How to download applications on LG Smart TV [including applications]

When it comes to possessing TVs with the best displays on the planet. The only brand that does it perfectly is none other than LG. LG offers a wide selection of Smart TVs for any price range, resolution and even the size of the screen. Since the LG Smart televisors work on a special operating system, they have many useful functions. One of the best features of LG Smart TV is the ability to install applications. Here you will learn how to add applications to LG Smart TV.

TVs are no longer used only to view television channels and their programs. Smart TVs have so many applications thanks to the addition of functions such as Internet connection, intellectual audio, video and even the inclusion of voice assistants to manage an intellectual TV. But the most useful function is to support applications that help to launch and control other Smart TV functions.

There are many applications available from different categories and for almost every platform. In particular, LG TVs launch their own webos software on all their Smart TVs. The ability to install applications gives end users the opportunity to choose from a variety of content that they would like to use. Read to find out how to install applications on the LG Smart TV.

How to add applications to LG Smart TV

Since there is no Android SMART-televisors, it may be difficult for you to download and install applications on LG Smart TVs. But do not worry, having got acquainted with this leadership, you will no longer be a specific user of LG TV. There are two ways to install applications on the LG Smart TV. These methods should work with almost all LG Smart TVs. So, let’s start with the first way.

LG Content Store can be defined as PlayStore for all LG TVs operating Webos. The store has many applications that you can install and choose from them. To simplify the task, these are the steps that you can follow to add applications to LG TV from the LG content store.

  • Make sure your LG Smart TV is connected to the Internet.
  • On the TV remote control, click the “Home” button.
  • It will open LG Content Store.
  • At the top of the screen you will see the category “Applications”.
  • Select it to open a list of applications available in LG Content Store.
  • Select the application you want to add and click the installation button.
  • Then you can start the application on your LG Smart TV after it is installed.

What will happen if your memory is LG? You can always connect an external drive, such as USB, to store your applications on it. Please note that you cannot install applications. Sometimes there may be applications that you want to install on your LG TV, but are not available in your country. So you are doing? Well, the only way to get these applications is to change the country of LG services to your LG Smart TV. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the settings on your LG Smart TV.
  • In the settings, go to all the settings, and then to the general.
  • Select “Location”, and then “LG country” LG “.
  • Now choose the desired country.
  • After you have chosen the country, you will be invited to accept the agreement. Read the agreement and click yes.
  • Now your TV will reboot to make changes.
  • After restarting the TV, just go to LG Content Store, and you will see new applications that you can view and add to your LG Smart TV.

Lampa (part 1)

I look, many argue about online cinemas, about payment methods and so on and so on.

But what if I say that there is an absolutely free online cinema, which is relatively simple on your TV (laptop, smartphone, tablet)? What if in this cinema you can choose any translation and any image quality (and even with a bitrate more than 60 Mbit/s)? What if the number of films and TV shows in this cinema surpasses absolutely any online cinema?

I found LAMPA ALELADINA in a distant, representative cave full of real gold, and I am ready to tell you something.

2 Комментарии и мнения владельцев at once: 1) the project is free; 2) the project is still in beta version. Small glitches (about them much later) are connected either with the second paragraph, or with the first. Key. They are small.

I myself used for a promotional code IVI for six months, I liked everything except one nuance. even in spite of the subscription. Step to the left, step to the right. pay 100-500 (for the new product, for the old fashioned way, for that, in short. How IVI will solve). Of course. Okko, Kinopoisk HD, and Wink, and Kion used. All this is the same, view from the side. Of course, I used torrents and VPN when it was not yet mainstream. There is much more freedom here)), but the process itself. First download the file, then rewrite it (I know about media servers and dlna). In short, in this regard, all the same online cinematers are more interesting.

And then I managed to find the LAMPA application. To install it on TV, here is a brief plan of action. You need to download the Media Station X from the Applications store of your TV (there is definitely under Tizen and Webos, inside the Media Station X, configure MSXPlayer, inside the MSXPlayer from the application store (free) select LAMPA, fix the application on the MSXPLAYER desktop, enter the LAMPA desktop. Further in the settings of the lamp for viewing Steam (this is the simplest and fastest that is in the lamp) configure the plugin. Restore the lamp.and. all. If this list of actions takes you more than 5 minutes. Something went wrong.

However, it is easier to see once than to tell 10 times:

Again. At the first stage, you need to install Media Station X, on the second. Inside the Media Station X, we prescribe the MSXPlayer at Setup Start Parameter, then. The third stage. Run MSXPlayer. In it we open the application store and select LAMPA. Add the lamp to the desktop and run.

Now as soon as you launch Media Station X, you will immediately see a lamp on the MSXPLAYER desktop. Further the fourth stage. Run the lamp itself.

We set up Steam. The easiest to set up the application:

Attention! I haven’t earned these plugins.

I introduced the following in the address of the plugin: http: //

This is, but otherwise. http: // jin.Energy/Online.JS

The plugin will light up green. t.e. he is a worker. We leave the lamp and go again. You can use Steam. Then simple. Choosing (or searching for) any film/series/cartoon/documentary. Click on the icon. Under the icon or torrent, or/and steam, or/and trailer. The default torrents are not available, but we set up Steam. Click Steam. Further at the top there is a filter. You can choose the season, translation, source, quality. In general, you will figure it out.

Now what is wrong (for 3 months of 2022)

1) beta version. Sometimes Steam hangs. Sometimes it gives out errors with codes. All this is rare, but it happens.

2) Sometimes content slows down. Especially noticeable after 19-00 Moscow time.

3) The most important thing. In separate top series, there are a lot of advertising, which in fact occupies up to a third of the image of the screen. In fairness, somewhere there is no advertisement at all.

4) In the stimin, you can not choose the quality of more than 1080.

In the Torah, I will tell you about torrents that almost resolved all the shortcomings of Steam. In general, a more correct option than Steam.

Lampa Smart TV Setting LG

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What plugin to prescribe in a lamp so that TV appears?

The address of the plugin for the introduction of TV in a regular lamp:

(on Android to change the player to the external player Android, on Webos and Tizen will need to be changed Production of the flow m3U8 on the system, this is in the settings. Player. ):

FOR UKRAINE . If the plugin did not load the link above:

Filling channels for Freetv: @andreyurl54

Integration through the plugin Mods ’ S (http: // lampa.Stream/Modss):

In the main menu on the left, the TV-Modss section will appear

Channel filling for TV-Mods’s: @sawamuraren

Available: EPG, Favorites, loading your playlist, parental control 18

The plugin added, but the TV section did not appear in the menu. What am I doing wrong?

Whether you rebooted the lamp after adding the plugin?

If there was a reboot, but the TV section in the main thing I did not appear:

For TV Mods S. Settings Mods ’S. TV turn on TV, For Freetv. probably you have a conflict of plugins. To resolve the issue:

Turn on one Freetv plugin

Check the main menu for the availability of the TV section

If TV appears, turn on the other plugins one at a time with rebooting. So you will find a problem plugin.

What are the playlists in the plugin TV?

For your convenience, we provide two free playlist: Freetv and Kulik. The basic sets of channels should cover most of the main needs of the audience.

Лампа установка и настройка на телевизоре Samsung

Why do you need to include the M 3 U 8 flow processing option for freetv ?

In the early versions of the lamp application, such an option did not exist. It was introduced at our request, to fully support the lamp player of all options for broadcasting HLS format TV channels. Without it, the lamp itself stumbled upon the CORS error and cannot turn to third-party sources of television channels, if there are no CORS support in the headings of Internet packages on the other side. Kulik playlist broadcast mainly from his sources, where everything necessary has already been taken into account.

I can see somewhere the full list of all channels?

The composition of the channels can vary every day, depending on the performance of open sources of channels. We recommend installing a plugin and personally check everything.

Is it possible to use the buttons of the remote control ch and ch. to switch channels?

For our part, we introduced the support of these buttons into the plugin, but they do not always work correctly, depends on the method of installing the lamp and the TV system itself.

In the Freetv plugin, the remote control is enabled by default, for the Mods ’S plugin it is included in the settings Mods’s Mods’s-TV channel switching (yes)

If you use both plugs at the same time, turn off the channel switching to Mods ’S. Otherwise, the channel will switch several times with one press

Why is there no plugin plugin plugin?

Lampa на Lg. Бесплатный Онлайн Кинотеатр для смарт ТВ чрез Media station X. торсерв теперь не нужен!

The official position of the lamp administrators. there is no TV in the lamp. Someone considers it in an excessive lamp, someone uncomfortable. But the main reason is the fear of pursuit of the lamp by copyright holders. We agreed that a separate group will work to discuss the work of television channels, and in other groups we will not discuss this, for malicious violators. ban. Please honor this rule, and you will not be banned.

I don’t like the TV plugin, but the set of channels is arranged and the fact that they are free here. I can use this playlist in another application for IPTV?

We do not distribute playlists in open form, exclusively in the composition of the plugin. If you want to use a free playlist, use available playlists on the Internet, or a service like http: //

The TV section appeared, but the channels are not turned on, there is an eternal load. What to do?

First of all, make sure that depending on the system of your device you have been chosen

For Android : In the Settings menu player Android player (recommend just Video Player)

For Webos and Tizen : In the settings menu player Processing of the flow m 3 u 8 Systemic

Half of the channels does not turn on, the rest go normally. Why?

For Android. Whether the external player Android (Justo Player) is used?

For Webos and Tizen. whether the flow processing (settings player processing of the flow m 3 u 8 system) is switched

lampa, smart, setting

No choice of player in the settings menu what to do?

Most likely you use a lamp through a browser or mediastationx (MSX) on Android. In the case of MSX, we recommend that you install the lamp as APK.the application and after its launch everything will appear.

Channels go without sound. How to fix?

You probably use the lamp on the Android system. We recommend installing Just Video Player and use it when opening the channels. Other common players do not always work correctly with streaming format.

I have constant hanging channels/buffering. How to fix?

Another option for adding a plugin

In the settings, select “Plugins”, “Add the plugin” and select “Select the link” at the bottom of the keyboard ”. Click again on the right “Plagins/Online.js “and on the clave click” Enter “. Reload the application. It also works.

In order not to depend on other people’s links, you can create your own by preserving the file of the plugin script online.js for example: on cloud disks or other file hosting.

The script file can be downloaded either here or I have a Mail-draw.

After downloading, the file is unzipped and pour into one of the storage faces agreed above. Enter the link to the plugin from the storage in the “Lamp” settings in the “Plugins” section. Now only you will use the plugin on this link and the link will always be working.

This method was tried in the cloud disks Google, Mail, Yandex.

Lampa Lite in Media Station X

Jin from the lamp new Noname playlist application to Media Station X. In fact, this is all the same Lampa application, but with the most simplified settings. All the necessary sources of video (HDREZKA, VCDN, Filmix, Bazon, Alloha, torrents, collaps) have already been added and there are no plugins in the settings at all in the settings.

To watch torrents, you still need to enter the IP address of your device with the addition of port 8090 in the settings at the Torrserver point. For example: 8090 It is natural that Torrserver must be installed, updated and included on your device.

By the way, the settings themselves moved to the bottom of the left menu.

Now, if in the left menu, for example, you will click “Films”, “Anime”, “Series”, then a catalog with sections will appear in the right menu: “Now watching”, “Popular”, “Last add”, “New products of this year”. “High rating”. If you click the “catalog” on the left, then genres will appear on the right.

Torrserv in Lampa, Vokino Android TV, LG, TV Samsung

In this article, I figure out how to register the address and use the local server from a smartphone with O O.FROM. Android (according to this scheme, you can use a server with a TV box or computer on which a Torrserv client is installed) in applications on Android TV and TV with other about.FROM.,This can come in handy if the installed client Torrserve refuses to work on Android TV devices (the system unloads the server), and on TVs with others about.FROM. I can’t install this program,

Install Torrserv on Android smartphone (preferably not very ancient)! The current version of Torrserv you can download “Here” in the “online playback” section, installation instructions for other devices can be found here: 4pda! (in order to download registration from the site from the site!),

Installed torrserv, open,

Click “Install/update the server”,

Installed the server, we return “back”,

Next, open “Settings”,

Open “Show energy conservation settings”,

We allow, and return to “Settings”,

Further “Service of special capabilities”,

We activate the service, after rebooting the device, the server will be launched automatically, if we do not use it, it must be stopped.This can be done in the curtain or in the application through the “Exit” button, we return to “Settings”,

Open Torrserv Settings “,

By default, the necessary values ​​have already been set, with an unstable Wi-Fi, you can try to increase the “pre-load buffer” buffer,

Next, click on the program logo,

The server address will look like this: 192.168.X.Xxx: 8090 remember or write down (x.XXX each has its own values, numbers), if you have a router with some bells and whistles and often changes IP devices, look on the Internet how to assign a static IP smartphone, also a static IP can be assigned in the Wi-Fi settings on a smartphone, different manufacturers can to differ, it may be necessary to spend a little time to find this option, all is ready, go to the applications,

Devices should be located on the home network, prescribe the server address in the Vokino application, open,

Click on the local server address,

Enter the address from the smartphone and confirm OK “,

All has passed successfully, the server is connected, we return “back”,

Open the movie card,

On the right of a smartphone, the wax of the end of pre.load, then select the player (for Android TV, I recommend using Vimu Media Player, on the rest of.FROM. will come to use the full.time), and you can start viewing,

Next, open the Lampa application,

Possible problems when setting up television on LV Smart TV

These problems are eliminated using settings or contacting specialists.

Smart TV setting up on LG is available to any user. It is enough to accurately follow a certain order of actions and follow these recommendations. The whole process will take a few minutes.

How to configure Smart TV on LG TV

So, LG Smart TV appeared in your house. Congratulations! This TV can be much larger than ordinary! You just need to configure it. It does not take a lot of time.

Using LG Smart TV without the Internet is like using a car without gasoline! Be sure to connect your television to the Internet. It is advisable to use a full.fledged high.speed fishing line for a trimmer. this is the only way to watch, for example, sports broadcasts in excellent quality. There are two ways to connect:

  • Connect a cable coming from a router (or, less preferably, a direct cable from a provider) to a LG TV.
  • Connect LG TV to a Wi-Fi Router. We advise us to use modern routers that provide a connection at a frequency of 5 GHz.

As a temporary method, you can use a USB modem with a mobile Internet SIM card or connection with a smartphone via Wi-Fi Direct.


Before using the Smart TV application store, you need to register on the official website of LG. To do this, in the main menu you need to select the “Enter” item and register at your email address, and then confirm the registration of the link from the letter received.

Now you can enter your account. Do not forget to put a box “stay in the system” at the first entrance so as not to enter a password every time.

Classification of applications for LG Smart TV

At any time, you can change the country in TV settings and install applications that are necessary, but are not available in your true region of residence.

The most popular applications

Consider the top of the most popular and convenient applications for LG Smart TV:

  • FORKPLAYER. Widget that allows you to get access to movie sites and other entertainment services for free.
  • OTTPlayer. a service that combines a lot of television channels. Allows you to create and manage playlists.
  • Megogo. application for free viewing films, cartoons, series and television programs. The application also has a paid subscription to watch new films.
  • Twitchtv. an application for watching streaming videos broadcast by various users from around the world. To a greater extent, here you will find direct broadcasts on the game theme or free communication with the audience.
  • Gismeteo is a widget that stably displays the weather for the coming week. Information is updated in the program every 6 hours.
  • Culinary Academy. an application with many recipes, videos and tips that will be useful to both experienced cooks and beginners.

Installation of applications and widgets for Samsung Smart TV TV

The meaning of such a phrase as a “Smart girl” is known to everyone, because today each of us is widely used by the capabilities of tablets or phones. The turn has reached other devices. Next, we will consider how to install the application on the Samsung Smart TV TV.

When buying such a device, not every user knows all its functions, and there is a huge number of widgets for every taste. The main thing in installing the program to know the actions where to go, and so this is a pretty simple matter. Samsung Smart TV will allow you to plunge into the world of all your capabilities contained on TV.

How to download the application

Various applications on Smart TV show how smart the TVs are. Samsung Free Widgets has a very large number and they perform various functions and thereby expand the capabilities.

The company prohibits installing applications, as there is a calculation that this amount is enough for an ordinary user. All of them can also be found and downloaded in the official Apps store. Despite this restriction, there are still chances of installing programs from other sites. They can also be placed on a cloud, which will significantly reduce space on the device.

Additional Information! The company blocked the possibility of installing applications from a flash drive and getting around this situation is not easy.

Each owner Smart TV does not know what world opens before him with the help of widgets. Depending on their purpose, they are divided into categories in which you can find and choose anything.

  • Online viewing films, blogs, TV shows, concerts, etc.D.;
  • Musical audioplayers where you can listen to musical news for every taste;
  • Games. there is a variety of diversity, since they are divided into many subgroups, genres, age categories;
  • Service of additional programs for tracking currencies, world time, weather and other.

note! Part of the manufacturers, together with Play Market, offer their users their own stores with applications, for example, Samsung in the menu has an Apps, Sony has Fork Player, and LG owns Game World.

First, consider how the process of downloading a widget on Smart TV takes place:

  • We turn on TV and go to the main menu, use the remote control for this.
  • Select the section “Network” to make sure of the Internet connection to the Internet.
  • Create an account if it is not installed when buying a device. In some devices, it is common for all programs called Smart Hub. If there is no such program, we come in all the Play Market is known for everyone.
  • In the line of the login we enter the address address, invent and remember the password and click the “I agree with the conditions”. Now the account is available.
  • In the “Search” point, we introduce the name of the program that must be downloaded. If it is not known what you need, you can go to any widget and read all the necessary information on his page.
  • To download the program, click “Download”. After the end, a window will come out, which will indicate that it is already in your TV and you can use it.

Important! Before you download the application on your TV, you need to check the availability of memory on the device.

The description of the goods can often be found in English, if you do not know it, it is better to pay attention to the number of downloads, reviews and evaluation. Even if you understand that you do not need it, you can easily delete it.

Installation of widgets

Each owner is interested in how to install an unofficial program on Smart TV, that is, those that are not in the Apps store. It is these functions of Smart who are usually the most popular.

In order for the process to pass without problems, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Problem Problem PC and TV will disappear if you turn off the antivirus firewall;
  • The installation process means synchronization of TV and computer, for this you need to create a user’s office called “Develop”.
  • Press the Internet TV, go to the settings. authorize the owner of the “Develop” type;
  • You can start installing a widget.

Series B and C

Now let’s look at how the download for Samsung B and C models passes:

  • Overload TV;
  • Click on the “Internet TV”, then click on the “A” button;
  • Select the user to enter the PIN code;
  • We go to the menu, select “Settings”;
  • There is a mandatory choice of the “Developer” item, where we need to enter the IP address and save;
  • In this window, select the item “Synchronize”;
  • We agree with all actions.

Samsung series d

This model of Samsung requires the authorization of the new user. It is done very simple. Press “Smart Hub” on the remote control, then the letter “A” entered the menu. Now there is a standard authorization procedure, after which the required widgets can be set.

  • Press the SMART key and the red button “A”
  • By clicking on the “D” button, we go and create a section with the user “Develop”;
  • Click “Server IP” and into the window that opened we enter the necessary numbers;
  • Next, the Synchronize button follows, as a result of this action, the NSTRAMOD and OVP widget will be created;
  • We leave the section of the installation;
  • Click on the key “A” to call out the way out of the. records;
  • We go into the system again;
  • There will be a list of loaded programs.

Series E

Series E differs from others in that after pressing the Smarthub and “a” buttons, the inscription “Samsung account” appears. It is not necessary to be afraid of it, in the free field we introduce “Develop”, after which we remember or write down the password generated by TV. Next, click the “entrance”, after which you can start installing different programs.

  • Entry under its account;
  • Choose the section “Service” by pressing the Tools PU;
  • We find in the options. Developer;
  • After that, we are looking for an “IP address”, where we introduce the necessary IP;
  • In the development point there will be updated programs to launch it to click on the “user’s synchronization”.

How to install applications on Samsung Smart TV

Any Smart TV is supplied with preinstalled applications that make the use of Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, Smart TV is not only a TV, but also a device with additional functions. Therefore, sometimes you may need to install additional applications of manufacturers, and, most importantly, you can do this.

What are applications?

All applications on Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. The first applications are developed and approved by Samsung. Friendly applications are applications that can be installed on Samsung TV, but which were not developed or approved by Samsung TV, but can still be installed on Tizen OS TVs.

How to allow the installation of applications on Samsung Smart TV?

Before installing applications applications on Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary to allow them to install them. To do this, do the following:

  • Open the settings menu
  • Select the personal tab
  • Open the submenu “Security
  • Find the line “Unknown Sources” and set for it the value of “inclusive”.

Now you need to activate the developer mode on your TV Samsung Smart TV.

  • Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu (Smart TV settings).
  • Open a smart concentrator
  • Select applications
  • Enter your Samsung Smart TV Pin code
  • If you have not changed the PIN code, then enter 00000 or 12345.
  • Change the developer’s regime on the VCL
  • Fill in the IP address of your computer and select OK.
  • Restart your Samsung Smart TV

How to install applications on the Samsung Smart TV TV

Now everything is ready, and all you need to do is install the applications of manufacturers. There are three different ways, and you can use the one you like best, they are equal.

My favorite way to install applications is to use the APK file. To use this method, you just need to do the following:

  • Open the browser on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Search for a site using an application APK file that you want to install (use only reliable sites!).
  • Click on a download link
  • Select a uploaded file
  • Click on the installation
  • Confirm the installation
  • Follow the instructions on the screen

However, the installation of third-party applications using APK files can be inconvenient, since it is inconvenient for many to use the browser on Samsung Smart TV. In this case, it is better to use a USB flash drive or USB drive.

In this case, you need to download an apk file through a computer and download it to a USB flash drive or USB drive. This is more convenient, since you will use the browser on your computer.

  • Use your computer browser to find an apk file on a reliable site.
  • Download APK file to your computer
  • Save the APK file on your flash or USB drive
  • Insert a flash drive or USB drive to your TV
  • Open files and folders
  • Select the APK file
  • Select the APK file of your application
  • Click install
  • Confirm the installation
  • Follow the instructions on the screen

However, sometimes it happens that there is no flash drive or USB drive nearby, but you still do not want to use the browser Samsung Smart TV.

In this case, you can use the command line on PC. To use this method, you need to do the following:

  • Download APK file to your computer
  • Go to the TV and open the “Settings” menu on Samsung Smart TV.
  • Select the network option
  • Click on information
  • You will see the IP address section. You must cope with the IP address of your Smart Televisor.
  • Now go to your computer
  • Open the command line
  • Enter the ADB and IP address of your TV
  • Enter the Dand name of your APK file (with.APK at the end).
  • After installing the application, enter the ADB shutdown and the IP address of your TV to disable your Samsung Smart TV from the computer

I recommend using the first method, as it is the simplest and most understandable. And I do not recommend the third method, since it is the most intense for not advanced users.