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how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

iTunes should be the most efficient method for transferring data and applications. To sync apps between different iOS devices, you first need to create an iTunes backup for your old iPhone. Just check out the detailed process of transferring apps from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your old iPhone to your computer. In the upper left corner of the iTunes window, you need to click on your iPhone icon. Then click the Summary icon in the left pane of the iTunes window.

Back up iPhone with iTunes

Then tap the “Backup Now” icon in the right pane of the window. After the backup is complete, disconnect your old iPhone by clicking the Eject icon next to your iPhone image.

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After removing your old iPhone from iTunes, you can connect your new iPhone 8/8 Plus / X to your computer. Click on your iPhone icon to connect your iPhone to your computer to transfer the app from your old iPhone to your new one.

Click “Summary” and then click “Restore iPhone”. Then select “Restore”, “Backup”, “Restore” from a series of options. Once the process is complete, all apps and settings will be transferred to the new iPhone.

Methods to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone 8/8 Plus / X

When you have just purchased your new iPhone 8/8 Plus / X, you should know how to transfer your favorite gaming app to your new iPhone. However, few people know how to sync apps from iPhone to new iPhone X. Besides sharing apps with parents or friends, sometimes we need to transfer data or apps from iPhone to iPhone. Do you know some effective application transfer techniques? Here, the article explains how to transfer iPhone apps to another iPhone easily. In addition, we offer you various solutions to meet all your needs.

how to transfer apps from one iPhone to another using iCloud

It should be another easy solution to transfer app from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. The method should be great if you just bought a new iPhone that you can copy all files without overwriting the original data. Instead, you cannot selectively port applications.

Step 1: If you need to transfer app from iPhone to new iPhone X, you first need to set up the language, Wi-Fi and other settings for the new iPhone.

For the other iPhone, tap Reset and then tap Erase All Content and Settings. After that, you must click the “Erase iPhone” icon to confirm.

How To Fix iPhone Not Installing Apps! (iOS 14)

Step 2: Select “Recover from iCloud Backup” when you are at the location of the setup assistant. Then you can log into your iCloud account and choose to back up your old iPhone.

Step 3: Click “Restore” to transfer it to your new iPhone. After a few minutes, you can find apps transferred from old iPhone to new.

how to selectively transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone

Is there a way to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud? What should you do to selectively transfer applications only? When you only need to transfer apps to another iPhone from your friends or family, iTunes, iCloud, or Apple ID may not work for you. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best choice for transferring an application from iPhone to iPhone selectively. Here are the detailed features of the program.

  • 1. Compatible with the latest iOS 12
  • 2.Copy data or files to iPhone / iPad / iPod with one click
  • 3. Transfer agreement, photo, video and music files selectively
  • 4. Transfer data or files between iOS devices directly and easily
  • 5. Back up all your iPhone data, files on your computer

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPhone

Download and install the latest Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate. Run the program and connect both iPhones to the computer. And then you can transfer files between the two programs.

Both devices will be shown on the left. Click the device you want to export. And each file type is listed on the left, you can choose one category to find files intelligently.

Go to “Export to” and then select “Export to another device”. And a few seconds later, you can find the target files on your new iPhone.

how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using Apple ID

You can view all purchased apps in the App Store with one Apple ID. From here, when you find that apps are not present on iPhone, you can transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone in a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your new iPhone. In fact, you can sign in with the same Apple ID as on your iPhone. Then click the “Updates” button in the lower right corner of the main interface.

Step 2: Click the Purchased option at the top of the screen. If you want to transfer the app to a membership, you need to click on “My purchases” at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click the Not On This iPhone icon. The screen will display a list of all apps that you purchased with your Apple ID but are not currently on your iPhone.

Step 4: Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone. Select the app you want to transfer from iPhone to your new iPhone 8/8 Plus / X and then click the Download button next to the app.

Re-login to your account

Logging out of the account with the subsequent entry of the username and password is able to bring to life the frozen download of the program.

How to solve: open the AppStore and go to the Featured tab. Click on the account name and select Logout. On the same page, log into your account again and repeat the installation of the software.

What to do if apps are not updated on iPhone?

“Under Steve Jobs, this could not have happened,”. the thought that comes to mind first, when for the second hour in a row you try to reanimate the dead gray icon of the utility loaded from the appstore.

Concerning the difficulties with updating the software for the iOS system and glitches when downloading from the official server. Apple does not comment on why applications sometimes fail to download. Users themselves have to look for answers to questions, one by one they try the stages: from the simplest to the most difficult.

Note: If there is a problem with the “gray waiting icon” and there are errors while downloading the application from the app store, we recommend that you follow the instructions.

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Check your internet connection

It may also be the case that the iPhone does not update the widget due to a lack of remaining traffic in the tariff plan or problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi router. LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi connection icon not indicator.

How to fix: Open Safari and go to the first available page. If the connections are in order, go to the next step.

Sync purchases with Mac / PC

When none of the above methods has had an effect and applications are not downloaded from the appstore (it is impossible to either pause the download or uninstall), you need to synchronize with the desktop version of Aityuns.

  • Connect your iOS device to your laptop or PC running iTunes.
  • Make sure that you are logged into a valid account (the account from which you are downloading from the app store should be the same in iTunes).
  • Next, you need to select “Synchronization”.


If the applications in the app store are not updated, you can use a device restart as another method of treatment that is frozen and stalled on the download of a “gray” widget.

How to fix: hold down the Power button and turn off the device. After turning on, the utility will start downloading automatically. You can also use a hard reset: hold down the Home and Power buttons for a few seconds.

How to install apps and games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

How to download the Play Store (Google Play) on the iPhone, or a little about the App Store

You can get there in two ways: through a computer and directly on the iDevice itself. In the first case, you will need the installed iTunes program, which can be downloaded on this page. In general, you can’t go anywhere without it and you need to install it in any case. With iTunes, you can download and install programs and games, download music, photos and videos from your computer, sync contacts, mail and notes. If you are a happy owner of a Mac computer, then iTunes will be installed on it by default, while for any Windows computer you need to download the program.

You can also get to the App Store directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To do this, just find the corresponding program icon on the iDevice desktop.

To download any application or game, you must have an Apple ID account. The most detailed instructions on the Internet for registering an Apple ID can be found here.

What is Apple ID?

To quickly figure out how to create an Apple ID, read our instructions. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to come up with a complex password, which will consist of upper and lower case letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers.

All purchases and free downloads are tied to your Apple ID, not to your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, try to remember or save in a safe place your Apple ID login information.

When the Apple ID is created, you can safely go shopping in the App Store. This requires an internet connection. This can be either Wi-Fi in your home, a free hotspot in a cafe or park, or mobile Internet.

How to download programs (games) on iPhone and iPad overview of App Store sections

May our constant readers forgive us for this post :). Many of our articles and tutorials are aimed at active iPhone, iPad or Mac users. However, the ranks of fans of “apple” technology are replenished every day with thousands of newcomers. Especially for those who have just acquired the first iDevice, we will tell you how to install the first applications on it and whether it is possible to download the Play Store application on the iPhone (Google Play).

Description of App Store sections

In addition, you can view the “TOP charts” section. This is a rating of programs and games in three categories. The first one displays the most downloaded paid applications at the moment, the second one is free, and the third “TOP-grossing” displays the most popular applications.

It is worth noting that some applications, while free, contain in-app purchases. Selling for real money inside applications can be game currency, items and improvements for a character, car or spaceship, animals and plants for the farm, new game levels, etc.

iPhone Apps Not Downloading. How To FIX It !

Recently, many developers have even started selling time. For example, the authors of the game Real Racing 3 (which is distributed free of charge) have set a time limit when buying, improving or repairing a car. You will either have to pay or wait for several hours to complete the desired action. Enthusiasts have even calculated that completing this game will either cost several hundred dollars or take about a month of pure waiting.

Often, in-app purchases with real money are veiled and may look like a purchase with play money. Sometimes news comes up in the press about unhappy parents whose child has made purchases in the game for a round sum. Do not be alarmed, because there is a way to block the waste of funds through programs and games. We recommend that all beginners first use it. Only after a while, when you clearly understand where they are trying to “rip off” real money and will not react to it, you can enable in-app purchases.

Let’s go back to the App Store. The “View” section is divided into three parts, in one of which the Apple moderators offer to familiarize themselves with some of the thematic collections of applications compiled by themselves, the second is the Popular section next to which offers the user applications that are popular in his region. The Categories section is also duplicated here, which is also available from the Selection section.

The next section is “Search”. Everything is clear here, enter either the name of the application or keywords.

The last section “Updates” will display the current updates for the programs and games installed on your device. From here it will be possible to update them. In addition, all purchases for your Apple ID are displayed here, including downloaded applications from other devices.

To download an application or game, you must click on the appropriate button (with the price. to buy a paid one or “download” to download a free one).

Opposite some applications and games in the App Store on the iDevice, instead of the download button, a cloud icon with an arrow may be displayed. This means that this application has already been purchased or downloaded by you on another device. You can download the application by clicking on this “cloud”. If the program or game was paid, then the money will not be debited from the account again.

Be sure to download our Apple app to stay up to date with all the news about Apple. In addition, we constantly publish helpful guides and reviews.

After clicking the download button, you will need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot force your iPhone or iPad to remember the password and always substitute it when downloading applications. This is for security reasons.

After any of the above steps, the application will start downloading. This will be evidenced by the appeared icon of the downloadable application, which contains the elements of the download progress. By simply clicking on it, the download will pause. In the same way, it can be renewed.

After downloading, an automatic installation process will occur. When the application icon has returned to its normal form, it is ready to launch.

How to fix problems downloading Play Store apps. first steps

First, about the very first, simple and basic steps to take if you have problems downloading applications on Android.

  • Check if the Internet works in principle (for example, by opening a page in a browser, preferably with the https protocol, since errors in establishing secure connections lead to problems with downloading applications). If there are errors with opening pages, this problem should be solved.
  • Check if the problem occurs when downloading via 3G / LTE and Wi-FI: if everything goes well with one of the connection types, there may be a problem with the settings of the router or on the part of the provider. Also, in theory, applications may not download on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Go to Settings. Date and time (or Settings. System. Date and time) and make sure that the date, time and time zone are set correctly, ideally, set the “Date and time of the network” and “Time zone of the network”, however, if with these options, the time turns out to be incorrect, disable these items and set the date and time manually.
  • Try a simple restart of your Android device, sometimes it fixes the problem: press and hold the power button until the menu appears and select the “Restart” option (if it is not there, turn off the power and then turn it back on).
  • If a simple restart does not help, restart your phone in safe mode: to do this, press and hold the shutdown button, and when a menu appears with the Shutdown button, press and hold it. You will be prompted to restart Android in Safe Mode. If applications started downloading in safe mode, then most likely the cause of the problem is third-party applications on the phone, among the frequent candidates: antiviruses, memory cleaning utilities, VPN services and proxies. Try disabling or uninstalling such applications and check the Play Store in normal mode (just restart the device to switch to normal mode).
  • Go to Settings. Applications (or Settings. Applications and notifications. Show all applications) and in the menu at the top right, click “Reset application settings”. Confirm the reset, and then check again to see if the apps are being downloaded. Your data will remain in place, only permissions and application restrictions will be reset.
  • If your Android internal storage is full, try uninstalling unnecessary games or apps that take up a lot of space.
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Another very simple method that works for many for the problem under consideration:

  • Close the Play Store app. In the browser of your Android smartphone or tablet, go to the site (in this case, you need to be authorized in Google services in the browser with the same account that is used on the phone). In the menu on the site, select “Applications”.
  • Select any application and click the “Install” button (if you were not authorized, authorization will take place first). Select the device where you want to install the application. You will be informed that the application will be installed soon.
  • Wait for the app to install. If it is installed, start Play Store again and it will probably work as before from now on.

This is about the simplest methods to fix the problem, then about the sometimes more difficult actions to implement.

Reset Google Account

Try resetting your Google account. It is important that you know exactly the password of your account, and if you need two-factor authentication, you have the opportunity to confirm the login (since when using this method, problems can potentially arise):

  • Go to Settings. Accounts on your Android phone.
  • Select your Google account and click “Delete”.
  • After deleting your account, add it again.

Also, sometimes when you try to download an application in the Play Store, you may encounter a message stating that you need to sign in to your Google account, even if the required account has already been added to Settings. Accounts (if not, add it and this will solve the problem). In this case, the method described above often helps. using a download from the Google Play website through a browser.

Apps are not downloaded from the Play Store on Android

A common problem faced by owners of Android phones and tablets is errors downloading applications from the Play Store, when applications for one reason or another are not downloaded. At the same time, the problem itself may have a different form: endless waiting for download, various error codes when receiving data from the server, white screen in the Play Store application, some of these errors have already been considered on this site separately.

This manual provides details on what to do if applications are not downloaded from the Play Store to your Android phone or tablet in order to correct the situation. The accompanying video instruction also demonstrates additional methods for solving the problem with downloading applications. Note: if you do not have APK applications downloaded from third-party sources installed, go to Settings. Security and enable the item “Unknown sources”.

Resetting the cache and system application data required for downloading

Go to Settings. Applications and for all applications mentioned in the previous method (Google Accounts if available, Google Play Services, Download and Downloads Manager), as well as for the Google Play Store application, clear the cache and data (for some of the applications, only cleaning will be available cache). This is done slightly differently in different shells and versions of Android, but on a clean system, you need to click “Storage” or “Memory” in the application information, and then use the appropriate buttons to clear.

Apps won’t install on iPhone. what to do

If the apps or games you download on iPhone appear on the main screen with the words “Waiting”, but nothing happens beyond this stage, you need to change the information about the payment method. In this instruction, we told you how to do this and permanently deal with the problem associated with the inability to install applications on the iPhone.

Note: In many cases, a software glitch is to blame for failing to download apps on iPhone. Before proceeding to the active steps, perform a forced restart of the smartphone. To do this, hold down the Home and Power buttons and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen.

Apps won’t install on iPhone. what to do

Launch iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the current version from the official Apple website.

Select “Account” → “View”.

Click the “Edit” button opposite the “Payment Method” column.

In the “Payment Method” section, select “No”. If you want to make purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store, then select a bank card as a payment method. Note that in this case, the bank card details must be entered correct.

Fill in all the fields in the “Billing address” section.

Click “Finish” to save the new parameters.

Immediately after that, you can try to download the necessary applications or games from the App Store, the error should disappear.

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Low device space

If you want to download a 2GB app on your iPhone, it doesn’t mean that having 2GB of free space will be enough.

First, the operating system and applications need storage space to function properly. Cache and temporary files will be regularly written there.

Second, SSDs do not perform well when fully loaded. It is recommended to always have 15-20% free space for fast memory performance.

Thirdly, applications downloaded from the App Store are a packed archive. It is as compressed as possible for faster downloads, but requires space to decompress during installation.

Thus, an application with a description of 2 GB may require the same amount to be unpacked and installed. The system will check immediately if there is enough space to download. But whether there will be enough space for unpacking, it will become clear only during installation.

Here iOS can become dull and the installation of the application will simply freeze.

When installing large applications, try to have 70-80% more free space on the drive than the program takes. If you suddenly forgot, you can view the information in the Settings. General. iPhone Storage.

Why apps won’t load on iPhone. All ways to solve the problem

You regularly ask us questions related to downloading applications on iPhone. Both newcomers to the world of iOS and experienced users often face the problem when the iPhone does not want to download this or that application.

Sometimes the problem is solved by itself in a few minutes, and sometimes the download hangs for hours.

We’ve rounded up the most common issues that might cause apps to fail to load on iPhone.

Application update not available

Failure to download the update can damage the existing old version of the program.

To get started, go to the App Store and go to the user menu to view available updates. Then pull the screen down to refresh the list.

If the application that stuck during the update disappeared from the list of updates, simply delete it and reinstall the version available in the App Store.

Lost network settings

It is enough to go to the Settings. General. Reset menu and reset the network settings.

iPhone just crashed

For all the reliability and stability, Apple technology also sometimes malfunctions. If the problem with downloading applications recurs regularly, try to simply restart your smartphone or tablet.

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We find our gadget from the list in this article and look at all the ways to reboot it.

Very often, rebooting helps with other problems with the gadget.

In most cases, it is these problems that prevent apps from the App Store from reaching your smartphone’s desktop. If you do all the steps described, programs and games will start downloading to your smartphone again.

Internet problems

Banal interruptions in connection can cause freezing of applications when downloading from the App Store. If there is no network at all, iOS will inform about a connection error, but with periodic disconnects or the loss of some packets, the download may simply stop.

When connecting via mobile Internet, traffic may simply end or the connection speed may drop when the set limit is exhausted.

To test, try downloading another small app, playing YouTube videos, or just visiting a few sites in Safari. You will immediately notice interruptions in the connection, if any.

jailbreak iPhone

Some users own an iPhone with a jailbreak: either they did this procedure themselves, or they bought an already flashed phone. Such a procedure is currently carried out on Apple devices infrequently, since jailbreaking iOS version 11 and higher takes a lot of time and only a few craftsmen are able to pull it off. On older versions of the operating system, jailbreaks were released regularly, but now everything has changed.

If the user still has a device with full access to the file system (by analogy with obtaining root rights on Android), then the likelihood of picking up a virus on the network or from other sources also remains almost zero. Therefore, there is no point in downloading antiviruses and further checking. It is a complete rarity that can happen. the iPhone will simply fail or start to work slowly, as a result of which it will be necessary to reflash the system. But the possibility of infection in the future cannot be ruled out, since progress does not stand still. Then it is better to check the iPhone with a jakebreak for viruses through a computer.

Check iPhone for viruses

In the modern world of gadgets, two operating systems dominate. Android and iOS. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but each platform implements the security of data on the device differently.

The existence of viruses on the iPhone

In the entire history of the existence of Apple and the iPhone in particular, no more than 20 cases of infection of these devices were recorded. This is due to the fact that iOS is a closed OS, access to system files of which is closed for ordinary users.

In addition, developing a virus, such as a Trojan for the iPhone, is very expensive and requires a lot of resources and time. Even if such a virus appears, Apple employees immediately respond to it and quickly eliminate vulnerabilities in the system.

Troubleshoot iPhone performance issues

Most often, if the device starts to slow down or does not work well, it is enough to restart it or reset the settings. This is not the fault of a phantom virus or malware, but possible software or code conflicts. If the problem persists, updating the operating system to the latest version can also help, since most often bugs from previous versions are removed from it.

OS update

The upgrade will help if your phone starts to slow down or if there are any bugs that interfere with normal operation. The update can be done through the iPhone itself in the settings, as well as through iTunes on the computer. In the article below, we show you how to do this.

Viruses on iPhone

Almost all iOS users who have switched from Android ask themselves the question. how to check the device for viruses and are there any at all? Do I need to install antivirus on my iPhone? In this article, we will look at how viruses behave on the iOS operating system.

The need for antivirus

The only thing that antiviruses on iOS may need is to perform any specific functions. For example, anti-theft protection for iPhone. Although the usefulness of this function can be disputed, because starting from the 4th version of the iPhone, it has the “Find iPhone” function, which also works through a computer.

Download the app to iTunes and sync with your device

If the iPhone won’t download apps from the App store, an alternative way is to open iTunes on your computer and download the required app. After downloading the app, sync it with your iPhone or iPad. This is how you can do it.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and click on the App Store on the screen.
  • Select the app you want to download to your iPhone.
  • After downloading the app, connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable and open it in iTunes and install it on your device.

Reboot the device

Users often forget how effective it can be to reboot the device in the event of various failures. Just turn off and on your phone before proceeding to the next steps. If an app appears on the Home screen but its icon is dimmed or has a white grid with gray stripes, do not delete it. Restart your device, then go to the App Store and download the app again.

Apps not downloading in iPhone

If you uninstall a program, you may lose its associated content.

Can’t update apps in the app store?

Pause and resume the download of the program

If you forcefully press a program icon on the Home screen, you may see the Resume Download, Pause Download, or Cancel Download options. If the download is paused, click Resume Download. If the operation is stuck, click “Pause Download”, then press the program icon again forcefully and select “Resume Download”.

What to do if applications on iOS 14 are not updated

After installing the latest iOS 14 on iPhone / iPad, some users reported the problem that the App Store won’t download or update apps. This is a huge problem as you can’t download apps, especially since you can’t update apps on iPhone. Let’s see how you can solve these problems.

Check your internet connection

If the App Store won’t download apps, make sure you have a stable internet connection to download and install apps from the App Store. This error can occur if your network connection is unstable or the network settings on your Apple device are not configured correctly.

  • If using Wi-Fi, open Wi-Fi Settings and make sure the wireless connection is turned on.
  • In the case of data transmission over a cellular network, go to Settings Mobile data transmission and check that it is turned on.

One of the reasons for the impossibility of downloading data over the Internet is the poor quality of the connection. You can try switching from Wi-Fi to a mobile network or vice versa and check if you can download updates.

If the airplane mode is on, then it must be turned off. There is also one trick for solving the problem when the application from the App Store is not downloaded or updated. turning on and off the airplane mode. To do this, go to “Settings”, turn it on, wait 15. 20 seconds, and then turn it off again. This method may seem silly, but try it anyway.!

Troubleshooting with Tenorshare ReiBoot

If you have tried all of the solutions we listed but you are unable to download or update apps, you can fix your operating system with the Tenorshare ReiBoot iPhone Repair Tool, which provides a FREE solution to fix all iOS problems. Now let’s see how it works.

Click the “Start” button in the main window to enter System Restore.

Click “Download” and download the firmware package

It will install the latest firmware. Then you can get your refreshed iPhone X, click “Start Repair” and start recovering your system. This process takes less than 10 minutes, you cannot turn off the device in this process. And the App Store will work properly.

Wait a while for the process to complete.