Why does the touchpad on the laptop not work. the solution to the problem

The touchpad does not work on the laptop. I think you do not need to describe what it is, since you got to this article. It is better to find out how to fix this problem.

Touchpad (TouchPad, “Touch”) is an input device used in computer and mobile technology. The touchpad (or a touchpade) on a laptop is a touch panel with two buttons duplicate the right and left mouse buttons.

Very often people have a problem that the touchpad does not work on the laptop. In other words, does not respond to touch or pressing by buttons. It is worth finding out the nature of the problem here. That is, what exactly does not work, a touch panel or just buttons? Or maybe all together?

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Why the laptop’s touchpad doesn’t work. because it is disconnected

Really. This is a very frequent phenomenon when TouchPad is simply disconnected. The user mistakenly thinks that there was a hardware breakdown or a failure at the software level.

In my case, the touchpad on the HP laptop cannot be turned off from Windows from the keyboard. Yes, I didn’t try. But some laptops have on the keyboard the function of turning on / off the touchpad.

In this case, they use the FN key and some functional button on the panel from F1 to F2. For example, on different laptops combinations of the taching shutdown keys are as follows:

It is worth noting that in the described models there are many varieties of laptops and the combination of keys may differ. Checking which keys is very easy to press. find the touchpad icon on the keyboard and clamp it along with the FN key.

As I said, in my model there is no way to turn off or turn on the touchpad using keyboard keys. But on some types of HP laptops on the touch panel itself, the button has a button at the top left. It must be pressed twice and the touchpad will be disconnected. If anything, touch button.

Some laptop models, such as ASUS, have built.in software that can configure mice and touchpads. Asus Smart Gesture is capable of this. He checks the functionality of the touchpad, and if there are any problems with him, he will indicate this.

How to turn on the touchpad through the BIOS laptop

Sometimes the above methods of activating the touch panel of the laptop do not help at all. In my case, it happened. there are no combinations, no buttons on the touchpad. Here is such a shitty model. Well, let’s look at the BIOS and check the settings.

Most often, the method of entering the BIOS on laptops does not differ. How to enter BIOS? Set some key from F1 to F12. It can also be ESC or DEL keys. See information on the above link or in the passport to the system board.

The BIOS Tachpad option usually has the name Internal Pointing Device and is in the Advanced section. If the parameter is transferred to the Disabled position, this means the touchpad is disconnected. Transfer the parameter to Enabled.

To save the used BIOS settings, press the F10 key and confirm the action.

Solution solution

First, check that the touchpad is not disconnected in the Windows settings themselves. The necessary settings are in the control panel, the “Mouse” section.

laptop, packard, bell, does, work, touchpad

On Windows 8 or 8.1 you can press the combinations of the WinQ keys and in the search to enter the key word “mouse”. Click on the result and in the “device parameters” tab, see if the touch panel is turned off. If turned off, then turn on.

Further, if “parameters” or “settings” in the same window, then a window with some touchpad settings will be displayed. Depending on the model, they may differ. Now you need to make sure all the functions of the touchpad are active.

We persist and reboot the computer for a greater effect. If all the actions carried out did not help, then most likely the problem is in the drivers.

Manual inclusion of the touch panel

So, why the touchpad does not work on the laptop, but the most common of them lies in an inaccurate disconnection of the sensor by the user himself. Absolutely all manufacturers introduce an option into their products that allows you to enable or disable the touchpad. Often, this is the simultaneous pressing of the FN F1-F12 keys (a specific button depends on different models of laptops and manufacturers). Consider the main combinations:

By the way, on the button you need in a number of F1-F12 will be a picture on which the icon of the touch panel is drawn.

Here it is worth noting another nuance. Not all manufacturers prefer the above methods. A separate key is built on some devices. It can be directly on the surface of the panel with a sensor, usually in the upper left corner of the touchpad, as in the screenshot below (it happens that it is hidden under the panel in the same place).

You can also find a functional key next to the sensor panel or in the area of ​​USB connectors, power and motherboard. In any case, slip a button or hold it for a couple of seconds and check, the desired option turns on or off.

Using software and operating systems

The instruction is relevant for all modern versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and t.D.

  • Select the Start menu and go to the “Parameters”, and then to the “Devices”;
  • In the window that appears on the left, you should go into the subsection “Mouse/touch panel”;
  • In the window on the right, click on the line “Additional mouse parameters”;
  • The “mouse properties” will open, we need a section with the parameters of the device (marked with a red icon);
  • The touch sensor is turned on and disabled;
  • It remains to click “Turn on (E)” and save the settings made;
  • After that, try with a slippage or swipe of your finger, whether the cursor reacts.

ASUS owners can use the ASUS Smart Gesture branded application. Just open software, go to the “Mouse Detection” section and find the DISABLE TOUCH-PAD WEN MOUSE IS PLUGGED.In. If, opposite it, there is a checkbox and a regular mouse is connected to the PC, then the touch is turned off. Remove the box, click OK and see if the required component has earned.

Another work capacity of TouchPad can be checked in the bios settings

We will analyze how to correctly implement the planned.

  • Reload the computer, during the start you will need to press F2 or Delete several times (it can also be the F10, ESC buttons);
  • When a BIOS menu is displayed in front of you, go to the Advanced item and click Enter;
  • You need to look at the Internet Pointing Device;
  • Make sure that Enabled (VCL) is put up opposite it, otherwise. the sensory module is deactivated and it is required to activate it;
  • After installing the Enabled value, press F10 to maintain changes and wait for the reboot of the computer.

It is noteworthy that viruses can lead to incorrect configurations and a lot of inconvenience in the operation of equipment. Clean the system with antivirus utility.

The touchpad does not work on the Packard Bell Easynote laptop

Hello. It happened that the touchpad on the laptop Packard Bell Easynote DT85 does not work anymore. So, please indicate, if possible, the exact price of the repair? Thanks to everyone.

Before you replace the touchpad, try to perform these manipulations link.

The exact cost of the repair can only be found after diagnosis. If this is a software malfunction, the repair will cost 800-1000, and if you need to change something, then count thousands on 2-2.5.

The problem can be in the software, touchpad, train or on the board. Repair from 1000 to 3000, depending on the cause of the malfunction.

Typically, the touchpad fails as a result of moisture, the cost of repair will be from 1000r.

Press the FN buttons holding and button F7.

If there was a flood, then the problem can be with a train. The average price is 1500

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Turning on/off the touchpad in BIOS

The phenomenon is less common than the two previous ones, but also sometimes arising. turning off the touchpad in BIOS.

To eliminate the problem, go to the BIOS laptop. You can go to the BIOS settings at the loading stage by pressing a specific key on the keyboard. The name of the key depends on the manufacturer BIOS. Usually these are the keys DEL, ESC, F1, F2, F10, etc.

The moment when you should press the key can be determined by the appearance of the inscription with the name of the key to go to BIOS. If you start to click earlier or later in BIOS, you can’t go.

Next, you should find the menu item responsible for turning on/off the built.in index devices “Internal Pointing Device” (in our case, it is in the Advanced section), and see its condition.

The work of the touch panel is possible if the value of “Enabled” is set, t.e. “Inclusive” if the set “Disabled” value is turned off.

Important! Do not forget that when changing the BIOS parameters, it is necessary to save the settings, otherwise the touchpad will remain disconnected. All actions in BIOS must be performed without haste, so that, solving the problem with the touchpad, not to create a new.

Reinstalling drivers

The sensor can work incorrectly or not work at all due to problems with the device driver. This situation may arise after reinstalling the operating system.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to install the desired driver from the CD, which is included with the laptop, or by loading from the manufacturer’s website.

The touchpad does not work on the laptop

TouchPad (English. touch a pillow), the registered trademark Synaptics is the indicative device with which the cursor is controlled, and different commands are given to a transfer personal computer, laptop, and its varieties, ultrabook and subnoil.

The invention of the sensory panel, its variety, belongs to George Gaida. It was 28 years ago, but the device was appreciated only after 7 years.Then Apple licensed the touch panel and installed on Powerbook.

Our article is for those who are faced with the problem of incorrect operation of the touchpads on any portable PC. laptop, submarine, ultrabook. We will try to consider each case separately and propose a way to solve the problem.

Enable Laptop Mouse, Laptop Touch pad not Working

Many users who have purchased a laptop immediately buy a mouse, because it is more familiar to work with this device. The touch panel that is built into the computer is not convenient if the user spends many times on the Internet or gains large volumes of text. Switching on tabs, copying the text, keeping graphic elements and much more easier and faster to do it using a computer mouse. And when you work with documents or gaining a large text, there is always a chance of a careless touch to the touch panel to erase your work.

There are laptop models where the touch panel is turned off on the machine, but you can only turn it on with your hands.

A computer mouse is good, but at least once in a life it happens that it is not at hand or it is faulty.In this case, you have to use the touchpad. You run a finger along the touch panel, but it does not work. What could happen and how to fix it?

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop (netbook)

TouchPad is a touch panel that is used in mobile computers as an alternative to a traditional mouse.

Why turn off TouchPad?

The most striking example is when it is better to turn off the touchpad is an intensive and long set of text. It is very inconvenient to hold your hands on weight and I want to put them on a laptop. But in this case, you will definitely touch the touch panel with your hands, the cursor will move to the side, the window where the text is set, sooner or later you will not be inactive and you will not be able to type text.

Using the functional keys of the laptop.

As a rule, on each laptop and netbook there is a key in the upper row to turn off the touchpad. In order for a number of functional keys to work, the keyboard driver must be installed. To turn on / disconnect the touch panel, you need to press the FN key and the corresponding key f.

To turn off the touchpad in HP laptops, you need to press on a special sensor in the upper left corner of the touch panel:

Disconnect the device in the touchpad driver.

On the example of a laptop with a touch panel from Synaptics.

Enter the control panel and select the mouse setting:

  • Go to the device parameters tab;
  • Click the disconnect button;
  • If the outer mouse is not connected to the laptop, you will see the window:

Press the OK button. (If you don’t have an external mouse at hand, think about whether it is worth turning off the touch panel)

Disconnect the device in the device manager.

Open the device manager. The easiest way to do this is:

In the section indicating devices, you should see TouchPad and the outer mouse. Disconnect the touchpad device:

After that you will see a standard message:

How to enable the webcam and touchpad of the Acer Packard Bell laptop

Good afternoon, today we will find out how to turn on, turn off the webcam and turn on, turn off the touchpad of the Acer Packard Bell laptop.

If you are hindered by a touchpad when typing or just want to turn it off, if it is not needed, you use the mouse, then you can turn it off when you press the F6 key.

Press the F6 key and the touchpad stops working.

There are no hot key on all Packard Bell models. quick shutdown of the webcam.

In order to enable or disable the webcam, you need to go to the start menu, select the tab. my computer, then with the right button, select the property tab.

Or on the desktop on the label computer.

After that, we have a window. viewing the main information about your computer.

In the upper left corner with the left mouse button, select the device sucker tab.

After that, a tab appears on the desktop. the device manager.

At the bottom of the list we find the image processing device, if you need to turn it off, then click on the webcam and in the pop.up window select the tab discon.

After that a window appears to confirm the shutdown of the web camera. we confirm, click “Yes”.

After the camera we have already turned off, and neither in Skype, it will not work in other applications, and will not consume electricity or battery charge.

In order to turn on the webcam, we will need to reboot the computer, after rebooting you need to go to the start menu, then select the tab my computer, select the property tab with the right mouse button.

We go into the tab of the device manager, and also click on the webcam with the right mouse button and select the tab in the pop.up window. use.

After that, the webcam is activated and will work

If you need a visual acquaintance with the analysis of the laptop, then watch the video that we have prepared for you on our channel:

Why is the touchpad on the laptop does not work

The sensory panel of input in laptops and netbooks completely replaces the usual computer mouse familiar to many. At the same time, the developers of the devices did not limit the user, and you can safely connect the mouse to the leptop to use it separately or in parallel with the touchpad, or do without it and work only with the touch panel. When everything works, this is great, but if problems begin with something, then questions immediately appear.

Now, we will try to deal with the question of a non.working touchpad. This can happen for various reasons, so you should not immediately carry the device for repair, since some of them are very simple and you can deal with them yourself.

If the movement of the cursor across the screen has become interpretable or slow, then the fault can be a virus, a change in the signing settings, a contaminated surface. If you do not work on a laptop and it does not respond to touch at all, then it can be a random shutdown or a ragged train to the fault of everything. Consider everything in order and figure out what can be done.

Clean the panel of pollution

The simplest thing you can do is clean the touch panel. You can use wet wipes or special sprays designed for office equipment for this. Turn off the laptop, wipe the touchpad, turn on the device and check whether the panel works or not.

Turning on the key combination

This problem is very common, since you can turn off the touchpad with a simple combination of keys. You could press it, or the child knocked on the keyboard with his palm, or the pet passed.

For various models of laptops, combination are different. The FN button, located to the left of the gap, is used in combination, in combination with one of the functional keys F1-F12. From the F1-F12 buttons you need to select the one on which there will be an image of a crossed out touchpad (it is depicted as a large rectangle at the top and two small squares just below), or the finger indicating a rectangle can be depicted on the rectangle.

In ASUS laptops, the touchpad is activated by a combination of FN F9.

If you have Lenovo, then the combination can be FNF6, FN F5 or FN F8.

ASER owners should look for the indicating finger, and the combination is most often FN F7.

laptop, packard, bell, does, work, touchpad

Here’s another list of laptop manufacturers and possible combinations:

TOSHIBA. FN F5; Samsung. FN F5; Sony VAIO. FN F1; Dell. FNF5.

Button on/off the touchpad can be on the panel itself or next to it. For example, in HP she looks like a concave point or dimple. You need to press it twice with your finger.

It can also look like a regular point or light indicator. Twist twice on it and the touchpad will work.

Inclusion in the settings

If you have not found a suitable combination, then you can go to the “control panel” or “parameters” (if you have Windows 10) and turn on the touchpad there. Everything that needs to be done in the “control panel” is described in the article: how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. And now we will analyze the actions that need to be performed in the new ten.

Click on a magnifying glass on the taskbar and in the search field enter the “Mouse Parameters”. Next, you need to click on better correspondence.

The “Parameters” window in the “Devices” section on the “Mouse” tab will open. Click on the “Additional Mouse Parameters” button.

Then the window “Properties” will open. Go to the tab on which the manufacturer of your touchpad is indicated. If the “Activate device” button is available, click on it. Also look that the checkbox was removed in the line “Disconnecting when connecting an external USB mouse”. Keep the changes.

Check the installed driver

The work of the touch panel directly depends on the drivers installed for it. Therefore, if you notice that the buttons do not always respond to pressing, or the scrolling in the touchpad does not work, then most likely the drivers are not suitable.

This problem is especially relevant for those who have been updated to Windows 10. This operating system itself selects drivers for equipment and installs them from the renewal center, and, as a result, they can work incorrectly. To solve the problem will help updating the driver or its rollback to the previous version.

How To Fix Touchpad On Windows 10 [2022] Tutorial

To get started, go to the Device Manager. use the Winr combination, enter the DEVMGMT line.MSC and click OK.

In the window of the dispatcher, find and expand the section “Mouse”. If you have more than one item on your list, but several. these are all those mice that are connected to the laptop. Some mice can turn off the work of the touch panel themselves, so it is better to remove them from the list: click on the line with the right button and select “Delete the device”. Leave only a touchpad and the mouse that you use at the moment.

If the touchpad does not work in the laptop still does not work, then find it in the list, click on it with the right button and go into “properties”.

Next, open the Driver tab and see if the “roll back” button is active. If yes, and before you had no problems with the touchpad, then feel free to return the old version of the driver.

If there is no way to roll back, then on the website of the laptop manufacturer download the newest version of the driver for the installed Touch-Pad. Then try “update the driver” (choose a manual version and look for a downloaded file on a laptop) and everything should earn.

laptop, packard, bell, does, work, touchpad

How to install a driver in Windows 7.installation of drivers in Windows 8

If, after manual updating the driver, Microsoft sets your own option, then you need to disable the automatic installation of drivers in Windows 10.

Turn on the touchpad in BIOS

If you tried everything described above, but the question is: why the touchpad does not work is still not resolved, then you need to check whether it is included in BIOS. Come into it with Delete or F2 buttons. Next, find the Advanced tab and look in the list of the Internet Pointing Device. Opposite it, you need to set the “enabled” value.

Read more about how to go to BIOS, read in a separate article. The main thing is to remember, do not change anything more than described there, if you don’t know, otherwise the laptop then may just not turn on.

Return to the control point

Try to remember when the problems with the touchpad began. If after installing programs, downloading and starting a dubious files, then most likely you entered the virus into the system. To check this for sure, you need to load the OS in safe mode. Only the main services and programs are launched in it. If the touch panel works, then I advise you to read: how to remove viruses from a computer, and also use the antivirus program, for example, DR.Web Cureit.

When you can’t do without specialists

After all the available methods have been checked, and the work of the touchpad, or the joystick, as it is sometimes called, has not resumed, then, most likely, the malfunctions are caused for technical reasons. It is rarely required to completely replace the device, sometimes the cause of the technical nature is the following points:

It is better not to engage in repair without experience and certain knowledge, but to hand over the laptop to the service center. But if the panel stopped working due to mechanical damage, then most likely, you should prepare for the acquisition of the sensory panel.

Sometimes the cause of the non.working state of the touchpad is breakdown in the motherboard. In this case, the USB-slots and other nests may not work in parallel.

If problems arise with the operation of the touchpad, you should first exclude small breakdowns, which everyone can do it, and only after that go to the service center.

What to do if the touchpad still does not work

Pressing certain keys on the laptop keyboard and its setting in the “control panel” often does not solve the problem of the turn off. In such cases, it is necessary to update the Driver of the touch panel or turn it on using the BIOS menu. If these two methods do not give a result, it is necessary to scan PC for the presence of malicious. It is also possible that the touchpad has physical breakdown.

Installation or update of the driver

In many cases, reinstalling or updating the touchpad drivers in the “Device Manager” window helps to activate it again. What exactly needs to be done?

  • Click the right mouse key according to the Start button, located in the lower left corner on the screen. In the list of services we make a choice in favor of the “Device Manager”. Open the “Device Manager” through the “Start” context menu
  • In the window that opens, we are looking for an object “mouse and other indicating devices”. We unfold this item with a double click and click on the corresponding equipment of the right mouse key. Choose “update the driver”. Click on the “update of the driver” in the context menu of the device
  • In the new window, we click on the link “Automatic search for updated drivers”. Click on the link “Automatic search for updated drivers”
  • Wait until the search process is over. Expect the end of the search for updates for drivers
  • If an update is found, the system itself will load and install it. If there are no available updates, there will be a message in the window that all the necessary updates have already been installed on the device. The system may not find updates for drivers
  • If you want to reinstall it, click on “Delete the device”. You should not worry: we will immediately return it to its place, but already in an updated state. To do this, we click on the upper panel according to the section “Action”, and then on the first object “Update the configuration of equipment”. Click on “Update Equipment Configuration” in the “Action” section

Settings in BIOS

BIOS is a set of certain microprograms necessary for the operation of the hardware part of the PC and the devices connected to it. This menu is loaded separately from Windows. All changes in it must be made very carefully, with knowledge of the case, since incorrect settings can lead to failures in the work of PC.

The touchpad may simply turn off the BIOS menu. If all previous activation methods did not help you, use the following instructions:

  • During the launch of your portable computer, click one of two keys: F2 or Del. This will open the BIOS blue menu.
  • We switch immediately to the ADVANCED section.
  • Find a parameter called Internet Pointing Device. If the value of Disabled is worth.”), Then immediately change it to Enabled (“.”). In the Internet Pointing Device parameter, set the Enabled value
  • Now we leave the BIOS menu with preservation. To do this, click on the Exit with Saving or Save Exit button. So, changes in parameters will come into force with the subsequent loading of Windows.

Viral activity test

The touch panel may not respond to touch if there is malicious software on the computer, which blocks its work. In this case, you must use the antivirus that is installed on your PC. Each antivirus has its own intensity, however, as a rule, even a beginner can be figured out in it. In particular, you need to find a section for scanning the system. Consider step.by.step instructions on the example of Avast:

  • In the lower right corner of the screen on the “Particular panels” there is the so.called tray. Officially, it is called the “Field of notifications”. The icons of neglected utilities are located on it, including the icon of your antivirus. In this case, it is Antivirus Avast. We click on it with the left button, so that its window appears on the screen. Open AVAST via Windows tray
  • Immediately go to the “Protection” tab and select the “Scanning” item. In the “Protection” section, we open the “scanning” block
  • In the section that opened, select the type of scanning: intellectual or complete. Launch intellectual or complete scanning
  • Avast during scanning can identify harmful. At the same time, he himself isolates it (adds to quarantine) from other files or delete it.

Physical breakdown

If all of the above methods do not solve the problem of the disconnected touchpad, perhaps the fact is that the sensory panel cannot physically work due to a breakdown. In this case, it is necessary to replace the touchpad or repair it. To diagnose and eliminate the problem, it is necessary to attribute a laptop to a computers repair service.

If your laptop has recently been disassembled and cleaned, perhaps the touchpad has stopped working because the sensory panel plug was not inserted back into the connector. If you connect it, the touchpad will work. In this matter, they will also help you in the service center.

Method for device with sensory display

There are so.called hybrid laptops: it is both a tablet with a sensory display and a laptop with a regular keyboard. If this is your case, perhaps your touchpad does not want to work from a conflict of sensory.screen services and a touch panel to control a cursor.

In this case, it is necessary to forcefully turn off the sensory screen in the “Task Manager”.

  • We click on the “tasks panel” with the right mouse key and select the “Dispatcher of Tasks” section in the list on the black background. Open the “Task Manager” in the “Panel of Tasks” menu
  • The same window can be opened using a combination of three keys: Ctrl Alt Delete.
  • Go immediately to the “Service” tab. Click on the “Status” column so that working services are at the beginning of the list. so it will be easier for you to look for the desired point. Open the Service tab and find TabletinPutService or Tablet PC Input Service
  • In a large list, try to find one of two services: TableTinPutService or Tablet PC Input Service. Now we click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Stop” option.
  • In the “Properties: Mouse” window, run one of the possible tabs: Clicpad, Elan or “device parameters”. To do this, use the instructions from the section “Using the” control panel “of this article.
  • To go to the touch panel settings, click on the “Parameters” or “options” button next to the on and disconnection keys. Click on the “Parameters” button
  • On laptops, touch panels of different manufacturers can be installed, so the settings menu may differ. However, they usually offer the same parameters to change. Each of them is described in detail in the window, so even a beginner will be able to configure the touchpad. Consider the setting on the example of the touchpad Synaptics. There are several sections in the “Properties for Synaptics” in which you can configure commands to control
  • To get started, let’s configure sensitivity. Open one of the main sections in the left side of the window called “Indication”. Now click on the first point “Sensitivity”. two blocks will appear. In the first parameter “Control of touching the palm” you can set the minimum level by moving the runner if you often accidentally touch the touch panel so that as a result it does not respond to random touches. Adjust the level of parameter “Control of touching the palm”
  • In the second block, “Sensitivity of Carriage”, adjust the force of pressing the touchpad, which he will perceive and, as a result, give the command the system perform certain actions. You have the right to move the runner to the “very strong pressure” value if your touchpad is very sensitive and reacts even to slight friction. Set the necessary level of sensitivity touch using the runner
  • You can configure the gestures that you will perceive the touch panel in sections such as “scrolling”, “touching a light blow of the finger” and “application gestures”. In the first section, you can enable the parameters of the page scrolling with one or two fingers, scaling the pinch. In the “gestures” section, you can activate the rotation command, flipping through three fingers and clicks. Install the necessary gestures in the section “Scrolling” and “Application gestures”
  • In each changed section, you must click on the “apply” button so that all changes are preserved.
  • If you want to return the initial values ​​of all the parameters, click on one of the buttons: “standard”, “restore all default settings” or “default settings” depending on which manufacturer of your touchpad and portable PC.

The touch panel is quite easy to return the performance: you can simply squeeze a certain combination of keys or activate the function through the “control panel”. If the problem is not solved, it is necessary to update the drivers and make sure that the touchpad is included in the BIOS settings. If none of the ways is triggered, check the PC for viruses and take the laptop to the computer repair service. It is possible that your touchpad must be fixed or replaced if it is faulty.