You cannot delete the Mac application because it is still open? Here is the correction!

Nowadays, most applications on your Mac is easy to understand. You can even use Launchpad to control them and delete them, like iPad applications. However, sometimes they still work differently than applications for iOS. For example, if you want to delete the application, but it does not have X when you start a swaying mode, or when you are trying to remove it in the old style in Finder, you will receive a message with the inscription “element” [App Name] “cannot be moved to the basket, Because it is open “.

This is due to the fact that the application is still processed in the background, and for one reason or another, the background process has not ended properly. Give a signal to all curses! Or, even better, read on, and I will show you how to turn it off and forever get rid of it!

Note: I used the Rocket application as an example in my photos, but only because I deleted an earlier version. I love Rocket and would never have deleted it (he is emoji on your Mac!).

How to close the application, which, in your opinion, has already been closed or which cannot understand how to close on your Mac on the activity monitor.

You can also simply introduce the “Activity Monitor” in Spotlight.

The application is closed and you can remove it from your Mac.

How to completely delete applications on Mac

If only we could delete the applications on the Mac with one click of the mouse, wouldn’t that be good? Well, to clean the Mac without confusing myself, I recommend IMYMAC Mac Cleaner.

IMYMAC MAC Cleaner is a Mac cleaning program, designed to delete unnecessary files, destroy important files, diagnosing the state of Mac, deleting Kesha and History, as well as much more.

This is a powerful deinstal that removes all applications and related folders. IMYMAC Mac Cleaner is a universal solution for everything that is needed to accelerate and clean your Mac.

Here are the steps to delete applications on Mac:

We know that removing applications on Mac is very different from Windows, so we will simplify the removal of such annoying applications. IMYMAC Mac Cleaner will save you from all headaches. Learn more information from here.

Check these steps on how to completely delete the applications on the Mac:

Download, install and run ImyMac Mac Cleaner

Download and install IMYMAC Mac Cleaner on your Mac, then run it. Select Mac Uninstaller on the left side.

Scan your Mac applications

Click “scan” to allow Mac Cleaner to scan all applications installed on your Mac. Then click the “View” button to see the scan results.

STEP 3: Select Removing Applications

Selectively select the applications found by IMYMAC Mac Cleaner. Press clean and confirm the action.

You can choose one or more applications that you see in the scan results. How easy it is? IMYMAC Mac Cleaner is more than just removing applications on Mac. It has everything you need in principle.

Here are the known functions of IMYMAC Mac Cleaner:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS Sierra, OS X 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.eleven
  • Selective option
  • Safely deleys files
  • MAC cleaning is effective
  • Full removal system
  • you can try

Method 3. using a deinstal

If the application was not installed from the official App Store, it is not advisable to remove it using the methods described above.

After installing such software in the system, a special deinstal also appears in the system. a utility that correctly removes a specific program from your PC.

Follow the instructions to find and start a deinstal:

  • Go to Finder and open the “Program” section;
  • Click on the name by. In the list of files that relate to the software, click on the icon with the inscription Uninstall;

Method: Removing from Launchpad

Lunchpad. a fast access panel in the Mac OS system. Identical to the desktop in Windows, it contains various user files.

Library in Mac OS is a file manager. It contains applications, programs, files and data.

delete, program, lock, built, programs

To delete the program, the following actions are required:

  • To wash something, you need to pull the shortcut from the Dock panel into the basket. It will remove the software, but all the data will remain from it.
  • To finally erase the game or any other project, you need to go to the Basket and clean it. This method is suitable for small indie games or text packages.

Method: programs

Apart from the standard removal options, it is almost always possible to use external applications. Poe for cleaning the system can easily be downloaded and installed on a computer. Consider the work of the most popular deinstallors.

Удаление приложений на Mac OS (МакЛикбез)

Movavi Mac Cleaner

To work this software, it is necessary to perform a sequence of actions:

  • Go to the official website and download Movavi Mac Cleaner.
  • Install this application and run. During the first launch, scanning the system will automatically occur, that is, the hard drive check will start.
  • Or not to clean the files or not, is the user’s decision, and to delete the desired software, you must click on the “deinstal” item in the left column of the window.
  • In this list, select the desired program for deleting and click the Delete button.

Thanks to the Movavi Mac Cleaner, you can also remove standard applications that are not needed when using the computer, but take up a lot of space. This requires:


Popular and widespread utility for working with poppies. For its work, the following sequence of actions is required:

There are a lot of good deilations, but the most popular are Movavi Mac Cleaner, Clean Mymac and AppCleaner.

Select one browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and delete the rest

Here’s how to remove the three most popular browsers:


Open the Safari browser and follow this path:

Safariyan construction.


Open the Firefox browser window and follow this path:

Settings of the subject of the Republic of Association.


Open the Chrome browser window and follow the following actions:

The settings of the tools are fulfilled.

How to delete many locked files on mac from trash (in under 3 mins) #feisworld #dropbox #lockedfiles

If malicious software is responsible for the deterioration of the browser, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the “Extension” tab;
  • cancel the choice of advertising extensions. It is probably difficult for you to decipher which of them are false and dangerous, since usually such additions are trying to seem genuine and necessary. Better delete search engines, weather and discounts;
  • Go to the Settings tab;
  • look for a suspicious advertising and malicious. It probably has independently left a permit for reading and changing these sites. Get rid of them faster;
  • Then restart the computer.

If you love your browser, then first perform actions to remove it, and then start with a clean version. After all, Mac without an installed browser is like a fishing rod without bait.

How to delete Steam games on Mac

Poppies. perfect slot machines. If you are ready to install another game or want to get rid of annoying, then removal is a smart move. In the end, you will also free up space on the device. This is how it is done.

delete, program, lock, built, programs


  • Games installed directly on the hard drive.
  • Games highlighted in gray, which are not on the disk, so do not need to be removed.

Select the game from which you want to get rid of and press the Command key. Select “Delete Local Content” and click the “Delete” button. Do this for every unwanted game.

We delete the programs

Perhaps you met with a message of this type: “it is impossible to delete the object” or “the object cannot be changed”. Such phrases are found when trying to delete programs that went along with the system. You do not need some applications at all, so you decided to remove them.

Remember! Before deleting the program, you should think many times. Removal can lead to a malfunction in the system. You can decide that you do not need this application, but the program uses it regularly. Therefore, making changes to preinstalled programs is not recommended.

In the field we introduce directly the deletion commands “Sudo Rm.RF name.App “, where instead of” name “, the name of the deletion program, click” Enter “

Attention! There will be no confirmation of removal. Your application will automatically move from PC after entering the command.

Basic and proven application removal options

Option 1. We go to the work panel

The working panel is like a desktop in other OS, in MAS it is called “Launchpad”.

    Choose a label of an unnecessary program, clicking with a left mouse click, pull it into the basket. After some time, you can go into the “basket” and restore the program without loss of data.

Click on the application with the left button, holding the button dragged it into the basket click on the file, select the item “Clean the basket”

We go to the GO tab, click on the Library item

Find a folder with the name of the remote application, drag it into the basket with the mouse

On a note! If your phrase “Repeat the attempt” pops up, then you should try to restart the device and try again.

Option 2. “Finder”

Using Finder, you can find the right file or configure the system. This utility works in constant mode, as it is responsible for the integration.

To use the utility to delete programs, you must perform the following:

Click on the application with the right click of the mouse, then click the left mouse button on the point “Move to the basket”

Important! To clean the place on the disk, you need to delete all the files in the basket. Only after this procedure will the program be completely removed from the computer. In the case when temporary files are created, you should just reload.

Option 3. Deinstall

This method is good for those cases when the file installation was not from official sources, which, for example, is “App Store”. Together with the application, a utility is installed, which can correctly delete an unnecessary file.

    We go to Finder and move to the “Program“.

Click the left mouse button once according to the desired program, on the right by a double click, launch a file with the name “Uninstall” (“Removal”)

Option 4. Removing with programs

Of course, you can install other PC cleaning programs. The best are considered:

The latter is more popular, consider its work.

We go to the developer’s website and download the AppCleaner program

We put boxes opposite the programs that we want to delete, click “Delete”

Click on the mouse program and drag into the program window to delete

If you want to know in more detail how to delete the program on Mac OS, you can read the article about this on our portal.

How to delete the application to the macbook using a utility

If the MacOS Sierra operating system is installed on your macbook or more new, then it contains a tool for removaling applications. To use it, follow the following actions:

  • Open the menu and click on the line “About this Mac”.
  • In the window opened, click on the “Storage” tab.
  • Click the “Manage” button.
  • In the left side of the window, click on the section “Program”.
  • Click on the application that you want to get rid of and click on the “Delete” button and confirm the action in the dialog box.

In fact, there is no difference in which of these methods you will delete the application. Therefore, you can use the one that you liked more.

Removing applications in MacOS. All you need to know

No matter how strange it sounds, but the removal of applications in MacOS is not as easy and simple as it might seem at first glance. The thing is that there are different categories of applications: programs installed from sites, software aggregators, from the Mac App Store store. In each individual case, the complete removal of applications will require different actions from the user. Let’s understand together.

Everyone knows that the removal of applications in MacOS is very simple. it is enough for the user to transfer the program icon to the basket. But is this method really effective? As it turned out, far from always. The fact is that some large applications store their files outside their own “folder”. Often, residual files are found almost throughout the entire system. and in each case they have to be deleted manually.

Of course, this approach has its advantages. after all, when repeated installation, the application will automatically pick up the necessary parameters. But not everyone needs it and not always. Therefore, we consider the method of correct and safe removal of applications.

So, how to delete applications installed from the developer’s website or using the software aggregator?

As a rule, most of the applications do not have their own “deinstackers”. But in some cases they can be found in the image “.DMG “Together with the file of the application itself. In a different situation, such a useful utility as App Cleaner can come to the rescue. The idea of ​​this program is not new. the application is looking for residual data throughout the system and safely delete them. Of course, in the presence of the necessary skills, this procedure can be carried out with your own hands, but why, if the utility cope with this much faster?

  • We go to the developer’s website and download the AppCleaner utility. The program distributes absolutely free;
  • It should be taken into account that on the official website you can find several versions. you need to choose the right one, depending on the installed MacOS;
  • All that remains is to place the downloaded utility in “Applications”;
  • When launching, we will be met by a simple and minimalist intese. To remove it, it is enough to transfer the application to the program window;
  • The utility will make a “smart” search, after which we can completely delete the application with all the residual data. It remains only to confirm the removal. If necessary, some files or parameters can be left untouched.

Note that in this way you can delete not only programs, but all the plugins and widgets installed in the system.

How to delete applications loaded from Mac App Store?

Everything is much simpler here. applications installed by such a method do not store files in other folders. All the most necessary is inside the applications themselves, as a result of which the removal process will not cause difficulties even in inexperienced users.

  • Launch launchpad. It is here that we can find all the established programs and games.
  • Now you need to go to the “deinstal” mode. To do this, press and hold the touch on any of the icons. After a certain period of time, the icons will begin to “tremble”.
  • All that remains is to press the cross. After that, the application will be deleted from your Mac.

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The MacOS file manager has wider functionality than its analogue in Windows. among the capabilities of Fyander there are also programs for programs.

We draw your attention to the fact that the program of the program does not cancel the paid subscriptions made in it. So that the money is not written off from the account, paid subscriptions should be turned off. the article on the link below you will help you.

Removing programs in MacOS is a very simple task, which will even cope with the novice “Macovod”.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13178 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

We delete applications in the “system settings” on the Mac

Some applications when installing create their own menu elements in “system settings”. for the convenience of the user. With them, you can easily configure or update the program, and do it much faster than usual. However, if you do not want to see such items in the settings menu, they can be removed or hidden. Let’s consider this process in more detail.

  • Open “System settings”.
  • Choose a view. configure in the menu line. A checkbox will appear near each item.

To remove the icon, clamp the Command key and select the program. The menu with the removal option should appear.

If this method is not suitable, then you can do it manually.

  • Launch Finder.
  • We go to the folder /libraries /PreferenCepanes.
  • There will be all files with a settings panel for applications. By the name of the file, it will be possible to easily determine which program it belongs to.

This is how simply you can delete applications in the “system settings” on the Mac.

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