Razr from Motorola. the story of unexpected success. Part 2

Suddenly, the history of the creation of Razr fascinated me so much that the material began to grow, turned into a big job. Honestly planned to limit himself to two parts and not to inflate the article to larger size. But it does not work to do this, otherwise there will be many nuances overboard, so interesting and sometimes exciting. In this part, the story about creating the name Razr, handing the phone as a gift at the movie academy, the beginning of the advertising campaign, which lingered six months from the start of sales.

In the fall of 2003, Motorola continues to decline, in September Chris Gagin leaves the post of CEO, his place from January 5, 2004 will take Ed Zander, who came from Sun Microsystem. But in the fall, the election of the successor continues, there are many candidates, among the possible. ATT President Betsy Bernard, Lawrence Babbio from Verizon, Mike Zafirovski. Ahead of the uncertainty, the project is developing in the quiet Bay of Libertville.

I remember very well the moment when I had already seen Razr, but he did not get into grocery presentations, even the most complete versions. They tried to keep it secret until the last moment, and there were no leaks. For the first time, the model appeared in the update of Motofolio in early 2004, shortly before the 3GSM Congress in Cannes. At this moment, the fate of the product laid another turn, Ed Zander began to accept business in Motorola. He did not try to change the prevailing team at the first time, he needed maximum information from the inside. In communication with the operators, Zander needed something that could make an impression on them, a product that they did not see. This model was Razr. And here the first changes came, the first real time for entering the phone to the market was scheduled. Jeliko found out when the device was ready, the answer was that already in early summer the model could be released.

For Zander, this model was the opportunity to try on Steve Jobs’s habits, start Razr on your own, show it to the world. Zander does not hide that he admires Jobs, this is not an idol, but a businessman very respected by him. The company needs to work with him at all costs. This will later lead to the creation of a joint product, the first ROKR model, which will become a total failure for Motorola, but will give Apple access to a lot of development of the company, will give it an invaluable experience. An erroneous decision of one person will lead to a loss of time and effort. But this is all ahead, while the back of the back is touching the product, the development of which began before it.

What moved the zander. We are unlikely to learn, the fact is that for the first time in the company they changed their rule to announce the product for journalists and potential buyers at the same time. The desire of the Zander to show off the novelty was so strong that he transfers the official launch of the model from May to July. This month, its appearance before financial analysts in Chicago will take place, where the company will publish its financial results. Nobody dissuaded Zander, did not convince that this was a bad idea. For the new Motorola boss, it was not impossible regarding such trifles and not a too important product. But while the outer is preparing for his crown performance, Frost begins to think over how to support the phone before his release. Orientation of the device on a high price segment dictates the need for active placement of articles in glossy publications. The company does not plan a large.scale advertising campaign, there is no money for it, and the product does not deserve so much attention. It turns out that if you invite journalists from such publications in July, then their materials will appear at best in September, or even in October. The gap will be great, the effect of such publications will not work. Frost’s team insists at a closed event in June, where journalists will be invited. The embargo will be extended to the official announcement.

As a country for the first acquaintance with Razr, they choose Denmark, place. Museum of Modern Art of Arken in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, technical journalists do not get to this event, only representatives of the glossy press. The type of phone is interesting for them, but this is one of the household items, they do not understand the meaning of the model, differences from many other devices, look at very modest characteristics and do not see a potential bestseller in them. They were not yet affected by the opinion of many people who would admire this device and make it their choice. The design is perceived with pleasure, but only. About the same reaction is shown by Focus groups, they are often mistaken, but the prerequisites to make RAZR one of the key products for Motorola, while there are no.

After the time when Razr becomes an unconditional hit, the history of its creation is overdue, and literally all the models are unexpectedly involved in the success of the models. There is an amazing situation when the lack of advertising becomes a well.thought.out tactical course, a closed telephone show. not for a forced measure due to the decision of the Zander, but by the car at the initiation of rumors and discussions. In fact, there are no leaks about Razr before his official performance, glossy journalists do not see anything in this model, deserving special attention. Yes, unusual design and attractive materials, but only.

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RAZR production planning is its own way, the model should cost 500-550 in retail, the USA, China and Russia will be key markets. There are no agreements with operators yet. So, in the USA, the model will be available in all networks without any restrictions, the first sales are planned.

For the first time, Razr was shown by him behind closed doors of the “secret” room on the Motorola stand in Cannes. The reaction to the phone is always invariably positive, but operators are not happy with the cost. Expensive, and, as a result, no one is ready to buy this model in significant volumes. Therefore, by summer, the production plan looks straightforward. about 750,000 devices in 2004, this is almost the entire volume of the fourth quarter. About 2 million devices for the next year. For Motorola, planning to sell about 30 million phones in the 4th quarter of 2004, the declared volume is small, the company carefully approaches the potential of this model.

Motorola Startac

In its best years, the company was not afraid to boldly experiment to Startac. a vivid proof of this. He became the first phone in the Formal Form Factor, many noticed the external similarity of the design with the roots of the legendary science fiction film Star Trek. At the time of his exit (and then in the yard it was 1996), the mobile phone became a small revolution, it possessed all the properties that there were not enough competitors: small sizes and weight, new, convenient form-factor, stylish appearance and the ability to wear without discomfort In any By the way, this is the first mobile phone with a vibrovzov mode, which could be turned on in moments when a loud call would not be in place.

The dimensions of the mobile phone were 94x55x19 mm, and the weight was 88 g. The company promised up to 60 minutes of conversation from one battery charge, although in fact the indicators were significantly lower, but the optional additional battery saved. The first model supported the work in analog AMPS networks, it was equipped with a segmented LED display. A little later CDMA appeared. TDMA. GSM model with LCD display (in the photo).

And How?

Experts noted “originality of the assembly and amazing engineering solutions”. as well as the use of standard t3 torx fasteners. And the advantages end there.

Then there are only minuses. First of all, Motorola did not regret glue, so replacing many details will be problematic.

To replace the batteries (and there are two of them inside. 1245 and 1265 mAh) will require an almost complete disassembly of the device, and the charger port is soldered on the main fee.

Theoretically, the display can be replaced, but at the same time there is a great risk of tearing most of the attached cables.

The articulated mechanism is also inconvenient: there is a gap between it and the screen, into which dust and garbage can fall when used when using.

Motorola razr m xt907

Everyone’s pleasant day or other time of day. I want to continue the line of reviews of the mobile phones of my favorite manufacturer and present to your attention Motorola Razr M XT907. There are many letters and photos in the text, as well as a couple of videos, both directly related to the topic of the review, and only a little affecting it. Caution, traffic. Frankly, I thought about whether this review was worth writing for a long time. Firstly, the model is far from new, and secondly, the phone was purchased used. Having folded these two factors, it is not difficult to imagine the reaction of those who like to comment, but at the same time did not write a single review 🙂 But be anyway, I believe that this phone is extremely curious, who still has not lost its user And he can give a head for numerous Chinese 4 nuclear smartphones, both in appearance and in performance. So, let’s begin.

The decision to purchase this phone arose spontaneously. Not that I really needed a new phone, but my Atrix HD served me faithfully for a rather long time and I decided to give him a short vacation, which he would spend in his box on one of the shelves of my cabinet.

motorola, razr, difficult, phone, repair

Replacement option, namely Razr M, I had been thought out for a long time. I always liked the apparatus from the line of razors, but there was not always the opportunity to purchase them. And these phones have always had a pleasant advertisement, watching which there was no desire to switch the channel or squeeze the video forward. The official advertising video Razr M from Motorola looked like this:

The new Razr can be folded 200,000 times. Motorola shows us how

And certainly, in no case can it be compared with the Razr2 roller (perhaps the best advertising of the phone that I happened to see):

And so, brewing a mug of tea, publishing a pleasant aroma and having the same taste, I started viewing eBay. Conditionally new mobile phones of this series with sending from China, cost from 138. But for some reason, it seems to me that these are restored devices that our Chinese friends repair with tenderness and love and sell under the designation “New (Other)”. Although, maybe I’m not right and these are really brand new telephones collected on the certified Motorola line in China. Be that as it may, I didn’t have a soul for such a purchase, but I wanted something 100% of the present, albeit not new, but in perfect condition. It is not difficult to guess that it was such a phone that was purchased for a funny amount of 87, taking into account delivery.

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The package got to me for about 6 weeks. Since it was a departure of the first class, it did not have any identification marks and its route will remain for us all a mystery 🙂

After receiving a notice and passing a painful procedure for obtaining a parcel in the post office due to huge queues, they gave me a box from under women’s shoes (I don’t remember what size and brand) 🙂 noting about myself about the seller’s creative approach to ensuring the integrity of the package in the way, I brought her home and began to open it. In addition to numerous newspapers and pimples of various sizes: from standard to huge (balls of about 3 cm each. in diameter), in the shoe box lay the coveted black box of small sizes. And inside this box there is another box 🙂 On the bottom of the external packaging contains a brief description of what is inside. The box is made of hard black cardboard, to the touch resembling a software coating. The name of the model is glossy. It looks very beautiful. Yes, and their font is funny, especially the letter “r” with eyes 🙂 We take off the lid and here it is, my dream fish! In addition to the pipe itself, a bunch of different little things turned out to be in the box. Like that, 7. paper booklets, cube (naturally with an American fork), cable, a little thing for extracting a SIM card or flash drive. Despite the fact that the phone is not new, everything was neatly packaged and was in a state close to the perfect. Apparently, the previous owner was a very accurate person, for which he special thanks to him. Of course, at all accessories, the Motorola logo.

Let’s start the inspection. On the front part, under the stylized inscription “Motorola” there is a auditory speaker, the diode, as well as light sensors and approximation, are located to the left of it. The manufacturer’s logo is made on a metal plate, which, of course, gives the phone a special highlight. Without her, it would be not at all that. The front camera is located on the right, and at the bottom of the device, under the logo of the American operator Verizon, there is a conversational microphone. The rest of the place is set under the screen, with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. The side frames are very thin, and for the distant 2012, such a decision was indeed outstanding. Their width is only 2 mm. As for the screen, it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and preserved in perfect condition. It completely does not have any scratches or other damage. On the upper end of the device is 3.5-jack for headphones. Lower part and side inserts metal. On the right is the inclusion button, and under it there are a double swing of the volume-power increase. On the left side there is a port of MicroUSB, as well as SIM cards and flash cards, hidden behind a decorative lid. As you can see, the parts of the front and back panel are interconnected using screws under the T5 T5, and not using latches, as is done in the vast majority of devices. At the top of the rear panel, there is a 8 megapixel camera capable of a video in a resolution of 1080p, LED extension and speaker. The 2nd microphone of the noise reduction system is slightly higher. This case is closed with shockproof glass. The rest of the back of the back is occupied by Kevlar’s insertion. In its center is the Motorola logo. As well as the inscriptions indicating the support of the 4G networks by the device. The entire back of the phone looks like this: the assembly quality is just wonderful. No creaks, backlash and other unpleasant little things. And this is taking into account the fact that the device is at an advanced age, if you count on the lifetime and relevance of mobile devices.

Repairing MrMobile’s Busted Motorola Razr 5G. Feat. Michael Fisher

Inner world and abilities. Before moving on to tests and other pleasant little things, I think it will not be superfluous to bring the brief characteristics of the surveyed device.

motorola, razr, difficult, phone, repair

Continuous glue

When disassembling IFIXIT, I found too much glue from a melted smartphone used to fix parts. In addition, you have to remove two batteries at once, and not one, like ordinary smartphones. In general, a very complex design and completely unrealistic difficulties when opening the device. However, the pluses can be attributed that for disassembly you will need only one type (profile) of the screwdriver.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting the fact of the generosity of Motorola. the company offers the replacement of the main display for only 300, and this is cheaper than for Apple smartphones.

(Not?) Durable

The fact is that the Motorola Razr display folds inside, like the competitor of Samsung Galaxy Fold. And his experience is quite sad: the first samples of the smartphone broke down after a couple of days.

However, representatives of Motorola are confident in the durability of the flexible display RAZR:

“We have not released the new Motorola Razr on the market until we were convinced that he was ready. We are completely sure of the durability of the Flex View display, and, based on our research, it will work during the average service life of a smartphone. We admit that this is a completely new technology, and we strive to continue to improve as the industry develops. Therefore, we created a package of world class services so that each Razr client has exceptional experience. “.

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(Motorola) 2.2 “Refurbished Razr V3i Att T-Mobile Vodafone Unlocked Mobile Phone with Camera P05-V3i

If I understand correctly, these phones (like all repair) were sold by the Vodafone Group PLC mobile operator in the load for communication contracts.With a huge number of subscribers (300.000.000) there was a huge number of refusal return and simply non.working phones.Vodafone Group was not repairing, but stored all these phones, and they have accumulated a crazy amount. In 2010, Vodafone Group PLC left the Chinese market, the phones got China Mobile, which sells them to the craftsmen for weight.Those repairs and sell them. Perhaps I am mistaken, since I did not find any scratches and traces of the repair on the phone I received. I will not give technical characteristics, they are in a huge quantity on the Internet. Immediately upon receipt, he flooded the Russian language, everything took about 5 minutes (with a jump in the driver, program and a language package) since he had never been engaged in phones firmware in his life, he expected difficulties.But they were not. The battery came completely charged, apparently recharged during the firmware and still works.(3 days and shows a full charge) Functionally the phone completely suits me, at work another 2 phones were immediately ordered, the effect it produces irresistible.Of course earlier, when it cost 15,000 tyr.I wouldn’t buy it, but now the most. It is probably not worth giving any recommendations who will like it and without advice.

P.S.I want to immediately clarify that the inside of the phone is not new.I tore off the sticker with information (which under the battery) can be seen from the duralumin, on which the whole kit hangs.So, duralumin is darkened and obviously not again cast.(These frames, as I understand it, are cast under pressure and they should shine.And here is a continuous patina, like on old coins).


The quality of communication is good, there are no complaints here. The volume of the call is average. The ergonomics of the apparatus is far from ideal, but it causes others at least surprise. The device is made well, it is without any discounts of the premium-level model, although quite stupid, since Moto has no story in this segment in the modern market.

In Russia in the gray market, this device costs 165 thousand, sales are low. Cause? Exactly the one described above, people do not understand why there is so much to pay for Moto. In the United States, approximately the same circumstances, the price of the device there is 1,400.

The Razr 5G model is a good work on the mistakes of the first apparatus, the high cost of a flexible screen affects cost, there are no miracles. Therefore, the price of the model is so high, there is no getting away from this. But for an ordinary consumer, the same Z Flip will be more interesting, this is a female cot for the mass market, and it is well sold taking into account its cost.

The window is in the past

Once again (already traditionally) I propose to run along the phone integration in order to remember how people used to use. We turn on:

motorola, razr, difficult, phone, repair

The main screen here is TFT for 262k colors with diagonal 2.2 inches and resolution 176×220, rather bright even by current standards. The impression is spoiled only by the small angles of the view of horizontally.

The organization of the menu differs from the other time adopted on other mobile phones and it personally seems to me a little confusing and uncomfortable, although this is most likely a matter of habit. As for Java games and applications, this phone is clearly not for them. Games are poorly compatible due to the specific restrictions of JVM, and those that are still launched often strongly inhibit.

You can change the menu design, a number of topics have been preinstalled on the phone:

The phone’s musical abilities are represented by MP3 support, but the maximum supported bitrate is 192KBPS (out of the box, patches can be raised to 320):

In the functional competitor Siemens CX75, support 320kbit comes from the box, but without patches he cannot play music in the background. 1: 1. There is one port of the phone. miniUSB, so you can listen to music either through a headset with such a connector, or using a special adapter for 3.5mm jack. The outer speaker is one, but also very good, although it does not reach the idol of the musicians E398. Of the musical features, it is also interesting that as a result of the cooperation with Apple, V3I version with the ITUNES player (sold mainly in the USA) was released.

A bunch of preinstalled pictures and animations that can be put on your desktop and sent by MMS, where without it:

Well, and videos. they can be shot on a built.in camera, send/receive by MMS/Bluetooth/GPRS Internet. The phone copes with their reproduction perfectly:

Mototola Razr is a rather contradictory ruler that nevertheless caused a great stir at one time and let image phones into the masses. This story showed that without even focusing on functionality and top characteristics, you can achieve success. In 2007, Apple repeated this trick with her iPhone 1, and I am sure that despite the dominance of faceless shovels recently, in the near future we will still see the revival of design thought in wearable gadgets.