“Not a remote unit” or “How to turn an Android-smartphone in the remote control for LG Smart TV

Greetings everyone! LG company produces very cool TVs, but on some of them heavily saves. Almost every modern screen supports the Universal Remote Control “Point” or more accurate LG Magic Remote. The problems are that when buying some TVs have this magic pointer, and others do not have.

Therefore, the question arises here. how the most convenient to control the LG TV. There are two options. First. buy this remote. The option is certainly not bad, but the consoles are so expensive. If anyone can wonder my review on all models here. There is also a list of televisions that support one or another remote.

The second option is more budget, because you do not need to buy anything and enough to have a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system. LG TV Remote is a convenient application that has almost all the same functions. like the console.

Android TV Remote Control


The Android TV Remote Control application from Google can be used to control any device located in the same Wi-Fi network as a smartphone. If the SMART TV TV is connected to the Internet with a wire, which is often recommended for smoother video playback, then the connection can be installed via Bluetooth.

Available only two ways to control. the joystick and touch panel. You can also manage void by clicking on the microphone icon, but for this, the TV must support voice control.

Office LG Smartshare

You are viewed viewing and searching for files in LG Smartshare, at least with a PC or laptop connected to a TV, even from the connected flash drive or hard disk.

In general, LG TV Remote is an excellent replacement and addition to the console. This wonderful TV control tool on Android not only replaces the remote, but also adds many new features. You get a convenient managing your TV in the browser and various applications and games, a lot due to the virtual touchpad and the capabilities of the symbol input from the smartphone or tablet keyboard. And feedback allows you to see a copy of the TV screen, even being in another room. You can also search and select SMART TV system without interrupting current playback. Read more on the video below.

How to control old TV with tablet (smartphone)

A rather interesting decision was suggested by Xiaomi, known in the market of gadgets as an organization that produces inexpensive, but high-quality smartphones with high performance and additional “chips”.

Through the built-in IR-port, Xiaomi smartphones got the opportunity to manage old television devices that are missing Wi-Fi. This method of management applies to air conditioners, projectors and other techniques. In case you are the owner of the TV without SMART TV support, you can purchase a cellular Xiaomi and manage the device via IR port.

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If we consider the features of connecting the phone to the TV, there is no problem in the issue of software complex moments. You may have thought that the TV to PC will have to be connected to the PC, thereby activating the program. Everything is much easier. You will need to download the application to the mobile device, depending on the operating system, then connect the smartphone and TV, to make an adjustment in their operation and all.

First of all, it is recommended to find official applications for the proper operation of the television device. Buying a model from the LG brand, you will need to get acquainted with the company. If the firm is no less known, then you need to find a universal software. Most often in such applications there are phrases Remote Control or Remote TV. For example, you can consider the following applications:

When the user does not want to depend on the wireless Internet, plus also bought a cell from Xiaomi with an IR port, it may not be needed to perform additional actions. Mi Remote’s official application must be present on the mobile phone. The program is quite simple and convenient to use.

Open software, synchronized with the necessary TV, and you can just forget about the control panel.

You can proceed to exploring applications that in force majeure situations can easily perform the functions of the real remote control from TV after installation on the phone.

How to turn on the telephone

The concept of a smart home is good in that household appliances can be launched remotely, being, for example, at work. Last summer there was a terrible heat, from which it was unrealistic hard animal at home. Using smart sockets, I started the air conditioner and disconnected it directly from the phone. The same can be done, for example, with light bulbs. Or with a TV: let’s say if someone from home can not do this or the remote is simply lost.

You can easily start the Android TV via Google TV or using Google Assistant on the phone, it is enough to say “Google Ok, turn on TV”. If you have connected several televisions at once, then they need to give a name and specify when started which you want to enable. For example, a TV in the kitchen.

This chip works with HDMI CEC. technology that allows you to combine several smart devices in the house. Sometimes it is disabled by default, but you can enable it in the settings. It should be borne in mind that not all TVs can support. Especially when it comes to numerous manufacturers producing devices with Android TV.

How to control TV via Android phone

TV manufacturers every year add new features to their devices, thereby trying to simplify the life of users. Despite this, the switching of the channels is still due to the remote. Yes, what is there to speak, all the setting and the transition to the necessary sections is carried out by means of a small device with buttons, which is often lost. Because of this, mobile application developers have created programs to replace the usual console. Let’s figure out how to control the TV through the Android phone.

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Most modern TVs support Smart TV, and as a result. have a built-in Wi-Fi module. It is through a wireless Internet connection that will be controlled by a TV without a remote control. It is worth noting that both devices must be connected to one Wi-Fi router, so you cannot switch channels from another apartment.

Also, a small number of smartphone manufacturers are installed in their devices of IR ports, which allows you to use even the oldest TV. Such companies include Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. So, the following conditions must be observed from the phone to control the TV:

  • The smartphone should work on the operating system Android 5 and above. The outdated OS will be problematic to establish modern remote control applications.
  • TV must support Wi-Fi connection. An exception is smartphones with a built-in IR port. In this case, TV may be the most common, without trimmed functions and Smart TV.
  • A special application must be installed on the phone. It can be like a program from the manufacturer and the universal application with Google Play. By the way, it will be written in detail in detail in the following paragraph.

Observe the presented requirements, and then no problems with setting up and connect will. We also recommend honoring our article about connecting smartphone to TV.

How to replace the remote from the TV?

The idea of ​​replacing the remote control from the TV to the smartphone began to ask exactly at the moment when smart TVs appeared, and smartphones became the same integral part of modern society as a car or the Internet. You can display what you need, and everything “optional” is easy to hide into a drawbar, a separate screen or submenu. Well, good thoughts are usually someone and embodies, especially since the company has and experience in smartphone-building, and one of the best SMART TV systems on the market.

An application that anyone can download on Google Play. much more than just a remote control. This is a flight management center and a supermarket in one bottle. Features of this platform. the sea, almost all SMART TV content can be controlled from the screen of your smartphone. Main menu, applications and premium services, content via Smart Share, settings and other features are available directly from the application. No need to even open the menu on the TV, all information. on the screen of the device, which is in your hands.

The application supports a full-text universal search, which is still searching among applications, services, games, or in the program: Enter the first letters, choose what you were looking for, and run / read in one touch. On the most convenient input of text in the browser, the applets of social networks and simply in the calendar can also be forgotten. the keyboard of your smartphone (or tablet, on the tablets, too, everything will work) becomes the main input method for the TV. In the case, if you still needed working with the screen cursor. it makes no sense to postpone the smartphone aside. Virtual touchpad (and hopefully, in the future. also the virtual remote control on the aclerlerometer). at your service.

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In addition to all this, this “smart remote” receives and feedback capabilities: Translation of TV-transmission to a smartphone or tablet (even to another room), screenshots at any time and convenient control of TV in gaming applications and browser, access to everything you need Couple-triple “clicks” on the screen without cutting from playing current content. Such ordinary consoles did not even dream.

Via Wi-Fi using Miracast

We are talking about a modern data standard, the essence is to use wireless channels. If TV supports this inteeis, then you can broadcast different content to a large screen. You can also play games, run applications.

The main requirement is a TV and a smartphone must be connected to one Wi-Fi network (router).

Not all versions of the Android operating system support this functionality. The name of the function under consideration may vary depending on the device model, but the essence always remains the same. If you failed to find this command, set the application from Google Play, for example, Miracast. Wi-Fi Display. Run it and activate the image transfer function.

Immediately after starting the Miracast function, automatic search for devices available for connecting devices will begin, select your TV. Then you need using the remote, confirm the synchronization. As a result, the image transmission will begin. If the picture is displayed not on the entire screen, then simply turn the mobile phone, t.E. It must be in a horizontal position.

Features of the TV for various phone models

Some phone models have differences if used to manage TVs. For example, Xiaomi phones have an IR port. As mentioned above, it allows you to control the TV without using Wi-Fi connections and connect even old models. Such a port is also available in some models Huawei and Lenovo.

In the mobile phone Huawei Honor, the Virtual Remote Control application is set by default. Such an application meets on other devices with an IR port.

Use the phone as a remote control via IR port

Consider configuring connection via an IR port for the Huawei device. Perform the following steps:

    Run the Virtual Remote application and click the Add Remote button to connect the new TV.

Run the Virtual Remote application and click the Add Remote button

Connect the remote control via IR port

Will save the settings and select the panel circuit

As it turned out, the phone can completely replace the television panel. If you seem convenient to you, you can easily implement it with the help of tips from this article. After that, even the loss of the “remote” will not be a problem for you. you can simply call it.

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