LG SMART SHARE 2.3 for windows 10, 7 and 8.one

You have a LG TV, and you want to display on it the screen of your phone or computer on it? Then try LG Smartshare. This software allows the user to “mirror” the screen of your device, be it tablet, phone or PC on the TV screen.

LG Smartshare uses DLNA and Wi-Fi, thereby providing a much greater distance to connect, which makes the program for an order of magnitude better than alternatives to Bluetooth, and also provides higher quality and faster response. Therefore, if you need a program to demonstrate the contents of your devices on the TV screen, we recommend Download LG Smartshare.

Functions and features LG SmartShare 2.3:

  • Using DLNA technology (Digital Living Network Alliance) for safe and fast wireless connecting to all your devices using a home network using a cable or Wi-Fi;
  • Modern and convenient inteeis;
  • All your content is neatly organized in directories, so you can easily share your content by pressing one button;
  • It is possible to preview, so you can make sure that you share the right content, and block the content that you do not want to share;
  • The program has security features that allow forever limit the sharing of any content using an easy-to-use lock button
  • Using different colors of text files indicating which content is general and what blocked (blue for general content and red for blocked content);

Connection using the Wi-Fi Direct feature

Wi-Fi Direct media signaling method from the phone to LG TV will allow you to do without cables, adapters and other complex, and sometimes expensive tricks. The main requirement for TV is the presence of a corresponding wireless communication module; Fortunately, almost all modern models of the South Korean manufacturer are equipped with such a transmitter. Using a direct connection allows you to do without an intermediate element in the form of a router: you will sufficiently configure the smartphone and TV correctly. Accordingly, there is no need to check whether your TV includes a Smart line, which will certainly require to synchronize the presence of a router.

There are several ways to synchronize two devices among themselves. Having understood with each of them more specifically, the user can choose for itself the most suitable

Wi-Fi Direct Technology

This method is very convenient, it does not need to use wires or additional consoles, adapters, router. Just only Wi-Fi wireless connection. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • For a TV. the presence of a built-in adapter that allows you to carry out wireless connections and supporting Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • For smartphone. Android version is not lower than 4.0.

In addition to the mass of the pluses, the method has some flaws. One of the mains includes an increased load on the battery of the smartphone, from which it will become faster. The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • Open in order in the cell: “Settings”, then “Wi-Fi”, “Extended Settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. Automatic search for available networks will begin, so you need to immediately start settings on SMART TV;
  • Run the menu using the remote;
  • find the item “Network”;
  • Select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section, activate it.

Next, you need to install security code:

  • Find a security key in the program;
  • come up with a reliable password, enter them;
  • In the phone, find the login of the access point created on the TV, start connecting to it (you need the specified password).

The next step will be sync. When one of the devices find another, it is required to select the model and approve all confirmations on it.

5-10 seconds, the phone and TV will be connected. Can be taken for the necessary manipulations. To send to the monitor files, you need to go to the gallery, click on the required, select in its “Send” settings, the TV data will appear in the application list, which you need to choose.

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Modern Miracast standard allows you to connect the phone to SMART TV also using wireless data transmission. When the procedure is completed successfully, then on the television screen you can broadcast the entire content available in the smartphone (any media files, including your favorite applications).

The method has its own limitations:

  • Support Smart TV in this intees;
  • one router in both devices;
  • Miracast functional support smartphone. You can check as follows: search in ordinary installations or lowering the curtain on the screen, finding the option “Cast” (or “Miracast”). If it is not available, it can be downloaded to Google Play entering in the search bar. “Miracast Wi-Fi Display”.

If all the requirements are satisfied, you can start connecting:

  • launch the TV menu;
  • Select: “Settings”;
  • Activate “Network”;
  • in the Miracast menu to translate the cursor to the value of ON;
  • Enable the found (or downloaded application) function in the smartphone.

After the final stage, the mobile phone will find a TV and will only be able to confirm all actions for the final connection.

Installation and Setup

To transmit multimedia content from a computer to a TV, you need to connect the TV receiver to the local network, and download and install the LG SMART Share application, and then configure it correctly for future use.

Connecting a television panel to the local network

Before loading the LG Smart Ball on the PC, you need to connect a telephone number to a home LAN, usually configured via router. In the same network there must be a PC (or laptop). To connect the TV receiver, you can use a network wire or Wi-Fi.

To configure wired connection, you will need to perform such actions:

  • Insert an Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the router and a similar connector on the TV;
  • Turn on the TV, open the “Settings”, and then the “Network” tab;
  • In the “Connection” string, select “Wired” and go to the connection setting.

Often, no action will be needed anymore. the TV will connect to the Internet automatically. But sometimes the connection is not configured independently, in this case it will be necessary to manually enter such parameters as the IP address, subnet mask and T.D.

To connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you must also go to “Settings”, then to the “Network” section and select a wireless connection. Next, in the list of detected networks, you will need to find homemade and enter password. Communication will be installed in a few seconds. In the event that the “Network” section is in the TV, but the “Wireless Connection” tab is inactive or there is no one at all, it means that the Wi-Fi receiver in the television panel is not. In such a situation, you can configure the connection only through the cable or purchase an external wireless module.

Important! When choosing an external Wi-Fi-module, you need to take only the device that is compatible with the TV, the best. production of LG. This will avoid problems with the joint work of the equipment.

Download and install LG SMART Share

After the TV will be connected to the home network, you need to download on the PC and install the SMART Share PC SW DLNA program. To do this, go to the official developer website, open the “Support” section and select the “software and program” tab. A page will open on which you can download software for LG TV. On the right below will be the section “SMART SHARE”. In front of the “DLNA” field with a description of the function, the Windows button will be to click on it to download the program distribution, and then specify the folder to which it will be placed.

On a note! The program is undemanding for system resources and can work even on weak PC with an Intel Pentium III processor, similar or more powerful. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8 operating system.1, 10.

After downloading, go to the folder to which the program has been saved, unpack the archive and double click on the Setup file.EXE Run the Installation Process. When the application setup wizard window appears, you should click “Next”, and then familiarize yourself with the terms of the license agreement and click “Yes” to accept them. Now you can select a directory to accommodate the utility by clicking on the “Overview” button, or leave the default folder and click “Next”. Installation will begin, depending on the PC power, it can take different times. Upon completion, a window will appear on the screen notifying the end of the Installation. You need to make sure that in front of the fields “Create a pictogram on the desktop” and “Enable all SMART SHARE data access services” are set and click on the “Finish” button to start the program.

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Setting up the LG Smart Share application

After starting the utility on the PC screen, a window will appear in which you can select the content type. “Movie”, “Photo”, “Music”. You need to click on any of them, and then in the new window that opens, select “Parameters” in the upper right of the display. You must make sure that the sharing file is turned on, otherwise you need to activate the function.

Next step. select the “My General Files” tab in the field on the left. You need to determine the directory in which the video is stored, and if not, it is necessary to create it, and then by pressing the button with the image of the folder and the plus in the green circle add to the shared access unit. To save the changes, you need to click “Apply”, and then “OK”. All video files posted in the created directory are now displayed on the initial screen, and the folder itself is visible TV.

Next you need to rename your computer for more convenient search and connect to it from the TV. An algorithm of actions such. you should open “Parameters”, and then “My Device Settings”. Here you need to specify any name to your liking, then click “Apply”.

On a note! Having created a directory for video, the user can similarly create folders for music files and images in the appropriate sections.

How to play a movie or video?

The first way is to play through a computer. You are simply among the list of video files directly in the program you select the movie, click on it with the right button, select “Play with help” from the drop-down menu and then select the name of our TV.

The second way is to reproduce with the TV. We go to our screen, take the remote control.

computer, manual, installation

  • On some firmware there are still item “DLNA” and you need to click on it. And on the rest, you should immediately see the name of our computer.
  • Go to our server and see the folder that was added to the program. Going to her, you will see all the films. If you have added more folders with music and photos, they will also be here.

Now you can watch your favorite movies, home photos and listen to music that will be on a computer or laptop.

HDMI connection

Now we define how via HDMI connect the TV to your computer. This method is most in demand, it provides transmission in digital format and with sound. Especially like this option to users who love to watch a movie in excellent quality, play a variety of toys.

Perform an image setting

How to connect via HDMI computer with a TV decided, now you need to configure the display. We act as follows:

Additionally, exhibit the highest resolution.

Work with two screens

Another interesting feature of this method is that you can make changes to the operation of the computer screen:

How to Clean Cash

For the correct operation of the system periodically important to clean the cached data. Clean the cache is recommended for unloading RAM. If you delete data at once all installed applications, the settings will return to factory, and it will be necessary to re-authorization, but usually enough and remove the browser cache.

How to Clear Built-in Browser Cache on LG TV:

  • Switch to Smart TV mode, for which we click on the SMART button on the console;
  • open the browser;
  • Go to the settings (above right);
  • In the appeared window, click “Clear Cache”;
  • I confirm the action with the “OK” or “ready” button.
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If we are talking about memory overflow error, it is advisable to also clean it from unnecessary applications that are aimlessly occupying.


On TV just go to Smart TV

And choose Smart Share (Unfortunately, I do not know how to do it on other TVs, or in models without Smart TV).

Go to the Connected Device tab

We already have two DLNA servers. The one that in the form of Windows Media Player is a server created in the standard player (first method). You can open it and view files.

The second DLNA server is the one that we created in the SMART Share program. He needs me. Open it.

We see the available folders. What to open our folder to which we opened access, then go to the folder folder folder

Open it and launch the file you need. In my case, the film.

If you have any problems with setting up, with the Smart Share program, or you, for example, another TV, then I have prepared an article on how to configure a DLNA server using the Home Media Server program (UPNP, DLNA, HTTP ) “. About which we have already spoken more than once in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Here is the instructionWe connect a TV with a telephone (tablet) directly, using Wi-Fi Direct technology

to the computer via USB, if it is not connected as a removable media, but only charging? Very common malfunction for users who use Android. Consider separately every possible cause of breakage and ways to solve it.

I can not connect a mobile to a laptop how to cope with the problem? In fact, there are several reasons why it happens. First you need to make sure that you have connected all the necessary settings on your device. If after connecting the smartphone

With PC, a message appeared on the taskbar that the device is identical and successfully installed drivers, go to the phone settings.

At the same time, a battery charging should be seen on the display of the cellular. Turn on the removable media function in the settings and repeat the connection. In this case, the connection problem is missing, it is possible to set the drive changed due to the installation of the update or the operation of the anti-virus software. Connect the device as a computer for a computer. To do this, click on the appropriate key in the pop-up window or use the phone settings.

How to call from a computer to the phone?


Remodroid is a very simple application that allows you to easily hate the image from the screen of your smartphone. However, in contrast to the already mentioned programs, it does not work via the Internet. Instead, you can share the screen only with Android users in one local network. But it allows you to control the remote device. So the impression of the program is created twofold.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all modern technology, this development has its strengths and weaknesses. For clarity, they are displayed in the form of a table.

The ability to broadcast on a large screen of files from the device’s memory and simultaneously data from the network;

No need for wires, splitters for connecting to a local network. Data transmission is carried out on Wi-Fi wireless;

Simple and intuitive inteeis adapted for Russian-speaking users;

SCREEN SHARE LG service is available for TV receivers exclusively of this manufacturer.

You can use those permissions that relate to formats permissible on a specific TV.

The image can be broadcast in low quality. This situation is typical for outdated models of TVs purchased several years ago.

The inability to ensure continuous streaming transmission due to frequent cliffs of Wi-Fi-compound.