Why android does not work on the Play Market. how to turn it on

Android Smartphones by default are equipped with GooglePlay Appendix store Market. With it, owners of mobile devices can download games and programs, as well as make other purchases. Despite the good optimization of the service, in its work, failures often arise. Therefore, we offer to figure out why the Play Market app store is not working. To do this, consider the reasons for the problem and ways to solve it.

If the Play Market stopped working for you, then you are faced with a fairly common problem that millions of users around the world suffer from. One of them does not work for downloading applications via mobile Internet, and someone complains that the Play Market simply does not start. Such problems spoil the impression of the interaction with the smartphone, what the following reasons need to be blamed for:

  • systemic failure;
  • crowded cache;
  • incorrect installation of updates;
  • poor optimization of the current version of Play Market;
  • deactivation of services affecting the work of the store;
  • Poor quality of the Internet connection.

In most cases, the problem is programmatic in nature and is eliminated at home without contacting the service center, except when problems are manifested due to the fault of developers from Google Play. In this case, you have to wait for the error correction from Google programmers, which can take appropriate measures before releasing the next update of the store.

What to do to fix the problem

Although problems in Play Market are not critical and are eliminated by changes to the settings of the gadget, there is no universal method of correcting error. At the same time, there is a set of measures to ultimately solve the problem.

The choice of a specific method of eliminating problems will directly depend on the reason that caused them. If you could not establish an accurate factor that has influenced a mistake, it is proposed to consider all methods and test each of them in practice.

Reloading a smartphone

Often, users fly or does not start the Play Market due to a system failure. Despite the fact that this kind of malfunction is critical, they are often eliminated by a banal reloading of the gadget:

You can also reload in manual mode. Through a pop.up window, you will have to select the “turn off” option, and then re.start the gadget with keeping the power button.

During the reboot from the RAM, unnecessary processes are unloaded, which also positively affects Google Play’s performance. If this recommendation has not led to changes when the application store is launched, try alternative ways to solve the problem.

Resetting the program settings

The cause of the problem may not be hidden in the operating system, but in the program itself, which is responsible for the work of the application store. In this case, we are talking about the Play utility Market, whose icon you can see on the desktop of your gadget. To solve the problem you will need:

Important. If you click the “Clean Data” button, then when the Google Play is re.launch, you will have to re.pass authorization.

Resetting the program settings solves two problems at once. Firstly, you get rid of the extra cache or, in simple language, system garbage. Secondly, eliminate problems related to reading data with an application store.

Removing updates

If your phone still does not enter the Play Market, then you should try to reinstall the application responsible for its work. Unfortunately, it will not work to delete the store itself. But you can get rid of his updates, whose incorrect installation could cause problems. Act according to the instructions:

Subject to correctly fulfill the requirements of the instructions from your smartphone, the latest updates to Google Play Market will be deleted.

Reset settings of the utility “Google Play” Services

The Play Market application store is inextricably linked with other Google services, whose applications are also installed on Android smartphones by default. Thus, it makes sense to reset services in order to eliminate problems when starting the store:

As in the case of the reset of Play Market, cleaning these utility “Google Play Services” will force you to re.take authorization in the application store. However, this can hardly be called a serious obstacle, since ultimately this recommendation should lead to the final solution to the problem.

Activation of the boot manager

Google Play Market is a utility with which applications are downloaded and installed. Therefore, if you do not start a store, you need to check the activation of the “Download Dispatch” service:

On a note. In the list of applications, the “loading dispatcher” service can be called otherwise. The specific name for the version depends on the version of the operating system and the specific model of the smartphone.

Having completed the reset and re.activation of the dispatcher, you forcefully turn on the download option for the Play of the market. In the case of proper implementation of the algorithm, problems with the launch of the store should disappear. You can also freely install all available programs if you have enough space on the internal drive.

Removing Google Account

Some users do not turn on the Play Market due to authorization failure. As a rule, resetting the store data, which we talked about earlier, helps to eliminate problems. But sometimes you have to go to more serious measures, namely, the exit from the Google account:

Please note that after pressing the “Delete Account” button, your account will disappear only from the current device. At the same time, you will remain authorized in the Google Account on other gadgets and can re-enter the profile on the smartphone.

File Settings “Hosts”

Playing Play Market applications store are often associated with the availability of extra entries in the Hosts file. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to edit it by performing several actions:

Return Marketplace to Zune

In appearance, phones based on the Windows Phone 7 operating system are the coolest phones, but having worked with them for some time, many begin to doubt this fact and sometimes want to break their phone on the wall and I sometimes understand them. This article is again designed to facilitate your life when working with these phones: we will help you return Marketplace back to your Zune program so as not to walk on the MarketPlace website in search of any applications! Now everything has become easier to read the article and spending 5 minutes, a new section “Shop” will appear in your Zune program, directly from which you can download and install applications or games on your phone based on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. So let’s get down, in a few minutes you will be happy. First, you need to do some operations with the computer’s registry, slightly correct it, please read carefully so that there are no unnecessary questions, everything is clearly and clearly painted:

Now click OK and close the editor. Now you can safely connect the phone to the computer and you yourself will see everything. There is one nuance if you have Full Unlock, maybe you will not work for you!

If something did not work out, do not be discouraged, every day there is a new article on Windows Phone and programmers of our planet each time come up with something new, with at such a pace, the Windows Phone will soon be studied from the beginning and to the end and problems ordinary users will not have!

Clean the cache and these applications:

There is a chance that you are faced with this problem due to some inconsistency of the application data on your smartphone. You need to clean the application storage to solve this problem.

  • Open the “settings” on your phone.
  • Go to the applications.
  • A list of installed applications on your phone will appear here. Find the application here and, as soon as you see it, click on it.
  • Now click on the storage.
  • Finally, click on the data cleaning option that you see in the next menu.
  • After cleaning the application data, close the application in the background and open it again.
  • You will have to enter your account again
  • After the entry is completed, go to the market and again try the function of sending messages.

If the function of sending messages from Marketplace still does not work, try the next solution.

Limited access to the country:

If you are trying to send a message to the buyer or seller, who is currently in the country where Marketplace is limited, you will not be able to send them a message. Geographical restrictions play a role in some functions

There is a restriction on the number of messages that you can send on the trading platform this will not pass if you exceed this limit and continue to attempts to send more messages. So if this is so for you, you should wait a few days. If this does not work even after waiting for several days, you can send a request to. To check access to messages.

Cleaning the cache

There is a chance that the store icon has retired due to a system failure. Most often, this kind of malfunction occurs due to a crowded storage of the cache. Therefore, to solve the problem, you need to get rid of the extra cache:

Important. Near the “Clean Cache” button, there may be a “clear data” button. Do not mix them up and press only the first, since pressing the second button will lead to the removal of personal information stored as part of the store.

marketplace, does, work, phone

how to fix This site can’t be reached, 5 different Solution

Manual cleaning is not the only way to get rid of garbage that interferes with stable work programs. You can also use specialized software like CCleaner or Clean Master if it is installed on the phone.

Reloading the phone

It happens that to return the Play Market to its former place and solve other problems associated with the work of the smartphone is possible through the implementation of a banal reloading of the gadget. Therefore, take a few simple steps that are known to every owner of a mobile device:

In the course of rebooting the phone from RAM, all applications are unloaded, including those that could potentially come into conflict with Play Market. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to restart the gadget, as this is one of the simplest and most effective actions that can lead to a successful way out of this situation.

Activation of the “boot manager

In some cases, problems with the application store appear due to deactivation of the “download dispatcher” service program. You can get into the menu of this service using a swipe in its section “All” and the choice of the right point. If you see that it does not function, click on the activation button.

Next, reboot your device and check the work of Play Market.

Google account deletion

Before telling about this method, I note that the removal of its profile leads to the loss of important data, so that you should perform their synchronization in advance, in other words, make a backup version of the necessary information. After that, you can proceed to the direct solution of the problem.

Making a backup is also quite simple. To do this, go to the settings menu and find a section with accounts. In the list that appears, select your.

In the synchronization menu, click on the mailbox and select the points that you want to copy.

Usually make backups of personal information and telephone book. If you need all the infa located on your equipment, press the option key and choose to “synchronize” there. So you create copies of all programs at once.

Now you can delete a Google account on Android.

When you go to your account next time, the device will offer restoration of information from a backup copy. Let’s get back to the problem with Play Market. After performing the above actions, return to the previous menu and instead of synchronization, choose removal. Then confirm your desire, reload the gadget and again go to the profile. Such liquidation and recovery usually help if it does not work on Android Play Market.

There is no Internet connection in Play Market: error correction

Charges with the work of the Google Play application are common on all versions of Android. In this article we will consider what to do if the Play Market writes that there is no connection, despite the presence of an active connection with the Internet.

First, we pay attention to the ways of solving the problem that are most often found and quickly implemented.

Reloading a smartphone

Due to the fact that Android Google was created not from scratch, but took the Linux source code as a basis, the reboot for solving such a problem usually does not help. All tips restart a smartphone or tablet. empty phrase. They are relevant only for cases when some network service is failing or you need to get a new IP address. In the latter case, you can interrupt the connection with the Internet, and then install it again.

Slow Internet or its absence

Google Play simply does not know about the “ultra.high” speeds of the Internet of domestic cellular operators, especially if you live in a small town or far from civilization. The application refuses to wait long for the installation of the connection and interrupts the exchange of data after the expiration of the time specified in the program.

When trying to go online via Edge or 3G, find the opportunity to work with the application through a high-speed Wi-Fi access point. So you will surely learn the reason why Play does not see the Internet.

Be sure to check the presence of the Internet through other programs (messengers, browser). Maybe the problem is at your access point or mobile operator (they did not replenish the score, spent all the traffic).

In the settings of the router, the ports necessary for the program can be closed (443, 53, 80 and others, Google to help). If you do not succeed in solving the issue yourself, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев, one of the colleagues will definitely answer and tell

The wrong date

Check if the date, time and time zone in the settings of your mobile device are specified correctly. If they do not correspond to real, change, although the function of synchronization of time should work properly.

  • Open the settings and go to the appropriate section.
  • Select the correct time zone, enter the current date and time in it, or activate the option of its synchronization with the network.

Do the same for a wireless router (in the settings there is an option for choosing a clock belt and region) if you connect to the network through it.

Checking Wi-Fi

If there is no connection to the Play Market, if possible, be sure to start Google Play using a network that is different from Wi-Fi. There is a possibility that the access point settings has changed (password has changed).

  • Open the list of saved Wi-Fi access points and perform a long slip.
  • In the drop.down list, select “Change the Network”.
  • Check the settings, especially carefully look at the line with a proxy server. Most often in this field there are incorrect data.

Cleaning the cache

The cache cleaning instructions and the problem with Freedom’s application are described in the following

Removing all settings and other files relating to the functioning of the program often helps to solve problems.

  • Open the list of applications installed on the device.
  • Go to the “All” tab and select “Google Services Framework”.
  • Slide “Epipate the data” and confirm the performance of the operation.
  • Next, slip by the “Clean Cache” button and also select “Yes”.

On new versions of Android, Google Services Framework.

Resetting the network settings

A very useful option in this case, which is not on all Android devices. To reset the entire network configuration, go to the settings section called “Archives and Reset” (may be called differently, for example, “Restoration and Reset”) and roll back a network configuration to the factory.

Correction “Hosts”

Section in the section in the video format here:

In the presence of a Root-right, some applications, for example, Freedom, make changes to the Hosts system file.

  • Open the file manager with support for the privileges of the super.administrator and go to the System/etc directory.
  • Make a copy of the Hosts file.
  • Open it for editing.
  • Remove all the lines, leaving only “ Localhost “, if other information was not added to it.
  • Save the changes.
  • Get out of Google’s account.
  • Delete Google Play and Services Framework.
  • Reload the device.
  • Try starting Play Market.

Sometimes, instead of leaving the account, it is necessary to discharge it.

Removing updates

Removing the Play Market update also sometimes helps. Go to the list of applications of a smartphone or tablet, select a market, in the window with information about the program Tap, “Delete updates” and confirm the performance of the action.

Google account reset on the device

If Google Play writes that there is no connection and Play does not work after all attempts, last to try to leave your account on Google and log in under another account.

Extraordinary solutions

Users report that changing the topic on the phone helped them solve the problem. The second exit is a change of DNS.

When an error appears during an attempt to download the purchased content, make sure that the device has enough free memory plus 200-300 megabytes at least.

The reasons why Play Market does not see the Internet connection online, a lot. They should be sought individually, although most often, based on users’ reviews, the installation of the right time zone and the date on the gadget and the wireless router helps.

If you know any other way to solve the problem, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will definitely complement the article and tell you “Thank you!””.

MARKETPLace error, error code 805ab406

Recently, more and more often I hear about a mistake from Marketplace 805ab406. Many on the Internet begin to complain that after this error there is already nothing can be done through Marketplace and no one knows how to deal with it! However, not on our portal, because we try to help our users overcome all difficulties. In fact, the problem is not so terrible, it will simply be necessary to create a new account for the phone, having previously created the Microsoft account. So, this step.by.step instruction will take you literally 10 minutes, but then you will no longer have any mistakes from MarketPlace (805AB406), at least I really hope for it, since I did not have one, registering records According to the instructions! So we’ll start, I just want to warn you right away, please do everything exactly in the same sequence and with my recommendations, so that then there are no questions: why didn’t I succeed.

So, let’s forget about all the accounts that you have at the moment and will bury them by creating new. First you need to register on the Microsoft website, indicating that you want to have a box on Hotmail.com, not anywhere else there! Therefore, we come up with the name@hotmail.com and nothing else!

I also want to warn, be sure to indicate the date of birth by the values ​​of the 1990, for example, indicate 1985 so that it is likely, and indicate your present day and month, since then this data will be needed.

Carefully filling out all the data: the phone number, the second control mailbox, click the “Ready” button at the very bottom of the page, indicating the “verification code” without errors without errors. If you did everything right, you will see the next page.

After which we must go into this mail and read the only letter from the system, thereby you confirm your registration that you need this mail and that you use it! In general, just go and read the letter to protect yourself from any further jambs!

Now let’s start creating an account through the Zune program. In fact, we have now just made ourselves a mailbox, which we will need to create an account for the phone!

Having opened the Zune program, select the “Creation of an account” item, where the program will offer you to indicate the mailbox, just the one that we have just registered with you. In order not to get confused, indicate the same password.

On the next page “Information of the Zune” account, be sure to indicate the very data that you indicated when registering a box on Hotmail.COM does not have disagreements from the services: why is one date of birth indicated there, and here is another In general, my advice is to you, indicate the same date of birth!

On the last page we put boxes or do not put, I personally put only the first checkmark, this is not so scary and not deadly.

Click the “forward” button and see the page on which you need to come up with something like a login, a nickname that will be displayed in the Zune program. There are no indications, it all depends only on your imagination.

Having picked up a login and by pressing the “forward” button, you see a cool page with the inscription “Thank you”. On this page, just click the “complete” button.

Everything, on this all manipulations with accounts and accounts are completed! Now you have a fresh, adult, consciously created account you can use in your phone!

After all these actions, go to the MarketPlace website under your new data to activate your account again! This is all the theory, but after that the problem disappears oddly enough!

Just in case, the Council, personally from me, before entering data from the new account, I would have made a complete reset of the phone so that now everything is for sure, but this item is not mandatory. Write down these data somewhere, because someday you will need it. Now I hope you succeed and please unsubscribe in this news about the results. Whether it helped to solve your problem or not.

What to do. Methods of correcting errors

So, they figured out the reasons. Naturally, there can be much more, we only selected the most common. However, the ways of “revitalizing” the Play of the market that we will analyze in most cases work.

marketplace, does, work, phone

Check the network connection

First of all, make sure your device is connected to the Internet and it really works. Check it is very simple. start the browser and try downloading any page. If nothing happens, go to the settings and make sure that data transfer is enabled. If you use Wi. FI. then, accordingly, check the connection.

Reboot the device, set the time

The easiest way that can be used and when the Play Market does not work, and when the smartphone freezes, and with many other problems. You can skeptical of this method, but in 50% of cases, rebooting really helps to solve the problem.

If you are sure that everything is in order with connecting to the network, then it is worth checking the settings of time and date. It happens that the user simply incorrectly set a month or number, which led to an error of the type “There is no connection”. Carefully check the entered data.

Reset the settings and clean the cache

Also a very effective way that we recommend applying if the reloading of the device did not help. We will roll back the updates of the Play Market itself. which may incorrectly establish. For this:

  • Go to the device settings (gear image).
  • Find the item “Applications” or “Application Manager”, which list all established programs.
  • Find Google Play with the corresponding icon. Here we are looking for the buttons “Clean the Cache”, “Wipe the Data” and “Delete updates”. click on everything.
  • To consolidate the operation, we recommend restarting the device so that the system will see changes faster

In addition, such an operation can be done with another program. “Google Play services”. You can find it here.

After that, check if Play Market works. The problem is solved. excellent, no. we proceed to the next action.

Turn on what we disabled

Often, users accidentally or intentionally turn off important service or program systems, and as a result, Play Market does not work. Make sure that the Google Accounts are actively by selecting the corresponding item from the list of programs. If disabled, just click the “Turn on” button. Also check whether the “Loading Dispatch” application is on, without which, by the way, many android services may not work.device. Having completed actions, try to launch Play Market. It still does not work? Do not be discouraged, because we still examined only part of the ways.

Often, access problems in Play on Android proceed from the incorrect adjustment of the Google account. It is presented by an account that contains a login and password entered during registration (the very first entrance to Play Market). It is incomprehensible because of what, but it is precisely problems with the account that often becomes the cause of various mistakes, including with Play Market, especially on old versions of Android.

Before proceeding with the deletion of the Google account, it is necessary to maintain important data (perform synchronization), otherwise you can lose the necessary information.

  • We go to the settings.
  • We find a section of accounts, which list all services from which are stored in the memory of the device.
  • Choosing the item “Google”.
  • All accounts tied to Google services will appear in front of you.
  • Choose the one that you use by clicking on it.
  • A menu will appear in which possible actions are listed, select “synchronization”.
  • We note those points that need to be synchronized. As a rule, users create backup copies of contacts or personal data from the device memory. By the way, in the same menu, you can put a checkmark opposite the “car synchronization”. the most important information will definitely not be deleted.
  • Wait a bit while the process is completed

Now you can calmly delete the account, without worrying that all the data will disappear. To delete, click on three points (menu) located in the upper right corner. From the list, select “Delete”. By confirming the action, your account will be deleted. Reload the device, and then try to run the Play Market. By introducing a login and password from an account. Usually this method helps with solving the problem.

marketplace, does, work, phone

We delete third.party applications

I tried several ways, but Play does not work? Perhaps the reason for the problem was your actions that violated the performance of the system. The fact is that Android. Unlike iOS. not so strict to unknown applications. Operating system, as well as the App Store store. Carefully check each program, avoiding the smartphone suspicious. On Android you can install anything. The same Play Market is full of incomprehensible programs.

Very often, the Freedom application leads to the inoperability of the Play Market. which is popular among users. It is used to bypass the license check, which Play Market produces just the same. Its users also use it to emulate purchases (make them free) in games. That is, it specifically intercepts applications to Google Play. Therefore, solving the problem with the non.working Play Market. If installed by Freedom. is either a shutdown, or even the removal of the program.

Problems can be associated with other programs. Think about what applications you installed before the Play Market stopped starting on a tablet or smartphone. Sweet a list of installed programs, deleting those that, it seems to you, can affect the application of the application. At the end, reload the device.

Check and clean the system

In the process of working in the operating system, various garbage can accumulate, which will interfere with the launch and operation of the Play of the Market on Android. Cleaning is very simple: install the Clean Master application (since we cannot run the Play Market. then we download on the computer and throw it on a smartphone or tablet), start the check and wait for the end of the process. It will not be superfluous to check the system for the presence of viruses. To do this, download the antivirus from the official website of the antiviral software developer. today many companies support mobile devices, such as DR. Web or Kaspersky.

Correct the Hosts file

A working method that is suitable for experienced users. By the way, we recommend it if you do not want to delete freedom. Refusing free coins in games. The problem is that some applications launch their “roots” into the system files of the operating system, slightly changing them to make the conditions as comfortable as possible for themselves.

Keep in mind that the method works only with devices on which there is a Root (superpower rights). Getting them is actually very simple and quite quickly, for example, using programs: Framarot, Vroot, King Root (they work not on all devices). Although, if the changes in the Hosts file have occurred, then most likely you already have a Root-right.

So, for starters, if the Freedom application is installed. Disconnect it in the “Applications” menu (settings).

marketplace, does, work, phone
  • Make sure that you have a superpoler’s rights (you can install the Root Checker program).
  • Launch one of the file managers by granting him the rights of a super.user (a window with a proposal will appear). We recommend using ES conductor or Root Explorer.
  • Open the System folder, then ets. where and the Hosts file is located.

Be sure to make a copy of the file, saving it in another place, so that in case of problems, return everything to its original state.

  • Click on the file by holding your finger until a menu appears in which click on the “Edit” item.
  • Wash everything except “ Localhost “.
  • Confirm the conservation of changes in the file.

Reload the tablet or smartphone, then check if the Play Market works. If the cause of the problem was covered in the Hosts file. then the application is guaranteed to start.

Reset Android settings

If the listed methods have not helped and the PLAY Market still does not work, then we move on to radical measures-a return to factory settings.

During the operation, all data and programs from the phone’s memory (photo, music, contacts and more) will be deleted, the settings will return to the initial state (the theme of the design, call signal will change). In general, your smartphone will be like new. Therefore, take care of your data by making a backup copy. By the way, the information stored on the memory card can not be deleted.

To reset the settings to the factory, go to the device settings and select “Restoration and Reset” (in the early versions of Android. “Privacy”). Select “Reset phone settings”, read the warning and confirm the action. The smartphone will reboot, after which you can try to enter the Play Market. In the vast majority of cases, the method works, but you will have to re.install the necessary programs.

Roter setup

Another problem of work through Wi-Fi and the reason for the error “Market Connection is missing” are the inappropriate router settings. Sometimes it is enough only to restart this device, and in some cases you need to enslave with the peg settings. To do this, you need to find a connection agreement and go to the router settings through PC.


  • Most often, to access the settings, you need to enter in the address line of any browser “192. 168. one. one”. But the numbers can be different, most often in the contract the provider prescribes the correct combination. You can go to the settings field even if the Internet does not work for you.
  • Before you will appear the form of entering the Personal Account. Enter the login and password received from the provider in it.
  • In the settings field, find the Network/Wan tab.
  • Enter the correct value in the mtu size column. Typically, this column is one of the numbers: 1500, 1420, 1460. You can find out the correct meaning from your provider or try each of them, but it will take the time.
  • Save the changes made, reboot the router.

If your contract does not indicate how to enter your personal account and there is no table with the correct settings of the router, you must call your operator technical support. Together with a specialist, you can correctly configure the router. This method should be resorted to if there are no connections only through Wi-Fi and other applications do not work.

Knocking the telephone settings

Most often, users resort to this method in any incomprehensible situation, including when the market does not turn on. But since all your personal data will suffer, we give this way to solve the problem by the last. There are three ways to reset the settings. First. use the service commands of the phone.

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Go to the Confidentiality tab.
  • Select “Delete Personal Data” or “Dathed”.
  • Next, you will need to confirm your desire to remove everything, and it will also be proposed to format SD card. It is best not to remove the marker from this item, and the personal photos and other important files are first thrown to your PC.
  • Click on the “Reload device” button.

Now, when the phone turns on, you only have to enter the login and password from your account, as well as configure the connection with the Internet.

The next method is extremely simple

To correct the error “Market there is no connection, you can use the function of set of the phone number and choose the right service command. It is best to see the codes in the instructions for your phone, as they are changing regularly. Most often, manufacturers use combinations:

It is best to resort to this method as a last resort and several times to double.check the introduction of code correctly. Since this method of zeroing settings can be dangerous for your phone. We brought him to familiarize him. Do not sort through all the codes that fall by the arm, since the consequences will be deplorable.

There is a more affordable and safe way to zero settings

For him, just correctly press the key combination to go to recovery mode. The transition to this mode can be made using one of the combinations of buttons:

  • “Reducing of the volume” and “shutdown” (used more often the rest);
  • “Increase” and “decrease in volume” at the same time;
  • “Turning off” “Home” “Reducing the volume”;
  • “Reducing” and “volume increase” “shutdown of a smartphone”;
  • “Home Home”.

Keep the keys from 2 to 5 seconds. After that, you will have a menu on your screen. You can move along it using volume control keys.

  • In the list, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Sometimes it is called Clear Emmc, Clear Flash.
  • Next, you will have a list with answer options for confirmation. You need to choose yes from it.
  • In the next list, select Reboot System item.

Now all user data is deleted and the device should work without failures. If there is no other reason for the lack of connection, then you can use system applications.

Now you know what to do if Play does not turn on the market. If you have questions about working with this application, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share information with friends, discuss it, feedback is welcome.