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  • Physical impact on the phone. Dropping, moisture, exposure to low/high temperatures, consequences of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Failure of the smartphone elements. The problem is caused by the speaker, the sound processor, the sound amplifier, the motherboard.
  • Software bugs. Unstable firmware version, lack of codecs, conflicting applications, etc.

The simplest reason is a change in the settings. To restore the sound you should enter the menu, choose the volume setting and restore the desired level.

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It is more complicated when the speaker in the phone is out of order. It can not be adjusted. Only replacement with defective component can help. This is the most common reason for a Samsung phone. It is also very difficult to eliminate the sound control malfunction, because not every service center will do it. The same difficulty arises when the sound amplifier fails.

Even more often, if the Samsung does not hear the caller or dial tone, there is a failure of the phone due to falling, due to moisture or due to exposure to strong thermal radiation. In this case, only a specialist service can determine the exact cause. The only thing that must be done in such a case is to open the phone and remove the battery. Everything else will be done in the service center.

How to fix sound problems in Galaxy S10 | steps to troubleshoot sound that doesn’t work

In addition to the stunning AMOLED screen, your Galaxy S10 also has one of the best sound systems among electronic devices today. But like other features, sound can also become problematic for a number of possible reasons. If your Galaxy S10 doesn’t have sound problems, you should try to narrow down the factors to come up with a solution. In this troubleshooting post, you’ll detail how to do it.

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Problems with the audio jack

You can check after plugging in the headphones. If you can hear sound in them, try the following:

with headphones plugged in, press the volume up button and pull the headphone plug out of the jack;

Also in the audio jack is sometimes clamped tendrils, which indicates the device to connect the headphones at the moment, why it and does not give sound to the speakers. In this case, you need to try to unclip them, or give the device to specialists.

Why does the Samsung A3 have no sound?

If the speaker does not work smartphone makes the multifunctional device extremely inconvenient to use. Messages, incoming and outgoing calls, application notifications about everything the owner of the gadget will know by the characteristic sound signals. Therefore, if the Samsung a3 does not work sound, you should solve the problem immediately.

Causes of speaker failure

Speaker malfunction can be expressed in different ways: complete loss of sound, the appearance of extraneous noise, intermittent playback. All problems arise from one of the following causes:

  • System failure. Failure of this type implies the influence of virus programs, incorrectly set notification playback, outdated OS firmware.
  • Mechanical damage. An external defect can be expressed by a clogged/burned-out speaker, damage to its loops, oxidation/defective contacts. Also breakages occur due to physical impact on the phone (getting wet, falling, hitting).

At home you can cope only with a system failure. That’s where you should start repairing your gadget.

Excluding the system failure

To restore full functionality of the speaker start with a check of the settings:

  • Check the sound level with its adjustment buttons (located on the left side of the case);
  • In settings, go to the Sound section and make sure that the Silent mode is disabled and the volume of notifications is sufficient (use the slider to increase the level if necessary);
  • In the Settings section locate the Special features window and go to Hearing the option Mute all sounds should not be activated.

If all the settings are normal and the volume is set at a high enough level, proceed to more drastic measures. The next step on the way to resuming the sound playback of your mobile device will be a complete reset. It will help to get rid of virus applications (if any), heavy files (clogging memory) and restore the OS (excluding the possibility of incorrect firmware).

Performing a reset via Settings (General Reset Archive and Reset Data). Before starting the recovery procedure take care about offloading all important files to the cloud or your computer, t.к. This operation will erase all the information stored on your smartphone.

The sound is not completely gone with headphones

And in fact it happens too insert the headphones and there is sound in them. You take out the Galaxy S8 is silent. This can happen because the device thinks you still have the headset plugged in, even if you have taken it out.

What are the reasons for these glitches? The problem is simple. the 3.5mm headphone jack is dirty or oxidized. What can be done? Gently clean it with a wooden object (such as a toothpick) or a folded piece of paper.

Never use metal objects like needles, pins, etc. for this purpose.д. You can easily damage the connector.

This can also happen if you give your Galaxy S8 a bath. There is water in the connector and this fact can embarrass the gadget. The only proper solution is to dry it out (wait for the water to evaporate).

After cleaning, Galaxy S8 should be able to recognize if you have headphones plugged in or not. So even with the headset turned off there will be sound on it. But it is not always so simple

It does not matter what operating system is installed on the device. iOS (iPad / iPhone) or Android. The most important thing is not to succumb to panic emotions. Often, you can eliminate the defect at home, without resorting to specialists.

Think hard when you lose sound? Recall your recent activities with the smartphone. It has not fallen, and no liquids (water, sugary drinks) have been spilled on it? Maybe someone else was using the device (acquaintances, children)?

If the above effects are excluded, then you need to check the correct audio settings. For example, for “iPad”, it is possible that the switch on the side mutes the sound. It is worth looking through the parameters to refute or confirm this version.

Or maybe the volume is just set to “0”. It also happens. In general, go through all the options related to sound. If properly configured, the problem is hardware based.

Starting the phone in a safe mode

If you find that the sound is lost after installing a specific application, it may indicate that there is a conflict with one of the system services. To check this assumption we suggest to start the device in safe mode. In this case all third-party utilities are automatically disconnected, so you can easily check the speaker’s performance. As a rule, the standard instruction is used to proceed:

  • Hold down the mechanical Power key until special menu appears on the screen.
  • Pay attention to the item “Power off” or “Power off”. Hold it for 5-6 seconds and after the notification about going to safe mode appears press “Ok”.
  • After that the device will boot in the right format.

Read more about safe mode here.

Try to play any music available in your phone. If the sound works correctly, then the cause of the problem lies in one of the installed applications. Recollect, what program you have installed last, and then temporarily get rid of this software.

Hardware problems

That you approximately understood with what difficulties it is possible to face, if the sound on phone does not work, we have listed the basic hardware problems.

Broken speaker

You can assume that it is the speaker that is not working if you have a phone that only works in speakerphone mode or wireless (corded) headset. As on phones it is established some loudspeakers, each of which is used for separate problems, breaks frequently one of them which allows to listen to music, to hear the interlocutor. There may be many reasons, ranging from simple clogging to failure of the coil in the speaker.

Earphone jack

The audio jack in your phone can also be the reason of the speaker failure. For example, if you can hear with headphones, but without them there is no sound, most likely, the reason is in it. The system may think that the headset is still installed, but physically there is no headset. This happens if the headset channel is clogged, moisture penetration, incorrectly disconnected headset. You need to look carefully with a flashlight to see if there is debris. If there is, pull it out with tweezers or blow it out with liquid air.

Sound volume board

The sound is controlled by a separate board, which is displayed in the volume swings. Sometimes it is the reason, because there was some mechanical impact, moisture got into the phone was overloaded, and it simply burned out. In this case, you must also carry the phone to the service center and conduct a thorough diagnosis, because you can not do anything on your own!

If you have sound problem while watching video you should first try another video. It is quite possible that the file itself was damaged or just filled incorrectly. If there is no sound after that you need to check the settings of your mobile device.

The volume is turned off

The reason for the lack of sound can be that the sound on the mobile device is turned off to the minimum. In that case there is no sound alert at all, that is, the user cannot hear calls and delivered messages. This can also be due to the “Quiet Mode”, which is activated by a single button or action. In this case here is the algorithm of actions:

  • First you should try to increase the volume by pressing the side adjustment key. The bottom decreases the sound, and the top increases. You should see the volume level in the form of bars when you press the screen;
  • If this way you can not improve the situation, you need to try to increase the volume through the settings. On different models of smartphones, the menu items may differ slightly;
  • Here we go to the “Volume” section and see if “Silent” mode is enabled. If everything is normal in this section, go back and set the volume to the desired level.

It is also recommended to check the volume control if the volume has not disappeared completely but only in some applications. You can solve the problem by adjusting the volume directly in the app or music player.

In some cases there is no sound when playing multimedia files with unsuitable codecs. This can be fixed by downloading another player.

Silent mode or “Do not disturb” mode is on

We need to check if the smartphone is in silent mode or in “Do not disturb” mode. The sound is also completely muted when “On Airplane Mode” is set. In this case, to fix the situation, simply deactivate the enabled mode and check the volume level.

Phone with no Sound, The speaker is not working Samsung Galaxy.A10, A20, A50, A50

You can do this in the settings. Go to the section “Volume and Vibration”, here check if one of the modes is not activated.

Failure in the Android software

Sometimes the sound disappears on the smartphone by itself, and the cause is problematic to find. It can be caused by a software failure. In this case, it is recommended to simply restart your mobile device and try to run the video.

This can be caused by installed applications from unverified sources. In this case, you should look through all the programs that have been installed relatively recently and remove suspicious. If afterwards the sound is restored on the mobile device, then the problem was exactly with the program. It is no longer recommended to install it on your smartphone.

To avoid problems with the software, it is recommended to install different programs only from Play Market.

A blacklisted caller is calling

Many users add a number of phones to the so-called black list. This is usually where obsessive people with whom there is no desire to communicate. In addition to this, the blacklisted numbers of various organizations that often call with the imposition of their services.

If the caller calls one of the subscribers, entered into the black list, there is no call as such. In the extreme case, the screen may simply display the caller’s nickname as it is written in the telephone book.

The speaker is broken

You can suppose that the matter is in speaker, if the sound appears when you switch on speakerphone or use different headsets. Smartphones have several speakers, each of which is used to perform different tasks.

Most often only one of them breaks, which leads to the fact that the user can not listen to music or do not hear the interlocutor. Failures can be different. it can be simple dust clogging or coil failure on the speaker.

Problems with the sound amplification board

The sound control on your smartphone is done with the help of a separate board, which is derived to the volume button. Quite often it is the reason for failure. This occurs in such cases:

In this case it is impossible to do something on your own. The smartphone must be taken to a service center, where they will diagnose and repair if necessary.

If the cell phone breaks within the warranty period, you should take it to the store where you purchased it. You must take the passport, the receipt and the complete set of the device, including the box. There are two options here. if there are visible defects the phone will be replaced immediately, otherwise the device will be sent for diagnosis, which can take up to a month and a half. After that the phone will either be repaired or replaced with a new one. You can also get a full refund and buy another device.

Remember that mobile devices under warranty must not be taken to a service center for repair. If they are opened, the warranty is automatically voided and the seller disclaims all liability.

Surrender your smartphone for repair is recommended in a proven service center, which good reviews from friends and acquaintances.

Moisture and dust inside the case

The cause of the problem may be water or other liquid getting inside the phone to the speaker. It happens so that the person does not drop the smartphone in the water and not getting under the rain, but steadily goes to the gym with it.

In addition to moisture the cause of speaker failure is also dust. In this case the sound usually disappears not at once. At first the sound becomes weaker and weaker and then the sound disappears altogether.

lost, sound, your, samsung

It is difficult to cope with this problem by yourself. Therefore, again it is recommended to apply immediately to the service center.

Failure of the plume

If we are not talking about a modern smartphone made as a monoblock, but about the clamshell format, the problem with the sound can be caused by a broken loop. This element on flip phones fails faster than all other parts. Similar problems have been observed with slider phones.

Signs of loop wear are deterioration or loss of sound, as well as the inability to adjust the. Sometimes the cause is moisture on the plume, the solution is one. replacement of worn parts.