Brams, buggy, freezes YouTube on TV or Smart TV prefix. What to do?

I have repeatedly faced different problems in the YouTube application on my Smart TV TV. A few days ago YouTube began to buggy again. After starting the application, it opened for a very long time, then turning on the video after a few minutes everything hung and the TV did not react to anything, the remote control stopped working. It was impossible to even get out of the application. There was an endless video download (loading animation). I had to reboot the TV. After rebooting (disconnecting from the outlet), everything was repeated. The video unrealistically bugged, slowed down, and the application eventually completely hung. You may have a different problem, but the solution that I will share in this article should help you.

We already have a large guide to solve different problems with YouTube on TVs and Smart prefixes on our site. Different working solutions are described in detail there in detail. But they are aimed more at the problems with the launch of the application, and in this article I will tell you what to do if YouTube opens, but it works poorly on the TV. The video is not played, it freezes, brakes, does not load the preview, the usual, or voice search, does not work, etc. D.

The instruction is suitable for all TVs with Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Ergo, Hisense, Kivi, etc. D.) and for all Smart prefixes (TV box). since the YouTube application on all these devices is about the same. Separately, I will show one solution that can be used on TVs and prefixes with Android TV.

does, play, video, internet
  • Be sure to turn off the power (completely, from the outlet) of the TV or the Smart TV prefix for 10 minutes. Perhaps after that, YouTube will work normally and stably. This is the first and most simple solution.
  • It is advisable to restart the router to which the TV is connected. You can also check the Internet connection speed on the TV itself, or on other devices that are connected to the same router. Perhaps the video on YouTube, or the application itself bugs and freezes due to the low speed of connection to the Internet.
  • If possible, connect the TV to check for another Wi-Fi network. Can be distributed from the phone, for example.

Не работает Ютуб на телевизоре СМАРТ ТВ LG

The remote control does not react

If the remote control does not respond to the user’s actions, then you need to check the following:

  • the use of an original remote control for a specific TV model;
  • The inclusion of the VCL/slope button on the device;
  • The functionality of the remote control;
  • TV operability;
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Often malfunctions arise due to sowing batteries or from the cable, which disconnected. It is noteworthy that the lags are observed not only with the image, but also with the sound.

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Browser update

After successfully downloading the browser, you can use it for some time. Then there is a high probability that the problems will begin. the pages are slowly opened, the application flies away, its work is unstable. There may be two reasons. the cache is filled or outdated. You can update the browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV only with the firmware. You can do this via the Internet or use a USB drive.

But the update is necessary only if a new version is released. when installing via the Internet, it will be possible to check it automatically. But what to do if you can only upgrade through a flash drive? In this case, you need to go to the TV settings and find out the version of this software, and then compare it with a fresh update on the official Samsung website. If they coincided, while the procedure should be postponed, otherwise, you need to prepare a flash drive.

Through the Internet

An easier way is to update the Internet.

  • In Smart Hub mode open the menu.
  • Go to the support point.
  • Select the section Update by.
  • Click on update now or update over the network. depending on the model one of the inscriptions may appear.
  • Automatic check for updates will occur. If they are found, a window will appear with a request to confirm the action.
  • After an affirmative response, the update will begin.

While the new firmware is installed in no case should you turn off the TV. At the end of the process. it can take several minutes or more than half an hour, the system will restart.

In the process of updating it is strictly impossible for the TV to turn off from electricity. This will lead to serious damage to the operating system.

Through a flash drive

The update through the flash drive will help out if it is not possible to connect the TV to the Internet or the connection speed is too slow. The only condition is that the flash drive must be formatted before the procedure. There is a simple procedure for this:

  • Insert the drive into the computer connector.
  • Open my computer, click on the flash drive with the right mouse button or enter the properties.
  • Find the formatting section.
  • In the paragraph of the file system select “Fat 32”.
  • Click on start.

After this, the flash drive will be readable for the TV and all available files will be deleted from it. Therefore, it is better to keep a separate drive for updates for the TV firmware. After formatting is completed, you can proceed to the main actions:

  • From the official site download the update package, checked with the version and selecting the installation language.
  • Unpack the archive, indicating the path to the formatted flash drive.
  • Pull the drive from the PC connector and insert into the TV connector (the one marked HDD).
  • Go to the Smart TV menu.
  • Open support section in the settings and select “Update Po”.
  • Among the options, choose the one that through USB.
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After that, the system will process the request within a few minutes and will launch the update. At this time, you can not turn off the TV, wait for the reboot after completing the process.

Updating browsers

Sooner or later, even browsers need to be updated. otherwise the program will freeze, give out poor image quality. Unlike the type, these applications can be updated separately, and not along with the firmware. To do this, again in the Smart Hub programs you need to find a desired browser and click on it. if there are updates, they will be installed. Of course, this will take much less time than the upgrade of the firmware, but still nothing is recommended to do at this time.

It is realistic to even simplify your life and make this process automatic. To do this, go to the application settings and in the Update section select the line “update automatically”. After that, you will not have to monitor new versions, and the applications will work stably.

Roter firmware update

As noted above, the firmware may become obsolete with the TV. in this case, some applications will not work, and others to give frequent failures. The easiest way to find out if the update has appeared, you can from the TV itself. If for some reason you can’t go into the settings, you can update the firmware through the flash drive. To do this, it is formatted for the television operating system, a file is downloaded on it (not an archive!) updates, then the flash drive is inserted into the TV connector and the update starts. It is much more convenient to draw it through the settings of the TV itself. Below will be considered the procedure for Samsung TVs if Smart TV does not turn on on TV.

This procedure will lead to the removal of all user information on the TV. from color rendering settings to deleting the compiled channels and downloaded applications. You will have to configure everything again, so this method is the last in the list of possible solutions to the problem.

Reasons why Smart TV does not work on TV

After buying TV, people connect the device to the network and immediately count on access to Smart services. In practice, after feeding on the TV, LG Smart TV does not work right away. In addition, malfunctions may appear after connection and correct work for a long time.

The reasons for such a problem include:

  • Lack of Internet.
  • Not passed registration.
  • Incorrect work or router malfunction.
  • Outdated on TV.
  • Software failures on TV, outdated version.
  • technical issues.
does, play, video, internet

These are basic reasons why LG Smart TV does not work, which most users are faced with. Understanding these moments allows you to solve the issue on your own.

does, play, video, internet


Be sure to check how much the film weighs. If not all TVs will be able to support this size of the video on the flash drive of a video that weighs 20.30 and even 40 GB. Old models are rarely equipped with such capabilities. Files from 4 to 10 GB are most convenient in this regard.

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If there is no USB port on the TV, you can take an old DVD player or digital console. They usually have the right entrance. To connect, just make switching to the console or DVD. And then, taking the remote control from this device, select a USB connection. That is, the launch will be actually the same as on the TV.

The video below discusses the reasons for not playing a video from a USB flash drive and ways to eliminate them.

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If your Samsung Smart TV has an application that does not work properly, follow the following actions.

Setting Style Use Box: on. Setting Style Use Box: Off.


The first option is to diagnose yourself. Check the integrity of cables and wires that are connected to the TV. Perhaps some of them failed. Call the Internet provider and learn about Internet quality. Big videos are not loaded due to speed. Perhaps also a breakdown inside TV. Study the performance of the equipment, clat on different channels, see the quality of the connection. Radical method. full reset of settings. With this method, the prefix is ​​cleaned to the factory state. Along with this, problems are leaving. When performing the parameters are automatically destroyed. The user will need to again look for television channels, create playlists and configure the equipment for himself. Try also the reloading of the system. Perhaps the device hung for a while.

Nadezhda Orlova 22.05.2019 updated: 19.02.2020

YouTube does not work on TV-recently this issue has become very popular among owners of Smart TVs of certain brands and years of release. The article gives detailed instructions on how to cope with the situation and return the application to the screen without making any special efforts.

The decision to remove the application and install again

[Adace-AD has an option to delete the application so that after rebooting TV, the system automatically downloaded a new version. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”. “Applications” (depending on the model, the path may vary)

Find YouTube there and try to delete:

does, play, video, internet

LG Smart TV: How to Fix YouTube App Not Working (9 Solutions)

There are two disadvantages of this method: a ROOT access may be required to remove the system application (and YouTube is just that is, by defending), the second-the version of the application can be established far from the latest, but at least it will work