What to do if Pair first appears in Mi Band 4 after connection

The situation is more complicated when the steps discussed above do not work. In this case, you need to go deeper into the essence of the error and the peculiarities of fixing it. Translated Pair first on Mi Band 4 means “first pair”, and the appearance of the inscription indicates difficulty with the connection. Let’s consider what to do in such circumstances:

  • Discard the fitness bracelet from the phone and clear the Bluetooth data.
  • Connect the tracker to another smartphone for a certain period of time or perform pairing with other software, such as NotifyFitnes.
  • Sync with the official software again.

What to do if it does not help

In case the Pair first inscription on Mi Band 4 doesn’t work, you may need to take additional steps.

Reboot the fitness bracelet

You need to reboot the gadget to get it back to working order. Use this step to fix minor software glitches and reset the statistics. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Pull down on the screen.
  • Look for the Advanced section.
  • Open the Settings section.
  • Scroll down to Reboot.
  • Click on it.
  • Agree with the restart.
  • Click on the checkbox and wait for reboot.

After that, check whether the Pair first error on the Mi Band 4 has resolved or not. If there is no result you need to do other steps (about them below).

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You may encounter a problem about not receiving notifications on Mi band 4. But we have material for that case as well.

Update the software

Often users can not figure out what the error Pair first on Mi Band 4, and the reason for its appearance is trivial. an outdated firmware version. As a rule, the software and the application are updated automatically after connecting the device to the smartphone, and the mobile device to the global network. But there are situations when the update is launched only via Wi-Fi. If the user hasn’t connected to this network in a long time, the new software won’t download either.

To update Mr Fit you need to do the following:

  • Log in to Profile.
  • At the bottom click on Settings and click on Check for updates.
  • If there is a newer version of the software, the system prompts you to perform the update. If you wish, you can see the available version of the program. Before doing this work, it is advisable to charge the battery to avoid interruption.

If that doesn’t work and the Pair first error still appears on the Mi Band 4, you may need to uninstall Mr Fit from your smartphone and then install. Experienced users recommend doing the following:

Mi Band 4 Connection Problem Fix

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Go to the applications section and find Mr Fit there.
  • Clean the program data, and then uninstall it.
  • Reinstall the software and log in with your credentials.
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To update the bracelet’s firmware, you need to do the following:

  • Connect it to your smartphone via Mi Fit.
  • Make sure that your smartphone and fitness device are well charged and the Internet is working on your phone.
  • Bring the bracelet closer to the smartphone.
  • If there is an update, it will install automatically.
  • Wait until the process completes.

After this, the Pair first error should disappear, and you can use your Mi Band 4 normally.

By the way, the watch also has behavior tags. You know what they’re for and how to set them? If not, then click on the link.

Reset your device to factory settings

In the most complicated cases, the above steps have no effect. In such circumstances, you may need to reset to factory settings. Let’s look at how to do this correctly:

  • Swipe down on the screen.
  • Scroll to Advanced and locate Settings.
  • Select Reset Settings.
  • Tick the checkbox to understand that you will have to reconnect after resetting.
  • Confirm the reset.

After following these steps, the Pair first icon appears on the Mi Band 4, which should disappear after you successfully connect. You will need to set the language and other settings from scratch.

Many recommend doing the reset differently. try tethering the Mi Band 4 to another smartphone. In this case, when you connect the device automatically prompts you to reset.

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Now you know how to act if Pair Device first appears on the Mi Band 4, what this error means, and what are the ways to fix it. Remember that the appearance of such an icon does not mean that the device needs to be changed. The problem is easy to solve on your own.

How to fix any error message on Xiaomi Mi Band 6, 5, 4.

There are many problems that we may encounter on a daily basis with the Mi Band. The popular accessory can show us various errors in Smart Band 4 models and above it becomes a headache, although, as we will see, for most of them there is a very simple solution. Some bugs that can occur for a variety of reasons, and whatever they are, we will be able to resolve them so you can take advantage of them.

Some bugs coexisting with the Xiaomi sports bracelet for several generations and in many cases tied to the Mi Fit. The app through which we control the bracelet and in which we can adjust many settings is the cause and the solution in several cases, because of which we can not detach ourselves too much from the smartphone and we have to resort to it to solve the problem. failures.

Unlinking the bracelet from the account will be needed if the user

  • Sells/gives the fitness tracker;
  • Acquired another fitness bracelet;
  • Wants to tie the gadget to another phone;
  • lost the smartphone to which the device was tethered.

The Mi Band is directly tied to a Mi Fit account, not a specific phone/tablet.

Through the Mi Fit app

The option is suitable to disconnect the Mi Band 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from your phone. What you need to do:

  • Run the Mi Fit application. Log in to your personal account.
  • Go to the “Profile” section on the bottom panel.
  • Under “Devices,” click the name of the bracelet.
  • A new window will open. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Unlink”.
  • Confirm the transaction in the window that pops up.
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This method is considered the most correct, as it does not lead to Mi Band disruption.

Without access to your account

Users who have forgotten the login/password to log in to Mi Fit, unlink the Mi Band 3 from the phone will be able to use third-party software from Chinese developers. Before using this method, remember:

  • All settings and information on the bracelet will be deleted;
  • allowing you to install applications from unknown sources, there is a chance of getting a virus on your smartphone;
  • Before using the software, it is recommended to disable Internet access to avoid leakage of personal data to remote servers;
  • after disconnecting the wristband from the device, run the antivirus checker preinstalled in the system or downloaded from Google Play;
  • Refuse to use the application when it requests access to the functions it does not need: phone, SMS browsing, screen browsing.

After reading the caveats, let’s move on to the process:

  • Find and download an application called “Diagnostician”. It’s not available in the official store, so you’ll have to use a search engine and request to unlink the Mi Band 4 from your phone without access to the profile.
  • After installation, start the application and enable Bluetooth to detect the tracker. Tap on its name in the expanded list once it’s detected.
  • In the new window, select “Restore factory settings”.
  • A notification will appear on the Band screen to roll back the settings to the original state. Confirm this action.

The “Diagnostic” app launches a return to factory settings with a change of MAC address. As a result, after a reset the tracker becomes a “new” device, not previously linked to any account.

According to the backstory from the Internet, this utility was provided by a seller of Xiaomi fitness bracelets, when a customer approached him with a problem.

Wiring error. Perform a reset of the bracelet and try again what to do?

Not so long ago, just a few years ago, fitness trackers came into our lives. And now they have become available to everyone, as they are sold at any electronics store at a low price. These bracelets allow you to monitor a person’s heart rate, activity time, rest time, statistics of energy expended and much more. This data helps athletes to better plan their training and rest. And even in everyday life, a fitness bracelet can provide a lot of useful information.

Fitness bracelets are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth module. This type of communication is often used in many devices. However, under some circumstances, there may be connection problems with it. This is also the case with the bracelet. In this article we will look at one of the problems that happens when you connect your smartphone to the bracelet. It is characterized by the appearance of the message Connection error. Reset the bracelet and try again. Let’s find out what to do in this situation.

How to unlink Mi Band 4 from the phone

To “forget” the phone gadget, it is enough to do its unlinking. To do this, in the Mi Fit app, open the “Profile” tab, click on the line with the name of your bracelet and at the bottom click on the “Disconnect” button. In this case, the data stored in the internal memory of the bracelet will be erased. After disconnecting it you will have to reconnect it to your phone. These actions are possible if your bracelet was near your phone and paired with it when you reset it. Otherwise the bracelet will work as before, but without synchronization with the phone. To reconnect it to the phone, you will first have to do a reset through the wristband menu (see above).

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How to charge the Xiaomi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Be sure to charge the gadget with the supplied charger before you set it up for the first time. To do this, remove the watch case from the strap and place it in the charging jack so that the charging contacts on the back of the watch align with the contacts of the jack. Sink the watch into the socket, but note that it will protrude slightly from it. Plug the charger plug into a USB port on your computer, powerbank or other suitable device. It takes approximately two hours to charge the watch from the regular charger.

Turning the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet on and off

How to turn the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch on for the first time

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has no physical button, which confuses its owners, who are used to turn on and off devices. Its absence is due to the fact that the gadget must be on at all times to properly count steps, send notifications from your phone or perform other functions. So it is always on if it has enough charge to turn on. Tap the touch button at the bottom of the screen to turn it on.If touching the sensor button does not work, put the gadget on charge. To do this, remove the capsule from the strap by pushing it upward by bending the strap away from the screen by about 90 degrees or pulling it away from the screen. Then insert the capsule into the accompanying charger and plug it into a power source (laptop, desktop computer, external battery, or a suitable adapter from the phone). The fitness tracker will come to life immediately or after a few minutes, depending on the level of discharge. But sometimes even putting it on charge does not work. This is the case if the Mi Band 4 for some reason does not take a charge from the source, for example, when you have connected it to a system unit that is in sleep mode, or to an external battery with no low-current charging mode.

How to turn off the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Turn off the gadget will not be possible neither through the button, nor through the menu, because such an option in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not provided. Turns off only when the fitness bracelet is fully discharged, but it is not recommended to bring the gadget to this state.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to the phone

Xiaomi Mi Band 4. the long-awaited tracker, which has received a number of significant improvements compared to the third-generation watch. At first glance, it may seem that with the improvement in features, synchronization will also become more difficult, but in reality it is not so. Connect the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to your smartphone in 5 minutes.

What to do with the error pair first on the Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is famous for its functionality and stable operation without bugs. However, sometimes this watch has problems with synchronization, when the “Pair First” notification pops up. We will tell you what to do if the Mi Band 4 does not connect to your smartphone, and what can cause this inscription.