Review of the playing headset Logitech G Pro X. High rates

Logitech does not even really try to hide that their novelty in the person of G Pro X should compete with a very popular Hyperx Cloud Alpha model. The latter, by the way, received well.deserved respect among the gamers, because simplicity in combination with high.quality filling is able to give rise to a headset that will be on the shoulder of any games, music and films. Logitech took this idea as a basis and did the same, only better. Noticeably better. At the same time hiding several trump cards in the sleeve. I would even say this: after looking and inspired by the work of their competitor, Logitech released the Alpha version advanced on all fronts, providing it with a solid configuration and adding various software chips to it, which the competitor did not have a backbone. And with this approach, the novelty has every chance of success.

In addition, a rich one is represented inside the box. no. the richest equipment among all the game sets I have seen. So what we have? Long cable in a braid with a control panel for analogue connection to PC (with a 4-pin plug 3.5 mm), a short cable with a remote control and a micron for mobile devices (with the same connector), a sound for sound and a microphone for analogue connection to PC, a removable microphone for high.quality voice transmission to PC, an external sound card for connecting via USB; tissue additional outpatients and. Czech! And finally, this is not some cheap and thin bag, but a real cover made of dense, but light and fluid fabric, which will protect G Pro X not only from scratches, but also from weak mechanical influences. A pleasant bonus is a branded sticker.

Logitech G Pro X is a closed covering wired headset with impressive capabilities for a variety of connections. For the same sound, everywhere and always, as well as for working in virtual volumetric sound, the device should be connected through a complete sound card, since it is it that reveals all the capabilities of the headphones to the full. And here we are talking not only about sound: thanks to the sound card, all technologies are used that are designed to improve the quality of voice transmission. G Pro X has a mass of 320 grams excluding cable and made in a laconic style without using RGB backlighting. The latest Logitech G Hub is used to configure the device.

Visually, the G Pro X model turned out to be simple to disgrace, but at the same time it is not devoid of gloss, grace and elegance. Made in gray tones, it has a couple of cool visual solutions, which is why it looks simple, but with taste. Heads of headphones and elements of attaching the headband are made of very pleasant and soft to the touch soft-tach of plastic; The lids of the cups are decorated with glossy reflective concentric circles. The entire frame of the headset is made of tangibly thick steel, thanks to which the device turned out to be as tenacious and extremely reliable. Well, they supplemented the whole thing with a neat stroke of twisted connecting cables between cups.

The design of the headphones also turned out to be very similar to Cloud Alpha, so all the main features are well traced in G Pro X. The headset has a classic design with sliding cups and fixation points, however, fixation of the cups are quite blurry, because of which the cups will sometimes change their position, especially if you often remove and put on it. The cups themselves are rigidly connected with the headline, because of which they have a degree of freedom only by vertical and in the same plane they can turn. For modern headphones, this is a slight omission, since at first the location of the cups will have to be used to, since they are not in the best way under the head. The headline of the headset is covered with pleasant artificial skin, on the inside of the headline is a soft pillow with foam filler, also covered with artificial skin. Outshoots are made of the same leather and filled with elastic, but soft foam.

However, Logitech G Pro X has questions about ergonomics. I just mentioned that the cups do not add up and do not have freedom of rotation in a horizontal plane, and this was directly reflected in landing. If you throw the headphones around the neck, then they will press it slightly on it, so that the headset will have to be removed and put on the table. But there is another more unpleasant moment: its cups are a direct continuation of the headline, because of which, when putting on the device on the head, the headline is on the back of the head if the cups are completely covered by the ears. And if you move the headline to the top of the head (and it should be initially), then the cups turn along with the outrage and touch the earlobes that someone can cause discomfort, and after some time G Pro X will even want to remove from the head. But the length of the arches is enough to cover with the help of cups of the head of any size, and there are no restrictions on spaciousness. The soundproofing of the headset is at a very decent level. not quite Sennheiser with their GSP 600, but it is enough to play and not notice all extraneous sounds.

But the software of Logitech G Hub is a new software in which the integration was updated and added a huge number of different functions to all compatible devices of the company. Specifically for the Logitech G Pro X headset, there is a special Blue Voice technology, which is a software complex of a variety of settings so that you can realistically configure your voice when it is transmitted from a headset microphone. And a serious bet was also made on this technology, since in my memory no other company offers such a wide opportunity to configure the voice.

Unlike Creative, which is known to replace the voice with various fictional characters, this cannot be done in Logitech, but you can very accurately configure the voice gear to your taste. On the one hand, it is good that the user has such a huge heap of settings, but on the other hand. There are too many settings and their combinations, so you should not get too much to get involved, otherwise it will turn out worse than it was. Still, software functions will not be able to make a streamer from a regular microphone, and this must be understood. In addition, all these functions work only when connecting through a complete sound card.

Among other capabilities of G Pro X: you can configure the equalizer, take various reproduction prescriptions that professional players or casters use, so the user will always have the choice. An additional function appears in the last tab. the inclusion of volumetric sound, which can also be subtly configured and tested. Surprisingly, Logitech got a good virtual voluminous sound, but, as always, I prefer quality stereo.

Logitech G Pro X. Comfort for real professionals

Typically, the word “gamers” means a device created primarily for players as for the target audience. Enthusiasts and professionals are not always involved in creating periphery. But in the Swiss Logitech they went the other way: to develop the headset g Pro and G Pro X, they attracted cores of e.sports. And it is immediately felt.

The design of the model is pleasant and discreet. No bright backlight, no screaming colors: matte black plastic and shiny gray metal. Massive elements, twisted wires and round cups remind of devices that are used on radio and TV. The headline is trimmed with artificial skin with a soft lining. Logitech G Pro X sits tight and does not fly even with very sharp turns of the head. At the same time, headphones do not press much even after several hours of use. If desired, ambushura with a “under the skin” coating can be replaced with fabric. they are included.

Logitech G Pro X perfectly convey the difference in details: the enemy shots or steps are clearly distinguishable without loss of nuances. even in those situations when there are many enemies. If you turn on the dimensional sound mode, you are impressive even stronger. Let him “completely plunge” into the world of the game. to understand where the enemy comes from and from which side they shoot, easy. This effect is needed primarily by professional e.sportsmen. But the singlePleler hits like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will definitely be revealed in a new way. In cinema and music, G Pro X also show themselves perfectly. especially if we are talking about such genres as classical music, where the purity of sound is important.

But the main thing in the Logitech G Pro X is the latitude of the castle of the microphone settings thanks to Blue Voice technology. It was created by Blue Microphones. leaders in the production of equipment for professional recording (Logitech acquired Blue Microphones in 2018). Blue Voice allows you to change your voice in real time. just choose the necessary preset or create your own. You think your voice is too high and sharp? It doesn’t matter, it can be softened. Or make a more ringing inexpressive speech. Check what is more suitable for you, you can immediately, having recorded a short Sample in the proprietary utility and laying the prescriptions.

The settings improve their voice, making it brighter. teammates will definitely hear you. Want to indulge? Select the FM station filter and feel like a person from the receiver. Trifle, but nice and fun. However, you do not have to complain about the quality of the microphone in the headset: it is well isolating extraneous noises and provides a decent sound quality. Such a headset is suitable not only to gamers who play with his comrades for a long time, but also to those who want to stream passing, but not ready to spend money on a professional microphone yet.

Headphones will go on sale in August this year. Them. for the advanced version of Pro X, and 7990. for a little more modest Pro.

Corrections that should try:

Here are 5 corrections that helped other users solve the problem with the Logitech G Pro non.working microphone. You cannot try them all; just move down the list until you find the one that suits.

Correction 1. Elimination of equipment problems

Before trying something more complex, you should take a few simple steps to eliminate problems. Here’s how:

  • Check the connection again. You should see two input connectors on the headset: one for a cable connected to a PC, and the other for a microphone. Make sure you have reliably connected the microphone, and also insert the PC connecting cable into the correct connector until you feel two stable clicks.
  • Connect the headset to another computer to test. If none of them work, most likely, the headset is physically damaged, and you should contact Logitech to receive additional assistance.
  • Make sure the sound switch is disconnected.

If everything is in order with the equipment, read the additional corrections below.

Correction 2. allow access to the microphone Logitech G Pro X

Windows 10 allows users to control whether the system and application can use their microphones. Therefore, if you turned off access, the Logitech G Pro X microphone will not work properly. To provide permission, follow the following actions:

If your microphone still does not work, try the third solution below.

Correction 3. Check the sound settings

After updating the sound settings system can sometimes be lost, so you need to configure the correct settings manually.

Now that the Logitech Pro X microphone is set by default and the volume is increased, check the problem again. If this method does not help, proceed to the next.

Correction 4. update the audio.oreer

If the audio.radiorama is faulty or outdated, you will probably face the problem of the Logitech Pro X non.working microphone. So that your game headset always works in perfect condition, you should install the latest version.

There are two ways to update the audio.radioraiter: manually or automatically.

Manually-you can find the latest version of the driver for your headset from the website of Logitech support. Then download the driver compatible with your Windows version and install it step by step.

Automatically. if you do not have time, patience or computer skills to update the audio.diode manually, instead you can do it automatically using the EASY driver. Driver Easy automatically recognizes your system and finds the right driver for your headset and your version of Windows, as well as download it correctly and install them:

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Launch Driver Easy and click to scan the button now. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and find all problem drivers.
  • Click the icon update next to the a marked driver for the Logitech Pro X game headset to automatically upload the correct version of this driver, and then you can install it manually (this can be done in a free version).

The professional version of Driver Easy is supplied with full technical support. If you need help, please contact us. Driver Easy Support for Support@Letmeknow.Ch.

If the driver’s update does not help you, try the last correction.

Correction 5. Reinstall G Hub

Many players reported that the last update to GB can lead to the fact that their microphones of the Logitech headset will not work or will not be found. If you also have GUB, try reinstalling it and see if this will solve your problem.

Re.connect the Logitech G Pro X, and you will see that the microphone works without problems.

I hope this post will help. If you have additional questions or any experience with the Logitech G Pro X-free microphone, do not hesitate to share with us below.

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Logitech G Pro X microphone does not work [decided]

When it comes to gaming equipment, the Logitech G series is an indispensable option for many players. However, there were some complaints that the Logitech G Pro X microphone does not work. This is very annoying when you cannot talk with others through the microphone, but in fact it is not difficult to solve this problem.

Here are 5 corrections that helped other users solve the problem with the Logitech G Pro non.working microphone. You cannot try them all; just move down the list until you find the one that will help.

  • Eliminate equipment problems
  • Allow access to the microphone Logitech G Pro X
  • Check the sound settings
  • Update the audio
  • Reinstall G Hub

Fix 1. elimination of problems with equipment

Before trying something more complicated, you must take a few simple steps to eliminate problems. Here’s how:

  • Check the connection again. To make sure that the cable/head of the headset is securely inserted into the input nest. Some users offered to press the cord strongly until you feel 2 stable clicks.
  • Connect the headset to another computer to check. If none of them work, most likely, the headset is physically damaged, and you should contact Logitech to receive additional assistance.
  • Make sure the sound shutdown switch is disconnected.

If everything is in order with the equipment, read the additional corrections below.

Correction 2. allow access to the microphone Logitech G Pro X

Windows 10 allows users to control whether the system and application can use their microphones. Therefore, if you turned off access, the Logitech G Pro X microphone will not work properly. To provide permission, follow the following actions:

  • In the search field, enter the confidentiality of the microphone and press the confidentiality settings of the microphone
  • Press the Change button and turn on access to the microphone for this device.
  • Turn on the button for resolve applications access to your microphone.
  • Scroll down to make sure that the value of the BC is set to access the desktop application to your microphone

If your microphone is still not working, try the third solution below.

Correction 3. Check the sound settings

Sound settings can sometimes be lost after the system update, and therefore you need to configure the correct settings manually.

  • In the search field, enter the Control panel and select the control panel.
  • Select small icons from a drop.down list. In the opening menu next to Viewing and press the sounds.
  • Go to the recording tab and make sure that the Logitech G Pro X headset microphone is turned on (there should be a green checkmark). Then click the microphone and click by default.
  • Click the microphone with the right mouse button and select the properties.
  • Go to the level tab. Then drag the volume slider to the maximum and click OK.

Now that the Logitech Pro X microphone is set by default and the volume is increased, check the problem again. If this method does not help, proceed to the next.

Correction 4. update the audio.oreer

If the audiorater is faulty or outdated, you may encounter the problem of the Logitech Pro X non.working microphone. So that your game headset always works in perfect condition, you should install the latest version.

There are two ways to update the audio.radioraiter: manually or automatically.

Manually-you can find the latest version of the driver for your headset in the website of Logitech support. Then download the driver compatible with your Windows version and install it step by step.

Automatically. if you do not have time, be patient. or skills in working with a computer to update the audio.dioderait manually, instead you can do it automatically using Driver Easy. Driver Easy automatically recognizes your system and finds the right driver for your headset and your version of Windows, as well as download it correctly and install them:

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Launch the Driver Easy and click the scan button now. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and find all problem drivers.
  • Click the icon update next to the Logitech Pro X game headset marked to automatically download the correct version of this driver, after which you can install it manually (this can be done in the free version).Or click update everything. To automatically load and install the correct version of all drivers that are absent or outdated in your system. (This requires Pro version with full support and a 30-day guarantee of a refund of money. You will be invited to make an update when you click “Update everything”. )

If you are unlucky updating the driver, try the last correction.

Correction 5. Reinstall G Hub

Many players reported the latest update. In G Hub, it can lead to the fact that the microphones of the Logitech headset will not work or will not be found. If you also have GUB, try reinstalling it and see if this will solve your problem.

  • On the keyboard, press the Windows and R logo at the same time to open the “Perform” window. Then enter Appwiz.CPL and click OK.
  • Click Logitech G Hub and click Delete.
  • Reload the computer.
  • Go to the Logitech G Hub download page and click download for Windows.
  • After the load process is completed, open the file and follow the screen instructions to install the software.

The procedure for applying filters

Filter “Noise Domination” will help make the sound cleaner, remove interference. For him, you can use the OS settings or use the capabilities of the OBS program. To do this, click on a line with the corresponding name. The level of suppression levels must be moved to the value of.60db.

The next parameter is “strengthening”. The user moves the slider to the indicator 0.00 dB. Another effect that should be added is the “noise bandwidth”. The first filter suppresses external sound interference, this parameter helps remove any noise that occurs during the conversation.

  • Two levels will appear in front of the user. the upper and lower threshold.
  • The upper value should be 58 dB.
  • The lower indicator should be 57 dB.
  • Other values ​​need to be left unchanged.

To improve sound quality, you need to apply the “expander” filter. It is needed for:

The user must set the following values:

  • Recommended ratio. 3.50 to 1. Adjust the parameter to be moved by moving the sliders;
  • In the paragraph “threshold of the operation” the indicator must be.60 dB;
  • The “Attack” line is set by 10MS;
  • The “Restoration” parameter should have a value of 50 ms;
  • The “output amplification” indicator is set at 0 dB;
  • Going to the “Detection” menu, you need to select RMS.

Filter “Compressor” is needed to automatically lower the volume. This function is especially useful when sharp sounds appear. Also depending on it depends on the balancing of the voice. The user can set the following values:

  • level/degree of compression. 10 to 1;
  • threshold of operation. 18 dB;
  • attack. 6 ms;
  • decline. 60 ms;
  • output amplification. 30 dB;
  • In the paragraph “Source of Carriage” you need to choose “No”.

The last filter is “Limiter”. It has only two parameters. the threshold of the operation and restoration. The user must set values ​​of 1.50 dB and 60 ms, respectively.

The above values ​​are approximate. They can be adjusted taking into account the parameters of the computer.

If the microphone does not work

Check showed that the device does not function. First you need to restart the OBS program. If additional changes were made that can affect the microphone, the user will be able to see this by watching the application statistics.

If all the OBS microphone settings remain the same, you need to delete the program and download its new version. Another way is to reinstall the driver for audio devices. If none of the listed options helped, the problem is in the microphone itself.

Comfort and autonomy

Logitech G Pro X Wireless. comfortable game headphones, despite your impressive weight. He is distributed correctly here. And with fabric outweurs, this model is even more convenient than light plastic G733. However, this is for short and not very long game sessions. If you sit in headphones for more than 2 hours, then gradually their weight begins, if not crushed to the ground, then it is felt. at least.

Outshoots are quite deep, but there are deeper. Ears can sometimes hurt their inside. Personally, I have no inconvenience with this, but, theoretically, they are possible. The clamping power of the headline is so comfortable that the headphones are almost not pressing on the head, but insufficient so that they do not change their position with particularly sharp movements. However, at home this is not necessary.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Exchange Claims Logitech G Pro X Wireless on the charge of Logitech G Pro X Wireless Asselled Microphone

It so happened that almost all gaming headphones have a clumsy design. Yes, this is a home option, but additional compactness would not hurt. Not everyone has stands, but on the table such headphones, G Pro X, including, take up quite a lot of space.

Sound insulation in Logitech G Pro X Wireless headphones sufficient for home conditions. In Opeam’s barches, she, of course, is better. In fabric. worse than many analogues. This is the price of comfort and even sound. They really are more convenient in them, as I wrote above. But even in outnight from leatherette can sit for a couple of hours.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset cannot boast of record autonomy. only up to 20 hours at a volume of 50%. Tests confirm this. For a week of rather active use, he charged 1 time. For my taste, this is quite enough for a comfortable charging mode, but this is less than most analogues. The charge level is displayed in the application. It is pleased that the headphones can be continued when they are on charging, and a complete USB cable here is a very long. Another useful function. auto shutdown after a few minutes of downtime (tuned in the appendix).

5.1 microphone

The microphone of Logitech G Pro X Wireless high.quality, very good for game sets. It is safe to say that the voice here is transmitted somewhat worse than that of the wired version, apparently this is due to a limited bandwidth band. However, for any game situations, the quality of the microphone is more than enough: the voice is legible, you do not have to scream. The only thing you need to build up for yourself in the application.

Below a couple of tests with different presents, background noise and without it. Honestly, they turned out not that very indicative, in real use the sound was cleaner. As you like a microphone, enough for comfortable communication in games? Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Sound quality

Logitech Pro X. Game headphones with good sound. The model plays balanced, in detail and quite natural. There is no strong emphasis on the low frequency, decline or poor study of the HF and the obvious “synthetics”, which is unexpected for the gaming model.

Logitech G Pro X was tested in several games (shooters, RPG, horror) on a computer under Windows 10, mainly when connecting through a complete audio card with a voluminous sound turned on. The main outpatchildren are fabric.

logitech, settings, microphone, wireless, comparison, analogues

In addition, headphones connected to the TV (more precisely, to the receiver). To assess the sound quality for music-the phone for Android and the portable player HiFiman HM-801 (with the Symmcard 7 custom amplifier.2, if it is important).

Logitech G Pro X and Beyerdynamic DT 990

There were no similar players at hand, so in games the quality of positioning was compared with the budget Perfeo Guard and Defender Warhead G-370. By the general quality of sound for the “starting point”, Beyerdynamic DT 990 were taken.

There will be no direct comparisons in this article, all tests were carried out to a general understanding of the “level” of Logitech Pro X in different areas.

  • LF. The bass is even, not “bloated”, quite accurate. There is a rise on the upper part of the LF, which goes into the score. The very bottom is heard. The quality of the bass is good, but it is a little slower and softer than I would like. Nevertheless, shootings and other “powerful” sound effects sound great.
  • Account. The middle is more or less even, with a slight accent “below”. Voices sound naturally, like other sounds (musical instruments, explosions, steps, and so on).
  • HF. The upper part of the range is somewhat “lowered”, but there is no shortage of HF. Compared to DT 990 in some compositions, some of the sounds are lost behind the middle, but not critical.
  • Dynamic range. The difference between the quietest and most loud sounds is big, and they can be heard well too. For example, after the explosion in the game, the fall of various fragments is heard. Much better than in other tested sets.
  • Positioning. The sound source is determined accurately, including behind. And quite far. In some cases, for example, the voices of the game characters sounded so natural that he almost turned to them. In films, even without digital volumetric sound, the immersion effect is very good, watch, especially modern paintings, is a pleasure.
  • Virtual scene. When listening to music, the scene is very narrow, does not go out of the head, focused on the front and a little on the sides. The tools are determined accurately, “placed” in depth and width, but the size of the images is not guessed.
  • Detail and naturalness. The detail is decent, some sounds (in music) can only be lost behind the rise in the lower middle or in the upper range. In games and films completely imperceptibly. Naturalness at a good level, strings sound best from tools. In key and bow, “synthetics” sometimes slip through. Voices, both in music and in the cinema, sound naturally and, so to speak, completely, not flat.

Logitech G Pro X. additional tests

If you turn off the volumetric sound in the application, but leave the connection through a complete map, the sound in games changes significantly. Sounds in principle are also well determined, but the sensation of volume changes and the dynamic range narrows.

In films, for my taste, sound is more interesting without virtual It sometimes creates a more “closed” volume that confuses.

When connecting without a complete audio card, from the existing (old SB Audigy model), the sound becomes approximately the same as with a voluminous sound turned off. Unless, the dynamic range becomes already, quiet sounds are heard worse. Apparently, cards of approximately the same level.

Music at 7.1 did not evaluate. I turned on 1 time, I realized that “not so”.

The television, phone and player connected only like that. The films were very pleased, the music almost reached DT 990. In this regard, the Logitech Pro X is lost only the size of the scene, accuracy and naturalness on the low.frequency and detail of the RF. But not at all critical.

logitech, settings, microphone, wireless, comparison, analogues

Outshoots from leatherette “add” bass. Not very much, but still. Slightly “round” and narrow the scene. In addition, they make the bass less striking and softer. It seems to me that fabric headphones sound better in all connection options and areas of application.

Logitech G Pro X

If we consider Logitech G Pro X, like headphones for music, then they sound quite universal. Suitable for both living and synthetic electronic styles. There are only problems with the “wide” multi.instrumental classics (not enough “air”) and a quick metal (not enough “aggression” and drilling).

Sound is the main advantage of this model. I did not expect from game headphones, what would even have to be listened to when compared with my favorite bars.


Logitech G Pro X. excellent full.size gaming headphones with high.quality sound, good microphone and high quality assembly and materials. Valuable not so much with their gaming qualities (although they are on top), so much universality: these are headphones for games, and for films, and for music. Very interesting home option.

  • Sound. Accurate positioning in games, good “dive” in films (even without virtual 7.1) and decent general sound quality for music.
  • Assembly and materials. Headphones are collected high.quality and reliable. Durable and wear.resistant materials used. It’s hard to break, they should serve for many years. “Sensation of a high.quality road thing” in the kit.
  • Convenience. You can spend several hours in headphones with comfort. Unless the ears can sweat in an hour or two. Especially in Opeam’s barches from leatherette.
  • Design. Not as bright as you expect from a gaming headset, but stylish and universal. In such headphones in transport or on a walk, you will not look strange. How much is possible for a full.sized model.
  • Microphone. Voice really transfers high quality. In online games, colleagues will have no problems in order to understand you. And they will not hear extraneous noise. Especially if you sit with the Blue Vo settings!CE.
  • Equipment. Several wires, audio card, additional outpatients and cover. In general, everything you need.
  • Removable cable and microphone.
  • Price. 155 is a lot. Especially for wired headphones in the era of Bluetooth gaming sets. If we consider headphones as a universal option for several goals, the price is justified. Only for games you can find something more interesting or cheaper.
  • Application. It is much better than literally a few months ago, but the shortcomings are preserved. I hope they will completely disappear soon.
  • Marking bowls. Chicane
  • Sound insulation for transport. Chicane
  • Awkward design. Chicane

In fact, only because of the price it has a reason to think about buying if you are looking for a high-quality game headset. The remaining little things for most potential buyers are not at all important.


Unlike most gaming headphones, they did not abuse artistic and aggressive design elements, making a choice in favor of strict classics.

As a result, Logitech G Pro X will look harmonious both during the e.sports competition and in the atmosphere of the business office.

The design uses a combination of matte black and chrome elements. External surfaces of headphones are not subject to pollution during active operation.

On the outside of two cups, an insert with a texture pattern and the manufacturer logo. There is no backlight in these headphones.

The headline is covered with an eco.leather with a soft lining. Neat stitches with threads around the perimeter.

Directors and fixers of the cups are made of metal painted black. On the outside of the mark on the selected position.

The user will be able to choose the optimal length for the anatomical features of his head.

The use of metal in the design increases its reliability and durability. And the headset itself gives the impression of a premium product.

The microphone in Logitech G Pro X is made in the form of a removable flexible leg with wind protection. Another microphone is in the removable cable control unit. Oval cups. The mounting angle changes, providing the optimal clamp to the user’s ears. Eco.leggings from eco.leather.

There are also outpatules of fabric in the kit. Can be selected depending on personal preferences. The fabrics in the center are marked on the right and left sides.

�� БЕСПРОВОДНАЯ гарнитура для киберспорта. обзор Logitech G Pro X Wireless

The connection is wired. The cable is removable. A common audio dealer is used here. There are options for use in pairs with a computer or wearable devices. They are with different lengths and type of braid.

There is a remote control with a microphone on the smartphone cable. In turn, there is a volume control and a microphone button for a computer cable for a computer. There is also an adapter for separate channels.

An important component of the headphones is an external sound card with USB shift. She is responsible for thin settings and improvement of sound transmission.

To manage headphones, you will need to load the company control center G HUB. It combines the current periphery of this manufacturer.

In the first tab, the microphone settings are grouped. Detailed tips are displayed for each regulator. In addition to the frequently encountered microphone amplifier, there is a function of activation of Blue Voice technology.

She gives you to choose broadcasting and change the owner’s voice on the fly.

Equalizer parameters are set. There are ready.made settings for certain games and genres. All presets can be adjusted by hand.

Обзор наушников Logitech G Pro X. Стоит ли покупать в конце 2021 года?

Volume levels are changing, voluminous sound is activated and noise is eliminated.


The microphone in Logitech G Pro X compensates for the possibilities of error during the recording and transmission of the voice, ensuring high.quality and natural sound. The user will be able to choose ready.made presets for different scenarios. The setting process itself is simple and intuitively understandable.

Logitech G Pro X microphone test

In terms of ergonomics, everything is fine. The headphones are comfortably sitting on their heads, do not crush and do not shift. Long.term wearing does not cause discomfort. A choice of two options for execution of outpatients is available. Sufficient degrees of adjustment are offered.

50 mm dynamics are responsible for playback. The volume sound is maintained. Sound scene saturated and detailed. They are well suited for listening to music and transmitting special effects in films and games.

The bass is soft and deep, the upper and medium frequencies are not forgotten. Artifacts and noise were not seen. Network shooters give a clear positioning of the location of opponents and the direction of shots.

Choice in favor 3.5 mm Audio UZEDUS GIVE TAKENT OF THE SOUND SOCIENCES. It can be laptops, desktop PCs, consoles, tablets and smartphones. The convenience of wearing was also thought out here by offering different cables. So, it is quite possible to take headphones with you in the subway, and in the evening play your favorite game.

Review of the Logitech G Pro X Wireless wireless headset. Improving the best

The headphones are old, the principle of connection is new. Actually, the differences can be finished on this, but Logitech is not the devices that only “a few words” can turn about. At a minimum, even if in the insides an ordinary user does not hear the difference, the market of such devices and the positioning of the current model is interesting, which can be called one of the most flagship new products among all the wireless sets of this year, along with other models that also came to us during all this year. Well, of course, the confrontation of the two most famous competitors will not go anywhere: Logitech vs. Hyperx.

Inside the volumetric proprietary box is Logitech G Pro X Wireless and an extremely rich set of accessories, about which all other manufacturers of the headsets can only dream: a headset, a dense cloth for transportation, a second pair of claws made of fabric, a USB reserve for connecting a headset on a radio channel, removable Microphone, USB-A TYPE-C char, and pieces of paper. Oh yes, for this gift in 2020 I want to express special thanks: a long time ago it was time to transfer my devices on a Type-C device for charging, and it is good that it has now appeared in G Pro X Wireless. Otherwise, little has changed: we have a game headset, which has huge opportunities for configuring both sound and microphone using the proprietary software of Logitech G Hub, as well as just a cool device made at a very worthy level.

Visually, nothing has changed, and a strict, restrained appearance with neat accents in the form of concentric reflective circles on cups remained exactly the same as at the time when they represented the usual, wired version of this model. And this feature, I must say, has become a hallmark of the company. now, by the brilliance of the side linings at the cups, you can safely find out what kind of headset on a person’s head, and for this you do not even need to peer into the logo. over, in the case of G Pro X Wireless, this will not work out-the headset did not have either and did not appear all these “gaming” charms such as RGB-lighting and other visual excesses. In a world where visual beauty often dominates or goes along with the functionality of the device, I am very glad that Logitech has leaned on the second, practically not led to the trends of the first. At the same time, the device cannot be called boring or monotonous: here is used both soft-tach plastic, and glossy plastic, and metal covered with matte paint.

Therefore, the appearance, maybe restrained, looks very stylish and elegant. For those who do not like colored rattles, let’s say so. Along with this, the headset did not differ in practicality, and on the cups after half an hour of time there were stains and fingerprints. A certain “modular” structure of headphones is very pleased, where all additional parts, from the charging cable to the microphone and outpatients are light.removable. this is a significant plus if you like to carry headphones with you in a backpack, or you “change your mind” for the summer season, instead leather outnights are fabric. In G Pro X, all these replacements are carried out very easily. The cups of the device have a classic design, and are advanced using fixation steps, and the arches of the cups and the headline itself are made of fairly thick and springy metal.

Only one point was not pleased: the G Pro X Wireless cups are tightly blocked when rotating in a horizontal plane, they only have rotation in the vertical plane, as well as the possibility of tuning in height, so there is a meager chance that the headset will not suit you on the head or it is it it will not be strong enough to fit the head. Or she, as mine, will cause a small ergonomic dissonance when I want the headline to be on the top of the head (and not somewhere on the back of the head), and the cups perfectly outlined my ears. Heat of headphones are made of artificial leather with foam filler; The same material and filler are used in the headline. Visual details are drawn with a pleasant visual detail from the headline to cups. this gives the device an original charm, which is also deposited in the piggy bank of the pluses and recognition of this model.

In landing, the device turned out to be extremely comfortable, but this, let’s say, the situation on the verge. Yes, sits excellently, yes, no uncomfortable sensations, but right in the end. For example, for planting on my head it was necessary to completely put forward the headline. And if I had a little more head or wider, then the headphones would either not suit me at all, or would create discomfort by excessive pressure, and in the current situation it turned out so, when aligned, the outfit is strictly left in this position in this position. The same applies to rotary cups: in any other model, they adapt as accurately as possible under the head, while here I did not have enough rotation of both shells “inside”, because of which, it seems to me, noise insulation was slightly affected.

She is already here, honestly, at an average level, but in my case, loose fit allowed extraneous noises like the knock of the keyboard and the noise of the wind outside the window to get inside. But then such a powerful metal frame did not actually create excessive pressure, which is very, very pleasant, and the headset itself sat as tight as possible, without pressing either on her head or on the ears. The internal space of the cups is not very large, but it turned out to be enough for my ears to be completely (and almost backward) inside the cups. In general, taking into account these nuances, I would still advise you to try on g Pro X Wireless live to be sure that it will fit under the head, since ergonomics in places may not be arranged in places. But most people, of course, will suit.

Among all the available functions, Logitech G Pro X Wireless got a thin tuning of the microphone using software and virtual volumetric sound technology, and a bunch of all sorts of quite interesting pieces for those who like to sit and tinker in software, looking for an ideal, reference sound for themselves. All this is good, but. At whose expense the device will eat? Honestly, I expected the battery to see here a little more. At the time of the review, I did not have a wired version of these ears, so I could not compare their mass, but it is obvious that the headset is still comfortable enough to be tired of sitting in it for long hours, although it weighs 370 grams. However, autonomy is not pleasing, since the total time of the device fluctuates somewhere around 20 hours, and this is a fairly honest figure, if you constantly listen to the music even lower than on the average volume.

Reviews on Logitech G Pro X

Software (within MKAD). 350 ₽, order from 10 thousand. We will deliver it for free in the region (for the Moscow Ring Road). from 500 ₽ (depending on the remoteness from the Moscow Ring Road) and Belarus is carried out by the courier company SDEK, business lines, as well as through FSUE “Post more”

Great headset, sound, microphone normal. Production quality at a height. Do not put pressure on the ears, a lot of settings.

Ordered blindly, trusting reviews on YouTube. Were, and now there are, headphones Hyperx Cloud II. They sound like me better. And in these headphones you sit as if in a pipe and, in addition, as if Birusha are inserted into the ears. Very dull as a sound for me. If now there were a choice between the headphones of Logitech G Pro X and their opponent Hyperx Cloud Alpha S. And in theory, they should be better than Cloud 2, I would choose Hyperx Cloud Alpha s. Result. unjustifiably high price, only for music lovers who love basses are suitable, pronounced high frequencies are needed for games (even Cloud 2 they are much better) which, as for me, is not enough even taking into account the configuration of profiles in GHUB. I will put 2 of 5 headphones.

IMBA for her money. Before that, Razer Nari used the year. except perhaps the design and lack of wires, the raiser has no strengths in comparison with G Pro X. Logitech wins by volume, sound quality, voice transmission quality, setting and customization opportunities, and landing comfort. On the side of the green. lack of wires and cooling the first 15 seconds gel in overlaps; Otherwise, these are headsets from different dimensions.

Great sound in games good positioning with 7.1 large volume supply is the best microphone of those that I heard a convenient thin wire in a braid in game sets does not interfere and does not constrain movement

Complete sound is just tin. In games there are certain sounds that are inherent in the sounds in 32kb sound. The baskets are very strange, if you twist it with an equalizer, all ears begin to shake. Returned to the store, bought Arctis Pro Gamedac

Great headset that fully met my expectations. Blue vo technology support!CE clearly improved the quality of these products. Very pleasant ambruschers, headphones are tight (but not painful) sitting on the ears, you can use it on a fairly large period of time. Support for software helps to configure micro in your own way, or just borrow and download someone’s config) Separate thanks to 4frag for a gift for headphones: Mouse Logitech G 102 LightSync. I advise everyone this model, and it is better to pay about 2 thousand for a good microphone than to suffer later: D

Comfortable, sitting well on the ears; excellent sound, microphone, equipment; thin, pleasant and light wire; look stylish, support for.

The headphones are very cool. I did not find shortcomings. I use a week and a half, almost 2. The only thing that I do not like is what the right ear is uncomfortable, but as I already wrote, it has already begun to pass and the discomfort has become many times less. The headphones do not crush, they are not much pressed. on which it does not press, it is very comfortable to sit in them. Softach plastic is very pleasant, but gets dirty, but not as much as I expected. If it is good to handle them, then the headphones will not be dirty and worried. Wires here are a separate topic. very light, do not interfere, thin. The remote control on the wire is very well made, only a little storm button on the microphone, but this is not significantly. The microphone sounds very good, on a flexible leg. In general, I recommend headphones, I have not found shortcomings yet, and I hope that I will not find them. The headphones look strong and confident. So the conclusions are such that the headphones are very cool, but the price is not the most favorable that could be, although I took them for 100,500. I think this is their normal price than 11500 in DNS. I RECOMMEND!

-Fat equipment.Great sound.Good materials.Great wires.Great microphone.comfortable and pleasant fabric outpatient clinics.The kit has a cover for transportation, it is pleasant

I haven’t found it yet. Unless only the right ear is discomfort slightly, but it began to pass.

This headset was not in vain gained its popularity. After my previous headphones, G Pro X. This is some kind of magic. The magnificent quality of materials and assembly, nothing will fasten or stagger, everything is collected in conscience. Sound. this is something with something. Other gaming headphones are very fond of lifting up medium or high frequencies, but everything is fine, the sound is balanced and very pleasant. The same applies to the microphone, very clean and clear, although with a mechanical tint. Well, the last plus. Chic software. You can configure almost anything, about lotions for the microphone, I generally am silent, the sound quality jumps almost to the level of budget studio microphones. The only thing that somewhat spoiled the overall picture is a volumetric sound mode or In other models, of course, he is even worse, but still. When you turn on 7.1, then the feeling is created that everything happens around you closer than it is actually. A striking example. This is CS: GO. With 7.1 you hear perfectly where it comes from, but here is the distance to him. It seems that the enemy is behind the wall, but in fact he can be almost half a card from you. So I play in stereo mode. Otherwise, this is a gorgeous choice for gamers who also love to listen to music from time to time. Highly recommend.

I advise after using for more than six months, the top ears, the top micro, many even say that the sound is like studio micro, the main thing is to correctly configure since all the voices have different, two pairs of an outpatient clinic, a cover, sound in the kit.In general, take it will not regret

The sound is very tasty. Well, I still have our farmer there with an equalizer. The design is solid. Inspires. I do not use microme, but it is obvious, quite. Settings and other things. ton. There are no complaints about the sound, everything can be configured. I use 2 presents: 1. Music, films. 2. Games.

While tight on my head, I use fabric outlines. The wire is inconvenient. The remote control in an uncomfortable place, interferes, too close to the head. Micro, though one of the chips, but in fact just a toy. I thought to take a version without x, but there are no fabric outweurs, they were important.