Nissan Rear View Cameras

Nissan rear view cameras are indispensable assistants when reversing and parking. The motorist can always conveniently see everything that happens behind the car on the monitor in the cabin. Equipped with tempered glass lenses, they are scratch-resistant and anti-blurring. Therefore, the devices successfully tolerate negative influences.

How rear view cameras work

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Devices are fixed on a license plate, car bumper or on its body. They are connected to a monitor located in the cabin, this can be done by cable or wirelessly. Energy comes from the rear-view light. when driving backward, power is supplied to it, the camera immediately begins to receive an image and supply it to the display.

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What a good rear view camera should be

This type of technique has a number of features:

Reverse Parking in a Nissan Qashqai

  • Extreme operating conditions. Cameras are located outdoors, so they are constantly faced with wind loads, precipitation, icing, temperature changes and sudden changes in humidity.
  • A clearly visible picture regardless of the illumination level. The problem of reversing and parking is especially relevant at night. Therefore, the camera should produce a high-quality picture both during the day and at night.
  • The ability to determine the exact distance to the object. It is quite difficult to do this from the picture. Cameras use parking lines that are superimposed on the image.
  • Place of installation. The video camera can be placed on a license plate, bumper or other element of the car body.
  • “Mirror-inverted” image. It appears in the same way in the rearview mirrors, so the driver will not get confused when moving back.

Basic parameters when choosing a rear view camera

Camcorders can transmit a signal to the monitor in two ways:

  • By cable. It connects the device and monitor through the entire vehicle interior. This method allows reliable signal transmission, it is not subject to radio interference. The only inconvenience is the need to lay the cable, in order to covertly locate it, it is necessary to remove the trim in the cabin.
  • Wireless method. In this case, the signal is transmitted over radio waves. The method does not require cable laying, but its reliability is limited by radio interference. Signal transmission can be via FM transmitter or Wi-Fi connection.

The parameters of the optical system play an important role:

  • The presence of parking lines. High-quality devices should be able to put parking lines on the picture. They are presented as a rectangular grid that is displayed on the screen. This makes it easier to determine the exact distance to the obstacle.
  • Viewing angle. It is preferable that the indicator is in the range of 120-170 degrees. With its increase, the coverage of what is happening increases, on the other hand, the image may be somewhat distorted.
  • Video resolution. The higher it is, the better and clearer the resulting picture will be.

Modern Nissan rear-view cameras will help even novice motorists to park and reverse with confidence. These devices are affordable and take driving convenience to a whole new level.!