The TV does not play MKV files. why and what to do?

MKV, in fact, is only a video conflict, it contains a video file, there may be subtitles, different audio tracks. That is, it is a kind of archive that can have different characteristics. It is usually used for packaging high.resolution video with high frame.up and high.quality sound. However, many TVs have difficulties with him. Often the TV does not play MKV: at all or works only with some files. We will deal with the reasons for this problem and offer the best methods of getting out of the problem.

In fact, it is not always just to determine why the TV does not reproduce MKV. Often this requires an in.depth study of the device itself, its technical documentation, as well as the implementation of real tests. The main reasons are listed below.

Why TV does not lose video files with an extension of MKV:

smart, does, play, video
  • The TV has systemic restrictions on playing files in size. Relatively old Samsung, Philips and other manufacturers cannot upload a video weighing more than 1.5-2.1 GB.
  • There is no support for a sufficient level of framew. 100 FPS can be laid in the container, and TV operates at 4K with 30 fps 30. This creates problems with the loading of MKV final.
  • The TV does not support or very poorly supports this format. The problem is characteristic of TVs of 2010, 2011 release and all that older.
  • Insufficient speed of carrier. Basically, the problem relates to files from the flash drive. To play a regular 4K video, the flash drive should have a stable reading speed of 20 Mbps. Most cheap devices are maximum speed and it falls strongly after a short time. Hence not only lags, but in general, problems with the launch of films in MKV.
  • The TV does not support Dolby Vision and DTS data. The listed technologies improve sound quality, but not all TVs are implemented in all TVs. If the MKV file does not have a simpler audio format, playback will not begin.
  • Non.standard resolution. It can also be a failure.
  • There is no support for a given MKV profile. It is known that 5.0 and 5.1 is not very stable on TVs. But 4.1 loads perfectly.

Life hacks for Smart TV. How to watch TV shows and films on Samsung, LG and Sony TVs for free

We talk about the best applications for Smart TV from LG, Samsung, Sony and not only. Everything is there. from free TV shows and films to a cardinal update of the Inte Wee.

“Height =” 1303 ” /

TVs have ceased to be stupid for a long time. LG and Samsung have been releasing screens with their own operating systems for about 10 years, which significantly expand the functionality of the devices. At the dawn “smart” zombies, or, if you want, Smart TV, were a luxury, and today they are everywhere. In the summer of 2019, the group of companies “.Video Eldorado ” declared, that 50 percent of the TVs sold in Russia. with Smart TV.

“Smart” TVs allow you to be operating systems that can launch all kinds of applications. The latter, in turn, often make the capabilities of devices wider than provided by the manufacturer. Or simply allow you to carry out fine setting of screens in accordance with the needs of the user.

Smart Led TV || YouTube Not Working just Loading Fix

Popular operating systems for Smart TV today are three: Webos, Tizen and Android TV. You can also mention the Patchwall from Xiaomi, but it is incorrect to consider it a full.fledged OS, since in fact this is a shell for Android TV. Simply put, on Patchwall, everything that works on Android TV is launched. What, alas, is not identical to LG and Samsung.

Nevertheless, there are a number of interesting utilities for them that simplify the life of TV owners. Actually, we’ll talk about them.

Webos. Smart TV shell for LG

LG operating system launched in 2009. She, like Android, works on the Linux core, but program files.APK does not open. As a result, what is missing in the LG TVs from the box or in the company’s company store, you have to look for in utilities from enthusiasts.

Unofficial online player, one of the functions of which is the video playing through torrent trackers. Simply put, the utility allows you to watch all films and TV shows for free and online. One “but”. Since the application is unofficial, during installation and settings you will have to dance with a tambourine in the left hand and computer mouse in the right. Although, of course, the first is optional. It is better to take a hand with a smartphone. it will definitely come in handy. However, the difficulties of stubborn people will hardly stop. And there are a lot of detailed instructions on the Internet on the Internet. Even in Russian.

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Another player with unusual functionality. Its main advantage is that it can reproduce video players in M3U format. It usually spreads the broadcasts of television channels in it. Thus, in OTTPlayer you can watch television and prefix television and prefixes. you only need the Internet. over, if you look well, you can find playlists not only federal channels, but also satellite, for which they usually take money on the network. OTTPlayer can be downloaded in the official LG Store.

DSTORE is not just an application, but a whole catalog of these. And unofficial. In fact, so as not to fool around with the installation and setting separately forkplayer, you can immediately deal with DSTORE. It will be much easier to connect to torrents through it already through it. In addition to players in this catalog there are a lot of information widgets. They allow you to read news from many popular online publications, including Life. Yes, we also slightly perplexed from who can come in handy, but since there is, then they use.

Tizen. Smart TV shell for Samsung

Tizen is the development of Samsung. She just like Webos works on the Linux core, and also does not support Android.APK. Nevertheless, for Tizen, there are enough useful official and home.made programs.

XSMART-a huge aggregator of links to hosting online video. Of course, primarily is of interest to those who do not want or cannot afford to pay for content. The application is unofficial, therefore, as in the case of LG TVs, the XSMART installation will have to spend more time than installing any application from a legal catalog.

smart, does, play, video

Paradox, but, unlike Netflix, YouTube, Okko and many other popular online services, Twitch has no official application on Tizen. Although for a long time an unofficial client has been present in the company’s company catalog of applications. In the spring of 2019, Samsung deleted it on request directly Twitch. Fortunately, the people’s craftsmen managed to rebuild the customer of the gaming service. Find it will help search queries on Tizen Studio.

PLEX is already an official application. True, with the settings you still have to tinker. But already on a computer, not on TV. The benefits of this program are that it allows you to create a pair between PC and TV in one Wi-Fi network. On the network where the PC plays the role of a media server. Thus, you can do without the difficulties associated with the customization of the factory software on the TV, but at the same time still watch films downloaded from the Internet without flash drives and external hard drives.

Android TV. Smart TV shell for Sony, Philips, Xiaomi and not only

Android TV. whatever one may say, the most flexible, and from that, in our opinion, the best operating system for TVs. It is most often found on Sony and Philips screens. Recently, the Chinese from Xiaomi are actively mastering from Google. Soon Vsmart, Nokia and Motorola will join them, which we are talking about They wrote in detail here. Thousands of applications are sharpened under Android TV, which can be downloaded from Play Market. It’s only extremely difficult to choose from them only a couple of the best. Nevertheless, we tried.

Not in the best way, the Google Operating Operating Region Operating Center often incumulates the righteous anger of users. That is why for Android TV there are many launches that very concisely lay out applications icons and widgets. ATV launcher copes with this best.

How to solve this problem?

Even in the answer from the LG specialist, there is no information about what can be done in this situation.

To expand somehow the memory of the TV, there is no possibility. Connection of flash drives and hard drives. will not help.

The only way out is to watch films and listen to music through special applications that are already installed in your TV. You can install other programs, see the instructions for installing applications on the LG TV.

You can also update the TV software. Perhaps in the new version of the software, this problem to fix.

If you know something about this problem, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will be grateful!

Streaming Internet Video on LG Smart TV

One of the most common inconveniences faced by LG TV owners is the inability to watch videos from sites through a browser. In most cases, the video simply “crashes” after 30-40 minutes. And although many believe that this is done specifically in order to direct the attention of users to the paid content of the LG Smart World applications, the reason for this problem is quite banal and there is no conspiracy the. In fact, the video flies out due to a simple lack of resources: “heavy”, not optimized Internet pages of the Flash player consumes the memory of the TV too quickly, which sooner or later leads to departure. In the application, the same video will be reproduced quite calmly, it is sharpened and optimized for this kind of task.

smart, does, play, video

In the fall, we added to SS IPTV the ability to work with video files posted on the Internet. T.e. In fact, we made a universal video player for Smart TV, in which the user could reproduce any Internet recording, sending him a direct link to the file.

  • The inability to form playlists. a sequence of reproduced records
  • Lack of the ability to work with several devices
  • Lack of “feedback” with the application. The browser part does not “know” anything about the application
  • Run/add to the playlist video from sites, YouTube, Rutube. Additionally for a friend, a fan of the show “Voice”, added the ability to work with the video from the Channel One website, for the Spaniards, support for their popular hosting videos Allmyvideos, StreamCloud etc was added
  • Add, delete, edit elements of an already uploaded playlist of videos
  • Connect several devices for work at once-it is very convenient to add videos to relatives living somewhere far away
  • To generate an archive that on 2012 TVs can be used to automatic application of the application
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Bottom line: For a month and a half, 1660 copies of expansion were installed from the Chrome online store. than a thousand people use it daily. The most obvious drawback of the solution used is the lack of cross-browser: in fact, for each of the browsers you need to write a new plugin, delve into the nuances of development and distribution, but, it seems to me, the effect is still justified.

Why is YouTube not updated?

We will start our review of problems with a relatively simple situation. YouTube refuses to update. Neither automatically nor manually the application does not load the necessary data. This can lead to complete inoperability of the service or will cause bugs in certain functions of the program.

Why is ITube updating my update:

  • Outdated TV firmware and other software in the operating system. First we recommend checking the availability of updates for the TV. We can usually do this in one of the points in the settings menu. Other applications from developers should also be updated, and at the end, try YouTube through the Google Play application (or another, depending on the TV brand).
  • Problems with data in cache. First try to delete temporary data for a specific application. To do this, use the section of the settings or program control (long.term click on YouTube). If it did not work, we try to open the “network settings” mainly the parameter menu and select “Clean the data storage”, which is relevant for Philips TVs.
  • Complex background processes. We just wait a bit. If the case is updated, which is now downloaded, it will boot soon. It remains only to install software and YouTube will work normally.
  • Low speed, high ping or poor network signal. Through SpeedTest, we check on TV characteristics of the network. Preferably: speed-from 10 Mbps, ping to 50-70, and the signal level-4-5 strips. Otherwise, we improve the quality of the network: order the best speed from the provider, expand the Wi-Fi action area or go to another operator.

LG Smart TV Apps not working Fix it Now

YouTube does not start or hang on Philips Smart TV

Philips TVs, like Sony, work on Android TV. And if you do not take into account the fact that in general the Android TV system itself does not always work stable and quickly, then there are no special problems with YouTube on these TVs. I also have Philips Smart TV somewhere in 2015, and there are no serious problems with it. Recently, the YouTube application has been automatically updated and it works fine. Sometimes it freezes, or does not open. But this is always decided to turn off the power supply for a few minutes. After which Android loads again and everything works fine.

On old TVs Philips (as on TVs of other manufacturers). When trying to launch YouTube, users are displayed that YouTube will no longer work on this TV. There is also some problem with different applications on TVs of 2014-2015. If you have a TV of these years, then you need to go to Google Play, go to “My applications”, find YouTube there and delete it. Then install a new version of the application from the same Google Play (to find the application use the search).

  • In any case, if YouTube disappeared on your TV Philips Smart TV (this application is not at all). then you can always try to install it from Google Play. Open the Smart TV menu, start Google Play, click on the search button and enter “YouTube”. The YouTube for Android TV application should appear in the search results. If the application is not installed on your TV, then there will be the “Install” button. If installed, then “open”. You can also delete the YouTube application. But as it turned out, on my TV Philips, it can not be completely deleted (but we do not need it). You can only remove all updates (you can try if you have problems with the launch of this application). This is a system application.
  • If the YouTube application itself simply does not open, does not work after starting, freezes, does not play the video, then you can try to clear the data and delete the cache of this application. To do this, we need to go to “installations”. “application management”. Further on the “System Applications” tab we find YouTube and open it. Then, in turn, select “Delete Data” and “Clean the cache”. Each time we confirm our actions. After that, it is advisable to turn off the TV power for a few minutes. If YouTube still does not work, then try to “remove updates” and “delete the default settings” in the same settings in the same settings.
  • Update TV firmware. Here are the instructions for updating the firmware on Philips TVs on Android TV.
  • Resetting TV settings to factory settings. You can make it in the “Installations” section. “General settings”. “factory installations”.
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How to choose a TV in 2020. Follow these 5 tips, otherwise you will be disappointed

A TV drive also needs cleaning, even more than a smartphone. Its volume is ten times lower than that of a mobile device, and it clogs faster.

Way to Apple TV: Settings. Basic. Office of the repository. Select the removal application and click on the touch area of ​​the Apple TV remote control. On the screen that appears, select Delete.

On Android TV the path is as follows: applications. Google Play Store. My applications. Select the application you want to delete and click delete.

Smart TV is unstable on budget TVs. You need to buy a TV set

Other reasons

  • Each manufacturer has restrictions on the number of documents inside a removable medium. Due to the exceeding the number of files, the flash drive may stop reading the TV receiver.
  • The very complex structure of the directory inside the drive.
  • The flash drive should be defined by the technique as a “removable medium”. Go to the conductor and open the properties of the media. The “Type” line should be written “USB drive”. Additionally look at the icon of the removable memory. He should not be similar to other discs. In a different situation, flash memory may not be subject to TV.
  • Infection with viruses with further damage to the drive system.

There are several situations when working with files on USB-Flash through TV:

  • The system does not see files (videos, films) recorded on the flash drive;
  • TV does not show video. The file is in the folder, but when you try to play, notifications are written. Inscriptions can be different for each device. For example: “impossible to play”, “not supported format”, “the file is not available for reading” or “playback error”.

To solve the first problem, try to place files in the root catalog. If files are called Russian letters and contains additional characters, make renaming the Latin. Do not make the name very long.

The main reason is that the video format is not supported by the TV system. You need to download the new video file in the supported extension or convert existing files.

It happens that the file is found, but the video does not read the video (situation). The problem most likely lies in the incompatibility of formats. It’s not even a video file format. Each film file includes two paths. audio and video. If the video format can be played by a television receiver, for example.AVI, then the file will display in the list. But audio traffic can have a different format, which just interferes with reproduction. Converting or downloading a new file with the desired characteristics is required.