LG washing machine does not drain water

There are five main malfunctions by which your LG machine machine stops draining the spent water after washing. As a rule, in this case, you risk flooding not only your bathroom, but also neighbors. That is why it is necessary to determine this reason as quickly as possible to determine and take measures to eliminate it. This article will help owners to independently diagnose a malfunction.

  • Damage to the water level sensor;
  • An excess of the drain hose, or it can simply be clogged;
  • Blocking the filter of the machine;
  • The failure of the pump is out of order;
  • Malfunction of the electronic control panel;

How to repair a machine after draining water

If you got rid of the water in the third way, then it makes sense to look into the front hatch to the filter and clean it. There you can find the reason for the breakdown and a bunch of things that have fallen up during washing things.

We offered this operation as a fourth way. If you prefer it not him, then remove the back cover. Unscrew the mounts of the drain knot. Removes the pipe. Remove the clamp. The water is already merged, so it may not be soaked very much. Then just put on the phone. There are thickenings and interference, then there is a blockage. We remove it and collect everything back.

If you checked the filter and the pipe, and did not find the blockage, then in the impeller of the pump. She is located right behind the filter. Some object could get into it, as a result, she jammed. Try to twist it. If this turned out without problems, and nothing fell out of it, then it is in order.

Washer LG it doesn’t drain water

We remove the filter. Turn on the machine for squeezing mode. Shut on the impeller and take a look at whether it is spinning. We did not find foreign objects in it, recall. If it does not spin, then the problem remains in the motor.

We buy a new pump (pump) and change it as follows:

  • Remove the entire drain of the drain of the machine;
  • We reinforce the drain pump from this assembly;
  • Turn off all the wires from it;
  • Install a new pump and collect in the reverse sequence.

We figured out the prerequisites for the breakdowns of water drain, the reasons for this situation, methods of water descent and repair. Now you should not scare you if your home assistant suddenly refuses to drain the water.

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Filter blocking, siphon or impeller

Often the washing machine does not go into spin mode, water remains in the tank, but the pump continues to work. In this case, it is necessary to examine the mechanical parts of the unit.

First you need to drain the water from the tank. There are such methods for this:

  • Turn off the device and wait for the electronic lock to open. Then substitute a container under the hatch, open the door and pour water.
  • Tilt the car back and fix it in this position. Unscrew the filter from the bottom, through the opening hole all the fluid will merge.

After that, it is necessary to study the paths through which the water should leave the tank.

The filter is checked visually for the presence of small things in it, solid objects, organic or lime deposits. If they are present, then they are removed with subsequent flushing under a strong stream of water. But you should not stop on the filter, since the problem may not be a single.

The next object of the check will be the impeller. It is arranged so that it can wind hair and thread not only on the case, but also on the shaft. Cleaning must be continued until the part is rotated easily and freely.

does, drain, water

If a beating is felt, this means that the sleeve is broken.

The product should be replaced with a new one, since otherwise it will break in the near future.

Then you need to check the condition of the siphon. Since it is constantly dirty water, there is a high probability of clogging. You can check the hose by passing the jets of water from under the crane in the bath through it. Cleaning is carried out by a steel cable or knitting needle after preliminary soaking, but easier to replace the part itself.

OE Error LG Washing Machine Not Draining You Can Fix Easy

Elimination of blockage and repairs of pump

To detect a blockage, you first need to open the base panel from the bottom on the front part and unscrew the drain filter. It is necessary to substitute some kind of container, because in the process the remaining water will pour out. After extracting, the part must be carefully cleaned of garbage and dirt that have been full during operation of the LG washing machine. Also, during washing, coins, paper clips, bones from women’s linen, buttons and other small elements come here. Most often they are causing a blockage.

The next thing that needs to be done is to inspect the drain hose, make sure that it does not overcome, then disconnect it, blow it up or, if a large accumulation of dirt is detected, clean the plumbing cable. Then return the hose to the same place and correctly install.

Next, you need to inspect the place where the drain hose is connected to the sewer. Make sure that there is no blockage at this point, if necessary, clean the siphon and pipes.

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Now you need to inspect the internal nodes of the LG washing machine.

It is necessary to turn off the equipment from the network, water supply and sewage and move to a spacious place. Further actions are as follows:

  • Take out a cuvette for detergents.
  • Turn the LG washing machine to the left side.
  • Fill the clamps and remove the drain pipe coming from the water tank.
  • Remove the part, check for garbage, clean and rinse.
  • Disconnect the pump, unscrewing the holding fasteners.

The pump must be disassembled into two parts and inspect the impeller. Hair, threads, pieces of fabric are often wound on it. This complicates the rotation of the part and leads to the failure of the pump. If the impeller is clean and there are no extraneous elements on it, you need to check the pump using a multimeter.

The measuring device must be switched to the resistance control mode and install the probes on the pump contacts. If the number “0” or “1” appears on the display, the part should be replaced. A new drain pump is required to be bought strictly in accordance with the device model, you can do this in a service center or in a specialized store. Another option is to order a drain pump via the Internet. The new part must be installed instead of the damaged, then assemble the LG washing machine, connect to the network and communications and check the equipment by launching a test washing.

does, drain, water

What to do if the hatch of the machine is blocked

In automatic washing machines after launching a given washing program, the hatch is blocked. If problems with water drainage occur, a full washing cycle cannot end standardly, respectively, the hatch continues to be blocked.

You can force the hatch forcibly in one of the ways, to the next method to proceed with the ineffectiveness of the previous one:

  • de.energize the device and wait for 1 hour (unlock will occur after the thermoplastine cools);
  • pull the cable, the end of which is located near the drain filter;
  • skip a wire under the castle. Pull parallel to the hatch in the lateral direction;
  • Remove the top cover to access the castle.

During unlocking, do not make jerks, smoothly increase efforts so as not to damage the lock.

Excess or blockage of the drain hose

A fairly common reason that water does not merge, there may be an excess or blockage of a drain hose. A sign of the problem is that the machine begins to buzz when it goes to the water drainage process.

First of all, the hose is examined along its entire length to identify the presence of excesses. If they are, it will not go unnoticed.

In case there is an overgrown, the hose is straightened, after which the problem disappears on its own.

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Often the hose clogs. The cause of this phenomenon can be hair from clothes, sorckees, etc.P. You can check the hose in such a situation only by disconnecting it from the device in the place where it is connected to the sewer pipe. If the blockage is obvious, it is eliminated manually. After that, the hose can be additionally blown. Additionally clean the siphon. It may also remain in it.

If these problems have not been found, you need to continue the diagnosis of the device.

Drill hose

Blocking hose is a fairly common situation. And there are insidious circumstances. For example, a coin stuck. It is difficult to determine this.

For cleaning, conduct the following actions:

  • Put the car on the side;
  • Close the motor with a plastic bag;
  • Disconnect the drain hose from the pump, having previously removed the metal clamp with pliers;
  • Pull out from the car;
  • rinse under running water;
  • Install back.

Advice. The hose is corrugated, so compressing and unclenching will help clean.

Possessing spin

Low quality or even a complete lack of spin in LG machines can provoke the following problems:

does, drain, water
  • Low speeds. in the case of a failure of the technique mode, it can reduce the number of revolutions per minute, so the linen even after the spin remains wet. Restarting the program will help here.
  • Engine breakdown. if the device is out of order, the seal will not be released. First of all, you need to check the brushes and windings of the motor-it is because of them that the device most often loses power, so it cannot qualitatively promote the drum to perform push-ups.
  • A tagger malfunction. as a result of a sensor failure, the machine does not gain the required number of revolutions and cannot provide an effective squeezer. Most often, the problem does not arise because of the sensor itself, but because of the fastener-it needs to be either twisted or replaced.
  • Weakening of the drum belt. if the belt is worn out, it weakens and begins to slip at loads, preventing the drum from spinning. Here the problem will only solve the replacement of the belt.

Advice. Problems with an annexation can be caused by plum faults, so do not be too lazy to check the hose, filter, and pump pump.

As you can see, if the LG washing machine has difficulties with a drain of water and squeezing linen, in most cases you can quite successfully solve them yourself. Even if it does not have experience in repairing such a technique. The main thing is to correctly diagnose a breakdown and understand the rules for its elimination.