If you want to create your own music or create audio with different tools, edits and effects, take a look at our music creation and audio editing apps.

Mobile version of one of the best audio sequencers

Create your own music in this recording studio

Record and edit your own audios

Compose your own songs on Android

Best Audio Recorder app for Android Smartphone

Create beats and bases for your songs

Mixer and drum machine in one app

Separate song tracks by instrument and vocals

Record your own tracks as a rapper

Make music with this Android drum machine

Voice processor with effects and mixes

Complete application for creating musical compositions

A practical file converter for Android

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Convert, merge and cut audio files with one touch

Tool to change audio formats

Convert music and video files to another format

Become a DJ with this exclusive mixing console

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Record your rap song with your smartphone

Digital Tuner for Stringed Musical Instruments

Play your instruments with this metronome for Android

A digital metronome for your smartphone

App for tuning instruments with metronome

A tool to practice rhythm and speed

Record audio and edit it on the fly

Let’s create a track?

Create music mixes and share them with your friends.

Play full tracks and share them with your friends.

The mixing console with which making music becomes your favorite entertainment.

App to create backing tracks and beat for songs.

Drum machine for professional musicians

Unparalleled 3-in-1 Android app (sequencer / synthesizer / sampler) to work with music.

Use the editor to create your electronic music on your Android device.

Create your own music tracks using a variety of instruments.

Easily create your own music tracks with an excellent music editor for Android devices.

Creation of a creative logo for business

Creation of drum tracks on mobile devices.

Record your own music, modify it to your liking, and create awesome compositions.

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Create your own dubstep hits with the app from Jochen Heizmann.

Try your hand at making rap, hip-hop or Dubstep music with the great Big Apps software.

An excellent program for creating club electronic music in the Dubstep style for Android devices.

the best app for studio quality recordings on your phone (android and Ios)

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a free music creation app for Android that combines synthesizers and samplers to write your own songs. With Caustic 3, you have a choice of 14 Synths to create your own unique sound, including Beatbox, Organ, Modular, SubSynth, FMSynth, 8BitSynth, PCMSynth, PadSynth, Bassline, Vocoder, and KSSynth. The app also includes a mixing table with global Delay / Reverb effects and a Master section with parametric EQ and limiter.

Files are stored in user-accessible cloud storage. You will be able to use WAV files for later use in BeatBox, PCMSynth and Vocoder.

This free version comes with a time limit on some features. To fully work and create music on Android, you need to purchase the Caustic unlock key, which gives you full access to all the great features of this application.


MorphWiz Play is another great app for musicians. The program turns your Android device into a synthesizer that can play different sounds and different effects, including performing a wave stretch with your fingers on the playback screen.

FL Studio Mobile

Fl Studio mobile is a complete music composer that lets you create multi-track projects on your Android device. The app contains everything you need to create music, including a step sequencer, grand piano, piano, keyboard, drum pad, track editor, effects and over a hundred sampled instruments.

Many effects can be used in real time, including EQ, Delay, Reverb, Limiter, Filter and Amp to enhance mixing. It also has a wave editor that can normalize, cut, crop, insert silence, reverse, etc. You can save your songs in WAV, MIDI and AAC and also share them via Dropbox or Email.


Nanoloop is a semi-professional music production app that provides the full mini-recording studio functionality you need to create enjoyable electronic music. You can create your own electronic music playback device to play at parties, post on the Internet, social networks or save it to your personal collection.

Nanoloop offers the ability to use up to six active channels, which can be synth or sampler. Each channel can create up to eight templates for two instruments, which can be sequenced directly from the application. Nanoloop also lets you share music projects on Dropbox and SoundCloud.

Making Music on Android. Top 12 Apps

With the advent of technology for processing sounds on smartphones, making music has become easier, as now it is possible to create your favorite songs on the go.

If you have an Android phone or tablet and want to create music on your device, the Google Play Store has a variety of music apps to choose from. Whether you are a beginner musician or an experienced professional, these apps are suitable for any user.

Here are the best music creation apps for Android to unleash your talent and make you a true musician.

Walk Band

Walk band is an Android app that gives you a portable personal music band right in your The app offers many instruments including piano, drum kit, drum machine, guitar, bass. All instruments use the realistic sounds of a real instrument. The app also contains seventy pre-loaded songs that you can try mixing in real time.

With this application, you can record multitracks on different instruments, as well as combine different tracks of a specific instrument into one track. In addition, there is an opportunity to use the original recording as a basis for the formation of a full-fledged composition based on a specific instrument.

Other features of the Android music maker app include multi-finger support, MIDI to MP3 conversion, external USB-enabled MIDI keyboard, music download and transfer, and more.


SunVox is another powerful music creation tool for Android. It is a professional complex mixing tool that not only allows sequencing but also provides multiple filters and effects in a modular layer system. Effects include a drum synthesizer with over 120 unique sounds, a SpectraVoice synthesizer for FFT-based music creation, and many modules with several unique effects.

Each includes modular sounds, warm tones, and professional instruments, making it easy to create studio songs. The app supports multi-track WAV export, MIDI import and export, mic or line recording, and other real-time recording capabilities.