What if I lost the phone on the street

The loss of the phone is always not only unpleasant, but also very unexpected. Mobile device can be forgotten somewhere, and the attackers can still steal it, especially if the model is relatively new. What if you have stolen mobile phone? There are two options: to accept loss or go to the police, trying to return your thing.

Initially, you should take yourself in hand and try to restore the sequence of events. First of all, you need to remember when you last saw your phone and when I made the last call. Mostly phones forget in cafes, taxis and clubs, sometimes together with the female handbag.

If the phone is definitely not at home and the search did not give the result, the sequence of actions should be like this:

  • Powered by the police. With yourself you need to have not only documents on your mobile device, but also the list of recent calls. It is needed to order the details of calls from the operator;
  • Prevent even big losses. A lot of information is stored on a modern smartphone, including confidential to which attackers can take advantage. If confidence in the steal is complete, it is recommended to block a SIM card. It is also worth promptly change the password in Google Account, in all social networks, mail and other sites and services. If the phone has stored data from bank cards, you need to urgently change the PIN code. In the extreme case, the card can be blocked and re-release a new one;
  • Negotiate with a person who has found a phone. Sometimes after finding someone else’s phone, people themselves call the owner and inform you. But a person may not call, especially if the phone is password. Therefore, it is recommended to call yourself in the first hours after finding the fact of the disappearance.

Specialists recommend putting a small leaf with an additional number under the back cover of a mobile device. This will help to help quickly find the host of the device.

It is worth knowing that there are special services where you can give an advertisement about the loss of the phone, Lostolen is one of these resources.

BitDefender Mobile Security Antivirus

The BitDefender Mobile Security AntiVirus package includes a lot of things: anti-virus screen and scanner, application blocking and privacy defense counsel, as well as a built-in anti-tone module. The application allows you to remotely track your smartphone through the BitDefender web service.

But a much more interesting feature. a smartphone control using SMS. It is very useful if the attackers who stole your smartphone turned off from the Internet.

Send a special message, and your smartphone will tell you your SMS location, will include Sirena or erase all data. In addition, you can force your smartphone imperceptibly to call you, so you can hear what the kidnappers say.

If the attackers change the SIM card, BitDefender will notify you about this and report the new number.

BitDefender. an extremely functional application, but it will have to pay for it. Its free can be tested only for 14 days.

Bad scenario

With a relatively good option dealt with, now let’s talk about a more unpleasant version: a smartphone in foreign hands, and it is not protected. maybe it is not even installed on the screen lock. In this case, you need to act quickly. The first thing you need is another phone from which you can make a few calls. Ask you to call the store, cafe or stop taxi and lend a phone from the driver.

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Block the SIM card

The first call is your cellular operator. Tell an operator’s employee about the Lyric SIM card and ask to help block it. After successful blocking the SIM card, the kidnapper will not be able to issue yourself for you. to call from your number or get SMS with confirmation code to change the password or confirm some transaction.

Warn love

Second call. someone from close friends or relatives. Calmly explain that the phone was stolen, but everything is fine with you. Ask them to warn familiar about the fact that messages or challenges from strangers can send money from requesting money or questions to ignore. Perhaps it is also worth asking them to publish a warning in social networks if you have a circle of friends.

Block your smartphone

To block the stolen smartphone you will need the Internet. In addition, it is extremely desirable to do it on a safe device because you have to enter a password. So get to the house, work or, if it allows you to significantly save time, go to visit the living nearby familiar.

First of all log in to Google account or Apple ID. If you do it from someone else’s device and you have two-factor authentication, it can be a problem. After all, confirmation code in SMS or in an authenticator application, you do not receive. the phone was stolen. For Android database there is a password change procedure without SMS. To do this, you will need to enter one of the backup codes that you received while configuring two-factor authentication. On the iPhone you can also restore access to the account by sending a confirmation code to a trusted phone number or device.

After you manage to enter Google or Apple ID account, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the Security section (for Android phones) or in the Locator application (for iPhone) and find the missing smartphone in the device list.
  • If the smartphone is enabled and geolocation is active on it, its location will appear on the map. However, even if it is clearly visible, where exactly the thief goes with your phone, do not try to pursue it. it can be dangerous. Better contact the police for help.
  • Select Block Device. The system will prompt enter a message for the lock screen and the backup number for which you can contact you. Now only this message will be displayed on the smartphone. If the phone is not stolen, but just lost, finding it can call you. be careful! Fraudsters can also go with you to communicate under the guise of technical support staff in the hope of retrieving the password to the account.
  • If important confidential information remained on the device, it makes sense to go to extreme measures and erase it remotely. This can be done in the same section. But note that tracking the phone will no longer succeed, and part of the data on the SD card can be preserved even after cleaning.

Treat maps

Google and Apple can offer to do this when locking a smartphone using the Find My function or find the device, but if not. manually cancel the binding of bank cards to the device in the account settings. You do not need to block cards. of course, if they were not stolen at the same time with the phone.

  • Log in to Google account and go to the Payments and Subscriptions menu.
  • Click Configure Payment Method.
  • Delete your bank cards.
  • Log in to your Apple ID account. Find a stolen iPhone in the Device section.
  • Under the list of cards, click Delete All.
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Add a smartphone to Stop List by IMEI

In some countries, you can not only block the SIM card, but also make a stolen phone in a stop list. To do this, the operator needs to be reported by IMEI. device identification number. If you have not thrown out the box in which the phone was sold, and you have it at hand, then this number can be found on it.

On Android it can also be found through the service search for the phone.

  • Log in using the Apple ID ID you used on the stolen device.
  • Scroll down to the device partition. Select your iPhone and find it IMEI.

In the theory, after the operator enables the IMEI to the blacklist, the smartphone will not be able to connect to the mobile network even with another SIM card. This service is available, for example, in the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Latvia and some countries of Latin America. In Russia, it is not yet, but maybe she will soon appear.

Free satellite search

On the satellite you can track your Android only when contacting law enforcement agencies, to the repair center or manufacturer company. In the first case, experts work at the SIM card number. There are special programs that delay the location of the device. An important criterion in this case is the ability to track only if there is a SIM card on the phone. If it is taken out, track the device will be difficult.

The Android turned off can be found by IMEI number. serial number identifying device. The room is always unique, it can be found in the office of the manufacturer’s office.

Configuring Android Device Manager

Google has checkeredly relate to the privacy of personal information, so you must independently activate the “Remote Android Office” utility and give it the necessary permits. To do this, follow these steps.

Open the device settings. Go to Safety section.

Select “Device Administrators”.

Check the checkpoint “Remote Android Management” checkbox. Familiarize yourself with the features of the program and agree by pressing the “Activate” button.

Return back and close the settings.

Mobile application for searching “Find My Device” from Google

To use the application, activate the “Find Device” function using the above instructions. Download it from Google Play, set to another smartphone or tablet. Run the application, log in with your Google Account. After a couple of seconds, a piece of the card will appear on the screen with exact phone location. go to search. Turn on the call via the application or lock the tube to avoid data.

How to find a phone on IMEI

The search for the phone on IMEI is as follows:

  • A request to law enforcement agencies is submitted (documents are provided on the phone);
  • Law enforcement agencies submit requests to cellular operators (along with IMEI);
  • Cellular operators are wanted in their bases the device and find out who owns the SIM card, which is installed in this unit;
  • The data obtained are sent to law enforcement agencies for further proceedings.

Thus, you can find the phone on IMEI, but the satellites are completely nothing here, since the cellular communication has nothing to do with satellites.

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lost, phone, find, android

What will make law enforcement officers after receiving an answer from the operator? They will find out who owns the SIM card and will find the one who uses the phone at the moment. You can find a stolen phone on IMEI, but the police are most often engaged in this. The exceptions make up difficult cases when the police are interested in disclosing the case and capture the criminal. In other cases, no one is looking for stolen phones, although the technical opportunity is still.

over, operators know how to block lost phones at their level, depriving them to be registered in their networks (in practice, this opportunity is practically not applicable).

Is it possible to find the phone on IMEI, if he is just lost? This will certainly won’t do a police nor a cellular operator. The search is labor and the police are not a bureau of find. Therefore, the search for a lost phone will have to do independently, without relying on anyone.

Block the device

Blocking the stolen phone is carried out through the above service. Log in, select the device, click “Block the phone”. Specify in the blocking settings a message that highlights on the locked device screen. It also indicates the feedback number with the owner. Also enter the unlock password. Click the “Block” button. all further steps with the device will be impossible.

The above service works via the Internet. If it is disabled, blocked or clean the phone will not work. The attacker will fulfill the overall reset and can use the tube, no matter how it happens. Exit from the situation. the appeal to the police. This will require the owner’s passport, a box from the phone and a check from the store. The IMEI codes are indicated on the box and check. they need police to send a request to operators.

After a time, the operators will return the answer. it is indicated, whose SIM card is installed in the smartphone at the moment. It is this person (even if he is innocent) will answer before the law. The stolen device will return his legal owner. Please note that the police can find not only a smartphone, but also a simple phone.

Police does not like appeals on stolen mobile phones, although they have all the tools for finding threaded tubes.

Online service Android Device Manager to search for a phone

This method will only work in the case of a pre-configuration of the phone. the Google account must be active on the smartphone so that the search becomes possible. over, if two-step authentication is enabled on the phone, the service may not work, because it will require confirmation of the action (tracking), which can be done only manually.

Other applications that can be downloaded in Google Play do not give the desired result. Only Google’s large services can help in finding a device.

Find included phone is not so difficult. At the moment there are three proven methods that allow you to do this. One of them allows for use without law enforcement agencies. But it is easier to protect yourself in advance, using the mentioned precautions that will allow you to find a smartphone faster in case of loss.

lost, phone, find, android