Rear View Camera Washers


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The camera washer, as it were, unlocks the restrictions associated with the inaccessibility of the camera exactly when it is most needed. Something like a PRO subscription to use a rear view camera anytime, any weather.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2015.n.w. rear view camera washer

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2015.n.w. front camera washer

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2007.2015 Rear View Camera Washer

Lexus LX 2015. rear view camera washer

Lexus LX 2015. front camera washer

Lexus LX 2007.2015 reversing camera washer

2017 Mazda CX-5. (without surround view system) reversing camera washer

Mazda CX-5 2011.2017 reversing camera washer

Mitsubishi Outlander III 2012.p. rear view camera washer

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport III 2016.n.w. rear view camera washer

Renault Kaptur 2016.n.w. rear view camera washer

Mitsubishi Pajero IV 2012. rear view camera washer

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2017.n.w. rear view camera washer

Citroen C-Crosser 2007.2012 reversing camera washer

Peugeot 4007 2007.2012 reversing camera washer

Mitsubishi Outlander XL 2007.2012 Rear View Camera Washer

Mitsubishi ASX 2010. rear view camera washer

Toyota C-HR I 2016. rear view camera washer

Lexus GX 2019. rear view camera washer (for model with surround view system)

Toyota Camry XV70 2017.n.w. rear view camera washer (for models without a surround view system)

Toyota Fortuner II 2015. rear view camera washer

Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019. rear view camera washer

Lexus NX 2014.n.w. rear view camera washer

Lexus RX 2015. rear view camera washer

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 2017.2020 (with pivot), 2020.n. (with and without circular) rear view camera washer

Connect Rear View Camera in Mazda 2, 3, 5, 6, CX-5, CX-7 and CX-9 2006-2014 with Cable

Installation and connection

To connect a standard camera on a CX5 car, a wiring is used that contains additional wires. When installing the camera on a Mazda CX 5, which was not originally equipped with a reverse maneuvering assistant, you will need to replace or modify the factory wiring harnesses.

Brief sequence of installation of an alternative camera:

  • Remove the plastic trims located around the head unit, and then remove the radio from the niche in the dashboard. The radio tape recorder is attached to the plastic frame with 2 screws and an additional bolt from the bottom.
  • Connect the step-down relay to the fuse box; it is recommended to install a 0.1 A fuse in the connecting circuit.
  • Make a homemade plug (based on computer connectors) to which the leads from the “tulips” mounted on the camera are connected. The plug is connected to the standard socket on the radio case. During installation, it is required to ensure reliable contact in the connector.
  • Remove the plastic trims on the sills and luggage compartment lid. The parts are mounted on clips; it is recommended to use a plastic spatula for removal. The patch cord is passed through a standard corrugated sleeve located at the upper junction of the lid and body. The wiring is then passed under the roof lining and down to the body sill through the cavities inside the B-pillar.
  • Drill a hole to install the camera body on the overlay above the license plate. It is recommended to install a rubber gasket under the housing to reduce the risk of water ingress on the connection cables. It is allowed to install the product instead of a license plate lamp or on a separate metal bracket.
  • Install the removed parts and check the functionality of the device.

On early cars, a fuse for the cigarette lighter and the passenger compartment socket is used to connect the power (relay), since the voltage appears on the contacts before the ignition is turned on. On the restyled CX5, it is recommended to use a fusible link for power windows for switching. You should not supply the camera with constant power (from the lamp in the trunk), since the constant inclusion of the device leads to damage to the structural elements.

If the device is connected to the terminals of the reversing lamps, then the head multimedia equipment will not initialize the camera.

It is allowed to use a special converter, which is supplied with 6 V power from the radio. The output voltage is converted to 12V (suitable for supplying alternative equipment).

Which analog to choose

The disadvantages of a standard camera include a narrow viewing angle and low quality of the transmitted image. Also on the original there is no nozzle for removing dirt that sticks to the lens after driving around the city or highway in slushy weather. When choosing a non-genuine CX camcorder, head unit compatibility should be considered. Alternative products designed for 12 V power supply are connected to the radio tape recorder through a special relay that reduces the voltage by 2 times.

Users independently install Chinese cameras Blackview UC13 universal type (or similar products, suitable for overall dimensions). Selection and installation services are provided by specialized service stations, which are located not only in St. Petersburg, but also in all regional cities of the Russian Federation.

Installation and connection of a rear view camera on Mazda CX-5

The rear view camera on the Mazda CX 5 is used to view the area behind the car when parking or reversing. The device is used on parts of produced cars, but the unified design of cars allows you to equip the vehicle with an original or alternative camera.

Functionality and other features of the standard device

The original rear view camera on the CX 5 connects to a multimedia head unit equipped with a built-in 6 V power adapter. The radio has an emergency safety block that pre-polls the status of the view device. If the unit does not receive a response from the camera, then the power supply is interrupted. A repeated attempt to poll is made the next time the reverse gear is engaged.

Mazda CX5 was produced in two modifications with differences in the design of multimedia equipment. On the restyled and early modification versions, connectors of various configurations are used, while the number and purpose of the patch cords are the same. The display of the radio shows an image with an overlay of a grid that simulates the trajectory of the car when maneuvering. The grid consists of sections of green, yellow and red (for visual display of the degree of danger).

Malfunctions and repairs

Another reason for the failure of the assembly is the destruction of the wiring in the trunk lid due to the tension in the cords and the ingress of condensation on the connections. The wiring is checked with a test device, it is advisable to move the cables by hand. Damaged areas are repaired with a metal crimp tube. Oxidized contacts should be cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper, and then treated with a compound that protects products from moisture.

Mazda CX 5 2015 2016 install rear camera. backup camera. reverse camera

In case of malfunctions in the operation of the viewing device, it is recommended to reboot the head multimedia device equipped with non-volatile memory. To clear the memory, enter the programming mode (by simultaneously pressing the Power and Seek Up buttons), and then enter the code 92 in the dialog box that opens. To start the reboot, press the Power key 2 times. If the manipulation did not lead to a solution to the problem, then it is recommended to contact the service center for a detailed analysis of the causes of the malfunction.