Mi Band 4 does not connect to your phone

Make sure the bracelet is charged. Press the button on the bracelet to wake up. If the display does not activate, it is likely that the bracelet is fully discharged.

Solution: In this case it is necessary to charge the bracelet to 100% and then reconnect it to the phone.

If the Mi BAND 4 bracelet says Pair First, but the phone keeps searching and the message “can not detect the bracelet and can not connect it to the phone”

  • When connecting check that the internet, bluetooth, (GPS) geolocation is enabled on the phone. When connecting for the first time, allow access to the location.
  • Sometimes it helps to wear a fitness bracelet on your arm (even though it seems weird =)
  • Resetting your phone may help. After rebooting the phone reconnect the bracelet. Do not forget to turn on the internet, GPS, bluetooth on your phone.
  • Try updating the Mi Fit app on your phone to the latest version if the app has already been installed.
  • If nothing helps, try uninstalling the Mi Fit app from your phone and reinstalling from Google Play.

3.If Mi BAND 4 has already been connected to the phone before, but has not synchronized for some time and when connecting it goes infinite connection and does not connect, you can try:

  • Make sure that internet, bluetooth, (GPS) geolocation is enabled on your phone the first time you connect.
  • If it did not help, you can try to go to the bracelet menu Advanced/Settings. restart, after rebooting the bracelet repeat the connection.
  • If it did not work, in the Mi Fit app in the selected device press the “Disconnect” button. The bracelet will be detached from the phone (information on the bracelet will be deleted). After reconnecting.
  • If that doesn’t work. Go to the bracelet menu: Advanced/Settings/Reset Settings (information on the bracelet will be cleared). After retry connection.

Note: If resetting does not help, check the option “Restrict connection” in Mi Fit settings. The lock should be disabled.

The message on your phone “Connection error, reset the bracelet and try again” on Mi Band 4 says Pair First

Perhaps the problem with Xiaomi servers. Because of this, the bracelet can not properly unbind/attach.

Mi band 4 does not connect

Mi band 4 has received a global functional update, but the “trail” of problems from previous models of the line is still “drawn” behind it. Users often report that the wristband does not connect to the phone. All the requirements for successful tethering are met:

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Connectivity issues are not new to Xiaomi smart device fans. With the two and three users had similar difficulties. Whether Bluetooth keeps “dropping out” or the phone doesn’t see the Mi Band 4. And there is no clear correlation between Android and iPhone. the smartphone refuses to find the wearable device and establish communication with it. In this article we will figure out why this happens and how to fix the problem.

Setting up calls and SMS in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How to set up call notifications on Mi Band 4

  • Make sure that the bracelet is paired with your phone. To do this, open the Mi Fit app, go to the “Profile” tab, find your gadget in the devices section and click on its name. If there is no connection, the app will warn you about it. If you’re having trouble connecting the wristband to your phone, use these instructions.
    band, install, phone
  • In the basic menu (Profile / Mi Band 4), find the line “Incoming call” and click on the line “Requires access”. At the bottom, click the “Go to settings” button and check the box next to Mi Fit. If you’ve previously given access, you won’t have that line.
  • In the same “Incoming call” section, turn on the “Warn about incoming call” and “Show contact details” modes.

How to set up SMS notifications in Mi Band 4

In addition to calls, you can read SMS coming to your phone on the fitness bracelet. To get them, scroll down through the Mi Band 4’s base menu in Mi Fit and click the “” button. Find the “SMS Inbox” section and activate the “SMS Notification” line. Do not forget that the bracelet and your phone must also be paired. When a message arrives on your wristband, swipe slowly across the screen to read the entire message (for large messages) or swipe down quickly to read the next message.

Problem Solution: Mi Band 4 does not show calls and messages

  • Make sure the fitness tracker has not lost connection with your phone. If the Bluetooth icon appears crossed out on the bracelet screen, reconnect the devices.
  • Turn off “Receive only when screen is off” and check to see if calls are coming in now. The option is set up in Mi Fit in the “Notifications” section of the basic menu.
  • Calls and messages may not come if you didn’t give the app all the requested accesses when you first connected your bracelet via Mi Fit. You can fix this in the Settings and Apps section of your phone. Find Mi Fit in the list of apps, click on it and then on the “Permissions” line and give the necessary permissions (see “Permissions”). picture below).
  • Also, when you first connect, the app asks for permission to work in the background. If declined, find the “Run in the background” option in the Mi Fit’s basic menu. Sometimes this problem is solved through settings in the Settings / Apps / Mi Fit and Settings / Battery sections of your phone. Disable these items and enable it again.
  • Reinstall the fitness bracelet using one of the methods described here.

Problem Solution: Mi Band 4 does not show the caller’s name

If you have this problem in the Mi Fit app, go to the “Profile” tab, click on the Mi Band 4 and find the “Incoming Call” section. In it, find the line “Show contact data”. Even if the checkbox is on, turn it off and on again. Also check that the contacts you want are in your phone contact list in international format. Otherwise, fix them so that the numbers start with 7 (for Russia) or another code you need.

How to turn on and connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to your phone for the first time?

The fitness tracker does not require actual activation, but it does need to be “tethered” to the phone the first time it is set up. It’s not hard. It will only take a little bit of preparation. The Mi Band 4 can be activated in a few simple steps:

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Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone;

Install the Mi Fit app on your smartphone. You can find it in the Play Store or App Store, depending on your operating system;

In the Mi Fit app, sign in to your Mi Account. If you don’t have a Mi account, click “Create” and follow the on-screen instructions;

Follow the instructions on the screen. You may need to turn on Bluetooth, give access to Do Not Disturb mode, notifications, and so on;

Remove the charging cradle and fitness bracelet from the box, and put the capsule to charge. After some time (preferably after a couple of hours, but if you’re really impatient, after 10-15 minutes) remove the capsule. The bracelet will turn on and go into search mode automatically;

  • Go to “Profile” (bottom right button);
  • Click “Add device.”
  • Select “Wristband.”
  • Wait a while for the phone to find the bracelet;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

If the bracelet does not connect, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. In addition, rebooting your smartphone may help. Finally, if there are other bracelets tethered to the Mi Fit app. unlink them.

If none of these helped, you may have purchased a fake fitness bracelet.

How to connect the Mi band 4

Xiaomi Mi band 4. the new model of their popular line, which appeared on the market recently, but literally immediately overshadowed all the competitors. The manufacturer has made a huge leap forward, hardly anyone can give this device a decent response.

In addition to the cool new features in the fitness bracelet, there are some not so nice updates. For example, after disconnecting the device from the branded Mi Fit app, it stops functioning. A green icon appears on the screen with an intrusive request to connect with the software. Without a connection the owner can’t see the weather or adjust track switching. The functionality has really expanded, but Xiaomi’s logic is not quite clear. Why stop him from using a third-party app or using the tracker without Mi Fit? Rhetorical question.

So, the new Mi Smart Band 4 came from the store in a nice box. How to connect it to the app to sync data and activate functionality? In this article we will answer this question and bust popular myths.

To connect your watch to your phone, go to the app profile and select “Add device”, click on the line “Band” and “Agree. After that, click on the line Mi Smart Band 4 and confirm the pairing on the watch by pressing its touch button on the screen.

The procedure is as follows: Turn off and turn Bluetooth back on; Try again to connect, if nothing works. turn off Bluetooth and restart your smartphone; Try again to connect the Mi Bend.

How to connect M4 bracelet to the phone

To pair the bracelet M4 with the phone you need to use the mobile application FitPro or Yoho Sport.

After installing the application on the phone and synchronizing the fitness bracelet with the phone, the user will not be able to use the bracelet immediately. First he must register in the application. During registration, the user has to:

  • Agree to all the requests of the program (to report the location, provide access to the camera and other personal information).
  • Activate the option “Install
  • In the window that appears, select the “Find” command.
  • Scan again the QR-code that appeared on the display of the fitness bracelet.

After completing all the items, the user can begin to use all the features provided by the device.

User’s actions when activating Smart Watch via Yoho Sport:

  • opening the “Device” tab (will start the connection through the menu);
  • Making the connection. For the connection to be successful, the user must refresh the connection. As a result, the display will show the name of the smart watch next to the “Connect” button.
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After activating the “Connect” command by pressing the button, the user starts the device. The bracelet will then be put into automatic mode, and the owner of the synchronized phone will be able to keep control of all the functions of both devices.

Connecting the Mi Band 4 fitness tracker to your phone

Note: The following instruction will be shown using an Android Smartphone as an example. On the iPhone it is required to perform the same actions, but with some non-critical differences in the system interface and windows with a request for the necessary permissions.

    Install the app, if you haven’t done so before, and open it.

Note: If you have previously used the program, have an account connected, and have made basic settings (first of all, given the requested permissions), skip to the step of this instruction.

If you don’t have one, you’ll need to register it. This can be done either by email address or phone number, or through an account on or Google,

But then you’ll still need to do the following additionally:

Swipe or close the welcome screens in the Mi Fit app,

Do the first setup. we have partially covered this topic in separate articles, which we suggest you read.

In addition to this article, there are 12665 more instructions on the site. Add the Lumpics site.bookmark (CTRLD) and we will definitely still be of use to you.

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on this topic:

I noticed that my Mi Band 4 is not correctly indicating the number of steps, how to format the Mi Band 4 to fit?

Hello. The problem is not specifically with your Mi Band 4, but with the Mi Band in general. This fitness tracker, like most of its counterparts from this and even higher price segment still does not count steps correctly, there is no way to fix it. No formatting (it is not clear at all what this means within the tracker and its settings) will help here, setting up behavior tags too, so the developers get the data actually about the user’s behavior (exercise, etc.). д.), analyze them and probably take them into account when creating new products, gradually fixing and improving something. And still there is a small chance that with the release of one of the updates correctness of counting will be corrected or at least slightly improved.

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Xiaomi 4 watch how to connect to the phone

The fourth-generation Mi Band fitness tracker is not too different from its previous version. The developers have decided to add several functions to the bracelet, new. In terms of appearance, the screen has become a little thicker, and the display itself is brighter. Also, now there is support for different watch faces.

Due to the change in size of the device, the old metal straps will not fit. But this does not apply to the rubber ones. They fit perfectly with the new version of the tracker. The device fits tightly, but keep in mind that these straps stretch over time.