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Rear view camera for Mitsubishi Outlander

Native rear view camera specially made for Mitsubishi Outlander XL.

Rear view camera for Mitsubishi Outlander cars Designed for reversing, allows you to display on the display of the head unit (or a special mirror with a built-in display) the image of what is in the hidden area behind your car.

The camera is designed for use in a hostile environment and has a high degree of protection IP67 against dust and moisture (however, it is not recommended to direct a jet of water at it during a car wash to avoid damage to the camera). No additional brackets or wires are required to mount the camera. Installation and connection are simple in execution, except for laying the video cable (from the installation site to the car dashboard).


Caution and attention when driving in reverse is a prerequisite for safe driving. Rear-view mirrors provide the driver with a certain degree of awareness of what is happening behind the car, but there is still no complete control of the situation. This role is perfectly handled by the rear view camera for Mitsubishi Outlander cars.

How to install

Outlander rear view camera

Native rear view camera for Mitsubishi Outlander 2006-2018. This camera will help you avoid parking accidents and accidents when you go in reverse. The camera for Mitsubishi Outlander is installed in the regular place of your car, thus does not require any changes in the body of your car.

The pinout of the camera is as follows

Rear view camera with light sensor 0.02 LUX!

In the modern metropolis, the streets and parking lots are crowded with a large number of cars. Naturally, this cannot but cause difficulties when parking, given the limited space when performing a maneuver. Often this leads to a situation where literally every centimeter counts when parking the car.

Many car owners face situations every day that make parking and reversing difficult. For example, the windows of the car are dirty or blocked with snow, the free parking spaces are very tight, you park back and worry about the right fender of the car when maneuvering, when parking behind the car, a pedestrian or a child playing unexpectedly appears.

To avoid accidents, scratches, damage to your own and someone else’s car, you need a device that will help you in these difficult situations.

Today, car owners most often use parking radars, but progress does not stand still, and rear-view cameras are replacing parking sensors. Compared to the rear-view camera, such disadvantages of parking sensors become obvious as the inability to show obstacles that are above the bumper (various advertising signs, tree branches, etc.), the limited indicated distance of the parking sensors, deterioration of the indication when the sensors are dirty. Also, the parking sensor is only able to warn about a collision with any obstacle, and does not display the full picture of the parking process. The rear view camera allows you to see the obstacle long before approaching it, which allows you to orient yourself in time and make the right decision. A number of disadvantages of parking sensors have led to the emergence of a more advanced device that helps the driver when parking.

The most modern parking assistant today is the SPARK type A MI3 rear view camera.

Rear view camera SPARK type A MI3 is designed for installation in the regular place of the MITSUBISHI Outlander instead of the license plate light.

Native rear view camera with parking lines Spark type A MI3 NTSC for MITSUBISHI Outlander with video matrix 0,02 LUX

Rear view camera SPARK type A MI3 has a number of advantages:

Large viewing angle. The 170-degree camera allows you to see all objects in the immediate vicinity of the rear bumper of the car, as opposed to cameras with a smaller angle of view. The prevailing number of cameras sold in the car electronics market have a viewing angle of less than 160 degrees and do not provide such a wide view as the SPARK camera type A MI3.

Mitsubishi Outlander Reversing Camera

Visibility in almost complete darkness. The camera allows you to see obstacles in the dark with minimal illumination from the reversing lamp, when it is difficult for the driver to see certain objects. The SPARK camera type A MI3 has a matrix light sensitivity equal to 0.02 LUX, which distinguishes it from its closest competitors, whose light sensitivity does not exceed 0.2 LUX. I would like to note that systems with a sensitivity of less than 0.01 LUX already belong to the class of night vision devices.

The presence of parking lines. A static image of parking lines is superimposed on the image of the rear view camera, guided by which, you can easily park your car.

Automatic activation of the camera. In order for the camera to start working, you just need to turn on the reverse gear. and the image will be displayed on the screen.

Hermetically sealed housing. The camera is reliably protected from dust and moisture, which guarantees stable operation in various weather conditions.

Color image. Full-color and clear image ensures clear parking process.

Installed in the regular place of the car. The camera is designed for a specific car model, which guarantees easy installation. You do not need to drill additional holes and attach various brackets that can ruin the appearance of the car.

Installing a camera instead of a license plate light. One of the advantages of the standard SPARK type A MI3 camera. this is her location. The design of many cars differs in that the vehicle’s license plate is the last to get dirty, so the camera, located instead of the standard license plate light, is protected from pollution for a longer period, unlike cameras that are installed on the bumper of the car.

Turn on / off parking guidelines. One of the distinctive features of this camera is that the user can, if necessary, enable or disable the display of parking lines. Thus, you have the opportunity to test both modes of operation and select the highest priority.

Using a camera instead of a rearview mirror. In the dark and in poor lighting conditions, the rear-view mirror becomes uninformative, in this case the rear-view camera SPARK type A MI3 will be irreplaceable, which you can use instead of a mirror.

Car rear view camera SPARK type A MI3 ensures the safety of the vehicle when reversing and greatly facilitates parking.

Attention! Now stock cameras Spark (Spark) type A have the NTSC color system. In this regard, the answers of technical support on the color system before 07/23/2013 are not relevant.