers of WI-FI wireless CCTV cameras equip them with a rotating mechanism that can be controlled remotely. Thanks to this feature, you can change the field of view of the camera as you like right from your smartphone or computer.

If you want to install covert video surveillance at home, in the country or in your office, you will need special miniature cameras. You can find out what models of hidden cameras exist at the moment, as well as the nuances of their installation and Possible problems with the law, you can here.

Today, there are miniature wireless camera with WI-FI and writing to the card Micro SD, which is easy to fit in the palm of your hand and do not take up much space. They can be used for various needs, be it an offline recording of an event, to create covert surveillance. You can read about wireless mini video cameras at the link http://nabludaykin.ru/besprovodnye-mini-videokamery-skrytoe-nablyudenie-stalo-dostupnee.

IP cameras with WI-FI with online function

Cloud camera Nobelic NBQ-1110F

Another HD IP camera with WI-FI from the IVideon service is the recently launched stylish Nobelic NBQ-1110F camera with an online function, which is slightly cheaper than ocO, but has almost identical characteristics, and in some points even surpasses it. The Nobelic’s camera has an even wider field of view. 125 ° horizontally, and the matrix resolution is 1280×960. There is also an IR illumination, a built-in Micro SD card, which, by the way, comes in the kit (16 GB), two-way audio communication, a motion and sound detector, and other nice little things. The camera is also connected in a matter of minutes via a QR code.

Oco. wireless online HD camera

The most popular camera from IVideon is an IP CCTV camera with WI-FI with online ocO function, which is quite versatile in its characteristics and is suitable for a wide range of users. ranging from ordinary housewives to successful businessmen.

By the way, we recently published a full review of the characteristics of this camera with many photos, you can read here.

The camera fits perfectly into any interior and becomes its Integral part. Camera setup Takes literally minutes. all the initial steps for setting up the camera are carried out through a special application for mobile devices running Android and iOS. The main characteristics of the device include a wide viewing angle. 120 ° diagonal and HD recording, so no detail goes UNNOTE. Among other things, the ocO camera has the possibility of two-way audio communication. you can talk to whoever you see thanks to the built-in speaker. The presence of motion and sound detectors allows the camera to send you a notification to your mobile phone when they occur. a great feature that will come in handy when the camera is used as a nanny video for a small child. There is also the possibility of night shooting thanks to the built-in IR illumination. And, of course, the main advantage. the ability to remotely monitor and store records in the IVideon cloud.


The budget version of an online IP camera with Wi-Fi support at the moment is the KARKAM KAM-001 camera. In addition to wireless communication, this device supports work in the cloud service of the manufacturer camcloud.Ru, and also has a slot for installing Micro SD memory cards and a built-in 500 mAh battery, and can work autonomously. The shooting resolution is 1280×720, the viewing angle is horizontal. 90 °. It is possible to install a 3G / 4G modem. The camera also has a built-in IR illumination that allows video surveillance even in complete darkness. Quite a good device with good characteristics at a very low price. 4990 rubles at the time of writing.

IP camera with WI-FI for home

Standard cameras have practically no external differences from similar wired IP and analog devices, and, as a rule, are made in the form of small dome or box cameras. Miniature devices are NOT similar to standard CCTV cameras, and have some similarities with conventional WEB cameras in their body design. Hidden Wi-Fi cameras are very small and can be installed discreetly. often they are embedded in walls under plaster, or disguised as interior items, but this is not entirely legal.

IP camera with WI-FI DEFENDER Multicam WF-10HD module.

WI-FI camera Beward BD43CW. About 12 t. R.

Among the more expensive cameras there is an interesting model BEWARD BD43CW. This device has a recording resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080, which allows you to get a very high definition picture. It is also possible to choose a lens with the required focal length. 2.8 (viewing angle 91 °), 4 mm (71 °), 6 mm (51 °). 8 mm (40 °), 12 mm (27 °), 16 mm (20 °).

Other features of the home IP camera with WI-FI BEWARD BD43CW:

  • Camera sensor resolution 2 Mp, physical dimensions 1 / 2.7;
  • There is a Day / Night function;
  • Sensitivity 0.1 lux (day) / 0.05 lux (night)
  • The device is equipped with 2 powerful IR illuminators, which allows you to shoot in complete darkness.

Other brands of cameras include:

  • D-link;
  • TP-Link;
  • Axis;
  • Samsung;
  • Panasonic;
  • Cisco;
  • Dropcam;
  • Falcon Eye, and others.

The most common are D-link brand devices. This manufacturer has a very rich selection of cameras from budget models to expensive professional devices. If you plan to expand the functionality of the camera using third-party software, you must purchase devices with an open API.

Outdoor IP camera with WI-FI support

To withstand any weather conditions, precipitation, extreme heat or severe frosts, an outdoor WI-FI camera must have a special sealed protective case. In some cases, for the operation of the device in cold winter conditions, the chambers are equipped with an internal heating system. Also, outdoor video surveillance devices may have other protective elements and additional functions:

  • Visor to protect the lens from atmospheric precipitation;
  • Powerful IR illumination for shooting in complete darkness;
  • Built-in motion sensor for video recording of all moving objects;
  • Swivel mechanism for increased visibility.

Outdoor IP camera with Wi-Fi ZODIAK 935W. Cost from 12 to 14 t. R.

As an example, let’s take a dome camera with a tilt mechanism, which provides a 360 ° view. outdoor PTZ IP WI-FI camera ZODIAK 935W. The resolution of the device’s matrix is ​​1 megapixel, the video is recorded in 1280×960, therefore, the image quality will be good. This unit is capable of withstanding temperatures from 25 to 55 ° C. It also has the ability to shoot at night thanks to 22 IR LEDs built into the camera. The minimum focal length of the lens is 4 mm, the maximum. 9 mm.

Outdoor budget model of wireless IP camera VStarcam C7816WIP

The budget choice will be an outdoor WI-FI surveillance camera VStarcam C7816WIP, worth 7 thousand rubles. The device has the ability to wired and wireless connection via wi-fi, a protective case of class IP 67 (dust and moisture resistant). The operating temperature range declared by the manufacturer is from 25 to 45 ° C. This model has a high video recording resolution (720×1280), so there is no need to worry about the image quality. it is more than worthy. The only obvious disadvantage of the device is its small viewing angle. 56 °, which will not be enough for general control of a large area, but for video surveillance of a certain small object or small area, it will be enough. It is possible to install a Micro SD card. This Wi-Fi camera is very easy to set up and install as it supports P2P technology, and does not require a dedicated static IP address.

The main disadvantage of outdoor IP cameras with WI-FI is the insufficient signal strength when the cameras are removed a long distance from the main receiver. This issue can be solved in several ways:

  • Install an external amplifying antenna;
  • Use intermediate signal extenders. repeaters;
  • Take the access point outside. without signal absorbers in the form of walls and other obstacles, the signal transmission range can reach 100 meters;
  • Install a signal amplifier for a router, or more powerful equipment;
  • For maximum compatibility, you must use equipment from the same manufacturer.

Connecting and configuring wireless cameras

  • Initially, you should connect the IP camera to the router using a network UTP cable;
  • Connect the router to the computer using the same UTP cable;
  • Then we enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar of any browser, and go to the settings. IP addresses, login and password are usually indicated by the manufacturer on a sticker attached under the camera;
  • Now we configure all the necessary parameters according to the instructions. wireless connection, type of video stream (configurable based on the signal strength.the weaker the signal, the lower the picture resolution you need to select)
  • Reboot the device by disconnecting the network cable and connecting via a wireless Wi-Fi network;
  • Install the software from the bundled disk, or download the necessary software for video surveillance on the Internet.

Diagram of connecting an IP camera to a PC via WI-FI and creating access via the Internet

To provide remote access to the camera, you can use the service from IVideon. In free use there is a limitation on the number of connected cameras in the amount of 2 pcs, which is quite enough for home use. Remote video surveillance using IVideon is provided by two free programs. Ivideon Server, and IVideon Client: the first is installed on a computer to which Wi-Fi cameras will be directly connected, the second on a device from which it is planned to conduct remote monitoring (the program can be installed on Android, iOS, and other modern operating systems). To install a large video surveillance system using this service, you must choose a suitable tariff and pay for the services.

Video surveillance over the Internet today is implemented quite simply using special cloud services. You can read more about creating remote access using the IVideon service in our article.

For an independent organization of a video surveillance system, for a start, it would be nice to decide on the type of cameras and other equipment. Learn about 5 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Surveillance.

IP cameras with Wi-Fi are quite easy to install with your own hands, but if you doubt your abilities, or are planning to connect a voluminous video surveillance system, then it is better to contact specialists, because it is wiser to pay a small amount once than to hire the same specialists to fix your flaws in the installation and connection of the system. Good luck!

Overview of IP cameras for video surveillance over the Internet

Remote video surveillance is becoming more and more popular every day. This popularity is primarily due to the ability to control what is happening in front of cameras via the Internet from any device from anywhere in the world. As demand grows, so does supply. manufacturers are trying to release equipment already initially configured to connect to their own service, which greatly simplifies the task of launching such a system and saves time on setting up the camera.

Conventionally, for online video surveillance, you can take any IP camera and manually configure remote access to it. But today there are devices ready for integration with certain services, which require minimal settings.

New Technological Cloud IP Camera Nobelic NBQ-1110F

A novelty from the cloud service IVideon, presented at the beginning of October 2016, is the stylish Nobelic NBQ-1110F camera, with even more technological filling than the ocO camera. The camera has all the same advantages and even surpasses ocO:

  • Wide viewing angle. 125 ° horizontal, so you can see the entire area of ​​the room with one camera;
  • High resolution recording. 1280x960p. not a single detail will go unnoticed anymore;
  • Built-in IR illumination for shooting at night;
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Micro SD memory cards. 16 GB card included;
  • Easy connection. just show the QR code received in the Android and iOS application into the camera lens, and the camera is completely ready for use;
  • Even more stylish body, which will fit into any interior;
  • Convenient mount allows you to install the camera on any horizontal or vertical surface, and thanks to the presence of a magnet in the base, the camera can even be attached to a refrigerator.

We also offer to watch a short video from IVideon, which clearly demonstrates the connection process, as well as the design and capabilities of the camera:

IP video camera from the IVideon service. ocO

One example of such cameras is an IP camera for video surveillance via the Internet ocO from the IVideon service. It is fully compatible with this cloud, and all you need to set up video surveillance yourself with the introduction of this camera. make initial settings of parameters through a special application that can be downloaded free of charge for all popular mobile and computer operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

With the ocO home IP camera, you can remotely monitor what is happening at your home: look after a pet, a child, and you can also use it as a radio nanny when you need to go away for a while. The camera has a high resolution recording. 720×1280, and a wide viewing angle of 120 °, thanks to which every detail gets into its view, even in a tight room. Oco can be configured so that the system notifies you in the event of movement or sound, automatically send messages to your email address, attaching still images of what is happening.

Setting up remote video surveillance using this camera is very simple using a special application for modern mobile OS. just Sign up for the service, connect the camera to the power supply and a router via Wi-Fi, and enter the account data in the mobile client, no computer is required. Showed a QR code in the camera lens, it will independently connect to the IVideon service, and start broadcasting streaming video to your mobile device.

All detailed information about the connection is given directly in the mobile client directly when setting up access to the device, so that remote access to the camera is set up in just a few minutes.

For a full review of the ocO camera with a lot of photos, read this link.

The procedure for connecting a cloud IP camera ocO from the IVideon service

Cameras from the cloud service SpaceCam

Not so long ago, Rvi launched a Cloud service for its cameras, and today it offers its customers their own IP cameras with SpaceCam.Ru support. Especially for the service, cameras of the same name were developed, as well as some models of Rvi cameras stitched for this cloud. Connection to this service is carried out slightly differently than in IVideon.

Cloud IP Camera SpaceCam T1

As an example, let’s analyze an interesting model of the SpaceCam T1 PTZ camera. The lens of this device has a viewing angle of 69 °, and the ability to rotate the body through 360 ° provides the ability to remotely control the entire area of ​​the room with a single camera. Video recording resolution is 720p, but for cloud recording it may be lower depending on the selected tariff. It is possible to conduct night shooting thanks to the built-in IR illumination diode, there is a microphone and a Wi-Fi module. The cost of the device is about 11000 g.

SpaceCam cameras have the simplest setting in comparison with other models offered by the service (Rvi, Hikvision), but in comparison with devices from IVideon it will still take a little longer due to some nuances. You can also view images from cameras from anywhere in the world with Android or iOS gadgets. You can find detailed instructions for each type of camera on the SpaceCam cloud service website.

IP cameras from CamDrive

A budget option for cameras for Internet video surveillance can be called devices from the cloud service CamDrive, which offers BEWARD and Camdrive with support for its own cloud. The cost of video capture devices varies from 5900 to 7300, there are both home and outdoor cameras.

These devices also have a simple connection to the cloud service: connect the camera to a power source, then using a cable or Wi-Fi Connect the device to a router, and register on the camdrive.Ru website. After THESE steps, you can already see the picture from the camera in your personal account. Detailed user manual can be found on the website at the link provided above.

IP camera for remote video surveillance from Camdrive. CD100

For example, let’s take a look at the most budgetary CD100 IP camera (5900r). The video recording resolution of this unit may appear insufficient. only 640×480, therefore, it will be impossible to distinguish the faces of people from a few meters. However, all devices under this brand have similar characteristics, so you need to know about this “drawback” in advance and be ready to put up with it. If you need a higher resolution, there you can also find BEWARD cameras adapted to this cloud. The CD100 camera has a very small 58 ° field of view, and a built-in motion detector with an event recording setting.

Similarly with the previous options, you can view images from cameras remotely from any gadget running modern operating systems and having access to the Internet.

Cloud IP cameras from TP-Link

IP cameras from the manufacturer TP-Link have an even lower cost compared to cameras from the previous service. The cheapest option can be purchased for up to 3000 g (TP-Link NC200).

Setting up devices from this manufacturer is just as easy in minutes. The cloud camera automatically connects to the router via Wi-Fi after pressing the WPS button on its body (the router must also support the WPS function). After that, you need to download the tpCamera application, which will help you to carry out further settings. With this application you can view the image from cameras from your mobile phone remotely under modern OS.

You can place cameras on both horizontal and vertical surfaces using a convenient bracket-stand included in the kit.

As an example, let’s take a cloud IP camera TP-Link NC250 (other models of the manufacturer have similar characteristics. NC220, and the new NC230), which has a high resolution 720p HD video stream recording, which ensures high image clarity. The viewing angle is small, 64 °. The camera has an IR illumination with a range of up to 5.5 meters, which allows video surveillance around the clock, both day and night. Also, thanks to built-in sound and motion detectors, the device can send email notifications when noise or movement occurs in the frame.

You can use this device at home or in the office, and monitor the situation online from your mobile phone wherever you are. The cost of TP-Link NC250 is about 5000r, NC220

4300r., The new NC230 is not yet particularly represented anywhere.

So, in this article we have brought up the most relevant IP cameras for video surveillance via the Internet today, which automatically connect to the manufacturer’s cloud service with minimal effort and time on your part, and begin to transmit the picture to the Internet.

Good luck in choosing a camera, we hope you will NOT be mistaken, and choose the option that will suit you, and our material will help you with this.!