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Forget password or drawing is very simple. This is a common problem, because of which some even run to the service center. But it is not really worth spending time looking for such a center in your city. The following is an instruction for the owners of Sony Xperia, with which you can easily bypass the lock screen. By the way, it is in service centers that.

Note, this text is designed to unlock smartphones Xperia line. On the devices of other manufacturers will have to try to bypass the blocking in other ways.

Using Xperia service to reset the screen lock

The note! Make sure you know your username and google password you may have to use them to use the Xperia device after discharge.

Using Xperia service to reset the screen lock. All contents of your Xperia device is saved after resetting the screen lock your device. The note! This method is not available on devices running Android 7.0 and above.

This discharge method requires that you have previously turned on my XPERIA service on your XPERIA device. The Xperia device must also have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile Network).

The second way to bypass the graphic key in the Sony telephone while maintaining your data

Sony Xperia easy to get around to remove the graphic key using code. To do this, choose an emergency challenge.

Then type the code. ### (works on all Sony Xperia). after that, a service menu will appear in which you select Service Tests.

Then find / choose NFC. NFC Diag Test, wait until the test end and click on the “Home” button

Now you must find the desktop of your phone Sony. What to do next is not to describe.

Note: On some Sony Xperia Z, if the code above may not come up, then try another. ###, after that the phone will reboot.

Exceptions in our lives are often possible here. Therefore, if the method is effective not going on.

Using Find My Device to reset SONY Password

The note! Make sure you know your username and google password. You may have to use them to use the XPERIA device after reset.

This reset method requires that you previously turned on Android Device Manager on your Xperia device, the Xperia device must also have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile Network). When this method is selected, a complete reset of factory data is performed. All contents of your XPERIA device will be deleted. In some cases, the contents on the SD card may not be erected during a reset with “Find My Device”.

If your SD card is not encrypted, you can delete it before you reset to prevent it erasing. However, if you use the XPERIA device in the corporate environment, your IT department may have forced encryption on the SD card on your device. In this case, the contents of the SD card will be erased or becomes unreadable when performing a reset, even if you delete the map in advance.

The first and most classic unlocking graphics key

Turn on your Sony Xperia screen. Where the graphics key input page is displayed. You need to enter an incorrect combination several times in a row so that the system reports on time locking the key entry capabilities. This restriction will act 30 seconds, but it is during this time an additional button marked “Forgot the graphic key?”.

Choose this option. What will happen next? The system will prompt you to enter the name of your personal account in the Google system and at the end will require you to specify a password. If the data is true, the system will offer the user to choose a new graphic key.

Step-by-step instruction

After these uncomplicated manipulations, you will find yourself on your device desktop. This algorithm should work on most Sony Xperia versions, but if suddenly it does not work, then repeat the same actions only with the code ###. On some “machines” this code can simply bring to restart the device (listed codes. Some of the many service codes for Sony Xperia, with the rest of the codes you can find on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer).

If suddenly the methods described above do not work, do not despair, because you can simply use the PC Companion program.

With this program, only Sony Xperia can be updated, reserve data and restore them from the reserve. This program is quite simple and easy to use. You can find it on a disk that should be in the box of the purchased smartphone.

Also, you can unlock Xperia smartphone through the service “My Xperia”. To do this, it is necessary on the official website of Sony, go to My Xperia, and follow the instructions in Russian.

Many users of modern smartphones on the Android platform are strongly puzzled by the security of their personal data, which are stored in the device‘s memory. That is why they use password protection. Blocking with a graphic key is an alternative to a digital password combination and is used on each second smartphone.

But you probably encountered the situation when the graphic key is forgotten and there is no ability to unlock the device. And we will consider mainly the owners of the Sony Xperia series smartphones. So what to do?

Block, we are looking for, erased

Any protection can be circumvented, so the first thing we must do after the loss or theft of the smartphone is to block it and try tracking the last location. And in the case of which just erase all data from memory. All this can be done both using built-in in OS, as well as using a special software type Prey and other antivetors. The first option is always available, even if you have not installed anything to the smartphone, so we consider it.


  • Open in the browser Device Manager.
  • Select the desired device in the list. Press a small location icon. If the smartphone “Online”. its position will appear on the map.
  • Using the “Block” command, put a digital password on your smartphone and enter a message that the thief will see. We also specify the number for which the thief will be able to call to return the smartphone (oxymoron!).

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Xakep # 200. Mystery life Windows 10

With the “Clear” command from the smartphone, you can delete all data (and if the smartphone is currently not connected to the Internet, the operation will be executed as soon as the Internet appears). However, keep in mind that the memory card will remain untouched, the benefit except for the pictures yes the cache games there is nothing to look for. Two Lifehak:

  • Open the iPhone search page or run the application “Find iPhone” on another iOS device.
  • Select the device and see its geoction on the map.
  • Turn on the “Disposure Mode”. Thanks to him, you can remotely block the device using a four-digit password, as well as display a custom message with a phone number on the lock screen to leave the attacker the opportunity to surrender.

In the same way, you can delete all the data from the device. But after this procedure, it will be impossible to determine the geoposition using the program “Find iPhone”. But the “Activation Lock” function will remain on, which means that no one can use your iPhone until it activates it using Apple ID. Activation Lock automatically turns off after an apple id dislocation.

Windows Phone

  • Go to Microsoft’s address.
  • Choose the phone and click the item “Search for Phone”. We see map.
  • We click “Block” and follow the instructions. If the phone is not yet set as a password, it will be necessary to enter it. It will be used to unlock.

By the way, I advise you to enable the phone search service in advance. It will save locations every few hours to make it easier to detect the phone. To activate it in the settings, put a tick near the “Phone Search” item.


Call the cellular operator and ask it to block the SIM card. Operators usually do not immediately block the sim card, and some time send messages to it with a request to return the stolen phone.

Use Google Site and the “Find My Device” option

For most Android phones and tablets, the built-in smartphone search service is best suited. After you logged in in Google’s profile, you are able to use any computer or other device to access the service available to each Android user.

According to numerous reviews, this method does not function on Android 8.0 or higher. But if your phone “Sony” is managed Android 7.one.1 Nougat or Below, he must cope with this task. This is a great way to unlock Sony Xperia PIN.

No matter how illogical it sounds, start with touch to the “Lock” button, as soon as the “Find My Device” function displays its location. If the service has problems searching for your device, press the update button next to the name of the smartphone several times, and it must establish a connection for 5 attempts (if your phone is compatible with this option).

After clicking the “Lock” option, the service will offer to write a new password to replace the forgotten key, PIN code or access code. Enter a new value twice to confirm your selection, then click “Lock”. You may need up to 5 minutes to change the password, but when it is executed, you will manage to enter new data to unlock your device.

What to do if nothing happened

All people acquire smartphones are recommended to ask for the previous owner. This will help bypass FRP lock without resorting to manipulations with a mobile device.

In the case when there is no possibility to find out the data of the old account for its disconnection, you can go to the store at the place of purchase of the device. Information is indicated in the check or warranty card. Going to the store, you need to take all documents lying in a set with a smartphone. Communication Salon Employee will help execute Factory Reset Protection. If the previous owner sold a phone without a box, then you can get out of the situation only with the help of informal discharge methods.

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