Rear view camera repair in Suzuki Grand Vitara

Miracles have begun to work with the rearview camera over the past three months.
It all started with moire in the picture, then a slight blurring, then the image turned white, the parking lines disappeared. Logic suggested that water had entered the cell, so it was decided to open the cell (at the same time see what was inside it).

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Opened chamber 3. Where the glass shows corrosion and water

The chamber is full of water (which is not surprising, given the mudflows we have in the spring), although the body is soundly filled with sealant.
This fact upset me, but since I opened it, I made an attempt to revive the camera.
I took it home, dried it with a hairdryer, put it back together, filled everything with sealant. Collected at home, testing performance with a home TV.

As a result, the camera started working. I understand that this is not for long, but maybe the experience will be useful to someone.

Replacing the side mirror housing on the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2

Necessary materials:
1. New left side rearview mirror assembly. Part number: 84702-65J30-ZCW, where the latter

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  • A rear view camera allows you to park or reverse safely without fear of hitting other cars or crashing into a curb.
  • The camcorder is displayed on any monitor, and is automatically activated when the reverse gear is turned on. You do not have to waste time on turning on and setting up the equipment.
  • Wide viewing angle (170 °) makes areas visible that cannot be seen in the rearview mirror.
  • In addition, this model has parking markings. This means that special lines are superimposed on the image, which help you not only to navigate in space, but also to adequately assess the distance to obstacles.
  • Parking lines help you measure the distance to an obstacle in relative units and are color coded to help you determine a safe distance to an obstacle without relying on numbers.
  • The camera is made of high quality materials using the latest technologies.
  • Thanks to a special mount, the camera observes the entire space from the bumper to a potential obstacle.
  • Installed in the regular place of the license plate illumination.
  • The reversing camera is housed in a dust-proof and waterproof housing and therefore is not afraid of washing.
  • Quiet operation
  • You yourself visually control the space behind the car
  • Good quality picture even at night
  • Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing

Connection is possible to the following devices:

  • Head device
  • Mirror with screen
  • GPS navigator
  • Various TFT screens

Features of installing a rear view camera:

  • installed instead of the room light
  • the highlighting of the number is preserved.
  • We disassemble the tailgate trim.
  • Installing the camera.
  • We lay the cable to the screen.
  • We connect the power of the camera to the reversing lights.
  • We connect the power supply of the room illumination to the standard dimensions.
  • Type: Rear View Camera
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees diagonal, 140 degrees horizontal
  • Video system: PAL
  • Resolution Feature: 480 TVL
  • IP protection rating: IP 66
  • Mirroring: Yes.
  • Supply voltage: 12V
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux
  • Parking markings: Yes.
  • Colored: Yes.
  • Resolution: 628×582 pixels
  • Sensor: CCD PC 3089
  • Signal / Noise: than 48 db
  • Rear View Camera
  • power wires
  • adapters tulip (5 meters)
  • instruction
  • Warranty: 6 months. subject to the integrity of the wiring

The installation of equipment in our boxes, as well as the devices themselves, are covered by a warranty!

All specialists are certified, the factory warranty for a new car is fully preserved!

Exit installation is carried out within the Moscow Ring Road, leaving outside the Moscow Ring Road is paid. The cost is agreed with the installer.

Suzuki Vitara

In general, the car is good, worth the money. For the entire time of ownership, he did not regret what he had bought. For those who do not pay attention to the little things and cheap show-off, who appreciate good handling, maneuverability. safety, reliability, the very thing.

The maximum grade, there was only a sunroof and leather, which was not necessary. The dynamics for the 1.6 did not expect special, but it rides with dignity and accelerates well. All-wheel drive, rear-view camera, two-color. red and black. Cool multimedia, 7.0 consumption in the city and in traffic jams. Quite good Shumka. Assembly. Hungary. No creaks, no jambs under warranty. I absolutely did not notice the minuses. The car brought only pleasure.

Reviews of Suzuki Vitara car owners with photos on, and auto.

Suzuki Vitara 2020 and configurations

, crossover offered in GL, GL and GLX trim levels.

Equipment Price, rub.
1.6 (117 HP) GL MT5 1,379,000
1.6 (117 HP) GL AT6 1.479,000
1.6 (117 HP) GL AT6 1,629,000
1.6 (117 HP) GL 4WD MT5 1,669,000
1.6 (117 HP) GL 4WD AT6 1,729,000
1.4 (140 HP) GLX AT6 1.829000
1.6 (117 HP) GLX 4WD AT6 1.869000
1.4 (140 HP) GLX 4WD AT6 1,929,000

MT5. five-speed manual transmission, AT6. six-speed automatic transmission, 4WD. four-wheel drive


There are a large number of different analogs on sale that can be installed to create a system. In the absence of a GU, you will also have to purchase this device, since it is intended to display a picture. The main technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Viewing angle. In most cases, it is not less than 170 °.
  • Availability of virtual parking lines. They greatly simplify the movement in reverse, since the distance is indicated.
  • Mirroring function.
  • Matrix size. With an increase in the indicator, the image quality also increases. Due to this, clarity increases, insignificant objects can be distinguished.
  • Total Pixels.
  • Food. Almost all cameras are powered by 12 V.
  • Minimum illumination during operation. It determines how good the image is in low light.
  • Infrared night vision function.

When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the popularity of the brand, since the quality of workmanship depends on it.

Devices that are too cheap will not be able to last for a long period.

Factory complete set

From the factory, the car in question is rarely delivered with such an option. Reverse parking problems can be solved by installing a Suzuki Grand Vitara rear view camera. The standard device has the following features:

  • Large viewing angle.
  • High quality of the displayed image.
  • Night vision function.
  • The device applies virtual markup.
  • Plastic is used in the manufacture of the case.

How to install an aftermarket rear view camera in your car

The factory equipment with a camera is much more expensive. In this case, a prerequisite is the presence of a monitor.

How to install and connect

Self-installation of the camera is not difficult, it requires a small set of tools and consumables. All installation work can be divided into several stages:

  • The wires from the camera run on the right side. Therefore, the front panel is disassembled and the GU is pulled out. If a system without a display is installed, you will need to purchase a new one. When choosing, attention is paid to the size of the device, since it will be necessary to change the seat.
  • The glove compartment is folded back, the cable is led to the right pillar. The sill strip is removed, the wiring is laid and secured with clamps.
  • The rear seat is deflected, after which the seat belt bolt is unscrewed. The rear sill has a plastic panel that secures with multiple latches.
  • The camera can be installed in various ways. Most often it is located in the license plate light, and a hole is created in the bumper. If the option for making a hole is chosen, a drill 8 is used. First, you need to glue the surface with molar tape, it protects from mechanical stress.
  • Power can be connected from the reversing light. It turns on when you select reverse gear, after which information is displayed on the GU.
  • All wires are pulled together with clamps, the reliability of the connection is checked, an insulating corrugation is laid, all panels are assembled.

The final stage is to turn on the ignition, after which the reverse gear is selected. It is also recommended to check the correctness of the virtual markup display. Image calibration improves maneuvering accuracy in difficult conditions.

Rear view camera installation on Suzuki Grand Vitara

Placing a vehicle in a parking space can create many difficulties. The Suzuki Grand Vitara rear view camera simplifies the procedure and is a common option. If the car was delivered without this equipment, you can install it yourself. At the same time, to display the image, a head unit is required, which can be purchased at a relatively low cost.

Malfunctions and repairs

Making mistakes at the time of installation can lead to the fact that the system will not work properly or malfunctions. The most widespread are the following:

  • Too high humidity and poor insulation of the camera can cause water to enter the structure. After a while, the board will not work properly. It will not be possible to carry out repairs on your own.
  • Moisture entering the contact area can lead to the formation of oxide. It reduces the conductivity of metallic elements. You can remove the oxide mechanically or using a special substance. The presence of adapters eliminates the likelihood of such a problem.
  • Poor wiring insulation and mechanical stress can damage the conductor. You can check the breakthrough location using a special tester. It is recommended to replace all wiring, since a large number of connections will lead to a decrease in the reliability of the entire system.

Replacing the camera is quite simple, there are many different models on sale. The main recommendation is to reduce the number of connections and take the shortest path.

Control of dead zones

Lane change at speeds above 15 km / h is made safer thanks to two radar sensors (mounted in the rear of the car on both sides) that detect vehicles in or near blind spots. If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, a warning LED pictogram in the exterior mirror is illuminated. And when changing lanes, together with the illuminated warning pictogram, an audible signal is emitted.
For Vitara 1.4L BOOSTERJET

If there is a vehicle ahead, the adaptive cruise control system uses radio wave technology to automatically determine the distance from the vehicle to the vehicle in front. according to a setting chosen from three possible ones. If there are no cars ahead, the system maintains the speed set by the driver (from 40 km / h). Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop Go, available on vehicles with a 6-speed automatic transmission, helps the driver accelerate and brake the vehicle while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
For Vitara 1.4L BOOSTERJET

Roof color

Sport mode

In Sport mode, the 4WD system is actively used, which ensures perfect cornering on twisty roads. Changing acceleration and torque characteristics improves engine responsiveness, and models with automatic transmission maintain high engine speeds. The combination of these factors delivers exciting, sporty handling. In addition, Sport mode delays the response of the ESP® system, satisfying the driver’s intent to enjoy Sport mode driving.

Auto mode

Typically, Auto mode operates a two-wheel drive (2WD) system. However, in the event of wheel slip, the all-wheel drive (4WD) system is automatically activated. Fuel economy is a priority, so the 4WD system is only activated when needed. Auto mode ensures confident movement in changing weather conditions, such as during a sudden downpour.

Install rear view camera for Suzuki Grand vitara.Установка камеры заднего вида для Suzuki Vitara.

SUZUKI Safety Support

High level of security. a constant feature of the SUZUKI Vitara. The model is equipped with all necessary safety systems on modern roads. such as 7 airbags, solid body structure and ESP stability control system. Active and passive safety elements applied in Vitara received the highest Euro NCAP rating.
In the new Vitara with 1.4l BOOSTERJET engine, the list of safety systems has been expanded with innovative obstacle detection and lane guidance systems Safety Support, such as Automatic Braking, Lane Change Control, Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control.

Panoramic sunroof at dahu

An easy-to-use hatch, which can be sucked up, allow the salon to be filled with light and good attendants.

Front and rear parking sensors

Ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers detect obstacles and provide audible and visual warnings in the form of messages or audible signals on the multi-information display. The sensors are also used in speed control and acceleration control systems, as well as in monitoring the distance from the vehicle in front (only for adaptive cruise control with Stop Go function).

Automatic braking

The Vitara uses two sensors while driving. a monocular camera and a laser sensor to determine if there is a risk of collision with a vehicle in front or a pedestrian. If a potential collision is detected, the vehicle reacts in one of three ways, depending on the situation. Applies harsh automatic braking if the risk of collision increases. Activates the emergency braking assist system if the driver presses the accelerator pedal in a panic. Warns the driver with an audible and visual signal.
For Vitara 1.4L BOOSTERJET