Logitech G Pro X Review: headphones for games with DACs and microphone

I can write a lot of good things about Logitech headset designed for gamers, but they do not look very attractive. Full LEDs, massive, cracking, with many mobile elements and buttons. This style is not in the aesthetics of an adult gamer. Anyone who does not want a fringe, similar to a Christmas tree, had to look in another place.

Fortunately, with the release of Logitech G Pro X everything has changed. The headphones look elegant and very pleasant to the touch, the strict style is diluted with metal elements with the manufacturer’s logo. I also liked twisted cables that distinguish Pro X from the relatively similar Hyperx. There is no doubt that the form, weight and size of the Logitech headset is very similar to competitors. But their design is more designed, elegant, although the similarity is visible even at first glance.

Convenience and comfort

The team is not easy. G Pro X fit tightly to the skin, you feel it on your head. However, there are several good moments here. These are the first Logitech headphones released in a long time that do not move after energetic movement. But, because of stability, he had to sacrifice comfort.

Logitech G Pro X is not the kit on which I would like to spend a long, non.stop and irresponsible game marathon at World of Warcraft. At first glance, I would even exchange them for an option with a suspended structure for the heading.

Logitech G Pro X is one of those headphones that will make you feel the difference when you remove them. Relief. Outshoots warm the ears, and leather outfators take care of the head. In combination with dense pressure and solid mass, this gives an effect that is not entirely suitable for a 30-degree heat outside the window.

Logitech seems to know about it and warns against such complaints about comfort, landing, temperature or breathability. The kit includes alternative sports pads from foam. In my opinion, this option is worse than for a game headset, but it is much better if we have a massive model or summer heat. Therefore, I really appreciate their presence.

Other additional elements in the box:

  • Computer cable.
  • A free case.
  • Removable microphone.
  • Telephone cable with a microphone.
  • Mettlers and headphones.
  • External sound card for USB (DAC).

How to set up headphones Logitech G Pro X for CS GO

But to experiment yourself in any way? Here, still from your headphones, sound card, individual characteristics of the perception of sound depends. 100% of the perfect option will not give you. can only give out something averaged.I somehow experimented in another game, it turned out that steps and other necessary sounds are somewhere around 6 kHz, while still low (bass) would be nice to underestimate so that the necessary frequencies would not be clogged again. All in all. Experiment and you will be happy.

I sat yesterday experimented, but I still did not understand, the sound is different, but it’s better or worse whether the steps are heard, it is difficult to make out. The sound card is external, which goes with headphones, I connect via USB. “Steps in the region of 6 kHz”. Here is more interesting, I will try with this meaning. thanks for the advice

Nikita, you not only overstate, also muffles outsiders/not important sounds for you. Everything can also rest on your headphones. Some models of headphones, especially game headphones, are fundamentally not able to give out an acceptable sound at the frequencies of the desired range.

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How to set up headphones Logitech G Pro X for CS GO

How to configure the headphones correctly, so that the shooting is quieter and walking is louder, I have the headphones of Logitech G Pro and I can’t play the shooter normally with the example of CS GO, because the sounds of shooting are very loud and the steps are quite quiet. Help me understand this situation. I tried different sences, but still does not help

Michael, does not work, micro works in the moment when it drops from top to bottom, it is in the middle, when something likes something like a click, it is only in this interval (

I tried to restart the program and still all the same, very loud shots and quiet steps

Why such poor.quality plastic on not at all cheap headphones and which are only about a year in operation? The fact that 2 fasteners burst noticed only when, when putting on the floor, pieces of plastic fell, the headphones did not fall whether it was a guarantee case or where to at least get these mounts

In general my ear became quieter at one moment) I corrected the sound disappeared) support makes my head for the second month) I rewriting the video for them, and they sent me the headphones) in the replacements of the previous marriage)))) high

Good afternoon, please tell me if there is an opportunity to roll back to an earlier version G.Hub? After the last update 2021.6.6021 Microphone of the headset G Pro X flatly refuses to connect and work through an external sound card (the one that was included).

I will immediately explain the anticipating questions: turn on, turn it off, reboot the computer, g, g.Hub reinstalled, tested on several computers. Everywhere the same thing (3 computers, 2 under Win 10 and 1 under Win 7), wherever you can check in the system. The microphone is not disconnected anywhere, both in Win itself and in applications like Discord. Everywhere in the system writes that everything is ok with a microphone, there is no sound through it. G.Hub shows a red triangle in the microphone settings with an exclamation mark and signature. Make sure the microphone is connected. Yesterday, before the update g.Hub was all fine to the new version.

Logitech G I use Logitech G Pro X Wireless headphones. I install user pre.installations for sound and microphone, but they are not installed, or are not shown in the list of installed.

Logitech G430

These are solid game headphones with good build quality. With sound and microphone in the Logitech G430, too, everything is in order. If you are not used to overpaying for the brand and extra bells and whistles, take a closer look at these headphones. By the way, Dingception and Melloncs streamer played in such headphones.


  • Type of headphones. monitor;
  • Microphone with noise reduction. there is;
  • Microphone fastening. movable;
  • Turning off the microphone. there is;
  • Type of fastening. heading;
  • Folding structure. yes;
  • Cable connection is one.sided;
  • Type of connection. with a wire;
  • Connector. usb / 2 x mini jack 3.5 mm.


The first thing we should do is go to the “Start” menu, find the “control panel” there and open the category “Equipment and Sound”.

Further, at the very bottom of the list we should have a shortcut “Realtek HD dispatcher”, we lay on it.

It can be slightly different for you (light or turquoise, depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard) but the essence is one and the same. You will easily figure it out.Choose headphones (1) (in my case), or speakers, depending on what you play.

Click on the “Sound Effect” tab (2) and click the icon circled by the red equalizer (3)

Now we see sliders with which you can regulate (from left to right) low, medium, high frequencies. This is what we need. Raise the sliders up, as shown in the figure. For convenience, these are the values ​​in the numbers, as is done with me (from left to right)

After setting, you can save the profile by pressing a button with a disettlement to the right of the sliders.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Review: A solid wireless game headset with a Microphone Blue Article

Logitech is gradually translating all its flagship and e.sports models to a low.delay in low delay. We tested the headset G Pro X Wireless to understand how modern technologies are ready to refuse wires.

Like other models from the G Pro line, the headset is made in a very restrained, functional design. No RGB backlight, colored inserts or chopped lines-a steel headline with a soft upholstery from leatherette, a cup of durable plastic with metal inserts, a removable microphone on a flexible leg. Outwork in the kit two pairs: fabric and soft leatherette, both are filled with foam with memory effect.

Due to the materials used and the built-in battery, the headset is quite heavy, but not so much that the neck is tired after a couple of hours (like G635, for example).

The pressure on the average head. G Pro X does not flush and is well isolated, but if there are less foam in the headline and outpatules for distribution of pressure, it would be much less comfortable using. However, everything is individual here. I have a large enough head, so all the models with a hard arc is strongly crushed.

On the right cup there are 3.5 mm Nest for a microphone, USB-C for charging, turning on, the microphone disconnection button, and volume wheels. The left cup is empty, but there is no imbalance by weight. most likely the battery is located in it.

The only tangible drawback of the design is that the headset can only be used with PC, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch in the dock.

Logitech did not take care of an additional Bluetooth module or at least the ability to connect a 3.5 mm wire-if your device does not have a USB port for a transmitter, you will not be able to connect (Xbox One and Series X | S USB ports have, but the protocol has a protocol sound transmission is incompatible with headset for PC).

Logitech was one of the first manufacturers who created their own wireless technology with a low input delay. LightSpeed ​​is a combination of specially selected frequencies in the range of 2.4 GHz, drivers and custom converters in the device and a USB receiver, which together allow you to achieve a response time of less than 1 ms.

For a long time, it was not used to transmit the sound of LightSpeed ​​- not only speed, but also a wider channel throughput, as well as the ability to process two independent streams (for headphones and from a microphone) in high resolution, is required for this.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless USB adapter than the Logitech keyboards and mice. It is not advisable to connect it to the front USB port-you can accidentally hurt and break it

For the dough of sound delay, we used the same technique as in our guide. In the video below, you can compare the result with JBL Quantum 800, a game set with a “ordinary” connection of 2.4 GHz. The difference is slightly less than 100 ms. Lightspeed really causes sound almost instantly.

Game tests confirmed the results of “synthetics”-neither in Doom Eternal, nor in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the back gagging is not felt at all (however, even a delay of 100 ms is felt only if you carefully listen).

Logitech used the branded 50 mm Pro-G driver, which give out a very neutral sound scene. I am not a big fan of the roaring bass, so I liked the transparent, moderately detailed sound, which g Pro X Wireless give out “out of the box”.

The GUB utility opens access to a huge number of equalizer settings and additional effects. Of the ready.made presets, the most pleasant I seemed to me a “movie”, but I set up a little medium and low frequencies for a more expressive sound.

G Hub also includes a spatial sound system, marked DTS: X. do not pay attention to it. Yes, she works in all games, films and videos with YouTube and adds some volume, but this is not what you want to hear. the Logitech algorithms seem to be alive by the sound “flat” path of a dumb hacksaw and hang around you. The sound becomes a deaf and “dirty”, with a booming bass and a suspiciously poor study of sounds that should be heard in front.

But there are good news. the headset is certified by DTS and DTS Headphone: X, so in supported games you can use this technology. To do this, you need to download the DTS Sound Unbound from Microsoft Store and make sure that the Windows sound settings for the headset selected the corresponding parameter.

DTS: X works with any stereo, but the license costs 25, but in the case of Logitech G Pro X, it is included in the cost

For DTS: X spatial sound is adjusted to developers in advance. sound sources in the player are monitored by the system, and their movements are very believably reflected in headphones. even the position of sound in height is felt (sounds that come on top, at the head level and underfoot easily distinguished friend from friend).

DTS: X is supported by Metro Exodus, the last parts of Call of Duty, ORI, Resident Evil 2 Remake, GEARS 5 and several more games. If you wish, you can buy a license for Dolby Atmos for headphones ( 18). this technology works no worse, but supports a little more games.

Logitech bought Blue microphones manufacturer in 2018, and this was the right solution. the Logitech G Pro X microphone is without a doubt among the best among the gaming sets.

The cardiode (non.directional) microphone on a flexible leg has a 6 mm membrane and even a quiet voice very sensitively captures.

A huge number of filters, settings and stops for a microphone, united in Blue VO, are available in G Hub!CE-setting up the system is quite convenient, but in the end I stopped on one of the stops from the Logitech streamer-partner.

In order for the microphone to capture hissing and whistle less during speech, it is better to put the level of sound grower, but push the microphone away from the mouth.

However, with an independent “large” microphone of a tiny capsule, it is difficult to compete. even in comparison with Blue Snowball, the sound of the headset more “electronic”.

Perhaps this is partly wireless wires, which more aggressively squeezes an audio switch from a microphone for quick transmission to a computer. On the other hand, the headset of the initial and middle level, even in the wire, sound much worse.

Comfort and autonomy

Logitech G Pro X Wireless. comfortable game headphones, despite your impressive weight. He is distributed correctly here. And with fabric outweurs, this model is even more convenient than light plastic G733. However, this is for short and not very long game sessions. If you sit in headphones for more than 2 hours, then gradually their weight begins, if not crushed to the ground, then it is felt. at least.

Outshoots are quite deep, but there are deeper. Ears can sometimes hurt their inside. Personally, I have no inconvenience with this, but, theoretically, they are possible. The clamping power of the headline is so comfortable that the headphones are almost not pressing on the head, but insufficient so that they do not change their position with particularly sharp movements. However, at home this is not necessary.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Exchange Claims Logitech G Pro X Wireless on the charge of Logitech G Pro X Wireless Asselled Microphone

It so happened that almost all gaming headphones have a clumsy design. Yes, this is a home option, but additional compactness would not hurt. Not everyone has stands, but on the table such headphones, G Pro X, including, take up quite a lot of space.

Sound insulation in Logitech G Pro X Wireless headphones sufficient for home conditions. In Opeam’s barches, she, of course, is better. In fabric. worse than many analogues. This is the price of comfort and even sound. They really are more convenient in them, as I wrote above. But even in outnight from leatherette can sit for a couple of hours.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset cannot boast of record autonomy. only up to 20 hours at a volume of 50%. Tests confirm this. For a week of rather active use, he charged 1 time. For my taste, this is quite enough for a comfortable charging mode, but this is less than most analogues. The charge level is displayed in the application. It is pleased that the headphones can be continued when they are on charging, and a complete USB cable here is a very long. Another useful function. auto shutdown after a few minutes of downtime (tuned in the appendix).

5.1 microphone

The microphone of Logitech G Pro X Wireless high.quality, very good for game sets. It is safe to say that the voice here is transmitted somewhat worse than that of the wired version, apparently this is due to a limited bandwidth band. However, for any game situations, the quality of the microphone is more than enough: the voice is legible, you do not have to scream. The only thing you need to build up for yourself in the application.

Below a couple of tests with different presents, background noise and without it. Honestly, they turned out not that very indicative, in real use the sound was cleaner. As you like a microphone, enough for comfortable communication in games? Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Review

Game headset, and besides. Wireless, provides not only comfort during game sessions, but also largely unties his hands in everyday use. For example, you can easily move somewhere from the computer without interrupting the listening of the podcast.

But still, our viewed today is “sharpened” more for e-sports, since here we have a wireless connection of Lightspeed with a low delay. We are talking about the playing headset Logitech G Pro X Wireless, and today we will get acquainted with it as close as possible.

From the point of view of the design, there is a pure and uncomplicated laconicism without any highlight and other indispensable attributes of game devices. High.quality plastic cups with metal inserts, while a metal headline with a soft upholstery made of leatherette.

Plus a microphone (removable) on a flexible leg. At the same time, two pairs of outpatients are present in the kit: from leatherette and fabric. Both are filled with foam with memory effect. G Pro X Wireless cannot be called light (still wireless), but it is not so heavy as to howl in a couple of hours of use.

The pressure on the head is also tangible (due to the total number of foam in the headline and outpatules), but not critical, and this, in fact, depends more on, let’s say, the individual characteristics of your cranial box: if the head is large, it is a little uncomfortable, If medium sizes. Do not even notice.

But sound insulation for the same reasons is simply excellent.

Everything you need to control is located on the right cup: USB-C Port for charging, 3.5 mm connector for a microphone, turning on, the microphone button and volume control wheel. The left cup is virgin, and it would seem that it should be much easier.

But. No, no imbalance is observed, because, most likely, the battery is located in the left cup.

Use options are limited by PC, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch in the docking station. Bluetooth module or the ability to connect a 3.5 mm wire is not provided, so it is critical in the device with which you want to combine the device, a USB port for the transmitter.

As for the Xbox One and Series X | S, despite the presence of USB ports, there is another problem here. incompatibility of sound transmission protocol with headset for PC. Alas.

Let’s talk a little about this very Lightspeed, which was mentioned at the very beginning. This, in general, is a special technology that allows you to combine correctly selected frequencies in the range of 2.4 GHz, drivers and converters in a relatively small USB receiver.

But the most important thing here is not even this, but the fact that such a solution allows you to achieve a response time of less than 1 ms. And it really works: no sound lag was noticed during the tests. Here is right from the word “completely”. And the sound quality, as they say, “factory”. at the level.

But, if you are not satisfied with a moderate, transparent and pure sound, without a bass wear, for this there is a branded utility G Hub. Here you will find a whole bunch of ready.made stops, as well as the opportunity to conjure with equalizer at your own peril and risk. Really, the possibilities are very wide.

Immediately you can find a spatial sound system DTS: x. But it is better, in our opinion, to use the built.in technology of the headset itself (it is certified by DTS and DTS Headphone: X), why you need to download DTS Sound Unbound from Microsoft Store, as well as check the corresponding Windows sound settings.

The built-in microphone here is from the manufacturer Blue, and it is really good. Believe me, we went through a sufficient number of game sets to make sure that the microphone almost always acts as a kind of weak link. Exactly two options: either a good sound and a bad microphone, or. accurately the opposite.

Therefore, we were very surprised that in Logitech G Pro X Wireless both. At the proper level.

Here we have a cardio (non-directional) microphone on a flexible leg with a 6-mm very sensitive membrane. At the same time, the GUB utility has a lot of all kinds of filters, additional settings, ready.made presets and this all this. So you will not compose any problems for yourself.

Well, again. This is perhaps the best built.in microphone in a wireless game headset that we met all the time.

Traditionally summarize

With all the undoubted advantages of Logitech G Pro X Wireless (sound quality, including spatial, magnificent built.in microphone), there are also disadvantages. For example, from the point of view of ergonomics, this headset is unlikely to be suitable for long.term use if you have a big head.

I would also like the possibility of more flexible use with other devices. Otherwise we have only PC and a “curling iron”, even a litter smartphone did not lie on this list. But from the point of view of the price, which could also be recorded into the minuses (in the region of 17,000), we will not agree.

For a wireless device, this is relatively inexpensive. Competitors are more expensive. So, if you really need a wireless game headset, and you are ready to overpay for this option, it makes sense to look towards Logitech G Pro X Wireless.

Microphone profiles

It is more than just cosmetics and they really matter. Changing between individual premises of the microphone giant. They were divided into three main groups: created by Blue and created/inspired/coordinated by professional e.sportsmen with Logitech logo on T.shirts. The last group of profiles is especially interesting.

I got the impression that the Blue profile side has too much desire to modify, improve and cleanse the outgoing sound. The effect is opposite to what was supposed. Pre.installations from the global manufacturer of microphones were mediocre adopted by me. Of course, this is a purely subjective opinion. That’s why I wonder what profile you like? We get only part of all configurations, the rest can be loaded from the Internet through the G HUB program.

In addition to G Hub, I have not met another such specialized software that would change so many individual parameters. Great work Logitech! This auxiliary application gradually turns into one of the best assistants to a computer player. It is worth paying attention to this because the previous version was terrible.

Other features of Logitech G Pro X

Thanks to partnership with Blue, it has become very good to sound in Pro X. This is undoubtedly one of the best media devices when it comes to the periphery for computer players. That’s why it is worth separating the noise from the facts. The facts are that Logitech G Pro X is not the best set available on the market. They could be like that if the price was 5 thousand. R. Instead of nine.

Thanks to the external DAC, the new G Pro X sound great, especially with games in FPS (first.person shooters). The headphones work well during the listening of pop music, in addition, they are one of the few who, in moderation, properly play rock and metal. The options of the microphone rich in configuration are unique and unprecedented, and the number of settings and sliders captivates. Do not argue with such advantages.

We can get a little worse sound for noticeably smaller money. At the moment, the largest enemy Logitech G Pro X is its own price. If it falls to 5-6 thousand. R., Logitech will first be able to seriously compete for the leader of the leader in the average price segment. Previously, she was allowed there only out of politeness.

The considerable problems of G Pro X will be convenience during long (3) game marathons, relatively high price, mandatory cable wiring, low versatility and lack of support for advanced settings outside Windows OS. On the other hand, Logitech has achieved great progress in the areas that were Achilles fifth. The company remade the design, increased stability and improved the microphone. There is obvious progress, thanks to which Logitech headphones are not easy for fantastic mice from the manufacturer.

Is it worth buying?

Yes. Given the ratio of advantages and disadvantages, we get really very good game headphones. They can be recommended to every fan of the shooters and almost every gamer.

Comfort and connection options

Logitech G Pro X. comfortable game headphones. Deep and soft claws, sufficient and not straining clamping force. The headline also does not press, thanks to the soft stuffing. You do not “forget” about headphones, but to sit in them for several hours is not a problem.

You can also listen to the headphones with the headphones, it does not appear unnecessary inconvenience. Sound insulation is reduced, but not critical, at least at home.

With sharp turns of the head, headphones can slide slightly. You should not run into them, of course. Embumis collects quite a lot of heat. After an hour or two, the ears begin to sweat even in fabric. But they are quite deep, even big ears will fit without problems.

Sound insulation in Logitech Pro X Gaming HeadSet is quite average. For home or office use. well, the surrounding noise is cut off, but it is not difficult to shout to you. For trips in transport. a little worse. Low sounds, like the operation of the bus engine, will drown out quite weakly.

At the same time, the headphones play quietly. That is, in the same bus, so as not to hear the rumble of the road, you can simply add the volume, those around you are unlikely to hear. The same goes for home use. Sound insulation in both directions, of course, is better in outnature from leatherette. The ears get tired of them faster.

View a blockbuster with explosions and shootings in these headphones in a quiet room next to his sleeping wife passed without excesses.

Logitech Pro X. Designation of the left and right headphones. inside the outskirts

Logitech G Pro X can be connected to the computer in three ways:

  • Using the wire for PC via 1 mini-jack;
  • Adding to this cable a boss to a microphone and headphones;
  • Or, instead of the splitter, connecting through a complete sound card via USB.

The last way, obviously, priority. Since it is in this case that you can configure the microphone and volumetric sound through the corporate application. The PC cable itself has a laconic control panel: turning on \ disconnection of the microphone and volume wheels.

The length of the cable for connecting to the computer is 2 meters. This is shorter than many analogues, but in most cases there are enough, because it “increases” either a branch or a short cable from an audio card. But there may not be enough length to watch a TV of the length. I had enough almost back, but this is from the receiver. The TV would not be enough.

In addition, Logitech Pro X headphones can be connected to phones / players and other portable gadgets with a special cable. His length is standard for this niche. 1.2 meters. The control panel is single.button.

  • 1 press. start \ pause, reception \ call of call;
  • Double pressing. the next track;
  • Holding the button about a second. a deviation of an incoming call or call a voice assistant.

Switching to the previous track, as well as volume control is not provided here. You can connect a cable for PC, then the volume can be changed. But there will be no microphone.

There is also a microphone on the control panel. He is of medium.sized quality: the voice is transmitted well, but the surrounding noise also catches. It’s quite comfortable to talk in the room, but on the street it is already problematic. Both cables are held tight, inserted “to click”.

IOS 14 PUBG Mobile Legends Sound and Mic Bug? Turn off this setting

Logitech G Pro X on the head. No, it’s not me

We put on a microphone on the rod, connect one cable to the computer. play. Then turn off the wire from the PC, remove the microphone, connect to the TV and watch a movie. Tired. we connect to the other cable to the phone or player and listen to the music. On the way to some bar. Universal model.

Microphone and application

Logitech G Pro X is a gaming set with a quality microphone. Even without Blue technology, he conveys a voice well, and the surrounding noise “removes” qualitatively. The voice sounds natural, but “explosive” (for example, “P” and “T”) and hissing (“C”, “F”) sounds are given to the microphone imperfectly.

I do not have a very extensive experience in testing game microphones (yes professional too). But here, at my hearing, a very good option is installed, better than all the analogues that I had to use.

The microphone connector differs from the headphone connector with a small protrusion (which, of course, is repeated on the microphone). Though they both. mini jack, will not be able to confuse. The connection is reliable, inserted “to the click”. The bar can be placed almost as you like, it is flexible and durable. It is difficult to break, the form “remembers”.

Naturally, one of the main “chips” Logitech Pro X is the software Blue Vo!CE, which allows you to configure many parameters of the microphone “On the fly”. This technology has been implemented through the Logitech G HUB branded application.

There are many reviews on the network about “damp” and “crooked” G Hub, at least when working with these headphones. But the application is constantly updated (even during the test it managed to “fly” the update), and most of the problems were solved.

On the microphone tab, you can change the reinforcement of the input level. And if you put a “checkmark” in the activation of Blue VO!CE (and in additional tools), then there will be a lot of settings. You can adjust almost all the conceivable parameters of the microphone. In addition, there are several presets that can also be edited and preserved.

All software improvements to the Logitech G Pro X microphone are used, as mentioned, in real time. You can write down the test phrase to turn on and fix it, and then set up any parameters, the changes will be heard immediately. Sorry, you can’t save a test recording.

The only problem that I had while working with G Hub: during one of the first launches, the testing of the test recording from the microphone has been fixated, and she continued to sound even when she turned the program. I had to close. The next day, the update loaded and, not confidently related or not, the problem was not repeated.

Blue vo!CE really improves the quality of the voice through the microphone. Even if you do not delve into the settings, but simply correctly install the bar and choose the right preset. If you sit a couple of hours, then I think you can get a quality close to professional microphones.

All Blue Voice functions are disabled:

Preset “Low Voice. loud”:

Preset “Low Voice. loud” and maximum amplification:

On the Ecvalizer tab, of course, you can configure the sound of the headphones Logitech G Pro X. The equalizer itself is a simple five.lane, but quite functional. There are also preinstalled presets. You can create and save your own or look for loaded by other users.

To search for user settings of a microphone and headphones, you need to create a Logitech account and go into it. After which you can also upload your presets to be able to find and apply others.

Logitech G Hub Ecvalizer Logitech G Hub User presents

The “Acoustics” tab is mainly for settings of volumetric sound. You can change the volume of each virtual channel and apply several effects: the DTS Super Stostero and the General Ponspet (entertainment, games, sports)

logitech, settings, volumetric, sound, headphones, pubg

It is strange that the last mentioned point in the appendix is ​​called the “name of the room”. Localization seems to be lame.

In general, the G Hub app is quite functional, it works more or less stable, although small problems (like strange clicks when checking and switching between tabs sometimes) remain.

Sound settings (equalizer, 7.1) stored for a complete audio card. That is, by setting up the Logitech G Pro X on the computer, the headphones can be connected via USB, for example, to PlayStation, preserving all the “buns”.


The appearance repeats the wired version. Destroyed design with a wide headline and metal elements.

Ergonomics, the equipment of the battery that provides autonomous work, did not negatively affected the convenience and ergonomics. Weight increased only 50 grams.

The wide headline is covered with an eco.leather with a neat stitch with threads along the edge. Inside is a soft filler. On the outside.

The possibility of changing the length of the girth is provided. Metal guide. The selected provisions are fixed by cutting. The adjustment range is wide.

The owner of the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed will be able to choose between two options for execution of outpatients: eco.leather and fabric. Each of the options has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Oval cups themselves. On the outside, a recognizable island with a chrome coating. In the center of the logo of the game series of this manufacturer.

Made of plastic. The external surfaces of software, traces of fingers and dust are not polluted.

On the lateral edge, the volume adjustment drum with a smooth move, a mechanical power switches, button to turn off the microphone is displayed.

Charging is carried out through USB-C. The kit has a cable with a margin in length. You can combine the charging process with listening. The audio dress is not provided.

Microphone in the form of a removable flexible leg. Capsule with wind protection.

There are no complaints about the quality of execution and the appearance. Headphones correspond to a premium product product.

To control the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed, a branded application is used that combines the entire game periphery of this manufacturer. In the main window, a list of connected compatible devices is displayed.

In the control window, the volume adjustment tools, amplifying the microphone are displayed. There are presets for popular game genres or scripts. A detailed equalizer.

logitech, settings, volumetric, sound, headphones, pubg

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Separately, voluminous 7.1 sound. Set of settings for entertainment, games and sports. DTS modes.

Much attention is paid to fine tuning the microphone. Activated Blue Voice with Al voice. Pre.installations and manual adjustments.


To connect to the PC, LightSpeed ​​wireless adapter is used, made in the form of a compact flash drive with a USB-deposit. The connection passes automatically immediately after connecting the adapter. The connection is stable at a large distance. There were no audible differences in the speed of sound transmission during games between wired and wireless headphones.

Well, a sound scene is configured by Logitech Pro X Lightspeed. Here, despite the fact that this is a game headset, there is no obvious distortment in the lower frequencies and there is no excess of the upper frequencies. Sound rich and lively.

For better positioning in network shooters, you can activate the volume sound of DTS Headphone: X 2.0. It expands the scene, but it is better to listen to the music with the technology off, it softens the saturation. Dynamics with a special mesh material with a diameter of 50 mm are responsible for playing here. Detailed manual equalizer settings are offered.

Pure voice microphone. In our example, the record was carried out without additional processing. The user himself will be able to activate sound processing.

Logitech Pro X Lightspeed microphone test

They sit comfortably on their heads, do not interfere with movements. There are completely absent cables and restrictions on removal from the system unit. The greatest comfort and lack of fogging will give fabric outlines.

The built.in battery is enough for 20 hours of playback at a high volume level. Charging is carried out by USB-C Cable.