Change notification sound of individual Android 9 and 8 apps

The latest versions of Android have a built-in ability to set different notification sounds for different applications.

The setup is very simple. Further screenshots and paths in the settings are given for Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 9 Pie, but on a “clean” system all the necessary steps are almost exactly the same.

  • Go to Settings. Notifications.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a list of apps that send notifications. If not all applications are displayed, click on the “View all” button.
  • Tap the app whose notification sound you want to change.
  • The screen will show the different types of notifications that this app can send. For example, in the screenshot below, we see the options for the Gmail app. If we need to change the sound of notifications for incoming mail to the specified mailbox, click on the item “Mail. With sound”.
  • In the “With sound” item, select the desired sound for the selected notification.

Similarly, you can change notification sounds for different applications and for different events in them, or, conversely, turn off such notifications.

Note that there are applications for which such settings are not available. Of those that I personally met. only Hangouts, i.e. there are not so many of them and they, as a rule, already use their own notification sounds instead of system ones.

How to change Android notification sound for different apps

By default, notifications from different Android apps come with the same default sound. The exception is rare applications where developers have installed their own notification sound. This is not always convenient, and the ability to already identify a vibe by sound, whether it is Instagram, mail or SMS, can be useful.

This tutorial details how to set up different notification sounds for different applications on Android: first on new versions (8 Oreo and 9 Pie and Android 10), where this function is present in the system, then on Android 6 and 7, where this function is not provided by default. Also useful: How to change or put your ringtone on Android.

Note: the sound for all notifications can be changed in Settings. Sound. Notification ringtone, Settings. Sounds and vibration. Notification sounds or in similar paragraphs (depends on the specific phone, but is approximately the same everywhere). To add your own notification sounds to the list, just copy the ringtone files to the Notifications folder in the internal memory of your smartphone.

How to change sounds of different notifications on Android 7 and 6

Previous versions of Android do not have a built-in feature to set different sounds for different notifications. However, this can be implemented using third party applications.

There are several applications available on the Play Store that have the following functions: Light Flow, NotifiCon, Notification Catch App. In my case (tested on pure Android 7 Nougat), the last application turned out to be the simplest and most efficient (in Russian, no root required, it works properly when the screen is locked).

Changing the notification sound for the application in the Notification Catch App looks like this (on the first use, you will have to give a lot of permissions so that the application can intercept system notifications):

  • Go to the item “Sound Profiles” and create your profile by clicking on the “Plus” button.
  • Enter the name of the profile, then click on the “Default” item and select the desired notification sound from the folder or from the installed ringtones.
  • Return to the previous screen, open the Applications tab, click Plus, select the application for which you want to change the notification sound and set the sound profile you created for it.

That’s all: in the same way, you can add sound profiles for other applications and, accordingly, change the sounds of their notifications. You can download the application from the Play Store:

If for some reason this application does not work for you, I recommend trying Light Flow. it allows you not only to change notification sounds for different applications, but also other parameters (for example, the color of the LED or the speed of its blinking). The only drawback is that not the entire interface is translated into Russian.

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In these settings I have the sound I selected for the application, but the sound that I set for notifications is still triggered! This is how I reset the phone settings (Before that, everything was fine

missing, sound, notifications, samsung

Hello. In the application itself, we looked at the settings, in some there is a priority. For example, in a telegram so, it is important what exactly is selected in it for the sound of notifications.

I myself did not come across these devices, but now I looked. it seems like only one sound for all notifications (in the notification sound settings), some applications in their own parameters (for example, messages) allow you to set a separate notification sound.

Hello. I can not remove the vibration response when the subscriber answers, I can not find the “sound profiles”. Already got not only me, but also the interlocutors. DOOGEE-X55 phone, Android 7.0. Help.

on 9 Android there are no such notification settings on the phone.
maybe yours is specific. on my not!

Hello, on Android 8.1 there is a signal to install applications. how to remove it? Every time, as applications begin to be updated en masse, these sounds in chorus got out and all at night. Phone Nobby A200.

What is this nonsense? “Previous versions of Android do not have a built-in feature to set different sounds for different notifications.”
On Android 5.0, I quietly installed different sounds on individual contacts and applications without any applications without any problems and without any root rights
How is it that on 6-ke and higher there is no such possibility? I’m shocked I wanted to set it up on another phone and couldn’t, it’s horror.

It also depends on the specific manufacturer, some “chips” they have even earlier than in pure Android or in Android of another manufacturer.

Notification Catch App works very well on Android 6.0 in Chinese. Very easy setup

Thanks for the help. Installed sounds for all applications. very comfortably. Now I know when to immediately respond to a signal, and when to take your time.

Hello. Good information, but for many users with Android 10 it is useless, because anytime you try to set your sound or melody through the explorer or by transferring a file to a folder, the information appears “WRONG TYPE, CHOOSE AGAIN. As I understand it, the Notification folder does not accept MP3 format. I managed to put an mp3 ringtone on a call in a roundabout way only in this way: select a contact, enter the contact data, select “change” and there it becomes possible to set a custom ringtone, go through the explorer or file manager to the folder where music or sounds in mp3 format is stored. and select the one you want. Only this way, otherwise folders with notification sounds and ringtones are not accepted. To find out in what audio format all sounds and melodies are located there, then it was possible to convert it to a file in some editor to the desired format before transferring it to the folder. Tell me the solution. Do you know this format? Thank you in advance.

Do you really have mp3? Perfectly on Android 10, they are set as ringtones (and on a clean system, Nokia tested it on such as Samsung Galaxy). Why am I asking about “exactly mp3”. it just happens that some users simply change the file extension to the desired one (but then the format does not actually change).

Good day. I followed the instructions and everything worked out, but now two ringtones sound simultaneously in VK, the standard one and which I installed. How to fix? I have HONOR 9

To be honest, I don’t know for sure, the behavior is strange for me. But if you did it through a third-party application, and not in the phone settings, check what will happen if you just turn off notifications for VK in the settings (if possible).

Hello. How to change the sound for incoming email mail. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro phone.

Hello. But what if, when changing the ringtone for a specific application, it opens a list of notification types, and the sound is involved in several?
Those. I open the Android settings, select the application on which I want to change the ringtone, and there are a dozen types of notifications, and half of them have sound. It is inconvenient to change it with your hands, especially if the application is not one, but several.

Hello. I will not give you a solution to “speed up the process”, I don’t know.

Hello, I have Samsungo j5 2016
I want to put my sound on notifications, but there are only standard ones how to add my own?

If I’m not mistaken (now I can’t see the exact name of the folder), you need to put the file in the Notifications folder in the internal memory.

How to change notification sounds for third-party apps

Third party apps are separate from the phone system, so it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all solution to change notification sounds for all apps.

The steps to change notification sounds for apps work in a similar way, and here we only use Messenger as an example to show you the process.

Launch the Messenger app on your phone Tap your profile picture in the upper left corner to enter Settings tap Notification & Sounds Select Notification Sound and Free Call. ringtone ”separately to change sounds.

Note. The list of available sounds differs depending on the phone model as it does not create custom sounds for you other than the standard ringtones from your phone system’s notification sounds.

You can also change notification sounds for other apps like Instagram, etc. by opening the app.

How to set custom notification sounds for individual contacts in Samsung messages «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Some messages take precedence over others, so using the same notification tone for all of your threads isn’t always the best solution. Luckily, Samsung Messages has a simple option that you can tweak to set custom sounds for specific chats to help you stay on top of priority conversations and respond much faster.

Setting different text tones for individual chats makes it easy to tell when someone important has sent you a message. With Samsung Messages, the process is relatively simple, and it allows you to customize the tone for any of your chats so you always know who is sending you messages without having to constantly check your Galaxy device.

How to change and customize notification sound on Android and iPhone

In a public place, you hear the phone ringing and then pick up the phone to check it. You won’t find anything, however, and the notification sound comes from the people around you. What a big embarrassment!

Luckily, only you knew what just happened to you.

However, to avoid the following complication, you should change the notification sound on your phone.

This post shows a complete guide to change notification sounds on iPhone and Android. whether you want to change the system app (email, message, calendar, etc.) the notification sound or customize the ringtone of a third party app, for example. Instagram, etc.

How to Create and Add Favorite Notification Sounds on iPhone and Android

From the above description, you can notice one thing: change notification sounds among the default system ringtones. simple task. However, in order to convert sounds to your favorite ringtones, you need to create and add them to your phone.

Apeaksoft MobieTrans is a ringtone maker for iPhone and Android and helps you to add ringtone to your device directly. Not only can you add files from Android or iPhone, but also locally add music files from your computer to create a ringtone.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Computer

Free download MobieTrans to your computer and launch it after installing this software by following the instructions on the screen.

Then, connect your iPhone or Android phone to your computer with a USB cable, and this program will automatically detect your phone. Then click “Ringtone Maker” at the bottom.

In the pop-up window, select “Add file from device” or “Add file from PC” Select the music files you want to create as ringtone and click “Next” to continue.

Step 3 Create a ringtone and add it to iPhone / Android

Set the start and end points by dragging the pointer. Alternatively, you can set the start and end point values.

The play button also allows you to play the entire music files and the trimmed part.

Check the box in front of “Add to device” and click “Create” to start creating and adding ringtones directly to your iPhone or Android.

Note. M4R ringtone length for iPhone is no more than 40 seconds, and for Android phone. no restrictions.

Of course, you can say that iTunes can also help you create ringtones. However, the process of syncing to iPhone is a bit tricky. Those who have tried this can tell the truth with precision.

Nobody wants to conflict with others, just like the notification sound. You can change the sound signals in the iPhone and Android settings. For some applications, you are also given the option to customize ringtones. For these third party apps, you need to visit the apps themselves to change the notification sound Last important tip: you can also easily play sounds for your notification using the software.

Now it’s your turn to tell your story.

Does this post solve your problem? What is the problem when changing the notification sound? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

No notification sound for new message received in android devices | s8, s9, note 8, note 9

How to put SMS ringtone on Samsung phone?

In this article, we will show you how to change or set a notification ringtone for SMS on a Samsung smartphone. And if changing the melody to another is quite simple (provided that the melody is built-in), then things are different with their own ringtone. However, there is nothing complicated here either, although the process will take a little longer.

If you decide to just change the melody to another built-in one, go to the settings.

Next, select a SIM card. Even if only one SIM is installed, you still need to choose one of the options. Let’s use the first SIM as an example.

We select a melody by tapping on it, after which it starts to play. If the melody suits you, just click on the “Back” button.

How to change notification sound on Samsung

Customize your own sounds for your contacts

To get started, open the Messages app on your Galaxy, then select the chat you want to highlight separately. Tap the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner to open more options, and tap the toggle next to Custom Notifications in the overlay that appears to enable this feature.

Now after enabling, select “Custom Notifications” again, then click “Sound” on the next page. From there, select the desired notification tone for that particular chat from the list of provided sounds. When done, exit the app and repeat the process for any other conversations you want to prioritize.

Please note that ringtones on your device will not appear as sound options unless they are notification sounds. For example, “Beep Once”. they are both. However, you can add them or any other sound file you want to your list of notification sounds using the file manager. In addition, the sounds that appear may depend on your wireless provider, so you may see additional carrier-specific tones in addition to the standard or custom tones you added.

This article was produced during the Gadget Hacks Special Coverage of Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Calling, and Audio / Video Chat Using Your Smartphone. Watch the entire chat streak.

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Cover, screenshots and gifs by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks.

You can check this module for operability if during a call you activate the speakerphone.

Board malfunction

Sometimes the volume control itself can break. The main reasons are considered to be a blockage under the key and a malfunction of the board itself. You will need to contact a service center. An inexperienced user can cause damage when disassembling the phone. It is recommended to contact a specialist. Breakage of the board can occur due to the fault of the user, for example, when liquid gets in, or fail due to system errors.

No sound from headphones

If there is no sound in the headphones, then carry out the standard checks described above. Make sure the connection is not interrupted by a loose connector or that the phone is muted. It is recommended to check the operation with other headphones, if the sound appears, then the problem lies in the connected accessory. Play any video or music, and check for sound through other headphones.

Don’t forget to check if the Mute feature is disabled in the accessibility settings.

Sound disappeared completely

If there is no sound at all, it does not hurt to also check the volume level in the phone. Often times, users can accidentally disable this setting. If everything is in order, then restart the device.

If there is no sound only for incoming calls, then check the current mode. You probably set “Do not disturb” and did not change back.

Make sure you have disabled setting in accessibility. Find this section in the options and in the “Hearing” tab, disable the “Mute all sounds” function.

The last solution is to reset the parameters to standard ones. But, this option should be done as a last resort. Remember if water got into the speaker, because it may be broken.

The speaker in the phone can easily fail if:

  • It got clogged.
  • Parts burned out or a short circuit occurred. In this case, users hear crackling.
  • There was an open circuit in the speaker coil.
missing, sound, notifications, samsung

Problems in the device software

Basically, the problem with good audibility or its complete absence is associated with a malfunction of one of the phone parts. Sometimes, the sound disappears due to software errors. For example, you did not reset the settings to the factory settings correctly, did not have experience, installed another firmware, accidentally downloaded virus software.

In this case, remove all applications and programs that were installed in the near future, and check the smartphone with an antivirus. In some situations, a flashing of the device or a complete reset of the parameters is required.

If you are not an experienced user, then it is not recommended to reflash the gadget yourself. If you are confident in your own strengths and knowledge, then it is recommended to download the firmware from the forum. Consider all points in the attached instructions.

Sound not working or missing on Samsung phone. what to do?

Sound not working on a Samsung Galaxy phone is a problem that many smartphone users experience. It can appear for various reasons, for example, due to mechanical damage or software failure. Consider why this can happen and how to fix the problem yourself.

How to fix the problem

If the sound on Samsung is lost, then do not rush to contact the service center. You can fix the problem yourself, depending on the problem. Consider what smartphone users can do.

Connector problems

No sound on the phone? Check the connector:

  • Plug in headphones, hold down the volume up key and unplug the device from the jack.
  • Reinsert the headphones and disconnect again.
  • Blow the nest well.
  • Water or other liquid penetrated? You will need to disassemble the phone and clean.

On the computer

In a situation where there is no sound in the desktop version of the vibe, the front of action will be larger.

First, check: the sound disappeared only in the application? You may not have connected speakers or headphones.

If everything is in order with the headset, open the vibe program:

  • In the top panel of the application, click on “Tools”.
  • Click on the section “Notification settings”.
  • A number of options will open in front of you, select “Play sounds for”, put a checkbox next to the inscription “Grouped messages and all calls”.

The sound has not returned? Trying to check the mixer.

  • Moving on to the lower right side of the screen. On the inscription “Start” there is a speaker icon, click on it.
  • The volume control window opens. We select the vibe in it, see where the slider is. If from below, drag it up.

It may happen that the sound will return for a while, and then disappear again. This means that the settings of your device get lost when you turn off and restart your PC or laptop. Just run the algorithm again.

Reasons for the disappearance of the notification sound

To understand why notifications are not received in Viber, it is necessary to consider a number of factors: the state of the speaker, notification settings, updates and the health of the smartphone: whether it is an iPhone, Huawei or Samsung, the operating system sometimes crashes.

The most obvious problem with disappearing alerts remains the activated silent mode or vibration mode.

Before you start checking the settings, swipe down from the main menu of your phone. The icons will appear, we need the one that represents the bell. Is it not crossed out? So, we check other parameters.

First, you need to review the notification settings. It is possible that the silence is set in them.

Android owners need to follow the instructions:

  • Open Viber, go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select the section “Notifications“. There we are interested in several points: we pay attention to the inscription “Sound of outgoing messages”, we check that there is a check mark next to it.
  • Next, let’s look at the “System Sounds”. If there is no jackdaw opposite, then we put and see two sub-items: “Ringtone” and “Notification signal”. Click on the second option.
  • A list of sounds has opened in front of you. Here you can view and select your favorite background sound.

Messages in Viber come without sound

The smartphone has become an integral part of the life of a modern person. A small “box” contains great opportunities, a significant proportion of which are in instant messengers. Even putting the phone in a or purse, we know that a message has come or a call has arrived. this is prompted by notifications.

Sometimes sound assistants disappear without a trace. Today we will figure out how to proceed in the event that messages in Viber arrive without sound.

What to do if there is no ringing sound

If you can survive problems with notifications about incoming SMS, then things are more serious with calls, especially if they call on the vibe for work.

The interlocutor may not fully hear you, or may be included in the conversation in fits and starts. Such “glitches” cause a lot of inconvenience.

You can fix the problem of the absence of a normal ringtone in the following ways:

  • We are trying to reboot the device. If it doesn’t help, go to the next point.
  • Set the phone volume (in Galaxy and on the iPhone, the buttons on the side panel of the smartphone).

In the case when the sound disappears during a conversation, the trouble may lie in the system interruptions. You can try to update the version of the application (best of all on the official website of the messenger). This option is necessary when the sound disappears during video communication. After updating, video calls in most cases start working again in “audible” mode.

Well, the worst end, we are trying to reinstall the vibe.

If the sound failed while watching a video, while the volume settings of the phone are in order, pay attention to the “sound” situation with the device as a whole. Try to run any video outside the application. If everything is fine, update the vibe version. If not, try updating the system itself (from the website of your device manufacturer or forums and groups with it).

On iPhone

The algorithm of actions for Iphone is similar to the previous one:

  • Open the vibe, go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Notifications” and put a checkmark in front of all items.

If all else fails

Unfortunately, this is also possible. In this case, the smartphone must be shown to the “doctor”. that is, take the device for repair and check the health of the speakers.

If everything is fine with your “friend”, it will be superfluous to write a message to the technical support of the vibeer (click on “” in the lower right part of the display, scroll the list to the end, click on “Description and support”. Three icons will open (social networks). with the help of which you can contact the specialists. We choose a convenient option).

In the message, it is necessary to indicate which version of the program you are using, what device you have and describe in detail the steps taken to eliminate the problem.

If the sound of only incoming messages disappeared on Viber, we scroll through the settings of the program itself. In 90% of cases, the above algorithms solve the problem, but if your Android refuses to obey, you need to write in support or carry it for repair.

Loose contacts and connectors

On the panel of TV monitors (mainly on the back) there are connectors that are used to connect an additional headset: headphones, mobile gadgets, computers, etc. Regular reusable connection and disconnection of equipment over time leads to wear, poor contact and loosening knots.

The reason why the sound on a Samsung TV or another brand has disappeared is that the contacts have moved away from the connector.

What to do to fix the problem yourself:

  • Remove and check the plugs that connect to the speaker.
  • Verify the presence of a signal at the output of the microprocessor.
  • Check if voltage is supplied to amplifier.
  • Tap lightly on the speaker cone. maybe the contact has come off.
  • Using an indicator screwdriver (working side), touch the amplifier input to see if the signal is reaching the speakers.

Caution: This is how you can find the probable causes of breakdowns, but you need to perform the actions with great care so as not to get an electric shock.

If the contact nodes are broken, the situation can be resolved using a multimeter, for example, NEO 94-001, (a special electrical measuring device), which will help find the damaged part. In the case of a broken connector, it can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Broken speakers or a connector may be a factory defect or mechanical damage. Improper monitor assembly is another factor that can cause loose contacts. When connecting via cable, it is important to check the speaker setting on the monitor.

Missing sound while watching

The reason that could cause problems with sound is damage to the microcircuit. precisely, its burnout due to voltage surges, overloads or poor-quality power supply. You can calculate the problem by the unpleasant smell of burning, which appears immediately after the loss of sound.

You must immediately disconnect the TV from the mains and make sure that there is no fire. After. seek help from the master. It is not recommended to repair the damage on your own.

The microcircuit can also be damaged due to moisture entering it. To wipe dust off the TV, some users use a damp cloth or spray bottle. The risk that moisture gets inside and spoils the microcircuit is, albeit small. Situations are best avoided as replacement parts for modern LCD or plasma monitors are expensive. If the microcircuit was nevertheless so damaged, it is worth calling the wizard. Self-repair can be dangerous for the user.

If there is no burning smell, but suddenly the sound on the TV (LG or other) disappeared, you can try to disconnect the TV device from the network, wait up to 10 minutes and then turn it back on. If the sound appeared. the reason could be overheating of the TV or a malfunction of the microcircuit.

Sound comes later

When you turn on the TV, there is no sound, but after a couple of seconds it appears. The result of a malfunction may be speaker breakage, loose connectors, or poor contact between the device modules. All worn parts must be replaced.

(Solved) how to fix constant notification sounds in any samsung phone | #fix | NEW | 2020

Reasons why there is no sound on the TV

A breakdown can be caused by many reasons, and improper handling of the device is far from the main one. Build quality, service life and operating conditions, model features, etc all this can be a trigger for problems.

Accidental self-mutilation or setting the volume level to minimum are common reasons for the loss of a sound signal. If, after clarifying these points, the sound did not appear, the reason is much deeper. What can be attributed to the lack of sound on the TV. more.

Important: Having no experience in repairing plasma TV monitors, as well as in case of impossibility to fix the problem yourself, it is better to contact the technical service.

Sound too quiet

When connected to a laptop TV, the reason for the quiet sound may be related to the settings of the latter.

The inability to increase the volume, despite the fact that the control on the remote control is set to maximum, indicates a breakdown of the radio channel or control processor (needs to be changed). Memory failure may also be the cause. Diagnostics and repair of the TV will be required.

What to do if the sound on the TV is lost. 5 topical reasons and tips for troubleshooting

Home TV sound can be lost not only with older models. Users of modern TV monitors purchased recently may also face this problem. The reasons can lie both on the surface and hiding inside the device. Why there is no sound on the TV and what can be done about it. in the article.

No sound when turned on

May be caused by poor contact between the speakers and the TV motherboard. In this situation, you can try to turn off and turn on the TV again, if the result is the same. you need to look for the reason further.

Check if the speakers are working properly. You can try connecting headphones, then speakers. If the problem is not with the connectors, it is possible that the speakers have simply reached the end of their useful life. But in the case when the TV was bought quite recently, the reason is clearly a factory defect or mechanical damage.

Another, albeit infrequent, reason is the breakage of the part of the cable that is responsible for sound transmission. In this case, a cable replacement is required.