How to install third-party applications on Samsung Smart TV

Any SMART TV TV comes with pre-installed applications that make the use of Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, Smart TV is not only a TV, but also a device with additional features. Therefore, sometimes there is a desire to establish additional, third-party applications, and most importantly, so that you can do it.

All applications on the Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. The first applications are designed and approved by Samsung. Third-party applications are applications that you can install on SAMSUNG TV, but which have not been developed or approved by Samsung TV, but they can still be installed on TVs with TIZEN OS.

  • 1 Why connect a flash drive to TV
  • 2 General Methods for connecting a USB drive
  • 3 Direct Connection via USB Connector on TV
  • 4 Possible errors with direct connection 4.1 incorrect Flashplay Format
  • eight.1 Conclusion

For modern Smart TV, a flash drive is hardly useful, on which an interesting film is recorded, because the whole content can be watch online. But for classic plasma, LED, OLED TVs view from a USB drive. an alternative to a PC connection with TV or payment of expensive paid digital TV channels. The number of films, serials, video clips that are written to drives depend on its volume. But methods do not depend on it how to connect a flash drive to the TV. Consider their details.

Possible problems and solutions

Conditionally all the problems faced by users can be divided into two groups: TV does not see the flash drive and the TV does not see files. Carefully analyze that it is the reason for the appearance of such problems, as well as select the optimal solution that will allow users to reproduce the desired content.

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TV does not see a flash drive

The most common problem. does not match the file system. The operating system mainly works with two file systems. NTFS and FAT. It is possible that the flash drive uses that format that does not support TV. That is why even after connecting the device nothing happens.

The easiest solution to this problem is to format a removable disk to the desired format. How can this be done, we have already considered earlier. Remember that the FAT32 system has quite real limitations on file size. 4 GB. NTFS there are no such restrictions.

Excessively large accumulator capacity. another reason for the appearance of problems. Almost all TVs have a maximum amount of supported media. For example, if you use a 64 GB flash drive, then try inserting a memory drive with smaller volume.

Detection problems may occur if the TV is equipped with a service USB inteeis. How to learn it? It is rarely found, but there is an appropriate labeling “Service ONLY”. It is impossible to exclude that the connector is damaged. For example, the contact site oxidized. In this case, you need to contact the service center so that the specialists drop damaged areas.

TV does not find all files

Problems with starting files occur only in one case. the TV does not support this format. To find out which video files can be viewed, read TV specifications, read the appropriate section of the instruction. Do not forget that if necessary, files can be converted. This will require special software.

Why does the TV sees a flash drive or an external hard drive?

information on this issue in a separate article: TV does not see the USB flash drive (USB flash drive).

Installation for the series “H” 2014

Press the Menu button on the console. If the remote is touch, press more, select the menu.

Enter login Develop. Password leave empty. If you need a password, enter SSO1029DEV! (With an exclamation mark)

Choose any application and keep a long button OK on the remote until the Installation Select IP

Again choose any application and hold a long button OK on the remote, until the Select Start User App Sync (Start User APP SYNC)

After all the actions done, we leave SMART-TV necessarily otherwise widgets will not appear.

Direct connection via USB connector on TV

The easiest way to connect the USB flash drive is to use the built-in USB connector. It can be located on the back, side or front panel. It signed by the corresponding designation.

The process of connecting the drive is as follows:

  • Find a suitable connector on the TV. Simplify the process can be instructed for technology or find a detailed description of the model on the Internet on the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Install a flash drive into the connector. The principle of installation is the same as on a laptop or computer. Should not make strength to this process. Some drives have light indication. If she started glow or blink, it means that the device is installed correctly.
  • Take a remote control. Go to settings or via a separate button to switch the broadcast signal source Select AV mode. It is in it that the contents of the Flash card will be displayed.
  • Select the desired folder in the file system opened on the TV screen. Movement on it is carried out by the console keys: up, down, right, left. Opening a folder or file. OK key.

Return to television mode easy. It is enough to change the signal source again and return it to TV if the broadcast was carried out through the antenna. If the television was digital cable, then select HDMI to which additional equipment is connected.

Samsung H

To install the app on TV of this model you will need:

  • Go to SmartHub and select the item “Samsung Account”;
  • You will have a new menu in which you will need to select “Log In”, and then click on “Sign In”;
  • In the window that opens, you need to enter the login “Develop”. In this case, the password does not need to specify. It will be enough to put a tick and click “Sign In”;
  • Now you need to go to SmartHub, bring the console to some program, and clamping the middle of the crossbar on the remote. Hold it until the sync menu appears;
  • In it, select “IP Setting” and enter the IP address in the field that appears. Each group of numbers must be confirmed by pressing the cross;
  • Call the sync menu again and select “Start User APP Sync”;
  • You will be prompted to install custom applications, agreeing with which you can install applications to the main or additional page of the hub. After installing the widgets on the Samsung Smart TV will end, you will see arrows reporting this;
  • To see the installed programs you need to get out of the hub and go back.

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What is third-party applications?

All applications on Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. The first applications are designed and approved by Samsung. Third-party applications are applications that can be installed on Samsung TV, but which have not been developed or approved by Samsung TV, but still can be installed on TVs Tizen OS.

Before installing third-party applications on Samsung Smart TV, you must resolve them. To do this, do the following:

  • Open menu settings
  • Select the Personal tab
  • Open submenu “Safety
  • Find the string “Unknown Sources” and set it “Inclusive”.

Now you need to activate the developer mode on your SAMSUNG SMART TV TV.

  • Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu (SMART TV Settings).
  • Open a smart hub
  • Select applications
  • If you have not changed the PIN code, then enter 00000 or 12345.
  • Change developer mode on
  • Fill in your computer’s IP address and select OK.
  • Restart your Samsung Smart TV

Update widget on Smart TV

To update, you need to go to the account settings and select the “software version” item. You can also check the availability of updates and download missing components. You can update in this way: to delete the last version and install a new one from the flash drive.

ForkPlayer Installation from a flash drive:

  • Go to the main screen.
  • Find a Forkplayer control package there.
  • Activate and go to your personal account.
  • In the program settings, you need to scroll through the list at the bottom and select “Uninstall”.
  • After pressing the item and confirmation, the program will delete.
  • Then you need to restart TV, but with an already inserted flash drive.
  • Installation instructions from a flash drive described above.

Now when we disassemble how to install a program from a flash drive and how to remove the Forkplayer from the Samsung TV, consider problems and solutions.

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