Mi unlock does not see the phone

The difference between the Asian version of ROM and Global

Support for LTE 20 frequency (Band 20/800 Mhz), a euro plug is included (in the version for the English market, an English plug), the box has an inscription in English, and not only in Chinese.

What to do if the phone goes out and does not respond to anything, including charging? This happens for various reasons, you need to hold the power button for 15 seconds (the second version of the volume key. and on, three buttons at once and wait), the phone turns off (similarly remove the battery), then hold it a second time for 15 seconds, the phone will turn on!

Snapdragon 625 vs Helio x20: comparison

Release of Mi PC Suite in English at the office. website

2 “MiPhoneManager” Russian version: 3.2 available for download in your account

Description: Creating and restoring backups of all types of dataCreating and restoring backups of full firmwareFirmware of the deviceControlling the device’s screen from a computerSynchronizing any filesPlaying music and videos from the deviceViewing photos, contacts, notes, messagesFile managerCreating screenshotsAbility to use the computer’s Internet on your deviceRequires Android: MIUI v5 ( does not work with MIUI on Android 6.0 yet) Requires: Xiaomi phone For the program to work, you need to uncheck the “Debugging via USB” checkbox in the Settings “For Developers” Russian interface: Yes How to add a widget to the desktop? file manager Option 1. Widgets in the standard launcher are installed if you hold down the left touch button for a long time. Option 2. Two-finger pinch on the desktop. access to widgets and icons. How to take a screenshot (aka a screenshot)? MENU button VOLUME. or release the curtain down and look for the button there Screenshot How to find out how much Internet traffic was used? Security. Traffic How to remove vibration when typing? Settings. Other settings. Language and input. Keyboard Google. Additional settings. Vibrate when you press the keys How to add a Russian keyboard layout? Settings. Other settings. Language and input. Google keyboard. Language Is it possible to somehow remove the countdown when trying to install an application from a memory card?

How To Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader. Detailed Explanation Using Mi Unlock Tool Official Phone Unlock!

(there is a report for 10 seconds, then it becomes possible to click “Allow”, and only then the installation is in progress) Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the privacy settings. Settings. Other settings. Privacy. Unknown sources (activate) How to enable the installation of applications not from the market? Settings. Other settings. Privacy. Unknown sources (activate) Tell me which program can change fonts? Themes. Components. Font How to disable the lock screen? Settings. For developers. Activate the “Disable lock screen” line Can I change the screen timeout? Screen lock. Turn off the screen How to turn on the phone lock by flipping the screen down? You need to install third-party software Gravity Screen. On / Off How to swap virtual buttons? With the standard settings, you can only change the functionality with a long press. Settings. Other settings. Buttons How to set the download speed at the top next to the WI-FI icon? Enable in settings. Notifications. Network speed How to make notifications arrive on the locked screen when messages from VK, Skype, Viber arrive? Settings. All applications. Viber, etc. (select an application). Notifications How to enable the percentage of battery power in the notification area? Settings. Other settings. Battery and performance. Battery indicator How to enable slow motion? Set the HD quality, in a vertical position, swipe to the right and it will appear How to put your music on a call? Settings. Sound. Melody (tap on Melody). Melody (tap on Melody). there will be a list of melodies by default, at the bottom center there will be a round icon Browse, click and there should be a Dictaphone and Melodies from an SD card, find your favorite melody, check the box. ok and that’s it. How to turn on the Internet from SIM-card 2, now it goes online from slot 1. Settings. SIM-cards and mobile networks. Internet. Select the desired SIM How to edit the service buttons in the shutter? Settings. Notifications. Second item How to make when scrolling desktop, the picture also moved in the appropriate direction, and was not the same? Disable wallpaper scrolling in the settings. Settings. wallpaper. select wallpaper. at the top right the button is like this turn on scrolling How to install third-party themes, write themes from third-party resources, you can not install? Install firmware miuipro or multirom SIM card has contacts, but the phone does not see. Who knows step by step how to get to the truth? Contacts. Settings. Display. From the SIM-card How to get to the engineering menu? 46363646633 Which program to use to control equipment via the IR-port? For example ZaZaRemote. Also present (not in all firmwares) proprietary utility Mi Remote. Do not want to download files over the mobile Internet (for example, from GooglePlay) Downloads Application — Click the three dots (…) at the top — Settings — Download size limit — Unlimited. How to find the call history for a specific (specific) contact in a standard dialer? Click on the handset, then on the right side of the call you are interested in there is a small circle with an arrow, click on it, a new window opens with all the subscriber’s data, including the call history (call log). there is again an arrow on the right. press. How to sort in contacts not by first name, but by last name? Settings-system-contacts-display-show in contacts How to make the flash blink when you call? Phone-Settings-In answer settings-Incoming calls The phone has the ability to record a conversation, but this must be done every time forcibly, how to put on automatic recording? Phone / Settings / Call recording / Automatic recording-Activate. I saved the pictures in a secret album, and now I can not find them. Where are they now? In the explorer, slowly pull your finger down until the Lock icon appears, click on it. How do I customize the app indication? So that, say, VK burns blue, vibe purple, etc.? Individual indication is configured in each application (if any). In VK there is an indicator color setting, VatsApe is also there. How to turn off the screen on for new SMS and messages? Lock the screen, turn off “Turn on the screen on notifications” How to turn off the lock screen? Settings, for developers, turn off the lockscreen There is already a phone from Xiaomi and soon Xiaomi will come xxx. how to transfer all data installed by applications and settings for the new Smart? Use the “transfer” function, or make a backup in Mi account How to set up forwarding from one SIM card to another when one of them is unavailable?

Settings-System-Phone-Call forwarding settings. If the operator supports it, you set the number of the second SIM by “if not available”. with the second sim card is the same.

to install custom firmware, you need to unlock the bootloader

Sellers do not unlock phones. Can only install patched firmware.

How do I unlock the bootloader? And what is it all about?

Factory Locked Device List: All models from November 2015 to the present. This refers to the release date of the model on the market, not the date of purchase (by you).

A list of devices that do not have a factory lock, but can also be blocked: As a result of accidental / forced flashing of these devices to the official firmware that blocks the bootloader Mi Note Pro. Mi Pad 2. Mi4c

What is a bootloader and what is it for? The bootloader is responsible for starting the system, as well as for starting the recovery.

Why do you need to unlock the bootloader? To install custom recovery, which in turn allow you to quickly install and reinstall the system, install various patches, add-ons that improve the system’s performance, add new features, as well as create and then restore backups.

Why did Xiaomi block it?. This is a mandatory requirement of Google, as well as for the safety of your data in case of loss of the device.

Does unlocking the bootloader affect the warranty?. No. But there is a nuance. If you, for example, brought the phone to bootlap with firmware, then this is not covered by the warranty. Those. the warranty only applies to the hardware. The software part and everything connected with it falls out of the guarantee.

How to unlock the bootloader?. Unlocking the bootloader is carried out in two stages and takes from 10 minutes to 20 days. The first stage is to apply for permission to unlock You can apply without having a phone in your hands! The second stage is the unlocking itself

Are there other ways to unlock without submitting an application?. No!

How often can I use unlocking?. Once every two weeks from the same Mi account

How can you speed up the approval process? Recently, approvals have come quickly, from 12 hours to 3 days.

How do I know about getting permission?. A message will come to the phone with a link to the Mi Flash Unlock download page. It happens that the SMS does not come. Therefore, it is better to check in parallel on the website and / or in the unlock program.

Is it possible to block the bootloader back? Flash any firmware (not custom) with all the checkmarks in the SP Flash Tool.

All SMS does not come in any way. how to see if permission has been received?. Log in to the Mi Flash Unlock program, if the program asks for a phone connection. permission has been received, if it gives out a text with a link to the site, then permission has not yet been received.

Transferring music, photos, videos and games via USB cable from PC to phone and vice versa is a common operation for the user. Sometimes this function stops working. the smartphone does not connect to the computer, or it seems to be connected, but the device’s memory remains inaccessible. This article will help you understand the causes of the problem and tell you how to fix it.

Top reasons Xiaomi doesn’t connect to PC

There are 3 reasons why the computer does not see Xiaomi smartphones:

  • problems with USB cable and ports;
  • the wrong connection mode is selected;
  • no drivers installed.

Mi flash unlock tool not detecting phone problem solved 101%

You can fix the problem using standard tools and using third-party software.

To access the connection mode selection you need:

  • Rename the downloaded archive to QuickShortcutMaker2.4.0.APK.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources:
  • Go to the “Security” section of the main settings menu.
  • Check the box next to the line “Unknown sources”.
  • Install the utility and run.
  • Enter in the search line “Settings”.
  • Find in the results the item containing “Android.settings.UsbSettings” and click on it.
  • On the new screen, click the “Create” button. A shortcut to select the connection mode will appear on the main screen.
  • Click on the shortcut and select the MTP connection mode.
    • ;
    • Drivers for Mediatek:
    • :

    The third reason why the PC does not see the smartphone is that the drivers are not installed. These are sets of instructions that Windows uses to communicate with connected devices. They should be installed automatically from the operating system driver base. But for some models of smartphones there are no drivers in the database. Therefore, they need to be installed manually.

    On Windows 7, 8, 10, this is done as follows:

    • Install Antutu App.
    • Go to the subsection “My device”.
    • Find the line “CPU Model”.
    • Download and unpack the archive with suitable drivers.
    • Disable driver digital signature verification.
    • Call the “Device Manager” window by right-clicking on the “Computer” icon, select “Properties” and click on the line of the same name, or find a service in the Control Panel.
    • Select from the list the line “Unknown device” or “Unknown device”.
    • Click “Update Driver”.
    • Click “Search this computer”.
    • Click the “Browse” button. Specify the folder with the contents of the archive.
    • Click “Next” and wait for the completion of the procedure.

    The reasons why the smartphone from Xiaomi does not see the computer exists 3. They are associated with hardware malfunctions and features of the Android and Windows operating systems.

    Account verification error

    If there is an error checking the Mi unlock account, and the method described above does not work, you need to reflash the phone. You need to download the Chinese version, called developer. Next, you need to launch the application, visit the section “For Developers” and see the status of the utility here.

    If there is no profile, add it. This innovation has appeared recently. The innovation is related to strengthening the protection of the device.

    Couldn`t unlock Xiaomi

    If, when trying to bind an account, the inscription “couldn`t Xiaomi unlock” appears, then it is recommended to change the IP-address to Chinese. For this:

    • We load any program with
    • Choose China from the list of addresses. He is signed as “China-Shangai”.
    • We return to the sub-item “For Developers”, find the “Mi unlock status”, click “Link device with account”.
    • After some time, the message “Process completed” should be displayed.
    • We open the utility, run the procedure again. Most likely, you will receive a notification that you need to wait 72 hours for further action.
    • After the expiration of the time, we launch the software, start the unlocking process again. Bug fixed.

    Error 1

    There are a lot of reasons for error 1 Mi Unlock. The easiest solution is to try to open the software on another PC. Because the code means that the problem is unknown, you must use all available solution methods.

    Perhaps the manufacturer has not yet given permission to unlock the smartphone. It is recommended to download the application again. If the problem persists, reflash the device.

    Error 90000

    One of the reasons for this problem is that over 5 mobs were unlocked on one PC. devices. The simplest solution is to try downloading the Russian version of Mi Unlock. This helped many users.

    It is also possible that the account or device was registered incorrectly or was not recorded at all. Check if you have followed these steps:

    • On mob. device in the settings, find the item “About phone”, at least 7 times click on the line where the current version of the firmware is written.
    • Then we return to the main menu and find the sub-item “For Developers”. It is located in add. settings.
    • Here we open Mi Unlock Status and without fail register the data of the Mi-profile and the smartphone. To do this, click on the inscription “Add account and device”.

    If you skip this step, then “unknown error. 90000” may crash during boot.

    unlock, does, phone

    Error 401

    This code means that an attempt to unlock is carried out without the appropriate rights. To fix the bug, just before the installation procedure, get permission from the developer to make changes to the device.

    We open the official website MIUI, here we find the subsection “Unlock my device”, draw up a form.

    Attention! The fields should be filled in in the language of the opening page. If it is represented by Chinese characters, then the request must also be sent in Chinese. To do this, it is recommended to use a translator.

    After you have approval from xiaomi and the data that you need to enter in the appropriate fields, you can safely begin the installation procedure. The problem will go away.

    Account verification error

    After getting approval from the manufacturer, the first thing to recommend is to see if the mob is synced. device with Mi-profile. This should be done without fail. To do this, go to the subsection “Mi Unlock status” and check if the bootloader is unlocked.

    To link the profile, click “Add account and device”. After a couple of minutes, the phrase “Added successfully” should be displayed.

    If you do not perform this manipulation, then when you try to enter, a lag will be displayed, accompanied by the inscription “Current account is not bound to this phone”.

    Code 10008 is also likely to appear. This happens if the connection to the server is not stable. In this case, use the DNS changer utility. Its principle of operation is intuitively simple: after downloading and installing, you need to enter DNS1 and DNS2 (see screenshot), click “Start”.

    The application will ask you to establish a vpn connection, we agree. The program will change color to green. This means that the procedure was successful. Then again we do the manipulation with “Add account and device”. The bug should be fixed. The success of the process is determined by the notification “Added successfully”.

    Types of errors

    When unlocking, there is a possibility of the following bugs:

    • The utility stops loading by 50%.
    • After 50% of the installation, a message of the following character “Not connected Mi-Phone” appears.
    • Freezing in the process of configuration.
    • SMS with confirmation code does not come.
    • The notification “Your device isn`t supported by Mi Unlock” is displayed.
    • Unable to press the green button.
    • Can’t log into Mi-account or “Mi unlock does not work”.
    • After authorization, a request for permanent entry of a nickname appears.

    How many devices can be unlocked at once

    There are restrictions on the number of Bootloader unlocks on the official website. One account allows you to unlock one device once a month, after 30 days you can reapply for another smartphone. It will not be possible to bypass the restriction, since permission is given specifically for the account, and not for the smartphone itself.

    Method 1. via smartphone

    This check is relevant for Redmi 3 and Redmi Note 3, but it is possible that it will work on your model too.

    • We go to the system settings of the device;
    • We select the lowest item “About device”;
    • On the “Core” line, press quickly several times;
    • In the menu that appears, go to the first item “Software version”.
    • We find the line “fastboot lock state” under which the state of the bootloader is indicated: lock. locked, unlock. unlocked.

    Error 1

    There are a lot of reasons for error 1 Mi Unlock. The easiest solution is to try to open the software on another PC. Because the code means that the problem is unknown, you must use all available solution methods.

    Perhaps the manufacturer has not yet given permission to unlock the smartphone. It is recommended to download the application again. If the problem persists, reflash the device.

    How to solve these errors

    To solve the problem related to account verification, it is recommended to check the synchronization of the application with the mobile. gadget, as well as evaluate the quality of the Internet connection.

    If there is a bug with the inscription “unknown error. 1”, try opening the utility on another PC. If that doesn’t work, please make sure to apply for the unlock on the official miui website. As a last resort, it is recommended to reflash the device.

    To correct the “error by 50”, wait at least 10 days from the moment of obtaining the rights. Also on the PC, you need to visit the Device Manager and install the necessary drivers for Android.

    With the help of “error 90000”, the manufacturer is fighting unscrupulous developers who massively open devices and install third-party applications. Therefore, if you want to “open” a second or third gadget, register your Mi-account for each. So there will be no problems.

    To fix 401 problems, you must fill out a form on the company’s official website and get permission from the developers to make changes to the device.

    Other problems can be easily solved using VPN or DNS programs.

    You have probably seen a lot of custom firmwares while reviewing the forum several times, perhaps you have previously installed them on smartphones. You can install new software on some devices without any problems, but sometimes difficulties arise with the rest. For example, on some Xiaomi smartphones with a locked Bootloader, you will not be able to install custom firmware. The forum is often asked how to unlock the bootloader Xiaomi Redmi note 3 to install unofficial software. On this device, as well as Note Pro, Redmi 3s and some other devices (released since November 2015), the manufacturer blocks the bootloader, so for full control over the smartphone, you must first remove the lock from Bootloader.

    If you are a confident Android user, then you know for sure that unlocked Bootloader provides a number of advantages to the user:

    • The ability to install custom Recovery.
    • The modified Recovery greatly facilitates the work with the device. Thanks to him, it becomes possible to install any firmware and additional scripts.
    • With the bootloader open, you can easily set Root rights (superuser). They are needed to work with system files. With the help of Root rights, you can customize the device for yourself: remove unnecessary standard programs, clear the smartphone from ads, overclock the processor, increase autonomy, etc.

    Let’s say you decided to install a modified firmware. First you need to check the status of the bootloader.

    1 Answer

    99% of the cause of the problem is in the drivers. Be sure to turn off the digital signature of the drivers, without this there is no way!

    Mi Unlock error occurs for various reasons. Let’s consider in detail their types and solutions.

    Error 401

    This code means that an attempt to unlock is carried out without the appropriate rights. To fix the bug, just before the installation procedure, get permission from the developer to make changes to the device.

    We open the official website MIUI, here we find the subsection “Unlock my device”, draw up a form.

    Attention! The fields should be filled in in the language of the opening page. If it is represented by Chinese characters, then the request must also be sent in Chinese. To do this, it is recommended to use a translator.

    After you have approval from xiaomi and the data that you need to enter in the appropriate fields, you can safely begin the installation procedure. The problem will go away.

    Unknown error

    The complexity of the unknown problem is that it can have many causes. Check everything in order:

    • The problem may be on Xiaomi servers.
    • You may need to update drivers or install them.
    • The problem can also occur due to the old version of the gadget software. In this case, it is recommended to download a fresh.
    • The developer has not yet given permission to unlock the device. Gotta wait.
    • If the problem is in the location, then change the country in the settings or through programs: VPN or

    Unknown error 1

    There are many reasons for this bug. The problem might be on Xiaomi servers. You may need to update drivers or install them. The problem can also occur due to the old version of the gadget software. In this case, it is recommended to reflash the device.

    The developer may not have given permission to unlock the device yet. Then just wait. If the problem is in the location, then change the country in the settings or through programs: VPN or DNS.

    Mi Unlock error checking account

    The most likely reason for the verification error message is the actions of the smartphone manufacturer. Usually, such difficulties are associated with the fact that the device has not received the right to unlock. To verify this, it is recommended to check the current status of the phone. An alternative solution would be to contact Support and ask for help in understanding how the service works. It is important to emphasize that the latter solution is universal and suitable for all the difficulties that arise, so you should not refuse to use it.

    Why PC Suite May Not See Your Phone

    To understand how to fix a problem, you need to find out what caused it. Surely this can be understood only by understanding the device in detail, which is difficult at home for a person without special training. Therefore, we will give only the most common reasons why Xiaomi Mi does not connect to a computer:

    • Using a non-original USB cable;
    • The lack of necessary drivers on the computer;
    • Choosing the wrong connection method;
    • There are system problems with the device.

    Also, the phone can only be recognized by the computer in camera mode. You can solve this problem without much effort, simply by dragging the files you need into the folder with photos, and then sorting them into the necessary places from the phone.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg of possible problems due to which the Mi PC Suite program can crash. Determine what exactly is wrong, you can empirically. He may well help in solving the problem, and therefore further we will talk about the methods that are recommended to be used in order to create a connection between the gadget and the computer.

    Simple solutions

    The simplest solutions that can help in this case would be:

    • Downloading drivers. If the computer does not recognize the phone connection via the cable, it is quite possible that you are using an outdated version of the drivers, or for some reason they are not installed at all. Most of the operating systems on the PC have already automated the process of pulling up drivers, but no one is immune from a crash. Therefore, try to install these actual drivers: drivers for MediaTek (19 MB) and drivers for Qualcomm (17 MB).
    • Replacing the cable or USB port. Connecting via a non-native USB cable can also run into problems. Therefore, try using a different cable if you have one at hand. It will also be useful to check the suitability of the USB port on the computer. Typically, these ports are available on both the front and rear panels. It will not be superfluous to try each of them.
    • Manual debugging. If the methods described above did not help, and you still do not know how to connect your Mi 4C or other gadget on MIUI to your computer, then try to go to the settings on your phone by following the following path there: “Advanced”. “For Developers”. “Debugging via USB”. “Enable”. This can help if the settings on the mobile device itself have flown.

    Unknown error 1

    If users see error 1 (unknown error 1) when unlocking Mi Unlock, they will have to act by trial and error. Most often, the failure is associated with:

    • lack of connection to the server;
    • outdated version of software on a smartphone;
    • lack of required drivers;
    • outdated drivers that need to be updated.

    To fix the situation, you will need to check the relevance of the software and make sure you have the necessary drivers. After updating or flashing, you should wait a little, try to unlock again and make sure that the problems are fixed.

    Mi unlock does not see the phone

    Mi Unlock does not work and gives an error. now such difficulties are much more common, since in the pursuit of user safety, phone developers are introducing new protection systems, which sometimes work incorrectly. As a result, instead of the desired result, smartphone owners see a code indicating a device malfunction. Such a phenomenon is unpleasant, since it interferes with achieving the desired goal, but the presence of certain numbers significantly simplifies the diagnosis and struggle with difficulties.

    Error 401

    The 401 code indicates that the owner of the phone does not have permission to unlock the bootloader. To get permission, you have to:

    • enter the official MIUI portal;
    • register by filling in all the fields of the proposed menu (in the language of the page that opens);
    • send a request for unlocking on the “Unlock Device” page and receive a response;
    • repeat the procedure.

    It is important to emphasize that there is a limited time for unlocking after obtaining permission, therefore it is not recommended to postpone the planned actions. Otherwise, you will have to start the process anew.

    Mi Unlock status: error 1000

    The appearance on the screen of the inscription Mi Unlock: error 1000 reports:

    • the inability to establish a connection between the gadget and the owner’s account on the manufacturer’s official portal;
    • no account or incomplete registration.

    The solution is extremely simple and involves the creation of a personal account to which the phone will be linked, and the manifestation of certain activity in the account. Additionally, it is recommended to check the connection, perhaps the available connection quality is not enough to unblock the program.

    Android terminal emulator

    This program can be found in the Play Market. After downloading it to your Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro, you should configure a number of commands:

    • SU (super user). with its help you will go to the root folder.
    • Setprop persist.sys.USB.config mass_storage, adb. this combination must be registered next. Be sure to check the spelling.
    • Rebot. confirm the action and restart the device.

    There are other similar programs in the Play Store.

    Their functionality is in many ways similar to those described by us. You can download one of them if you like. The commands are written the same, the name of the fields may differ slightly.

    Difficult ways

    Radical methods involve the use of third-party hardware or software.

    Why Mi PC Suite does not sync with Xiaomi smartphone

    To exchange files between a computer and a Xiaomi Redmi Plus smartphone, you need to install a special program on your PC. Mi PC Suite. But some users are faced with the problem that their device is not detected by the system. Let’s take a closer look at why Xiaomi Mi PC Suite does not see the phone and what to do about it.

    Driver installation application

    Download a special program on your phone that will independently install all the drivers necessary for a successful connection. Thus, you will get rid of the problem of the lack of the necessary program suitable for your device.

    After installing the add-ons, go to your PC in the “Task Manager”.

    Then navigate to the file folder. After that, the synchronization should be successful.

    Simple ways

    You can easily complete all of the following methods yourself, with minimal knowledge about your smartphone and PC:

    • Replace USB cable. Most often, the connection problem occurs when you are using a non-original cable. With the help of a foreign wire, the smartphone can be successfully charged, albeit not for long. But it will not work for connecting to a computer. Try borrowing the original cable from someone you know and check the connection.
    • Check the USB port. It will also be useful to check the port performance on the computer. In most cases, there are several such connectors on a PC, on different sides of the case. Plug the cable into a different port and initiate the connection. If you are using a desktop computer, select the connector on the back. It’s closer to the motherboard.
    • Disable the antivirus software on your computer before installing the software. In rare cases, it adds Mi PC Suite to the “black list”, after which it cannot be used.
    • Download new drivers or update existing ones. With the old ones or without them at all, it will be impossible to connect to the computer. You can download the latest drivers from the official Xiaomi website or the thematic forum. Before installing, we strongly recommend that you check them for viruses.

    Note! The official Xiaomi website has drivers for each phone model. First of all, use the filter to select your phone, only then download the software.

    If none of the above methods worked for you, try manually debugging your USB connection. This is done like this:

    • Go to smartphone settings.
    • Find the line “Advanced”.
    • Then go to the section “For Developers”.
    • Click on “USB Debugging”.
    • Click “Enable”.
    unlock, does, phone

    This method is used to troubleshoot the smartphone itself. If you have tried all the simple methods of solving, but have not achieved success, it is time to move on to more radical ones.


    • Find the “Package” section.
    • In the field that opens, write “com.Android.settings”.
    • Then go to the “Class” tab.
    • Here you need to set the command “com.Android.settings.UsbSettings”.
    • Click “Create Shortcut”.

    How to FIX Mi flash unlock tool not detecting Xiaomi phone and unlock!

    Then try again to connect the device to the computer.

    Causes of the problem

    First of all, you need to understand what caused the problem. To do this, you will have to find instructions from your Xiaomi or delve into the settings.

    Sometimes the reason can be incorrectly connected equipment. In other cases, it is a software failure.

    The list of the most common reasons includes:

    • System problems on the machine itself.
    • Non-original USB cable.
    • The program is blocked by antivirus.
    • Wrong phone connection method.
    • Outdated drivers or their complete absence on PC.

    Some Xiaomi Note sin in that it is possible to recognize them by a computer only in camera mode.

    To solve this problem, transfer the files you need to the folder with pictures.

    Then, after a successful connection to the PC, sort them into their places, as it suits you.

    However, these are not all the reasons why Mi PC Suite cannot recognize the device. To determine exactly your case, you will have to independently reject all the options empirically. Below we will talk about some of the ways to solve the problems by which Xiaomi does not connect to the computer.

    Update MIUI

    When you connect your phone to a PC, you can see the inscription. you need to update your device to use Mi pc suite, what to do in this case?

    Such a nuisance can happen even with new devices on which android 6.0 and higher is installed. In this case, the Chinese version of the software should be installed.

    How to remove the error you need to update your device to use Mi PC suite (translated as “You need to update your device to use Mi PC Suite) when connecting to Mi PC Suite:

    • Open Mi PC Suite.
    • Go to the “Settings” section.
    • Look for a check mark next to the PC Internet line.
    • Look for the Up Arrow icon in the lower left corner.
    • Wait for the software update.

    After installing the Chinese MIUI, restart Xiaomi and reconnect to the computer. The problem should go away.

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