Rear view camera with 2 years warranty for Nissan X-Trail T30 since 2006

Rear View Camera for NISSAN Qashqai / X-Trail / Note / Pathfinder / Juke / Patrol / Primera My Way MW-6165F

Adapter frame Nissan X-Trail, Dongfeng Fengdu MX6 Carav 22-243

Rear View Camera for Nissan QASHQAI / X-Trail My Way MW-6017F

Transition frame Nissan X-Trail, Qashqai, Rogue Carav 22-478

Rear view camera Nissan X-Trail T30 BGT-2855CCD

Transition frame CARAV 11-478 for Nissan X-Trail 2014, Qashkai 2014.

Note! This model is discontinued!

The current model. camera with Sony sensor, 2 year warranty Prime-X MY-88815 plus all cameras for Nissan X-Trail.

Rear View Camera Purposes and Features for Nissan X-Trail T30.

The main purpose of the rear view camera. it is assistance to the driver when reversing by means of providing a visual picture of the situation behind the car. The driver cannot see the situation right next to the rear bumper. The salon mirror cannot perform this task, and very often you have to park as close as possible to other vehicles or some kind of obstacle. Reversing camera is the best assistant for easy parking.
A parking camera will allow you to:
– visually see the situation behind the car when driving backward,
– trust your
eyes, not blind parking sensors,
– stop in time if an unexpected pedestrian or animal appears behind the car,
– calculate distances to obstacles,
– park at any time of the day and time of the year,
– Improve parking safety and confidence.

The rear view camera works simply and automatically. To activate the camera and get a picture on the monitor, you just need to turn on the reverse gear. The camera will instantly turn on and the monitor will switch to parking display mode. On the monitor you will see the whole situation behind the rear bumper of the car. After reversing is complete and transmission is disengaged, the camera automatically turns off and the monitor returns to normal operation. Everything is very simple and the system works automatically.

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This camera is specially designed for Nissan X-Trail T30. The camera is installed instead of the license plate light. The mounting of the camcorder body is completely similar to the original cover. The backlight lamp is original. Therefore, the backlight will not change. The reversing camera power is connected to the reversing lights. Between the camera and the monitor, you need to stretch the video cable that comes with the package.
The monitor can be a multimedia radio tape recorder, a car interior mirror with a screen, or any other type of car monitor.

Atrikul: BGT-2855CCD
Video sensor: Sony CCD
Viewing angle: 170 °
Light sensitivity: 0.2 lux
Power supply: 12V
Resolution 728488
Connection interface: RCA (tulip)
Screen Compatibility: NTSC
Warranty: 24 months
Production: BGTpro

Rear View Camera,
wiring for connection,
video cable (5m),
connection instructions,
warranty card,
original packaging.