How to connect to the MT Free network. a universal method [#tested themselves]

Wi-Fi in the subway in train cars has recently become a reality-free Internet “MT_FREE” has appeared on all branches. But the city authorities did not limit themselves to this and expanded the network zone for all public transport. buses, trolleybuses of trams and train. Well, let’s figure out how to register in your personal account and how to connect to Wi-Fi in the subway. I am sure that after reading this instruction you will no longer have any questions about how to enter the account through the VMET website.Ro or

It is quite difficult for a modern person to do without the Internet, interruptions with which can arise during the time traveling by the subway. To connect Wi-Fi in the subway, a few minutes are enough: after that, the user receives direct access to the global network for reading news, watching video, listening to music, etc. For residents, several options for Internet connection are available. Below we will analyze how to do this without resorting to complex manipulations. Compliance with safety measures is also of great importance.

Preliminary stage

To obtain access to the Internet, it is necessary to take the following actions:

  • register;
  • Activate Wi-Fi on a mobile phone;
  • Find the profile mt_free;
  • carry out switching to the network;
  • Go to the browser and enter the VMET address in the search engine.Ro.

In the emerging window of the site, the user will be offered two options for authorization. through public services or telephone. Each of the methods has its own specifics.

Authorization of Wi-Fi in the subway and ground transport

After the login, the MT-Free Wi-Fi network will automatically open the Gowifi authorization (vmet.RO). Since we have already registered, the Internet entrance will happen automatically without entering any additional data. We just choose now the option “enter the Internet” and wait for about a minute while the commercials are scrolling.

For impatient, it is possible to disable advertising, but this service is already provided for your blood. At the dawn of the era of widespread settlement of wireless Internet in transport, I practiced using the mobile version of the advertising block, and he was triggered in the case of connecting to Wi-Fi in the metro. However, the Metro ITSHROVER TRANSLE this chip and learned to block this method of bypassing advertising. until you look, you are not supposed to be any Internet. But this will be discussed in a separate article.

How to connect Wi-Fi in the subway how to connect Wi-Fi in the subway is not difficult. Once on the subway train, you will find the active network “Mosmetro_free” in the list of your gadget.

Please note that Wi-Fi authorization has been required for entrepreneurs since 2015. information about why and why it is needed, you can in our separate article on the site.

  • When choosing an authorization of Wi-Fi through SMS, you need to specify a phone number, and then wait for a text message with the code. After its input, the Wi-Fi metro and the Internet will be connected.

Access through the home network

So that at the first visit to the subway, the question of Wi-Fi in the subway does not arise-how to connect it, you can authorize in the system and connect your gadget in advance. At the same time, being not in the subway, but, for example, in your apartment in another city. To do this, you need to find out the MAC address of the device that you will connect to Wi-Fi.

For Android devices, it is in the settings, section “System”. “On the phone”. “Status” or “General Information”. In different versions of the system and shells, this order may differ.

For Apple smartphones, you can find an address through “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device”.

After you know the address, substitute it in this line:

connect, metro, wi-fi, simple

Is a real spiderman #shorts = 00: 00: 00: 00: 00: 00org = macForceauth = True

A window will appear that will offer to pass Wi-Fi identification. You need to do this according to the instructions above.

Ways how to connect to Wi-Fi in the subway is quite simple. However, at each entrance to the system, you have to enter its data again. In addition, each time you will be offered to view advertising before you start using Wi-Fi. You can also solve these issues.

By the way, connecting to Wi-Fi in the St. Petersburg metro (St. Petersburg) is not much more difficult. But there are features!

Automatic entrance to Wi-Fi Metro network

Earlier, in Wi-Fi in the subway, an automatic entrance on Android could be obtained using the Author’s Wi-Fi Metro application. It was an official development from the company that created Wi-Fi in the subway. The program helped connect the phone automatically, without entering the account.

Now it, unfortunately, is removed from all applications stores.

The APK file is available for downloading on third-party sites, but I do not recommend downloading and installing it. These are unverified sources, and you most likely download the application with viruses.

Now the official Wi-Fi metro application is available for Android and iPhone: “Wi-Fi network MT_FREE”. It allows you to improve some processes, including automating the process of connecting to the Internet. Some services of the application are paid. You can download the Wi-Fi application in the subway for gadgets with all OS.

How to remove advertising at the entrance to the metro network

Advertising is the main article of earning a company that has installed a Wi-Fi network in the subway. Thanks to her, the system will go for self.sufficiency by 2020. However, with constant connection in the wagons of the subway, one or two obsessive videos begin to interfere and irritate. There are several ways how to enter the Wi-Fi subway without advertising.

  • Buy a subscription through a personal account Wi-Fi-Free Metro in the Appendix “Wi-Fi Network MT_FREE”. Using the program, you can configure the connection, automate it, disable advertising. For the latter, the format of the subscription “How at home” is used. The first payment is usually promotional, but having paid once, you will be connected auto payments. If you do not want to pay for the Internet every month, you need to disable this service.
  • Second option: When an advertising banner appears on the screen, you should not press the “Enter Internet” button. and you need to click on it. The Internet will work, the website of the advertiser will begin to open. This page can be closed immediately and continue to use access to the network.
  • Finally, there are programs and browsers that block advertising. In the case of this situation, this is an illegal way. On a public offer, the client should view advertising before using Wi-Fi in the subway free.

Where the Wi-Fi network operates in the subway

The Wi-Fi network in the subway operates all the ways. To connect to the Internet, just go to the car and make a quick setup.

To connect to the Wi-Fi Moscow network, it is necessary to identify your personality. This is done using a cell phone, or through the profile on the official website of public services.

Attention! Using one phone number, you can register five mobile devices, thanks to the fixation of the MAC address.

Using a mobile phone or site “State Services”

To carry out the registration procedure in the public network of the subway, you need to use the following instructions:

  • Go to the network, to the Wi-Fi section on a cell phone.
  • Select mt_free. the name should appear in the corresponding menu at the moment when the user approaches the subway.
  • Go to any browser, choose your favorite site.
  • The window opens, where it is necessary to enter the personal number of the cell phone.
  • Send ok, to number 7915445444.
  • Когда процесс обработки данных закончится, придёт SMS-оповещение.
  • After that, you can click on the “enter Internet” key and use a free network.

Important! Many users note that when using the “Opera” browser, certain errors arise when identifying. Therefore, it is advisable to use Google Chrome or other search engines. The cost of outgoing messages will be charged from the user depending on his tariff plan.

It is advisable to use the chromium browser to enter the network

To go through identification through the website of the State Services, you need to use the following instructions:

  • Go to the Wi-Fi section and, as in the previous case, select the corresponding network.
  • Go to any site to open a window with data entry.
  • Select registration through the portal of public services.
  • After that, it is enough to enter Login and the password from the personal account from the site and press the “enter the Internet” key.

A slightly different connection scheme to the network will be if the client uses not a mobile phone, but a laptop, but the operation will also not take much time if you use the instructions correctly.

Wi-Fi input and authorization in the subway

As soon as the registration of personal data is completed, the standard website of the developer will open. Through it you can find a search, or view the necessary information and exchange rates. To make re-entering Wi-Fi, you need to connect to the corresponding line, open the browser, and click on the entrance key to the Internet.

Next, you will have to see advertising messages, after which the communication procedure will begin in Auto mode. If the user entered his data through the official website of the State Services, then you will need to re.enter the login and password for authorization (AUTH).

Important! Advertising blocks can be officially blocked, but for this it will be necessary to transfer a certain amount monthly to the operator.

Do not forget about security measures if the connection is used in the public network. You need to accurately choose the name Wi-Fi, to which the connection is suitable. After leaving the metro, it is advisable to deactivate the network. Also, experts do not recommend using Wi-Fi in the subway to enter bank accounts and Internet pickers.

In order to protect your actions on the Internet as much as possible, in the public network of the metro, it is necessary to install a high.quality and licensed antivirus on the phone or laptop, the only way you can limit yourself from the actions of scammers.

You need a MAC address to connect to the laptop network

How to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi in the subway

To connect to the metro network to enter the Internet via a laptop, you need to use the following instructions:

  • Press the Start key and go to the device control panel, “Networks control center”.
  • Click on the “Connection to the Network” key.
  • In the “Information” tab, choose a physical address.
  • Go to any browser, introduce the MAC address of the device.

Next, you will need to go through the same procedure as when registering a mobile phone. If the user uses the Mac OS laptop, you need to use Finder to open the menu with programs, and select the terminal subsection, with IP recording. There will be the MAC address of the device, which must be copied and entered into the corresponding line of the browser.

Identification procedure through a house laptop

To identify your laptop at home, you must first find out the MAC address of a personal computer. This can be found through the control panel at the networks center. When the window opens, you should select the connection to the network, the “Information” tab.

Further, the whole procedure can be performed in the same way as while in the subway.

How to connect Internet Wi-Fi in the metro on the phone

Mobile applications

Hi! Today I will show you how to connect the Wi-Fi Internet in the metro for free to automatically connect to Wi-Fi in the subway, aeroexpresses, MCC and other ground transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams. Everything is very simple! See further!

Automatic authorization in the following Wi-Fi networks:

You will need a smartphone based on Android. Go to the Google Play service mobile website. Through the search at the top, find the Wi-Fi application in the subway and install it on your phone.

Further, when starting the application, you will have a window with a notification: starting with Android 6.0, you need to add this application to the white list of energy conservation so that it can access the network in the background. Otherwise, it is possible to hover the background process due to the new energy conservation policy. Click on the tab request permission.

Further, you will have another notification: to allow the Wi-Fi application in the subway to remain connected in the background. In this case, the battery consumption may increase. Click on the tab yes.

All is ready! You will have the main page of the application (see the screenshot below). You can already tune anything here. Immediately after installation, the application will begin its work. If you are in the subway, you automatically connect to the Internet through free Wi-Fi. In the settings you can choose automatic (by default) or manual Internet connection.

note. In the connection settings you can:

  • Enable the reconnecting to Wi-Fi. Try to restore the network connection when a signal loss.
  • Binding the process to the network. Prevents traffic leakage through a mobile network.
  • Monitoring of the compound. Check the Internet connection every 10 seconds and restart the connection with an error.
  • Check interval. The number of seconds between checks. Affects traffic and energy consumption.
  • Dialogue of the input of captcha. Will open automatically on top of other applications, if turned on.
  • Circle lock. Try to turn off the lock using several detour methods.
  • The number of attempts. The number of repeated errors with error (by default 3).
  • Delay between attempts in seconds.
  • Waiting for IP addresses. The number of seconds during which the application awaits the receipt of the IP address.
  • Timesout of the connection. The number of seconds during which the application expects an answer from the server.
  • Random delay. A range of random delay values ​​(in seconds) added to each request.
  • USER-Agent title. Used to mask the application for a browser.

In the settings you can install the captcha recognition module. This module will automatically enter the code from the picture during connection. Installed separately (see the screenshot below).

All is ready! So simple and quickly you can connect to the Wi-Fi Metro and other vehicles. Use the Internet for free!

How to connect?

At the first connection, you need to be identified for access to Wi-Fi. This is a mandatory procedure based on the Decree of the Government N 801 g. from 12.08.2014. You can confirm your identity in two ways: by mobile number or through the portal of public services.

By mobile phone number

You can tie up to 5 devices to one phone number: smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Through the account on the public service portal

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Update the list of networks and connect to the access point “Mosmetro_free”.
  • Open the web browser and enter the VMET website address.Ro. You will be redirected to the identification page. It is necessary to open a new page, and not update the old!
  • Click on the “Enter through State Services” button.
  • You will go to the Esaa authorization page. Enter the login and password to the public service website.RU.
  • The identification is completed, click on the “Enter Internet” button.

Identification through a computer

You can bind the phone number to the device in advance from a regular computer directly from the house.

How to get Faster Internet speed when you change a simple setting

  • Find out the MAC address of the device you want to tie.
  • Android: “Settings-about the phone/o tablet-technical information-MAC address Wi-Fi“.
  • iOS: “Settings. basic. about this device”. If the Wi-Fi address field is empty, turn on wi-fi.
  • Windows: “Start. control panel. network control center and total access”. In the window opened, click “Connection via local network”. The window opens, click on the “Information” button and find the “Physical address” item.
  • Mac OS: Open Finder and select “Programs. Office Programs (/Applications/Utilities)”. Launch the Terminal application and enter the IPConfig command.
  • Open the Login page in the = xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xxorg = macForceauth = True, where instead of xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx, substitute your MAC address.
  • Select one of the authorization methods-enter the login/password for public services or enter your phone number, and then send SMS from it with the text “OK” to number 7 (915) 444-54-44.
  • Sit in any subway car and connect to Wi-Fi, as when re-connecting (see. below).

Repeated connections

  • Connect to the Mosmetro_free network in Wi-Fi settings.
  • Open the browser and go to the VMET website.Ro. It is necessary to open a new page, and not update the old!
  • In the window that appears, click the “Enter Internet” button.

In order not to repeat these actions every time, use the Wi-Fi Author of Wi-Fi in the subway for Android.

The network was built without attracting budget funds by Maximelekom. Therefore, on the VMET portal.RO is advertising. You can turn it off for 99 per month.

connect, metro, wi-fi, simple

Why doesn’t Wi-Fi connect in the subway?

Popular connection problems and ways to solve them:

  • Sometimes at the first connection the authorization page does not open. In this case, turn off and turn on Wi-Fi again.
  • If the starting portal does not open, make sure you open the site starting with http: //, not https: //.
  • The authorization process described in the “Repeat Connections” section must be held every time when connecting. Including in the case of communication break or when transplanting to another car.
  • Gives an error “too many devices are tied to one number”. Maximum can be tied to 5 devices. You can write in those. support to remove excess devices. Send SMS to number 8 (903) 254-59-84 with the text “I ask you to untie all devices from this number”. If you need to untie certain devices, indicate their MAC address. The process takes about a day.
  • When using the opera opera, there are problems when authorizing (it is transferred to reference To fix it, use another browser. After passing the authorization, you can return to the use of the opera.
  • If the Internet does not work on the subway, remember the wagon number. It is indicated outside at the entrance doors at the beginning and end of the car, as well as on the remote control with the driver. Send a description of the malfunction, the wagon number and the movement section to the Wifisuport@maximatelecom

Why do users arrange an Internet speed check? Provider companies providing network connection services say about

For the past two months I have been traveling on the covenant without inernet. When connecting to Wi-Fi “Mosmetro_free” in Opera and UCBROWSER writes that the connection is blocked for me. Why? And how can I unlock?

A completely cheap scheme: they throw a bait (free Internet)-the people are sitting which a day with a dull look I look at the metro on the beginning of the commercial it lasts 7 seconds, but at the 6th second the black screen constantly hangs completely.

There is a bunch of forecasts for android and IOS, which bypassing advertising

connect, metro, wi-fi, simple

Which, for example? I know only one “Avtophod in the Wi-Fi Metro”. Tell me please.

I have Windows background says that there is no application that could connect the VEFI

Learn. write in Russian the word “windows”

Learn. write in Russian the word “windows” and after that connect the wipes?

But what if I have a telephone connection in my metro at all, t. e. It is not possible to send SMS, on the state portal. I am not registered with services, and in the MAC address in the phone is “inaccessible”? It turns out I can’t use the Internet in the subway?

my wi-fi is turned off in a few minutes connection. The entrance icon does not disappear and after 3-4 minutes it is written mosmetro_free disabled

I have the same for a month, on the tablet. I go from a smartphone without problems

I have not been using 2 months now, but for the service they remove 99 how to disable the service without advertising?

The same thing, the service without advertising is connected and do not know how to get rid of it.

Call your mobile network operator and ask him to turn off this service.

And where is the mobile network? I have written off my card

Here’s the same problem, write off the card without my confirmation when the deadline for use comes. I don’t know how to turn it off either

Find the phone number of Maximelcom Call them and tell me to turn off the service “without advertising”

Contact the company they will return the money and turn off the subscription automatically.

I don’t see Mac in my phone to connect the second device, and indeed the Internet has been working very poorly recently, there were almost all the problems that have been described here earlier

I cry for auto-storage but I have to turn off and turn on Wi-Fi ten times while I drive the network after entering five minutes and this is for about two months this situation!

It turns out that owners of tablets without SMS cannot use the Internet in the subway. It is not right! MTS users already have Internet access.

I’m going to the subway, connect the Internet, and here I am launched by advertising condoms for the entire carriage. I think I need the Internet so much in the subway?

At least one guide, in which it is written in explanatory language how to connect right from home thank you, a kind person.

Tell me if I don’t remember the login and the password how to find it?

For three months I try to undergo identification by sending SMS but no answer. At first it came to wait for identification now in general silence

You can normally describe the identification procedure through the computer. If you do as you write, then not a damn thing. First, when entering the browser address: = FC-C2-F5-D9-20org = MacForceauth = True. A bunch of sites are opened that are related to identification to the Wi-Fi Mosmetro_free network. The site appears only after And there are actually two of them. One with the address: http: // Where is the identification itself with the address itself: http: // where a variety of information is presented, without any identification. It seems to me that this service mosmetro_free developed by Maximelcom is only aimed at pumping out as much money as possible from suckers and everything. Mobile Internet in the subway is overloaded with advertising. First you are shown an advertising video for 15-20 seconds. Then one or two pop-up advertisements for a whole screen. And then you get on a page clogged with advertising banners.

Made at home as described in the article. Everything turned out the first time. Registered at home through a phone number and sent SMS-OK. I am writing from the wogh))) I am very happy))) thanks to the author.

What to do if Mt Free doesn’t work?

Consider several common bugs and errors on the network, as well as ways to solve them.

Network error

This problem is found more often than others, and it does not depend on the user.

Problems with the operation of the network arise during the watch hours, when the number of people in public transport is maximum.

Therefore, many of them are trying to connect to free Internet, which leads to freezes of web pages or completely to the impossibility of connecting, due to the load of communication channels.

The only thing the user can do is try to disable the network, and then connect to it again.

High.quality Internet can be obtained in wagons with fewer people.

The connection is not protected

Such a message can be obtained when downloading some sites using MT Free.

Since the network is public, it does not support super-distant encryption algorithms or authentication certificate certificates.

To get around the ban, change the protocol from https to http in the address bar of the browser. After that, the resource should be loaded in normal mode.

note! In publicly accessible free Wi-Fi networks, it is not recommended to go into online banking applications or enter logins and passwords in the sites important for you in the browser. The fact is that hackers are easy to hack such types of networks and abduct your data. We recommend that you go to various financial programs only if you have a two.stage authentication configured. Even if the attacker receives your username and password, without confirmation by the phone number, he will not be able to do anything.

Error 1310

Over the past month, users began to complain about the frequent appearance of error with code 1310.

This problem appears if the system revealed that advertising blockers are working on your phone in the background.

If there are no specially installed applications on the smartphone that monitor and block advertising content, in the browser itself the function of banning advertising banners may be included in the browser itself.

It can be disabled in the settings. For users of the Opera browser, you must definitely turn off the Opera Turbo mode. After that, error 1310 disappears.

connect, metro, wi-fi, simple


The idea of ​​implementing and other free networks in cities is a very promising and useful project.

In addition to MT FREE in million-plus cities, you can find other free Internet networks:

To date, developers are focused on improving the quality of the service provided, MO and St. Petersburg.

Also, in 2019, the implementation of the Wi-Fi network modernization plan for 1 billion begins

It will create a system of uninterrupted connection and improve the protection of access points from hacking.

In the future, the idea will clearly not stand still, so we can expect the introduction of services in other million-plus cities throughout the network, users are actively discussing the development prospects of free Internet.

Among the best offers are the following:

  • Setting access points not only in public transport, but also in recreation parks, in large shopping centers, at gas stations;
  • Creation of official mobile applications for managing free access points;
  • Connecting interesting services that will be visible to the user on the start page after connecting to a free Internet. It can be an online library, music archive, access to video hosting. This will allow people to find preferred content during a trip in public transport faster.

Anyone can join the development of free networks. It is enough to leave a request on the Wi-Fi and wait for feedback.

What the MT_FREE application can

The main functions are intended for those who are used to paying for the subscription for the city Wi-Fi without advertising, but the rest of the application can also be useful.

For those who use Wi-Fi in transport with viewing advertising

  • The ability to connect to the Internet via Push notification. The application will react to approaching the Wi-Fi point and offer to enter the network. When pressing the notification, a browser with an authorization page will open. You can start the connection process yourself, but with the application it turns out faster.
  • The ability to use Wi-Fi 60 minutes without a break. If you are traveling one branch for a long time, you will not have to connect to the network several times.
  • Selection of types of vehicles for The proposal for authorization in the metro is included by default, but to Wi-Fi networks in electric trains, MCC trains and ground transport “clinging” is not necessary. This is a convenient option for those who use Wi-Fi only in the subway, where they do not catch a network of mobile operators.
  • Gifts and promotional codes. You can give a paid subscription to the Internet in public transport to a friend. And in the application there are offers from partners, such as restaurants and taxi services. The screenshot is not visible from Yandex.Taxi “. I activated 400 on the trip as soon as I saw, and the proposal disappeared from the program menu.
  • The ability to contact technical support. There is a feedback form on the “Help” screen in which you can report on problems with the connection.

For owners of Wi-Fi subscriptions in public transport

In addition to all the functions mentioned above:

  • Current subscription management. You can view and configure the list of devices attached to the subscription, turn on or disable the automotive for payments and find out what date the money will be written off next time.
  • Convenient subscription payment. You can bind a bank card, make payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay, or write off funds from a mobile phone account account. Also in the application you can untie one card and tie another. this will come in handy if the money ends on the first or if the bank is shift.


This is about 116 per month. Comparable to the sum of three trips by “troika”.

Within one segment of transport, you can change tariffs without losing money. That is, you can switch from a three.month subscription to the annual, and the unused balance in the account will go to pay off payment at a new tariff.

  • , for three months. 499, for the year. 1,399. When paying by card, the first month will cost 99.
  • , for three months. 990, for a year. 2 699. The first month when paying by card costs 159.
  • , for three months. 377, for a year. 999. The first month when paying by card will cost 77, and the payment of connection for a week is 49.
  • , for three months. 990, for a year. 2 699. The first month when paying by card will cost 159.

If you pay for the Internet in urban transport, then MT_FREE will help to pay for the service quickly, safely and in any way convenient for you. And if a free web set suits you, then MT_FREE will save several clicks and a little time when authorizing and will give the opportunity to sit on the Internet for up to 60 minutes without re-connection.

How to eliminate problems with Wi-Fi using applications

Knowing why Wi-Fi does not work in the metro on phones with Android or iOS, you can quickly decide on the problem and eliminate it. If the device often does not connect, you can use a number of additional software:

  • programs that provide automatic authorization on the Internet;
  • utilities blocking advertising;
  • VPN browsers that protect personal data.

The use of such applications violates the rules of work on the Internet metro. In extreme cases, this can lead to a user blocking, but recently the operator does not resort to such measures. The official applications include the program “Auto Exit Wi-Fi”, the developer of which is the provider himself Maxim Telecom. In official stores, it was lost, but on the Internet you can still find it.

How to connect to Wi-Fi in the subway?

When connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in the subway, the user needs to be identified first. This can be done in two ways by telling the operator to the request the following information:

The user must first register on the public services portal.

By mobile phone number

The user needs to adhere to the following order of actions:

The authorization will be completed and access to the global network will be completed on this.

By account on the website of the State Services

Those who choose the second method will need to repeat the first two steps from the first option of identification, and then adhere to the next algorithm:

Repeated connection does not require a new passage of identification.

Safety rules when using Wi-Fi in the subway

Public Internet networks can pose a serious danger to beginner users, so you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not hold the Wi-Fi on if you do not use it at this time.
  • Connecting to networks, be sure to use VPN.
  • Using the metro personal offices of banks, online wallets and other financial sites, do not go with personal data. To enter social networks, use additional protection, for example, use two.factor authentication with the entry of code sent to the phone number.
  • Be sure to install antivirus protection on the mobile device.
  • Try not to use unknown wireless access points that are not protected by password. In the subway, it is recommended to use only official Wi-Fi.

Subject to all precautions and rules for connecting to Wi-Fi in the subway, you can protect yourself from unwanted problems.

The features of Wi-Fi work in the subway and ways to solve the related problems are described in this

The ability to use the Internet in the subway appeared relatively recently and far from all subway it is available. The quality of Wi-Fi work in the subway so far leaves much to be desired, but usually all problems are solved on the spot, if you know about them and in the event of immediately eliminated them.