The Play Market does not open on Meizu: Causes of Absence and Installation

The camera is buggy on Meizu Note 9, the camera does not open, and the gallery crashes. Call a couple of days, and he has no camera not working. Tell me how to remove the problem?

Front camera does not work, some error crashes on Meizu. Rebooted the smartphone, deleted the program, but still does not work.

After updating, the camera does not work on Meizu. Installed from Google Play programs for shooting, the result is the same, help repass.

meizu, network, error

It starts the camera on Meizu Note 9, photographs the same way. The problem appeared after, I dropped it in a puddle, what can be done?

Meizu download error

Unable to download files from the Internet, each download attempt is accompanied by an error? This malfunction can be a consequence of the system failure, or incorrect inteeis settings. In addition, such errors are encountered when there is not enough memory on the smartphone itself or flash drive.

You can independently take the following measures:

  • Disable traffic restrictions in network settings. If you exceed the limit parameter, the download simply will not start.
  • Change the path for new files from the network, you can do it in the browser settings, the download path tab.
  • In the Gadget menu, check the box at “Allow installation of applications from third-party sources”.

These tips will help you solve the most common mistakes of MEIZU smartphones, but in some cases you just do not do without an experienced master intervention.

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What are the reasons for hanging

The most important thing is that the gadget may hang at any time and continue to hang in the same place even after a variety of reboots.

According to statistics, frequent phone hangs is a consequence of a negligent attitude towards it. During a strong impact of the gadget about a solid surface, the type of floor or asphalt, the memory chip is damaged and / or fees. Users do not pay attention to this, as they think that after the fall, only the case will be damaged. In fact, the consequences are not very heavy, but they are not very pleasant impressions of the subsequent work of the smartphone.

The reason for the freezing and glitches of the phone may be excessive moisture on the battery, that is, the smartphone wooed in a consequence of falling into the water or in a puddle. Immediately it is recommended to put the battery if it is removable, in rice so that it absorbs all moisture.

How to manually configure the Internet on the MEIZU M3 smartphone?

Meizu M3 is already known for a long time in the smartphone market and has proven itself as a high-quality and reliable apparatus. But without access to the World Wide Web, its functionality is reduced at times. Therefore, in this instruction we will deal with how to set up the Internet on Meizu M3.

In order to configure the Internet through its mobile operator, first of all you need to make sure that the Internet service 3G is connected on your tariff plan. You can find out this by calling the Support of your operator. Specialists will prompt the most profitable tariff plan for the Internet, and will also help with the necessary settings on the phone.

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If the Internet is on the tariff, it is necessary to enable data transmission on the MEIZU smartphone itself. To do this, open the quick menu (swipe down the top of the screen) and activate the “Data Transfer” item. After that, the 3G / 4G icon must appear next to the network signal reception indicator. This means that Internet access is.

Try to open any site in the browser. If it does not work, then the settings may not be pulled automatically and you need to be installed manually.

On the MEIZU smartphone there is no network

In the modern world it is already difficult to submit life without high-speed Internet. 3G and 4G functions are present in each smartphone and allow you to quickly find answers to our requests. However, what if the Internet does not work on the maize? How to deal with connection problems?

Meizu does not download the application with Play Market

Standard Application Store from Google is present on all phones with Android OS and has long been the usual service for each MEIZU brand owner. When when trying to download the game or music from the store, you see an error message, free the place on the gadget itself, or the memory card. In most cases, it is in this that the reason for this error lies, although there are problems with the account.

If the memory on the device and flash drive is enough, create an additional Google account or connect the existing.

  • Go to the apparatus settings and select “Accounts and Synchronization”.
  • Tap by “Add Account”. From the list below, select Google.
  • Here you will be offered to start a new one or add an existing account.
  • After the procedure is completed, switch to a new account and log in with it in the store.
  • For loyalty, make downloading any widget, games or songs.
  • If everything has passed successfully, you can delete the current account created and use the usual, everything should work.
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Bear disease

Judging by user reports, such an error may occur due to network settings within Russia. When you turn on the phone Meizu abroad, access to the App Store works fine.

In this case, the simplest solution is to connect to the store via VPN. For this, for example, on Android Meizu, you can use the Hola VPN, ORBOT or ORFOX applications. In the application settings, specify that access to the App Store is carried out via VPN, and as a country, specify the United States.

Second way. try to go to the store through the browser. To do this, enter the address https: //

If this method does not help, you have to mess with the firmware.

How to restart the hanging meizu with a soft reboot

If Meizu M6 or any other model hang, you need to restart. This is the only option that will help resume stable operation of the device. If the smartphone reacts to touch, perform a soft reboot in the usual way. It is important to remember that the usual way allows you to close all processes and save the information without losing it. Perform the following actions:

  • Power button clamp and hold.
  • A new options appears.
  • Select the “Restart” button.
  • All, smartphone successfully reboots.

After the actions of the Meizu phone on the Android operating system should work stably and without glitches.