Rear View Cameras VW

VW rear view cameras are installed in the places designated for them by the manufacturer. The devices receive a high-quality picture of what is happening behind the car and send it to the monitor in the salon. As a result, the driver can see all obstacles and accurately estimate the distances to them.

Native VW camera for RNS PLV RGBS-VW01 radio tape recorders is designed for installation in German cars. For its installation, it is not required to make changes in the car body. The anti-vandal ABS plastic casing successfully withstands powerful physical influences. The black color of the body is in perfect harmony with the interior of the car.

View 170 °, illumination 0.01 lux and above, color. NTSC, backlit numbers, tension 9

VW rear-view cameras are especially appreciated by novice motorists, but professional drivers with many years of experience do not refuse them. These devices help to see in the smallest detail everything that happens behind the car, transmitting a clear and detailed picture to the monitor in the cabin. Even with insufficient lighting, the motorist will be able to fully control the situation. High-quality cameras must be durable and sealed, they are installed outdoors, therefore, they constantly face the negative effects of precipitation, winds, etc.

How VW Rear View Cameras Work

How to Connect Aftermarket Rear View Camera to VW OEM Monitor

Devices are fixed on the rear bumper of the car, license plate or other body element. Cameras are connected to a monitor in the car and transmit a picture to it. When reversing, the corresponding lights are energized, video cameras are connected to them, which immediately begin filming. As a result, the equipment works completely automatically without human intervention.

Features of using rear view cameras

  • Difficult weather conditions. In some areas, the temperature fluctuates by 100 degrees per year. The camera may be exposed to snow, rain, sun, icing and high wind loads during operation.
  • Good image quality regardless of the lighting level. Most of the parking difficulties arise after dark, so the camera must provide a high-quality and accurate picture even at night.
  • The presence of parking lines. They help to more accurately calculate the distance to the obstacle behind the car.
  • The image when displayed on the monitor should be mirrored inverted, then it will be habitual for those who like to use the rear-view mirrors.

Key parameters when choosing a camera

Signal transmission method. It can be by video cable and wireless. In the first case, the camera is connected with a wire to the information output device, in turn, the cable passes through the entire cabin and is hidden under its casing. The advantage of using a video cable is high protection against interference and signal transmission reliability.

The wireless method involves the use of radio waves, as well as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. The convenience of the method lies in the absence of the use of wires and a high installation speed.

Viewing angle. Experts recommend purchasing cameras with an indicator in the range of 120-170 degrees. With an increase in the parameter, the coverage of the gadget expands, on the other hand, if the angle is too large, a fish-eye effect may appear, distorting the image.

Infrared illumination. Designed to enhance the image when shooting at night. Infrared LEDs are located around the lens. The illumination is carried out in the infrared range, which is invisible to the human eye, so such cameras remain hidden. They are only necessary if the device is installed far from the reversing light.

VW’s state-of-the-art rear-view cameras help make reversing and parking easier. Even beginners feel confident with these gadgets! They will become irreplaceable assistants in any car!

Head unit AudioSources T90-810A for VW Passat B6, B7, CC

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Smartphone connection

The head unit can transfer the contents of your smartphone to the device screen using the Easy Connect app. An Android smartphone can be connected via a cable, and an iPhone via Air Play via Wi-Fi. You can play music and video on the screen of the “AudioSorches” radio, or run games / applications on your phone and enjoy them on a larger screen in your Skoda SuperB.

Parking assistant

AudioSources T90-810A head unit supports a factory rear view camera and on-screen parking sensors. It is also possible to connect a front view camera or a circular view system to the device. The radio has an intelligent parking module that can display the vehicle’s trajectory, depending on the steering angle.

VW passat B7 android 10 inc player car dvd & reversing camera installation


The car radio is equipped with a digital audio processor (DSP), a high-end 450 W amplifier from the Swiss company STMicroelectronics, and a professional audio decoder from the English company Wolfson. Fine settings of the fader and balance are available for you, as well as sound settings with a 7-band equalizer, and a separate subwoofer level. Enjoy beautiful lossless sound in APE, FLAC formats. The radio cassette creates a stunning acoustic scene in your car.

Head unit radio for AudioSources head unit for VW Passat B6, B7, CC VW is equipped with a chip from the Dutch company Philips, similar receivers are installed in the factory systems of the world’s leading car manufacturers. You will enjoy stable and high-quality reception of your favorite radio stations, even far from the city.

Operating system

The Android 7.1 installed on the AudioSources head unit has been honed to perfection. The system works stably and smoothly. The capabilities of the fresh “Android” allow you to:

  • Download any of the millions of apps from the Play Market.
  • Listen to music from resources such as Goole Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, as well as listen to any podcasts, for example, audio lessons in French, or online radio, etc.
  • Use any navigation software. You can download offline maps for trips abroad (Navitel, MapsMe, iGo.) And online navigators to build routes to avoid traffic jams (Yandex Navigator, Waze, Sygic.)
  • Watch online videos from YouTube, VK and other resources. Ability to broadcast video to monitors of the second zone
  • Display notifications from Google Assistant, mail, managers on the screen of the head unit while driving.

Door opening control

The function of displaying the status of the doors on the screen of the head unit is provided. It can also be turned off.