Collage for storis

One of the most popular places for combined photos is instagram storis. This is a convenient way to show several photos at once, make beautiful and unusual storis that will be considered.

For storis, it’s better to use special applications where there are layouts for several pictures, and original frames, and even animation. There are quite a few of these programs, we’ll discuss a few.

Story maker

This is my favorite app for collage in Instagram storis. Simple, spectacular layouts and nothing superfluous. As soon as you open Story maker, you’ll immediately see options like this:

  • Shapes: circle, heart, and different frames
  • Animated. animated layouts (the pictures go out one by one or simultaneously)
  • Text. different grids with textual design
  • Multiple. for a large number of frames

The other sections are more personal, there are templates for a fee, but the free content is enough to diversify your feed.


In second place is StoryLab. This is an editor with which you can create your own story, photo composition, or even wallpaper. Has several hundred different templates, mostly for insta formats. In addition, there are stickers, backgrounds, and filters.

This option is for those who want to feel like an artist and draw, create, literally create an image or a story from scratch. Free tools give you a free hand.


Even more thorough StoryLab where everything is thought out in detail. There are even about a hundred of fonts, and you can’t count the number of ready-made layouts for photostories. The best thing about Appfortype is that it has themed sets: sets for decorating in one style. Minus. the app is paid, but there are designers from different countries working on it, so it’s worth it. Plus, you can buy the set you like once and not pay for other features anymore.

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How to make a collage out of photos on your iPhone: top 4 photo editing apps

Lately, collages have become part of the art of photography. Perfectly edited images on the iPhone is not only a creative process, but also a good opportunity to display several interesting moments at once in one picture.

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Launching the app from the desktop. The main window contains layouts with collages divided into two categories:

To make a collage of photos, then act according to the instructions:

  • On the start page of the application, choose the template you like and “tap” on it.
  • Click on one of the parts of the opened form, load a photo (or several pieces) into the editor. The app will ask you to access “Photos. You need to confirm the rights. The program will load the “Gallery” of the iPhone, and from it the selection of photos is made.

In addition, audio accompaniment is added during the editing phase of the collage picture. You have to click on the “Audio” icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to make a Photo Collage on iphone for Free

Instagram Layout

The minimalistic free app from the creators of Instagram will easily satisfy the wishes of the unsophisticated user. The principle of the program is simple as hell. select a few photos in the media library, then choose a collage prepared beforehand and customize each photo. Done!

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In addition to scaling images, there is an opportunity to mirror, rotate, add or change border of the frame. Once finished, the collage is posted to Instagram, or any other available method through the regular “Share” menu.

The program is absolutely free and has no built-in purchases or ads. From the disadvantages. plain collages that are not particularly original. And Instagram Layout can’t boast of additional tools.

PicCollage editorial choice

PicCollage is peppered with features suitable for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. It boasts a diverse mix of ready-made grids and templates that allow you to quickly create collages, social media posts, postcards, posters, wallpaper, etc. Д.

Plus, it even offers a blank canvas if you want to create a work of art from scratch. Many handy tools are available, such as stickers, fonts, backgrounds, doodles, GIFs, images, etc. Д., Which allows you to express yourself with complete freedom.

In addition, the smart cutout feature helps you trace shapes and remove backgrounds from your images. And while there are only six options, you can also animate your collage.

I love and recommend PicCollage because it’s very easy to use and has lots of features and free content.

  • Wide selection of grids, ratios and other free content
  • Cut and animation features
  • Fun stickers that are also available for iMessage

Price: free (in-app purchases start at 0.99).


Today, our iPhones have turned into entire photo studios, where we take pictures of something, then edit and stuff. One of the most popular actions on the iPhone is collage, so let’s take a look at how you can do it.

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If anyone doesn’t already know, a collage is a photo that consists of other photos and it all looks about like a big mosaic.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you have an instagram account, you’ll sooner or later come to this question. So let me tell you a little bit about that process.

How to view photos taken in Continuous Mode

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to the Albums tab and select the media type. Series. Take a closer look, the serial photos are displayed as a stack of photos in the PhotoPlate.

Tap Select in the bottom corner of the screen.

Click through the virtual slider “film” to see the whole sequence.

See the dot below the image? This icon indicates that. according to Apple’s algorithms, of course. you’re looking at the best image in terms of focus and detail. Of course, it’s still up to you to make the final decision, and you don’t have to be guided by a “robot’s” opinion.


Editor on the iPhone, wanting to displace both MOLDIV and Layout from first place. At least in terms of the quality of content and number of tools. It’s really full of everything. templates, frames, add-ons that work in semi-automatic mode, and free stickers with no restrictions.

And the best part: InstaMag is supported by iOS 8 and runs even on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices from 2012.