What to do if the program notifications or SMS on iPhone/ iPad does not come

“I recently had a message, and it appears on my lock screen, but if I will not open it and leave it to solve it later, it will disappear from the lock screen when I try to read it later. Someone else experienced the same problem, by the way, I use the iPhone 8 with iOS 15 “

Starting from the IOS 15 release, we were asked a lot about the fact that there are no notifications because of the problem with the screen lock. If you have the same experience as described above, then you may need the following leadership, if notifications in have stopped coming to come. The WhatsApp/ Skype notifications on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch in iOS 15 are not coming on Instagram.

What is a fur notification and why they are needed

In addition to the fact that notifications inform the user certain information, some of them have specific functionality. For example, they make it possible to call back, respond to a message or start the desired function.

On the latest version of the iPhone, iOS 12 operating system, the PUSH notification system has significantly changed. So smartphones now during the use of some applications, you can connect the “screen time” function, which will limit the user from pop.up messages.

It is also worth saying about the specialized “group newsletter”. This is an opportunity that collects all pop.up messages according to certain signs. For example, notifications coming from one application are grouped into a separate tab, and already there the user can find messages of interest to him.

Despite the apparent usefulness of the pop.ups, a huge number of user disconnect this opportunity on their mobile phones. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the notification to understand: is the function really useful.

How to configure notifications on iPhone

For each utility, you can configure a notification in your own way. This is quite convenient if the user wants to teach notification only from the most important people or about the most necessary events. Few people want to miss this. Often reminders are clogged with all kinds of bonuses from games. So, in order to fix this, you need to set up. In more detail about how to do this, you can see in this

The user can configure points such as:

  • Notification admission. This item is responsible for whether there will be a notification from a certain program or not;
  • Warning. In this paragraph, where they will be displayed. in the notification center or on a blocked screen. Choose a suitable option;
  • Banner style. This option is available only if the user has chosen the Banner option at the point above. The style can be both temporary and constant. Temporary. this is when the notification flashes for a while, and then disappears. The constant, in turn, will not disappear until the user brings him up;
  • Sounds and stickers. It is easy enough to choose how notifications will come. with or without sound;
  • Showing miniatures. This is how the user wants to see miniatures of notifications. always or with blocking, or maybe never;
  • Grouping is when several applications are grouped into one.

All these points can be adjusted in the settings that are located on the start screen. In the “Notifications” point, the user can configure both the frequency and how they will be located in the system.

note! Location and settings may differ from what system is with the user. This is a fundamentally important point.

The user can adjust the location of objects in the line of the reminder itself. This is done using settings. Changing the location of objects will help the user qualitatively adjust the incoming information. In order to change the order, you need:

  • Go to the settings, which are located on the starting screen by the phone;
  • Through the settings, you must go to the point “Center for notifications”. It is also worth remembering that the location and name of the item depends on the system of the device;
  • Next, click on the program and click on the “Change” item to change the order in the notification curtain. To do this, you just need to click on three strips and drag the schedule with dragging.

Such way can easily and simply change the location of the notifications on the phone.

Apple is responsible for the correct operation of push-notifications in iOS. Any third.party application, if he wants to send notifications to the user, is obliged to use Apple server for this. The scheme is as follows: the developer will raise his own server, which addresses Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS), and he in turn already sends notifications to users to their devices.

Not Getting Notifications Sound for Text Messages on iPhone after iOS 14 [Fixed]

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Therefore, if a particular application does not send you notifications, then the problem lies in the curves of the developer, which cannot normally configure the interaction of its north with APNS. If you stopped receiving absolutely all notifications, then try the following instructions.

Apple uses your Apple ID to identify devices. This is how the company understands where to send notifications. The first thing to do if there are problems with obtaining push notifications is to go out and go again into your Apple ID. You can do this in the “settings” “Itunes Store and App Store”.

Retain the device to iCloud

A similar step should be repeated with the ICLUD cloud service, which is responsible for synchronization of data between devices and with Apple servers. You can do this in the “settings” “icloud”.

There are not many tools for solving problems in iOS, rebooting is the main one of them. Recall that the reboot differs from the usual shutdown/enable. You can restart the device with a long retention of the power button and the “House” keys on old devices and long retention of the power button and the volume reduction on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

If the system is configured not to bother, then you will not hear notifications at a given time. Make sure you did not turn it on. This is understandable if the crescent icon is present in the status of the device bar.

notification, message, iphone, does, come

IOS has a very flexible notification system that allows you to configure each application as you want. It can send push notifications, can show notifications only on the application icon, banners at the top of the screen, may show or not show notifications on the closed screen. In a word, there are many options, all of them can be seen in the “Settings” “Notifications”. If at the first launch of the application it was accidentally forbidden to send notifications, then it will always be possible to change this setting in this menu.

Absurd, but, as practice shows, extremely useful advice. A small switch on the side panel of the iPhone does not affect the operation of push notifications, but disconnects systemic sounds of notifications. Thus, if you accidentally switch it, you can not hear important notifications.

“Do not disturb” mode

The reflection of the notification often blocks the “Do not disturb” mode. He does not miss calls, warnings, signals. everything except emergency.

Warning will also not be displayed on the screen, but they are stored in chronological order and will appear on the screen after disconnecting the mode.

The mode is not to disturb you can activate the following ways:

Check should be the “do not disturb” option and turn off it if necessary.

If the above steps did not help and the notifications of VK on the iPhone still do not come to the reason for this may become the following factors:

  • At the first launch of the application, there was no permission to send notifications;
  • Notifications are disabled or incorrectly configured;
  • In the application there was a failure.

If the above actions did not help, it is necessary to reinstall the application. Can also help update iOS to the latest version. So the failure is decided, the notifications of VK on the iPhone do not come.

Fix iPhone Notifications Not Showing On iOS 15.5 [FIXED]

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Scroll down and find “Date and Time”. Click on it to open.

Make sure everything is installed automatically here.

Changing time manually to any other, except the current one, will simply violate the notification system for messages, and you will ultimately miss most of the incoming messages. No matter how strange it sounds, but this is the case.

We understand that people constantly adjust the time to their iPhone and iPad to deceive themselves that they “overslept”. But with this setting, you potentially break many services that rely for a while, and the Messages notification system is one of them.

This is a good idea to leave everything in automatic mode, as this guarantees that time and date will always be synchronized. Even if you switch the time zone, your iPhone and iPad instantly make adjustments so that you always see the right time.

We really hope that you have found this correction useful. Usually we delve into why something does not work, but, in the end, a very simple change corrects everything, and this is one of these things.

Why stopped coming to the iPhone

But at a certain moment, a person may face a problem when notifications cease to come on the iPhone. In such a situation, the user can easily miss an important message from a colleague or does not have time to read sensational news. Therefore, each iPhone owner must figure out what caused the problem.

  • The application does not support the notification system;
  • systemic failure;
  • There is no Internet connection;
  • The “Do not disturb” mode is included;
  • Notifications are prohibited.

As some of the main reasons, experts are allocated for notifications, lack of connection to the network, as well as the operation of the “Do not Brive” mode. For each individual program, the user can draw a ban on receiving messages in the background. It is likely that the owner of the device accidentally activated this function.

Be sure to check whether the application itself supports pop.up notifications. Perhaps this function is not provided for by the program.

There are also no notifications when there is no connection to the Internet. After all, it is precisely access to the network that allows the program to process information. In addition, the work of a useful function limits the “do not disturb” mode. When it is activated, the user will not hear a call or message.

It turns out that the main causes of the problem are smartphone settings. That is, the user himself accidentally pressed a button that limits the appearance of notifications. But at the same time do not turn a blind eye to system failures. They also affect the functioning.

Delete and reinstall mail

iPhone users have found that the removal and reinstallation of Mail is a quick solution to notifications problems. Reinstalling the mail will not only update the application (if it has not yet been updated), but also restore the default settings (untouched iOS 15). Find the mail application in the App Store here.

Update to iOS 15 was the main reason for problems with postal notifications. These problems were not obvious during beta testing and arose only in the final version. It is difficult to say that it was in iOS 15 that led to the failure of postal notifications as such. Perhaps this is a combination of several things, and the new focus mode may be one of the reasons.

Some users even said that they cannot see their e-mail tiles in the list due. Although the restart of the mail solves the problem, it continues to return, which indicates that the error is present in the update itself.

Be that as it may, the wrong work of Mail can be quite problematic for those who rely on it to notify them of incoming letters.

We hope that one of these corrections worked for you. Otherwise, you will have to wait until Apple submits the final solution for this, and every few hours open Mail to check if you have any.