Review of radio tape recorders for Skoda Octavia A7

The Skoda Octavia A7 car, or rather its fourth modification (produced since 2013), will be sold in Russia from March of this year (2017). The appearance of a restyled version of the car, as usual, gave rise to many rumors among fans of this model from Czech manufacturers.

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Stereo for Skoda Octavia A7

The Octavia A7 of the previous models, well known to Russians, has earned a sufficient number of quite worthy responses for passenger cars of this class. And for this reason, many are interested in what will change, except for serious changes in the exterior, in the filling of the car itself? It is to this issue, or rather the Skoda Octavia A7 multimedia, that the Offered to your attention review of the standard installation of the player with a summary of its technical characteristics is devoted.

Skoda Octavia standard sound-reproducing equipment

Three types of radio tape recorders were installed on the previous four car models. Let’s list them in ascending order of price, quality, functionality:

  • Swing;
  • Bolero;
  • Columbus.

Initially, only the Swing car radio was installed on the first cars. Later, during the modernization of Octavia, more expensive Bolero and Columbus receivers appeared. At the moment, a new version of the Swing player is being installed in the Skoda A7 of the budget configuration. Consider the Named Receivers in more detail.

Native reciever for Skoda Octavia A7 Swing

The old Swing player has in its complete set:

  • Monochrome screen;
  • Built-in CD drive that can play MP3, WMA and ID3 formats;
  • FM radio receiver of the European band;
  • Russified menu;
  • Possibility of connecting additional speakers;
  • Parktronic;
  • Bluetooth connection option;
  • AUX input;
  • External CD changer.

In the new version of the Swing radio tape recorder, intended for installation as a standard head unit in a Skoda Octavia A7 car, it should be noted:

  • Increased standard size of the radio. Now it is 2 Ding;
  • Maxi Dot screen;
  • All connectors (inputs) necessary for connecting additional equipment.

Thus, as you can see, the device has NOT undergone any significant changes. But for its price category it can be considered quite a decent device. High operational reliability and simplicity of the device can be confidently attributed to its positive qualities.

Bolero radio tape recorder for Skoda Octavia A7

This radio is already a full-fledged multimedia device and is equipped with the following functions and options:

  • Color touchscreen monitor;
  • A connector for a flash card;
  • CD-player for six CDs;
  • FM radio;
  • AUX and USB male connectors;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Connection of additional speakers is provided (except for 4 standard ones)
  • Voice control function of the device;
  • Menu in Russian;
  • The ability to connect additional equipment, if it is not included in the standard equipment of the car. rear and side view cameras, navigation and so on.

Native reciever for Skoda Octavia A7 Columbus

The most expensive car radio from the category of regular ones, that is, installed in the Skoda Octavia A7 directly at the factory. it is a Columbus multimedia system. Its difference from the above-mentioned radio tape recorders of the standard installation. it is the presence of a navigation system. The device also has:

  • Enlarged (compared to Bolero) high-resolution color touchscreen display;
  • Navigator in Russian and maps;
  • DVD player;
  • CD changer of any recording formats existing today;
  • Two slots for memory cards (flash drives)
  • Disk (hard) 32 GB;
  • AUX and USB connectors;
  • Hands-free system via Bluetooth connection;
  • FM radio;
  • Parktronic.

We change the Skoda A7 radio tape recorder

After buying a new car, quite often the motorist needs to replace the standard head unit with a more modern car radio. In the case of the Swing player, this desire is quite justified. Despite the quality and reliability of the named device, its appearance and functionality look, to put it mildly, poor.

In order to replace those present in the Swing car with a more advanced Bolero receiver, Columbus or a second brand turntable, adapted as a standard one for the Skoda Octavia A7, we need:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • Set of wrenches.

The procedure for removing the head unit itself is NOT difficult and is completed within 4-5 minutes. This is done in this way:

  • Both snap-on plastic trims around the device can be easily removed by hand.
  • The opened bolts securing the radio to the frame (4 pieces) are unscrewed.
  • The device is removed from the seat (after disconnecting the connected electrical wiring).

Dismantling is over. Installing a new device is also easy. And its detailed description is in the operating instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the gadget.

In the modern market of electronic devices for a passenger car, you can find a head unit or a full-fledged MMS for the Skoda Octavia A7, any well-known brand of a manufacturer of this kind of equipment.