CyberLink YouCam

Cyberlink YouCam offers users advanced features to get the most out of their webcam. The program allows you to create clips, presentations, add dynamic effects, filters, colorful frames. Application advantages:

  • screen capture function;
  • the use of special effects in real time;
  • a large number of animated templates;
  • built-in privacy protections;
  • painting tools.

The program is perfectly optimized with Windows 8 and 10. In addition, it has the function of remembering the user’s face.

Official site.

Eliminating errors

When checking the status of a webcam in the system through the device manager, you can see more than 50 error options. Most of them can be solved by reinstalling or updating drivers, but there are a few more cases that should be considered separately.

Privacy options. After updating the operating system, applications by default may be blocked from accessing the webcam. To allow programs to use the WEB-camera, you need to:

  • Open the “Start” menu and go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the subsection “Privacy”, select the tab “Camera”.
  • Enable “Allow apps to access the camera” option.
  • Below, the system will also offer you to choose which programs will be able to use the device.

Blocking a webcam with an antivirus. Some antivirus software has the ability to block access to the built-in camera by third-party applications. It is necessary to disable this feature in the antivirus settings.

Lack of webcam in the computer device manager (for connected cameras). In this case, you should try connecting it to a different port. If the PC still cannot find the camera, you should:

  • Enter “Device Manager”.
  • Open the “Action” tab and click “Update hardware configuration”.
  • Wait while the system finds and installs new drivers.
  • To restart a computer.

System health check

Having opened the device manager, we will see the status of the laptop webcam, the state of its driver and possible malfunctions. Access to it opens like this:

    We go to the “Control Panel”. click “Device Manager” or “System”, depending on the version of the operating system.

In the device manager we find our camera or the “Image processing devices” tab.

There are three options for further development of events:

  • the webcam is not detected by the computer. This happens due to a hardware failure or problems with connecting an external camera. Eliminate the flaw and update the page;
  • the device is not recognized, but in its place there is unknown equipment that requires connection. Information about this can be duplicated on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen. The malfunction is solved by installing the necessary driver or updating the old one;
  • The webcam is recognized, but there is an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle next to it indicating a malfunction. An arrow in a circle means a shutdown in the operating system.

Interesting! The driver is installed from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. For some operating systems, there is no separate driver for the webcam, it is installed along with the Windows update.

How to turn on the camera on a laptop?

Turning on the webcam

If your laptop has an integrated webcam, it should be turned on by default. However, the device can be deactivated manually or by a third-party application. To enable the WEB-camera, the PC user needs to:

  • Open Device Manager. Right-click on the “My Computer” icon, select “Properties” and go to “Device Manager”.
  • Find your WEB-camera in one of the subgroups and turn it on. The searched element can be located in the “Cameras”, “Sound, game and video devices”, “Imaging devices” tabs. Right-click on the name of the webcam and select the option “Enable device” in the list of options.

The most common causes of webcam malfunction are:

  • manual shutdown;
  • lack of drivers after a recent update;
  • blocking the webcam with an antivirus;
  • blocking access to the camera in the privacy settings.

The simplest case is manual shutdown. The user could accidentally type a combination on the keyboard, which led to the termination of the video camera. Most laptop computers provide hotkeys for this and other operations (to quickly flip the screen on a laptop, turn up the speaker volume, take a screenshot, etc.).

They differ on different models, but, as a rule, a webcam icon is applied to the desired button. For the device to work, you must press the Fn button again. The button with the webcam image. On some laptops, combinations of Fn V, Fn F5, Fn Esc are responsible for this function.

The Device Manager will help you to reliably determine the reason for the camera shutdown. In the “Properties” tab, when manually disabled, the following message will appear in the status bar.

You can turn on the camera by pressing the button of the same name.


“Camera” (standard application)

A standard program from Microsoft. for those who do not need complex functionality. “Camera” allows you to check if the webcam is on, take a picture and shoot a video. The main advantage of the application is its intuitive control. Additional functions are available here:

  • the ability to set a timer for a snapshot;
  • manual brightness adjustment;
  • multishooting;
  • framing grid;
  • flicker suppression.

Reinstalling the drivers

This method is directly related to the previous one and is relevant only in cases where, after fulfilling the prescriptions, positive results were not achieved. In this case, of course, in general, the camera should be displayed without problems in the Windows device manager.

    Through the “Device Manager” open the “Properties” window of your webcam, switch to the “Driver” tab and in the control unit click on the “Delete” button.

In the window that opens, read the notification and click on the “OK” button.

The remote camera will disappear from the general list in the Device Manager window.

After the restart, the equipment will automatically reconnect to Windows and install all the drivers necessary for stable operation.

Of course, if the camera has driver requirements, you must install them yourself. The corresponding software is usually located on the website of your device manufacturer.

To make things easier for you, we have provided articles on installing drivers for each popular webcam manufacturer. If necessary, use a special section or search on our website.

After installing the updated version of the driver, be sure to restart your computer or laptop and after turning it on, double-check the webcam’s performance.

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Your Webcam

It should be noted that separately connected and built-in video equipment are initially varieties of the same device. At the same time, if in the first case the case may be in mechanical damage, then in the second the breakdown is more of a systemic nature.

An integrated webcam that has failed due to mechanical damage cannot be repaired.

In addition to the above, there are circumstances that the webcam does not work in any specific programs or sites. In this case, most likely, the problem lies in the software settings or the Internet browser used.

We diagnose system malfunctions

Before proceeding to solving problems with video equipment, it is necessary to diagnose the device for operability using different methods. This is due to the fact that if the webcam does not work, for example, in Skype, but stably transmits the picture in other programs, then the problem, accordingly, lies not in the equipment, but in specific software.

The easiest way to diagnose a camera is Skype, which provides not only the ability to make video calls to other people, but also a preview window of the camera image. We have considered this functionality of this program in detail in a special article on the site.

This software was created to perform several other tasks than Skype, but it is still great for diagnosing a device for performance. over, if the webcam works stably in this program, but does not perform well in other software, you can use the built-in image redirection functionality.

After installing the WebcamMax program, new equipment with the corresponding name will automatically appear in the system.

How to Fix Camera & Webcam Not Working In Windows 10/8.1/7

If for some reason you are not able to use the software we have reviewed, with an overview of the most notable programs for recording video from a webcam, but ideal for diagnostics.

In addition to the above, you may well be interested in a full-fledged instruction on the topic of recording videos by operating a webcam.

This diagnostic technique consists in using special online services created to test equipment. At the same time, be aware that for the stable operation of each resource considered in our instructions, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and an equally up-to-date Internet browser.

If the webcam does not work through the specified services, you should try to run diagnostics in other browsers.

We diagnose mechanical defects

The most common and most difficult problem, due to which the webcam does not work, is mechanical problems. There are several ways to do this, the vast majority of which boil down to replacing the device.

    When using the built-in camera, check the integrity of the area with the equipment and if there are no obvious defects, proceed to the subsequent methods of diagnosing system problems.

In cases where you are using an external device connected via a USB cable, you need to check the integrity of the wire and contact. The ideal test option would be to connect the webcam to another PC.

It often happens that the USB port of a computer or laptop itself is faulty. The fact of such a problem can be easily verified by connecting any device with the same interface to the input.

The external WEB-camera also needs to be diagnosed for damage to the housing and, in particular, the objective lens. Noticing any defects and confirming the device’s malfunctions using system check methods, the equipment must be replaced or sent to a service center for repair.

There are also difficulties with the burnout of any internal components of the webcam. However, in this case, most likely, it cannot be repaired.

Why the webcam on the laptop does not work

Today, the webcam is used by owners of personal computers and laptops for various purposes. However, it happens that the device unexpectedly fails and needs to be repaired as soon as possible. As part of this article, we will tell you about the methods of diagnosing and restoring the stable operation of the webcam.

Setting up the camera in browsers

When using any services on the Internet with webcam support, you may encounter the problem of no video signal. Of course, before studying the recommendations further, you need to check the camera for operability using the previously described means.

    By launching literally any site that supports video and audio, you will be presented with a notification with the option to allow the use of a video device.

Often, users accidentally close the specified window, as a result of which the camera remains locked by default.

To provide the site with access to the webcam, click on the icon indicated by us on the right side of the browser address bar.

Set the selection to the item “Always give the site access to the camera and microphone”, then click on the button “Finish”.

Switch your video and audio equipment as needed.

After power on, refresh the page and check if the device is working properly.

  • If everything was done correctly, the webcam will work completely stably.
  • In addition to the instructions above, there may be general web browser problems associated with an outdated version of auxiliary software or browser components. To bring the used program to a stable state, you need to do the following.

    Make sure to delete the saved web browser cache files.

    As a supplement and in the absence of positive results from the actions already taken, reinstall or update your Internet browser.

    It is also advisable to remove garbage from the operating system by using the CCleaner program. In the cleaning settings, you will need to check all the items related to the web browser.

    Now all problems with a webcam on sites should disappear.

    We activate the equipment

    And although each camera, especially the one built into a laptop, is integrated into the system by default, automatically installing the necessary drivers, there are still situations when various kinds of failures occur in the software. If you are faced with the problem of a not working webcam, first of all you need to check whether the operating system sees it.

    In general, other special programs like AIDA64 can be used for diagnostics, but only at will.

      Right click on “Start” and find “Device Manager”.

    As an alternative way of opening, you can use the “WinR” keyboard shortcut and in the “Run” window that opens, run the execution of a special command.

    Opening the window in the list of sections, find the item “Imaging devices”.

    If you use external video equipment, then you will need to expand the other section “Sound, game and video devices”.

    In the list of available equipment that appears, find your webcam and double-click on the line with it.

    Go to the “General” tab, and if the webcam is disabled, enable it by clicking the “Enable” button.

    The system diagnostic tool will automatically start immediately, notifying you of possible reasons for the shutdown. Click on “Next”.

    As a result of the actions performed, provided that there are no obstacles, your webcam will be re-used in work.

    Make sure that after following the recommendations in the “Device status” block there is a corresponding inscription.

    In cases where the actions did not bring positive results, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the drivers.

      Open the “Properties” window of your webcam and go to the “Driver” tab.

    Find the “Engage” button among the controls and use it.

    Upon successful launch, the signature will change to “Disable”.

    If the button originally had the required signature, then no action is required.

    On this, with this technique for solving problems with a webcam, you can finish.

    Setting up the camera in Skype

    Skype today is the main software used by PC and laptop users to communicate over the Internet. It is for these reasons that the correct approach to diagnosing a device and setting up Skype is extremely important, as we discussed earlier in a special article on the website.

    webcam, icon, laptop

    How to enable it

    After fixing all the problems, the webcam will be available for use. To enable it, special key combinations are used, most often these are:

    • Fn and Esc, Fn and F6 or Fn and F10.
    • There are other combinations as well. Look at the keyboard and find the icon you want, click on it in combination with the FN key.

    You can also open “Start” and enter “camera” in the search bar.

    Driver problem

    First, open the device manager and make sure that you have all the necessary drivers installed.

    • Open the processing devices section and make sure that the icon with the WEB-camera is present. Also make sure that there are no red or yellow signs next to it and in the “Devices” section, indicating that the software was not installed correctly.
    • If the icons are present, then you need to go to the office. the website of the laptop manufacturer (MSI. ASUS. ACER, etc.), enter the model of your laptop into the search (you can see it on the box or on the back) and download the necessary drivers.
    • Then install them. The procedure is actually extremely simple, I will not dwell on it.

    After the installation is complete, remember to restart your PC.

    There are times when, due to various failures, the WEB-camera software fails and the laptop does not see it. Then, before installing a new driver, you need to uninstall the old one.

    • We go into the device manager, click on the name with the right mouse and open “Properties”.
    • Move to the “Driver” section and click “Remove”.
    • We confirm the actions by clicking “OK”.
    • Restart your computer.

    Now you can proceed to installing fresh software.

    If the device manager does not see the WEB-camera, it simply is not in any section, then most likely the problem is in its malfunction.

    Solving Compatibility Issues

    In some cases, the laptop may not see the built-in WEB-camera due to problems with the compatibility of the installed software with the current version of Windows. Then the troubleshooter comes to the rescue, originally built into the OS.

    • Open “Start” and enter “previous” in the search.
    • Click on the appropriate item.
    • After opening the main window, click “Next”.
    • A scan will start, during which you will be prompted to select the faulty component. If the required component is not there, select “Not in the list” and specify the path manually. Click “Next”.
    • Select the “Diagnostics” option and select the OS in which it should definitely work.

    System errors

    The second problem, which may very well be, is the corruption of the system files responsible for the correct operation of the software.

    • Run command line “cmd”.
    • Enter sfc / scannow.
    • Send the command for execution by pressing “Enter”.
    • Wait for the check to complete and reboot the system.

    This is a system tool that automatically restores important files from the backup area.

    How to Fix Webcam Not Working in Windows 10

    Troubleshooting laptop WEB-camera problems

    In fact, there are many reasons that have a direct impact on the correct operation of a web device. These are mainly: uninstalled, installed with an error or incompatible with the current version of the OS driver, software problems or system errors.

    So, now let’s talk in more detail why this happens, what to do if the laptop does not see the WEB-camera and how to return it to operation.

    File system damaged

    Another reason why a laptop usually does not see the built-in WEB-camera. In short, a file system is a way of organizing and storing information. And at the slightest error in it, the performance of certain components is disrupted.

    • Open “Computer”.
    • Right-click on the disk where the OS is installed. Usually this is drive “C”.
    • Open the “Properties” section.
    • Move to the “Service” tab and click on the check button.
    • Check all available options and click “Run”.
    • Add to the schedule by clicking on the corresponding button.

    To start checking, you need to reboot the system. All errors found will be corrected.

    What else could there be

    I have analyzed the main types of malfunctions, however, there are other reasons, due to which the laptop does not see the WEB-camera.

    • The webcam is completely or partially out of order.
    • Damage to the cable connecting the WEB-camera to the motherboard.
    • Faulty motherboard. Usually in cases with a laptop, an overheating of a separate component occurs.

    You cannot fix all this on your own. It is necessary to communicate for help to specialists, for example, to us, for a more thorough diagnosis and repair.

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