Faults requiring special training

If the device is in a locked state, and the beep appears intermittently, it is necessary to check the integrity of the speaker, which is not working normally. The indicated sign may appear when playing games, watching videos.

This part of the device is damaged by the following influences:

  • blow
  • fall
  • strong continuous vibration, which leads to the destruction of contacts

If the device falls or you get wet, the microcircuit responsible for sound reproduction may fail. If it breaks down, the ringtone melody can sharply change its amplitude. This malfunction affects both operating devices and blocked ones.

What you need to fix the device

If you only feel vibration during a call, check the set volume level. The reason that you hear a poor audio signal when talking or listening to music may be due to clogging of the channels with dirt or dust particles.

In order to repair a device that has fallen or stopped playing a sound signal for another reason, you will need the following tools:

  • a set of screwdrivers with special tips for working with small screw heads and other connecting parts
  • mediators
  • suction cups
  • scrapers

The main thing that is necessary when servicing an iPhone, the sound on which does not turn on or changes abruptly, is the availability of a special tool and experience in repairing electronic devices. In the case when the sound works in the headphones, but not without them, check the settings. This sign may indicate that the device is constantly used in the headset-on mode. Changes can be made via the smart keyboard in the corresponding section of the menu.

Causes of malfunctions and ways to solve them

If you are faced with a problem when suddenly or after a short period of time the sound signal disappeared, you can solve it on your own. Even with a bad or intermittent sound, you should not hope that everything will go away by itself, but it is better to deal with the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

A typical list of reasons leading to the sound mutes on iPhone when calling or watching a video, listening to music, include:

  • reset of the set settings
  • speaker damage
  • audio channel pollution

If you wet or drop your mobile device, the hardware may be damaged. There will be no audio signal when mute is on. In this case, you can navigate by vibration. No ringtone sound will be heard in a completely discharged or disconnected device.

What problems can you fix on your own

The reasons for the malfunction, which led to the absence or deterioration of sound, may be hidden in the iPhone applications. If the ringtone beep is partially or completely lost, check the integrity of the buttons, iPhone settings. In the event of a normal system failure, you can restore the usual operability and functionality of the device that stopped working in a few minutes. To do this, you need to update the settings via the smart keyboard.

  • ingress of moisture under the body of the device
  • broken headphones or jack
  • faulty buttons
  • system crashes that led to the fact that sometimes or constantly mutes the sound while watching videos, playing games, working in applications

If the headset connector is broken, it should be replaced. In case of oxidation of microcircuits, it is necessary to clean the metal contacts.

Regardless of the performance of iPhones, the following simple rules will protect you from problems associated with the lack of sound in your headphones:

  • use only trusted programs to update the software
  • avoid impacts and wear special covers to protect the devices from damage
  • do not use the device in dusty or humid environments

If you are not sure that you will professionally check your mobile device and identify the main reason why the sound appears or is suddenly interrupted, contact specialists for help.

Sound doesn’t work on iPhone

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How to deal with a loss of sound on iPhone? The solution to the problem depends on what caused the problem. It is not uncommon for the iPhone to have no sound when making a call, when playing music after an update, or due to a violation of the integrity of parts. The reasons that the sound disappears and appears may be associated with problems in the device settings, mechanical damage to the speaker.

Before proceeding with the repair of the device, the following details should be determined:

  • how does the malfunction manifest itself
  • a possible reason that there is no sound or the speaker sometimes turns off
  • how the device behaved before it broke

You can fix the problem when the sound on the iPhone is missing yourself. In simple cases, complex diagnostics are not required to identify the reason why no sound is played during a conversation or when watching a video. Most of the faults are hidden inside the device itself, so it is enough to carefully disassemble the device and carefully inspect the condition of the components. If the sealed contacts of the microcircuit or other damage are not visible anywhere, contact the masters for help.

Professional help: benefits from cooperation

If you do not have time to deal with the maintenance of a mobile device, order the services of iPhone repair specialists. Qualified technicians restoring mobile devices will quickly determine the reason why the sound signal turns on or disappears, and you have not found a breakdown anywhere.

Benefits of working with professionals:

  • fast and high-quality diagnostics of devices on which the sound signal has partially or completely disappeared
  • use of original spare parts
  • compliance with the technology of repair work

Wizards will find out why the dynamic head turns off when called, how to fix a device that has been dropped or wet. If iPhone has lost sound, order YouDo artist services to fix the breakage cheaply.

IPhone sound not working, what to do

If the sound does not work on the iPhone, then the reason can be very varied. In such a situation, it is not at all necessary to run to the service center, where they will take a huge fee from you and fix the malfunction. In most cases, the malfunction can be resolved on its own, and this does not even require special skills in working with the phone. Thanks to the speaker, we can clearly hear the melody of calls, notifications, listen to music and, of course, watch movies. If it stops working, then this is already a huge problem. If the sound disappeared in the alarm clock or camera, then you need to understand the nature of the problem. It can be software or hardware. Let’s figure out how to get sound back if it’s missing on your iPhone.

Other reasons

Sometimes it turns out that there is sound in applications, but there is no sound on a call or alarm clock. Or maybe the opposite situation, when applications do not emit a single sound, but there is one on the call. Try changing the position of the volume control, because it is quite possible that it is set to silent mode. Sound output may be disabled in the active profile. If nothing brings results and the sound is still absent, then restart the device. This will reset the sound settings, after which it should appear.

Speaker performance check

If the sound on your iPhone does not work, but the headphones have it, then the cause of the breakdown is a broken speaker. But it is not possible to check its performance at home. It is better to go to a certified service center and leave the gadget for diagnostics and subsequent repairs. Most likely, you will need to replace the multimedia speaker, after which you can pick up your smartphone.

What causes iPhone audio to drop out

Let’s take a closer look at each cause and how to fix it.


Sound on iPhone 6 may not work due to some applications. If the sound disappeared on the device, then remember after what it happened. Usually, the problem does not appear on its own. prerequisites contribute to its occurrence. Therefore, you need to try to remember after what actions you noticed the loss of sound.

The sound may disappear after the smartphone interacts with water, if you changed something in the settings or installed some applications that provoked the development of the problem. Sometimes the sound disappears as a result of software conflicts. They occur as a result of incorrect operation of some programs. Because of them, the sound may not work at the most necessary moment.

Such problems are rare in the iPhone, because the shell is well-optimized and stable. If you suspect that the problem manifested itself after installing some applications, then try deleting them from memory and restarting the device. Now after turning on the iPhone, you can check the playback of system sounds or its presence in applications. If the problem is still not resolved, then move on.

Reboot the device

If you have a question why there is no sound on the iPhone, then the first thing to do is restart it. Software bugs are a common problem that can slow down some applications and often have difficulty playing multimedia files. The disappearance of sound may be the result of an error. There is a very simple way out of this situation. to restart the device. During the reboot, its cache is cleared, temporary files are erased, after which the shell is turned on again. If there were errors in the system or individual applications, then they should not be repeated.

Most likely, after rebooting, you will hear loud and clear sound again.

Sometimes the sound on the iPhone 5s does not disappear completely, but only decreases its volume. The problem is solved in a similar way. If you have already restarted the device several times in a row, but still have not achieved results, then try to pay attention to other methods, which we will talk about further.

For what reasons the speaker breaks down

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone

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Users of mobile devices from Apple sometimes have a situation when it is hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone. In exceptional cases, the cause of the malfunction is communication problems. just wait a while or restart the smartphone for the sound to return to normal.

If the problem of poor audibility during a call appears regularly, then you should look for the causes of the problem in the smartphone itself and eliminate them.

Modem breakdown

Quiet conversation sounds are often the result of a broken modem in a new phone. The symptoms of this part in an Apple mobile device are as follows:

  • rewind sounds are heard during a conversation
  • connection suddenly disappears when making a call
  • very quiet sound of microphone and speaker

It is very easy to determine that the caller cannot be heard on the phone due to a breakdown of the modem. If your smartphone does not catch the network or does not connect to the Internet, then most likely this is caused by damage to the modem. It is not recommended to repair or replace this part yourself, as careless actions can lead to more serious damage.

Fixing the problem yourself

When the interlocutor is not heard on the phone, the first thing to do is to make sure that the problem is not accidental or inattentive. Sometimes during a call, the user presses the volume control button, and the sound in the smartphone disappears. If the volume on iPhone is set to maximum, then the following may help to solve the problem:

  • operating system update
  • cleaning the sound channel
  • reboot smartphone
  • restore default settings

If, while talking on the phone, the sound in the speaker suddenly disappears and the headphone icon appears on the display, this may mean a malfunction of the audio jack and the loop connected to it. To fix the problem, just plug in the headset and pull it out sharply (but carefully).

Broken speaker

Most often, it is hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone if the speaker is malfunctioning. This part of the smartphone is one of the most vulnerable, since dirt and dust accumulates on the membrane. The main reasons for speaker breakage in iPhone are as follows:

  • moisture ingress
  • fall of a mobile device
  • swipe
  • violation of the contact of the audio codec with the board

The first thing to do when the sound in the speaker becomes quieter or disappears is to thoroughly clean the membrane. If this does not help, then you will need to replace the speaker in the iPhone. When a smartphone is dropped or bumped, the speech and microphone codecs are damaged, which affects the quality of the conversation. In this case, you will hardly hear the caller during a conversation, and he may not hear you at all.

Poor audibility due to earpiece loop

If the subscriber is not heard on the phone during a call, or the sound in the speaker constantly “floats” during a call, the cause of the breakdown may lie in the loop of the earpiece. The flat connection cable can oxidize or break and you will not hear the caller during a call.

To fix the problem, you need to replace the flat cable on the iPhone using a special screwdriver, a flat plastic object and an original spare part, but this is a rather difficult task for a person who is not familiar with the device.

Professional smartphone repair

If you become hard to hear your interlocutors when talking on the iPhone, do not take risks and do not make repairs yourself. Entrust this complex process to experienced specialists registered in Yuda. Professional craftsmen know how to fix damage of any complexity and restore the functionality of a smartphone. The advantages of working with private craftsmen are as follows:

  • prompt troubleshooting at home or in the office
  • departure at a convenient time for you
  • minimum iPhone repair cost
  • guarantee for all work performed

An experienced technician will determine why the new iPhone is out of order and repair it using genuine parts and quality consumables. If you become hard of hearing the interlocutor on the iPhone, seek help from professionals who can fix any problem in a short time.

External connections

Sometimes the reason is third-party devices that play sound, but not through the built-in speaker of the phone. It looks like it’s broken, but it’s not.

Important! External wireless connection when playing music is visible in the player. It is displayed by an icon in the upper right corner of the icon in the form of a tower with spheres radiating from it.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus volume problems? Here’s the fix

  • External speaker. Sometimes additional means are used to play music. speakers, wireless headphones. They establish a connection via Bluetooth, which is not always possible to see. To eliminate such an error, you need to turn off the function or activate airplane mode. After that, you need to re-enter normal mode and repeat the operation check.
  • Connected headphones. The most obvious reason for a speaker not working is connecting external headphones through the appropriate jack. To fix it, just pull them out.

How to turn off vibration on iPhone

You can guess how to turn off vibration on the iPhone from the previous paragraph. To do this, you need to enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” item. At the top of the screen, you will need to configure the first two lines responsible for the vibration mode. To change the setting, you need to drag the slider to the left, which will change the green highlight.

Note! To restore the previous settings, you will need to enter the item again.

missing, sound, iphone

There is a second way to turn off vibration. To activate it, you need to turn on the “Do not disturb” mode. To do this, just go to the quick access menu. The difference with the previous method is that in this case the phone can stop vibrating any actions, and the setting will take effect instantly.

You can find the desired item on iPhone 5, 6, se models with the usual movement up the screen. It is important that the backlight is on, otherwise no action will occur. Later iPhone users (x, x r, x s) will need to do the same, but from the upper right corner towards the center. In the menu that appears, you need to click the icon representing the moon. If you make a quick touch, activation will take place instantly and will remain in effect until the user turns off the selected mode.

Important! On all iPad models whose owners have updated their device to iOS 13, swipe to gain access must also be done from the upper right corner.

You can also activate vibration off mode for a specified time, when any loud sound will interfere. To do this, you need to press and hold the same icon depicting the moon. After a second of waiting, the phone or iPad will offer three options for the time interval. for an hour, until the morning of the next day, or until the current geolocation changes.

How to turn on sound on iPhone

You don’t have to think about how to turn on sound on the iPhone for a long time, since its creators took care of the convenience and accessibility of the function. Only one external button located on the left side of the case will help in this. To turn on sounds and notifications, you will need to move it to the top position, and turning it off will require the opposite action. Changing the mode to “Silent” is indicated by a short notification on the screen.

In this state, the device will disable only calls and notifications, and only on the built-in speaker. The headset or wireless speaker will play a ringtone sound when the unit receives a call. The playback of music and sounds of applications is also not limited, and is not controlled at startup. To remove scoring, you will need to start the program and manually adjust using the lower sound key or turn it off in the settings.

Note! You can check the disconnection using the lines of the mute button. the red line indicates the silent mode.

How to set vibration on iPhone

In order for the phone to ring with vibration, you can not only activate it, but also configure it. To do this, you need to go to the already familiar settings item called “Sounds, tactile signals”. In the lower block, you can connect not only a specific alert, but also a vibration pattern. However, this will have to be done for each individual position. In any of the items, the phone with standard settings will show the “Default” mode in the top line. By clicking on it, the user will be taken to the list of standard views. You can choose any of them. Also in the line “Arbitrary” you can independently create a vibration.

Optionally, you can create an almost continuous or consisting of many short dots vibration signal, setting it as selected. After that, when the user receives an SMS, the message will be accompanied by the selected pattern.

How to turn silent mode on or off on iPhone

You can put your iPhone in silent mode using the button on the side panel. In this case, only the soundtrack of calls and notifications will disappear. This will not affect the playback of application sounds, music, podcasts, they will be played as usual. Do not disturb mode will help you completely get rid of all types of polyphony.

Note! Do not think that activating any mode that mutes the sound will guarantee the complete absence of signals. The included alarm will work anyway.

How to turn on vibration on iPhone

The question of how to turn on vibration on the iPhone is asked when setting up the sound. To do this, you need to enter the “Settings” menu, where you need to select the “Sounds” item. In some models. iPhone 7, 8, XR and later. the item is called differently. “Sounds, tactile signals”.

At the very top, in the first two lines, you can change the vibration setting by turning it on or off by changing the position of the slider. It is worth noting that this applies to modes with and without sound, that is, you can turn on vibration separately. To check the option, the color of the switch, which turns green, will help.

Important! There is no need to save the setting or re-enter the menu for the changes to take effect.

Setting errors

When the sound on the iPhone suddenly disappeared, most people try to remember if this could have caused a breakdown, forgetting about the settings of the device itself and the microphone. Often they were changed by accidental movement, as a result of which the sound now does not work.

  • Silent mode. The most common mistake of users who have only recently become the owners of such a technique. Developers and designers have tried to make it easier to turn off silent mode on iPhone. For this there is a separate button located on the side. This is often forgotten, especially in the early days of using the phone. However, as a result, the device can only vibrate when called. To check if this is the reason, you can carefully look at the button: a red line inside indicates silent mode. You need to put it in a different position. Another test option is to try to play any melody in the player. It will turn on with sound.
  • Configuration error. Sometimes the user notices that the sound is lost only on the call on the iPhone. This does not affect the reproduction of music. Such behavior of the phone indicates a failure of the notification settings. You can find them in the “Sounds” tab. In the third line, a line will be visible, which indicates the volume level. Moving the pointer to the right will help to enlarge it. Additionally, you can set permission to change the volume with the buttons, which will help you not to return to this item in the future.

Hardware failure

The following types of breakdowns can be attributed to a hardware malfunction:

  • Inoperability of the headphone jack;
  • Sound control buttons malfunction;
  • Sound speaker malfunction.

If the phone has been dropped in snow or water before, the speakers are likely to be very quiet or stop functioning altogether. In this case, the device should dry well, after which the sound should work.

In any case, if you suspect a hardware malfunction without proper skills in working with iPhone components, you should not try to open the case yourself. Here you should contact the service center, where competent specialists will perform a full diagnosis and be able to identify, as a result of which the sound on the phone stopped working.

No sound on iPhone is a frustrating but often fixable problem. If you have encountered a similar issue before, please share in the comments how it was resolved.

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There are many reasons why sound can be lost on iPhone. The user will hardly be able to identify the correct one, so he will have to take various measures in order to eliminate the deficiency. What are these measures, this article will tell.

An iPhone that has lost sound actually loses most of its functions. it cannot be used either as a music player or as a means of communication. Therefore, the user, faced with such a malfunction, is forced to immediately attend to its elimination.

The iPhone owner does not need to immediately prepare for the worst. to call for service and expensive repairs. If the device is mechanically working, then the user will most likely be able to solve the problem on his own.

Software errors

Common software reasons for missing sound include:

    Unsuccessful jailbreak. Hacking the system can lead to an error in the iOS code. Installation of unofficial software. Only those tweaks should be downloaded from Cydia that have been verified and recommended by experts on thematic portals. The operating system freezes. Incorrectly set iPhone settings.

Why is there no sound on the iPhone

Most of the problems with no sound are usually related to the iPhone settings. In rarer cases, a hardware failure may be the cause.

Alert settings

Open any application with music or video, start playing the file and use the volume key to set the maximum sound value. If the sound is on, but the phone is silent on incoming calls, most likely you have incorrect notification settings.

    To edit the notification parameters, open the settings and go to the “Sounds” section.

In the event that you want to set a clear level of the sound signal, turn off the parameter “Change with the buttons”, and set the desired volume on the line above.

Hardware problems

Hardware problems that can lead to the loss of sound during a call and in the speaker are as follows:

    Filling. Due to the ingress of liquid under the case, the headphone jack microcircuits are oxidized. Because of this, the iPhone constantly “thinks” that a headset is connected to it. although the 3.5-Jack connector is actually free. It is better to “cure” the iPhone from flooding in a service center, but “first aid” should be provided to the gadget with your own hand. Our article tells you what to do if your iPhone falls into water. Clogged speaker or headphone input. This problem most often affects people who prefer to carry iPhones in their s without using protective cases. The speaker mesh and 3.5-connector are inevitably clogged with small debris and dust. Mechanical damage to the speaker. Breakdown of the speaker is a result of physical impact on the mobile device. In this case, you need to replace the speaker or at least a non-working microcircuit. The replacement can be done by a person who knows how to disassemble iPhones and owns a soldering paw.

What to do if sound disappears on iPhone?

An ordinary user will hardly be able to accurately diagnose the cause of the loss of sound. Therefore, you will have to take measures aimed at eliminating all sorts of reasons. starting with the simplest.

Perform a visual inspection of the gadget. The reason for the lack of sound may lie “on the surface” and consist, for example, that the speaker is covered with a film or a cover.

Restart your gadget. As a result of the restart, the cache will be cleared, temporary files will be deleted, and iOS will start working again. A reboot can eliminate a cause such as a freeze of the operating system. If after launching the iPhone there is still no sound, you should exclude this reason from the list of possible ones and move on.

Reset the settings. With this action, you will bring all the settings of the mobile device to the initial configuration. Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”, click on “Reset all settings”, then enter the password twice.

A reset of this type will not delete the user’s personal data, therefore, it is not necessary to create a backup before this operation.

Uninstall apps. Remember which of your actions preceded the loss of sound. Perhaps you installed a tweak from Cydia and then immediately discovered the problem? “Take down” applications and tweaks that you downloaded recently, reboot the device again and check the sound.

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND (PROVEN) (w/ subtitles)

Back up your data in any way you want. The following operation will delete information on the iPhone.

Restore the gadget through DFU mode. Connect iPhone to PC with cable, open iTunes and enter “apple” device into DFU MODE. How to start DFU mode is described on our website. When iTunes prompts you to restore your gadget, answer yes.

If none of the above measures worked, there are no software errors. the problem lies at the hardware level. All that the user can do in this case with his own hand is to clean the headphone jack and speaker.

This work must be done as carefully as possible! Do not use metal tools (such as a needle), otherwise you risk scratching the contacts. You can remove dirt from the 3.5 mm connector with a toothpick or a thin cotton-tipped stick.

It is best to use a dry brush with soft bristles to remove debris from the speaker.

If cleaning does not work, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the iPhone needs professional repair.

Connected devices

iPhone supports wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers. If a similar gadget was previously connected to the phone, most likely the sound is transmitted to it.

    It’s very easy to check this. swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center, and then activate airplane mode (airplane icon). From now on, the connection with wireless devices will be disconnected, which means that you will need to check if there is sound on the iPhone or not.

If the sound appears, open the settings on your phone and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Move this item to inactive position. If necessary, in the same window, you can break the connection with the device broadcasting sound.

Next, call the Control Center again and turn off airplane mode.

Silent mode

Let’s start with the trivial: if there is no sound on the iPhone on incoming calls or SMS messages, you need to make sure that the silent mode is not activated on it. Pay attention to the left side of the phone: there is a small switch above the volume keys. If the sound is muted, you will see a red mark (shown in the image below). To turn on the sound, just move the switch to the right position.

The sound on the iPhone has not completely disappeared. it is in the headphones

In principle, a partial loss of audio signals is usually characteristic of software problems, but not in this case

So, we plug the headphones into the iPhone and check. If there is sound in them, but when you pull it out, it disappears, plus when you adjust the volume, divisions are not added (it feels like the volume buttons do not work), then I congratulate you, you are in luck. The whole problem is in the charging or headphone jacks. Either dust has got into them, or they have oxidized from contact with water (how to act if liquid gets in).

And thus the iPhone “thinks” that something is constantly connected to it. a docking station or the same headphones. By the way, this problem is more typical for older devices with a 30-pin connector. such as iPhone 4, iPad 2, etc. Why? It’s just that the connector itself is larger and, for this reason, the likelihood of contamination is higher.

What do we do? It’s simple. in most cases, neat cleaning of the connectors helps.

Carefully! With a toothpick or other object (it is highly desirable not to be metal, as you can scratch or bend the contacts), we clean out all the accumulated dirt or dust from there. After that, we reboot the device. Then, just in case, we insert and remove the charging and headphones into the connectors several times.

By the way, if the contacts are exactly oxidized (for example, after contact with liquid), it may happen that the device will have to be disassembled in order to clean not only the outside, but also inside.

If you do not have such knowledge, I highly recommend contacting the service center, since during self-repair, in addition to sound, you can break something else. for example, the Home button cable and get such a terrible error.

Missing sound on iPhone. what to do and how to be?

Hello everyone! In general, the missing sound on the iPhone is not a very standard situation, since it certainly does not turn off by itself. However, you do not need to immediately prepare for the worst, because this phenomenon can be caused not only by any mechanical problems, but also by software problems, which is much easier to solve. So, what to do and how to fix sound problems on iPhone, let’s go!;)

Naturally, we will not talk about such a banal thing as checking whether the vibration mode is on, the do not disturb mode (indicated by a special icon) and whether the volume slider is turned to maximum. we need to check this first. Let’s get down to business and first we need to decide where there is sound and where there is not.

Sound disappeared everywhere. iPhone is completely silent

Here everything is already a little more complicated, since there can be any reason. software and hardware.

To begin with, I recommend following all the tips from the previous paragraph. Namely, neat cleaning of the connectors. It will definitely not be superfluous. Next, we move on to the traditional way of dealing with software problems:

  • We reset everything from the phone (having previously taken care of backing up to a computer in iTunes or to the iCloud cloud).
  • We update the firmware or, if it is already installed the latest, then just boot the iPhone. Without restoring from a backup! Recover later when you find out the reason for the loss of sound.
  • Checking if the sound has appeared.

If after all these manipulations there is no success, then the problem is clearly “iron” and consists in yes in anything!

Bottom cable, board, buttons, audio codec, etc. Therefore, we do not hesitate to go to the service center. If the phone is under warranty and you didn’t do anything with it (dropped it, beat it), then just after a while you will receive a new device (more precisely, “like new”). If there is no guarantee, then the situation is certainly worse, but not particularly critical. As a rule, repairs associated with the lack of sound do not take much time. And the money is worth the sane.

And finally, a common truth. if there is no sound in one of the lower speakers of the iPhone, then there is no reason to panic (everything is “OK” with your device). Why? Because there is only one speaker at the bottom of the iPhone.

Missing sound on iPhone: reasons and solutions

The Iphone is the most popular and reliable phone in the world. But over time, problems may arise in the program part or the hardware component of the gadget, which will lead to the disappearance of the sound. Therefore, you need to know what to do if sound disappears on the iPhone.

What to do if sound disappears from iPhone

So, if sound is missing on iPhone and you don’t know what to do, try to find a solution yourself. To do this, you can try the following:

  • Perform a visual inspection of your smartphone. The simplest thing that could be a problem is that the speaker is covered with a cover, film or debris.
  • Reboot the device. This is necessary to remove the cache and delete temporary files. It also often fixes freezing of the operating system. If, after carrying out this operation, the volume does not appear, then the reason is far from slowing down the phone.
  • The next step is to factory reset. This will return the device to its original state. To do this, go to the settings, go to the “General” item and select “Reset”. Next, select “Reset all settings”, and then, upon notification from the system, enter the password twice. You won’t delete your files this way, so no backup is required.
  • If the call began to disappear after installing an application, then delete all applications that you downloaded recently and restart again. If there is no sound, move on.
  • Reset all your personal data to another device or removable media. The gadget has a DFU mode, to use it, connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable. Open the iTunes app and put your phone in DFU MODE. When the application prompts you to restore access, agree with it.

If all this did not help, there are no software errors, then the sound of the call and SMS disappeared for a hardware reason. To do this, you can try cleaning the speaker and headphone jack. This is especially true when the iPhone has lost sound, and it shows headphones. It is necessary to work very carefully so as not to damage the elements of the device.

To do this, you need a thin cotton swab or toothpick with which you can clean the dirt. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects, especially metal ones, because they will scratch the contacts. You can clean the debris in the speaker with a dry brush with a soft bristle. If after all these procedures nothing helped, then you will have to contact the service center.

Contacting the service center

If testing reveals that the device does not work correctly, not because of a factory defect, but through the fault of the user, then free repair will be denied. In this case, you will have to fix the malfunction for money.

Reasons why sound disappeared on iPhone

So, if the iPhone lost sound when making a call or when using the player, this is a reason to think about the cause of the breakdown. All reasons can be divided into hardware and software. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • Speaker problems. in this case, you will need to replace a failed microcircuit or a complete replacement of the element. To do this, you will also need to contact a specialist.
  • Debris or dust gets into the speaker or headphone jack. Usually this is the lot of those who carry a gadget in their without using protective covers. In this case, the headphone jack and speaker mesh become clogged.
  • Moisture is one of the obvious reasons why sound doesn’t work on iPhone. Moisture oxidizes the headphone jack chips, so the device thinks the headphones are working all the time. In this case, you will have to contact the service department.

The second type of errors appears due to the following factors:

  • Incorrectly set settings;
  • Hacking the system, which can lead to errors in the device code;
  • Failure of the operating system;
  • Installing programs from unofficial sources, which can lead to a virus infection and failure of iOS.

Sound dropout on iPhone occurs unexpectedly. And it happens for two reasons: software and hardware. The above tips may help to fix software-type problems, but often the reason is in the hardware of the device. In the event of a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, you can contact the dealer for repairs and get a free repair. In other cases, you will have to fork out a little.

Mode switching

Sound is dropping on iPhone? The next variant of the development of events can be the included “mute” mode. Subscribers rarely encounter such a situation. After all, this parameter is usually turned off automatically.

If this has not happened, then it is enough to visit the iPhone settings and set the “Call” mode on the mobile phone. Then the sound should appear. That did not happen? So the reason lies in something else!

Installing programs

However, this is just the beginning. Sound is dropping on iPhone? It is likely that this phenomenon began after the installation of a specific game or program. The situation is not very common, but it still occurs.

Of course, to get rid of the problem, it is enough to detect the problematic software and erase it from the mobile device. After that, the gadget starts working at full strength without failures and malfunctions.

Application conflict can be minimized. To do this, it is enough to download data from reliable sources, from official developers.


The most common case is for iPhone audio to drop out after using a headset. The thing is that sometimes the device does not switch to the “Call” mode when the headphones are disconnected. And the phone speakers stop working.

Why is there no sound on my iPhone? If the user used a headset before the problem, this means that the device still “thinks” that the headphones are connected. You can correct the situation by turning the component on and off again.


The firmware of a mobile device also causes problems with sound. Fortunately, this situation is not so common in practice. It mainly concerns those who independently reflashed the gadget.

Sound is dropping on iPhone? Re-flashing the device will help fix the problem if it was possible to prevent clogging of the speakers, as well as the ingress of moisture into the smartphone. It is recommended to entrust this matter to professionals. Only experienced users can flash the iPhone on their own. Otherwise, a person risks getting not a multifunctional smartphone, but a toy that does not support communication.


What to do if sound disappears on iPhone? It is possible that the phenomenon is caused by clogged speakers. Usually, this problem overtakes sloppy users.

It’s not hard to guess that cleaning your smartphone will help fix the situation. It is noted that it is best to entrust this task to professionals. An ordinary user will not be able to clean a mobile phone and its connectors efficiently and safely.

Full reset

Missing sound on “iPhone 4″ or any other? You should not rush to contact the service center. If the subscriber has a copy of the data, you can use a little trick. Namely. resetting the gadget’s settings. Surprisingly, the reception helped many to restore the speakers to work.

Reset iPhone settings is suggested as follows:

  • Open “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”.
  • Select the “Reset settings” item. It is advisable to give preference to the option “Reset settings and content”.
  • Confirm your intentions. To do this, you will have to click on “Reset iPhone”. After. enter the password from the smartphone.

Next, the gadget will restart. As soon as the operating system boots up, the user will be prompted to restore the information. For example, using iCloud or iTunes. Having a backup copy of your data will help keep information on your smartphone. If it is absent, then the actions taken will lead to a complete reset of the phone to factory settings. But the speakers are likely to return to a working state.


What to do if sound disappears on iPhone? It all depends on the circumstances preceding the event. Each phone has its own lifespan. At some point, the gadget and its components wear out. This leads either to a malfunction of the phone, or to “glitches” on it.

Has the iPhone been in use for years? Then wear on the speakers should not be ruled out. They can either be repaired on their own (it is highly discouraged to do so), or the smartphone can be returned to a service center for diagnostics and further repair.

In practice, repaired speakers do not last long. This means that soon the sound on the smartphone will disappear again. Therefore, if a component breaks down, it is best to pick up a new phone for yourself. Sound will work 100% on it.

What to do if sound doesn’t work on iPhone?

Why is the sound in the iPhone 4 \ 4s \ 5 \ 5s \ 6s \ 7 not working or I can hear half the sound. IPhone sound can be lost for several reasons, and these are not always mechanical problems. There may be a software error and you can fix it yourself.

The reasons for the disappearance of sound and what to do when the sound disappeared on the iPhone

The first likely reason is a hardware failure in the speaker, but in this case, only in the service will they help;
2. Iphone got moisture. Most often, the sound is heard indistinctly or intermittently, the phone is completely checked and its elements are cleaned;
3. Software breakdown is the most frequent occurrence, which can be repaired by hand.

First of all, you need to determine your willingness to troubleshoot yourself. it is better not to experiment without proper experience. The repair should be entrusted to professionals in their field: the GSM Master service, where you will receive a free visit of the master in Moscow, free diagnostics, and, importantly, a 6-month warranty for all types of repairs and components. masterovik-sotovik.ru will help you quickly with this if you are a resident of Moscow and every minute counts. Do not debug Apple repairs, but contact us, they will help you any day without a break, weekends and holidays.

Before going to the service center, you can try to fix the problem yourself. Restarting the machine can help here. When the Apple iphone program crashes, many reboot the device. Errors occur due to lack of memory, excessive overheating, as a result of which applications do not start, and multimedia files do not play. Applications are knocked out due to an error. Therefore, you will need to disconnect the iPhone to clear the cache and get rid of temporary files. If the system or individual applications had breakdowns, then they should not appear again. Many people remove the battery when rebooting, and then put it back, checking for scratches and damage.

Running applications can also be the cause. The phone may have sound problems due to some applications enabled. It should be remembered, after which the sound on the device disappeared, there must be prerequisites.
When two programs conflict, audio and video are lost. The reason is the incorrect operation of these programs. While the application, which comes into conflict with the sound, is turned on, the second one stops working. Be sure to properly close all applications before disconnecting the iPhone.

Not a serious problem if the sound is full when the headphones are working, and when they are removed, nothing is heard.
In this case, the device thinks that it is constantly connected to something. a docking station or the same headphones. Suitable for any connector iphone 5s \ 6 \ 7 \ 5 \ 6 s \ 7. Since the connector is larger than that of a regular android, the chances of getting germs and dirt are greater.
Cleaning at home can help. But this should be done carefully so as not to damage the mechanism. A toothpick or other object is taken (the needle cannot be taken, there is a risk of scratching and damaging the contacts with the metal end), dust and dirt are cleaned out of there slowly. Upon completion, the device needs to be rebooted. Recheck the sound with the headphones, insert and remove them.
Contacts tend to oxidize (if they come into contact with moisture), in which case the phone must be disassembled to clean the outside and inside. This is more difficult, so it is recommended to visit the service center, since if you use it incorrectly, you can damage other functions, for example, the Home button, which will entail a number of more problems.

In this case, people do not know what to do, since there can be many reasons. related to a software failure and breakdown of the phone itself.
Unbeknownst to the original problem, connectors are cleaned to rule out this type of problem. Further, the other reasons for the lack of sound in the iPhone are checked:
1. Everything is reset from the device (previously backed up to media: USB flash drive, computer, in iTunes or the cloud is used).
2. The firmware is being updated or, if it has recently been updated to the latest version, then the iPhone simply boots. There is no recovery from a backup copy. It will be possible to restore after identifying the cause of the loss of sound.
3. The appearance of multimedia is checked.
If no sound appears after this test method, then the problem lies in the breakdown of the device outside, but it is almost impossible to determine it on your own. The reason manifests itself in the lower cable, board, buttons, audio codec, etc. In this case, only the service center will help.
With a warranty and excellent condition of the device (it was not previously repaired or externally not damaged), you can get free help or a replacement phone from the service center. If the case is not guaranteed, then the absence of sound can also be solved. In good service, in a short time and at low financial costs, they eliminate this breakdown.