This service has similar functions to the previous one. All fonts on the site are grouped for your convenience and divided into subgroups: Asian, Italian, Greek, strikethrough, underline, and many others.

If you want to diversify your stories and posts with different icons/runes/dots/branches/hieroglyphs/Hebrew, look out for Unicode characters. A large number of icons can be found on this site.

The letters on this resource can also be used to put words and phrases you want. That is, you can get a completely different font that is not on the first site.

Be prepared for the fact that not all Unicode characters can be displayed on Instagram.

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Why you should decorate your profile

Instagram alone is used by millions of people around the world every day. According to official data, the audience of the social network is about 1.1 billion people from different countries.

Most people look closely at your profile header. Creatively designed account is a way to stand out from the other microblogs and attract the attention of new subscribers. It will also help emphasize your personality.

If social media users see something enticing and interesting in the bio, they are likely to sign up right away. Otherwise, they will simply close the tab or instantly move on to another blog, forgetting about yours.

When creating a text for a bio, try to answer the following questions: “Who am I addressing now? What my ideal subscriber looks like and what he is interested in? How can I describe myself using 150 characters?” It’s equally important to understand why you want to increase your number of followers in the first place in order to find friends of interest or make business contacts. A business account should be strict and as informative as possible, while a personal blog allows for lyrical digressions with speculation on frivolous topics.

The social network itself does not offer an impressive number of ways to customize your profile. However, Internet users have found other ways to make the design of the blog more individual, in particular, found out how to make a beautiful font in Instagram. The good news is it’s simple, free and doesn’t require registration on third-party services.

How to set a nickname

Installing the nickname takes about a minute on various devices, but here’s how to do it.


Instructions for installing a nickname on Android:

  • Open the application and go to the settings.
  • Then a menu opens in front of us, at the top of which is the “Username” line. Click on it.
  • Done. Here you can choose your nickname, with a minimum length of 5 characters.


The procedure is almost identical to Android, but due to the different OS it looks a little different.

  • Open the Telegram app and go to settings, where you click on the “Choose username” tab.
  • Then, at the bottom of the window, select “Username”.
  • Now a window appears in which you can change your user name. The developer warns that you can use only Latin nickname with digits from 0-9, the minimum size is 5 characters.


Changing your nickname on your computer is also very easy. Let’s see how to make your nickname on the computer.

Here is how to set up your nickname on the computer:

  • Open the desktop version from the desktop and go to settings.
  • Then, a small dialog box will open. Here select “Change profile”.
  • After that press “Choose username”, type in your nickname and press “Ok. Done, the nickname is created.

The functionality of the applications is quite large. In the applications themselves everything is clear. How to change the font in Instagram in the information about yourself and make the letters and inscriptions in black circles/round frames or with serifs?

In FontsText you first need to select the font you like, and then enter your inscription in an empty field. All absolutely free. But in Fonts you’ll have to pay a fee for certain fonts.

In addition to different fonts, you can create cute Japanese kaomoji smiley faces, like this one

A huge selection of similar kaomoji can be found on this site.

How to type the Apple icon on any keyboard

On the keyboard of almost any Apple (and not only) device, you can type the Apple logo. Agree, Pay and Music looks a lot cooler than plain text! Plus, you can reduce the amount of text by 4 characters this way, which can be critical when writing a post for or Instagram.

If you have a Mac, you’ve probably already noticed that there’s no shortcut for the Apple icon on its keyboard. Nevertheless, it’s not that hard to type.

Character encoding

The Apple logo symbol appears on all iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Macs, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. On iOS, macOS, and tvOS you can type it in, but on watchOS you can’t get it in dictation or drawing mode.

On third-party platforms and in browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, the symbol may appear as a blank square, a strange icon, or something else altogether.

Both Apple and Windows logos are part of extended character sets because the Unicode standard character set cannot include corporate logos. Due to limited implementation, these characters may not be readable on other platforms.

In ASCII encoding, the following values correspond to the Apple logo:

Tip: on the Alt-Codes can find codes for all special symbols.

Now we’ll tell you step by step how to type the Apple icon on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and third-party platforms like Microsoft Windows.

On the mac you need to select the layout language English (US) and press the following key combination:

If you want to visualize the location of the symbol on the keyboard, click on the flag icon on the top panel, and in the window that pops up, click Show Keyboard. If this option is not available, go to System Preferences Keyboard and check the “Show Keyboard and Symbols panels in the menu bar” checkbox.

On this keyboard, you can see the location of all the special characters. Press keys like Control (⌃) and Command (⌘) to see them all.

How To Change Name On iPhone!

It is not difficult to memorize the combination, but you can enter this special character in a more elegant way.

iPhone and iPad

The Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K key combination has no alternative on iOS. That said, there is an i-device feature that makes typing even easier than on the mac.

It’s about text substitution (available on macOS, too). you can set it to replace any word with the desired character (or another word/phrase). For example, you can substitute (c) for © or change aapl for.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap Basic
  • Tap Keyboard
  • Tap Replace text
  • Tap the “” icon in the upper right corner to add a new abbreviation
  • Copy the symbol from this article and paste it into the Phrase line
  • In the Abbreviation line, enter the word that your iOS device will automatically change to the desired character. For example, ‘aapl’ the main thing is not to use words that you regularly write, so that the phone will not suggest a replacement when it is not necessary
  • Click Save to accept the changes

Now every time you type a selected word and press the space bar, it will change to the logo. This works on both iOS and Mac wherever you enter text: in documents, notes, browser, messages, etc.д.

The main advantage here is synchronization. Text replacement phrases are automatically synced across all your devices via iCloud, so you don’t have to set up each device individually.

If you’re using a wireless keyboard with an iPad or iPhone, you can use the Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K combination, like on the mac.

Apple Watch

As mentioned, there is no way to enter the logo on the Apple Watch, as the watch input methods do not support special characters.

However, the icon is readable in all apps (e.g. Messages and Reminders) because it is supported by the default font in watchOS.

Apple TV

To enter the logo on your Apple TV set-top box, do the following:

Method 1 (with external keyboard)

  • On the Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K, go to Remote and Bluetooth devices in settings. On earlier models, simply select Basic Bluetooth Settings.
  • Select a keyboard from the list of available devices.
  • If prompted, enter the 4-digit code
  • Tap any field that supports typing, such as the search bar in the settings app
  • On the keyboard, press Option (⌥)-Shift (⇧)-K

Method 2 (without external keyboard)

  • On an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later firmware, open Settings Settings Controls and tap “” next to Apple TV Remote
  • Make sure that your device has a reduction added in the way described above
  • On your smartphone‘s Control Panel, add an Apple TV Remote widget
  • On Apple TV, use Siri Remote to highlight any text in the input panel
  • On your iOS device, tap the widget you just added, select the desired set-top box, enter your 4-digit password on the Apple TV screen if necessary, or tap the notification that comes to your iPhone after you highlight text on your Apple TV

Note that the widget only works with Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K and requires iOS 11 or higher. If you have an older Apple TV or haven’t updated to iOS 11 yet, download the free Apple TV Remote (or iTunes Remote) app from the App Store to control your set-top box through it.

Either of these two ways you can change the name of your Apple TV to TV.


As we mentioned before, the Apple symbol is included in the extended character set.

It refers to personal use characters that are designed for certain applications and devices that display characters outside of the basic Unicode set.

This is because Unicode has no corporate logos, so the Apple icon will not appear on Windows, Linux and other platforms, and the Windows icon is not available on the mac.

In Windows there are several ways to enter special characters, but we will focus on perhaps the most popular method: alt-codes. To do this you need to press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and type the decimal code for the desired symbol. A complete list of codes can be found on the

  • Open the document in which you want to add the Apple logo
  • Make sure the Num Lock key is active, then press and hold the left Alt key
  • On the numeric keypad, type 0 2 4 0

Important: It is obligatory to enter 0 at the beginning, although in Unicode the decimal code for this symbol is simply 240.

Don’t worry if your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad: you can still type special characters. To do this:

  • Open the document in which you want to add the Apple logo
  • Type F 8 F F on your keyboard
  • Press Alt-X

The Apple logo will appear where the cursor is on the document.

Note that typing characters with alt will not work if the font you have chosen does not have a graphic representation of the character you want. If that’s your case, but you still need that character, just type it in using a different font (Baskerville Old Face will do), copy and paste it into the right place in your document.

You can use the Apple logo and any other special characters in blog posts and on web pages using HTML. Type #x and the Unicode character in this case F8FF.

So, to use the Apple logo on a web page, you need to enter the following in the HTML editor:

In preview mode, you will see that a symbol has appeared in place of the code.

Font sites

There are also sites where you can convert the text font online:

    . Here everything is very simple, you need to open the resource, in the left window to enter the text in English letters, on the right side to copy it in the desired font On this site, you must first select the font, then enter the text and copy the result. There are many fonts in the collection. There is also a tool to translate words into emoji.


Let’s look at the instructions for the font app on Android.


  • Install Font for Instagram from Play Market.
  • Run it. At the bottom, select the appropriate font.
  • In the text input box, type in the correct sentence or text. Keep in mind that, like all programs, this one only supports the Latin alphabet.
  • If you need emoticons, switch to the appropriate tab, select the necessary.
  • Copy the text.
  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Click on the Edit Profile button.
  • In the About me box, enter the text you copied in the app. To launch it, tap a line and hold your finger down until the menu appears. Click the Insert button.

In the description of the photo

  • Install the Font for Instagram app from Play Market.
  • Launch it. Choose a fitting font at the bottom.
  • In the text input box, type in the sentence or text you want to enter. Please note that, as with all programs, this one only supports the Latin alphabet.
  • If you need smileys, switch to the corresponding tab and select the necessary ones.
  • Copy the text.
  • Open the insta app, start making a post.
  • Go to the Description field, paste there the copied text. To do that, tap and hold your finger on the line until the menu appears. Click the Paste button.

To make a fake Instagram correspondence on iPhone and Android, you can use the DmGram app. The program has a concise interface and is very easy to use.

How to create a fake Instagram correspondence:

  • Open the DmGram app.
  • Enter the desired nickname and put the actual ava of the person with whom you will correspond. Here’s a helpful article, “How to View an Instagram Ava in Large Size”.
  • Next, write any dialogue from yourself and the other person.

Small notes

Fake correspondence looks very similar to Instagram’s. Inexperienced and trusting users can easily be fooled.

It is possible to change the addressee when you enter the text, changing the direction of the blue cloud.

There you can set the time of delivery and sending of messages.

The app has the ability to add photos from Gallery.

Be careful with correspondence with famous people, because in the original DM, they show a blue check mark indicating the authenticity of the account.

Here’s what a genuine DM in Instagram looks like (the bottom part is cropped).

And this is what a fake correspondence created through the app looks like.

Beautiful fonts online

Beautiful fonts for online services. are sets of characters from the Unicode table, matched in appearance and divided into separate parts. Some people call them beautiful fonts, some call them alphabets, but in fact they are sets of letters from one table with different stylization. These symbols correspond to the standard English or Latin alphabet, but you can also write some words in Russian with these letters. There are about 10 such beautiful fonts, and all can be used in popular social networks: Tik Tok, Likee, VK, Instagram, Odnoklassniki.

In this section you can write any phrase, text, nickname or status in a nice font. Our service is fully automated and easy to use.

Write a beautiful name, nickname, or status

“Write beautifully.”. online generator of beautiful letters for nicknames, embellishments as frames or “wings” on the sides. Generator uses a random selection of letters or special sets assembled by type. You can also choose the letter case conversion and symbol division by brackets, points and so on.

Beautiful nicknames ready to use

If you want to have ready nicknames decorated with beautiful symbols and letters, go to the following links.

For independent registration of nicknames use the form of the generator of ornaments. “Write nice”.