Review of the game headset JBL Quantum 800: Technical splendor

The JBL Quantum 800 game headset is supplied in a large beautiful stylish bright cardboard packaging, the appearance of which clearly speaks of the contents, these are not professional headphones and not working tools, it is a gadget for computer games, films and music, t.e. device designed to get pleasure. Sometimes you wonder how designers using color and shape can instantly inform the purpose of the goods without the need not to hold it in their hands, but even see the product itself. It is not for nothing that these people learn for a long time and create real stars through thorns, which, thanks to an understandable visual language, seem natural and simple, but this is the deep understanding of the process.

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Game headset JBL Quantum 800 is headphones of a full-sized form factor with a microphone on a movable bar. The modern world taught us that it is impossible to get everything at once, either one or another or third, but never together. This is understandable from the point of view of marketing, because, if we release a universal ultimatic product, how we will sell the rest of the models in the line or what we will release next year, how we will surprise a potential buyer in the future?

This time something inside the JBL was broken, or marketers and engineers decided on a small revolution, but when I carefully studied the technical capabilities of JBL Quantum 800, I was very surprised and even confused. But this is not even the flagship model of the new JBL game series.

  • Wending connection to any source using a regular 3.5 mm jack, at least connect to the phone, even to the TV, even to a computer or laptop, the JBL Quantum 800 has 32 Ohms, which means that any mobile technique will cope with the load, let it not the highest level, but enough for the headset to sound decent.
  • If you want a wireless connection method, 2 types of: Bluetooth or USB stick with a signal without delay are available. This means that if you are a serious gamer who loves competitive multi-user games, like Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six or Overwatch, connect the USB stick to the computer and enjoy the sound without the slightest noticeable delay and the complete absence of the wire. Of course, the microphone works with any wireless connection. If you decide to pass the evening after a mobile game, connect the JBL Quantum 800 Bluetooth to the smartphone and enjoy excellent sound again.
  • Serious 50-mm drivers are responsible for the sound, which were clearly taken from the company’s musical models, but they are definitely not game, because they create a serious, deep and detailed sound, instantly leaving on the sidelines to swallow the dust of 90% of competitors of game lines of many and many companies.
  • But this is not all, in the game headset they built a system of active noise reduction, I meet with this for the first time. Yes, noise reduction has long been used in musical headphones, but so that a serious manufacturer (and not some Chinese) built this technology into the game model, so that it still has no influence on the sound, I have not met this. And the system really works, but more on this in the corresponding chapter.
  • A microphone with a pop filter, which, even if it does not provide a sound sound sufficient for serious stream, is quite suitable to communicate with friends during fierce virtual battles, you will be heard clearly and clearly. By the way, the headphones automatically filter the sound of the microphone, trying to remove Echo and an extraneous background noise, they succeed with varying success, but I want to say that this approach allows any, even an unprepared person who does not understand anything in the acoustics of the room or not to breathe in the need to breathe In the microphone, just turn on the headphones and enjoy the game, without irritating their one.partyists with a whole pile of sound artifacts, which can penetrate through the microphone.
  • Backlight. Yes, the headphones have a backlight if you like to be a bright player, turn it on and shine. But if you are a serious person, in the corporate application, the backlight can be completely turned off, in this mode JBL Quantum 800 become much more serious, they can be released at the business meeting in Zoom or Skype that they will make fun of and drawn up if you will fun You, as a representative of a serious organization, appear in the frame in colorful and brilliant headphones, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.
  • 2 of the method of virtualization of sound to obtain a larger volume and accurate positioning in space.

Well, what do you say? Are there any other models that provide full coverage of all necessary and even excessive technologies, and even each of which is implemented at a high level? Let’s analyze the JBL Quantum 800 on the components and consider each of them separately, and then we will collect the impression and give the final assessment of the novelty.

The headline

If manufacturers try to make musical headphones from more noble materials than plastic, for example, in metal, wood, skin or exotic fabric, then in the game ruler even among eminent manufacturers, plastic still dominates, albeit high quality.

At the first acquaintance with JBL Quantum 800, I was slightly upset, because the headline is completely plastic, and the power structure is not very thick, but, having sat in the headphones for a couple of hours, I realized why such a decision was made.

Even on condition that the JBL Quantum 800 housing is completely plastic, they weigh impressive 410 grams. Represent the weight of the device if it had been made of metal? He would easily step over the psychological line of half a kilogram, and this would become a problem for using the headset by children and fragile girls.

On the outside, the headline is plastic, made in a strict style, but with elements that outstand the game belonging of the gadget. A successful solution, so the style is preserved, a serious approach is felt, but there is also some playfulness.

Below the headline is covered with a thick layer of material, most likely foam with a memory effect that gently lays down on the head and exerts perfectly verified pressure on it, on the one hand, the headphones on the head are always felt, after all, 410 grams, on the other hand, even in 12 hours of the game, and I practiced it on weekends, my head does not get tired of the headset. In fact, on that day I spent about 15 hours at the computer, a large update was released for one of my favorite games, and I wanted to see all the innovations, but the battery was completely discharged about 12 hours of the hour and I had to switch to a wired connection.

The heading of the heading to regulate the size occurs classically, while the size of the extension is higher than the average, even on my big head, the headphones sat comfortably. This, by the way, is an achievement, because about 70% of the overhead models are small for me, the head of the heading is not enough for the outrage to lie on the ears, as it should be. And JBL Quantum 800 has a full order with this.

How to use JBL Quantum 100

Before setting up the JBL Quantum 100 microphone, you need to briefly deal with the functions and features of use. This is a modern model with high comfort, high.quality sound, more loud and clear Mic. A removable microphone with windproof foam and a brief guide for the user are included with game set.

After connecting the JBL Quantum 100 microphone, you can use headphones in Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, on mobile devices, on VR and so on. To get started, take the following steps:

  • Download the JBL Quantum Engine program at Support.JBL.COM/US/EN/Customer-Service/Quantum-Support.HTML. The necessary content can be found below in the Software Downloads section. The application is designed for calibration, setting, adding additional effects, etc. D. Software is suitable for Windows 10/7 and requires 500 MB on a hard drive.

As an option, make sound calibration in the JBL Quantum Engine program and set the necessary parameters taking into account the queries. Further control is carried out using the volume change button, on / off and others. Working with the program is intuitive, so on this issue will not dwell in more detail.

How to enable and configure a microphone

The main question for the headphones of JBL Quantum 100 is how to connect a microphone and set it up. Take the following steps:

  • Combine with PC. To do this, you need to include the device in a special connector.
  • Click on the MIC activation button, which is located on the side of the case next to the volume control key.
  • Click the right button on the speaker icon right below and log in to “Open sound parameters”.

Another option is to go to the “control panel” and “sound”, and in the “recording” section, click on the “microphone” with the right mouse button and select “Use by default”.

Now we will figure out how to configure the microphone of the headphones JBL Quantum 100. Do the following:

  • Stay.
  • Press “check” and say something to Mic. If everything is fine, the running line should move. This symbolizes that the sound is transmitted, and you managed to turn on the device.

The next option is how to connect the JBL Quantum 100 microphone, if there is no result yet, contact the device dispatcher. Do the following:

  • Click Winx and go to the “dispatcher”.
  • Expand the section “Audio outputs and audit”.
  • Find the microphone JBL Quantum 100, make PKM and select “Turn on”.
  • As an option, update the drivers.

If for some reason the JBL Quantum 100 microphone does not work, try to change the parameters. For this:

quantum, engine, settings, games, additional, opportunities

Additionally, you can turn on and configure the device using the sound driver, as well as the JBL Quantum Engine application, which was mentioned above.

How to update JBL firmware

The procedure for updating the firmware dynamics JBL is as follows:

  • Install the JBL Connect application on your smartphone (Android, iOS); Install the JBL Connect application on your phone
  • Run this application and select your column in it; Select your column in the application
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone; Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
  • On the dynamics, press the connection button and connect the speaker to the phone via Bluetooth;
  • Return to the application. The icon of the circle with an exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the column displayed on the screen will signal the presence of updates for your column. Touch it; Click the update accessibility badge
  • A message will appear on the screen with a request to connect the JBL speaker to the power source. Do what is indicated; Connect the speaker to the power source
  • After connection, press the “OK” on the main screen; Click OK in Appendix
  • The process of updating the firmware will begin, which can take 10-20 minutes. Wait for the completion of the process; Wait for the completion of the update
  • Upon completion, you will receive a message that the update is completed; You will receive a notification of successful system updating
  • Restart the speakers to activate the new system. This is where the JBL speaker firmware update procedure will be completed.

How to enable and configure a microphone

The main question for the headphones of JBL Quantum 100 is how to connect a microphone and configure it. Follow these actions:

  • We connect to PC. To do this, connect the device to a special connector.
  • Press the Microphone Turning button located on the body next to the volume swing switch.
  • the dynamics icon in the lower right corner and select “Open sound parameters”.
  • Find JBL Quantum 100 in the list of entrances and install this equipment to enable it.

Another option is to go to the “control panel” and “audio”, in the “recording” section, click the “microphone” with the right mouse button and select “Use by default”.

Now let’s see how to configure the microphone of the headphones of JBL Quantum 100. Act as follows:

  • Press the PKM again on the symbol of the speaker and go to the “Sound Settings”.
  • Go to the “Properties of the device” and remove the “Disable” checkbox.
  • Click “Additional properties”.
  • Find the “Appendix” below.
  • Select “Use this”.
  • Save.
  • Click “Confirm” and say something Mikka. If everything is in order, the running line should move. This means that the sound is transmitted and you managed to turn on the device.

JBL Quantum Duo. PC/Gaming Speakers (Unboxing and Sound Test). best pc/gaming speakers?

The next option is how to connect the JBL Quantum 100 microphone, if there are no results anyway, contact the device dispatcher. Do the following:

  • Click Win X and go to the “dispatcher”.
  • Expand the Audio Exit section and an audit “”.
  • Find the microphone JBL Quantum 100, click it with the right mouse button and select “Turn on”.
  • As an option, update the drivers.

If for some reason the JBL Quantum 100 microphone does not work, try to change the parameters. Because of this:

  • Go to the sound control panel in one of the methods described above.
  • Go into the properties of the connected device.
  • In the “Levels” section, select the volume and strengthening.
  • In the “Improvements” section, set the function of suppressing echo and noise. Or try to install the “Disable all sound effects” checkbox.
  • On the “Additionally” tab, set the corresponding value or “by default”.

You can also enable and configure the device using an audio.radiopriver and the JBL Quantum Engine application mentioned above.

Is there a microphone in JBL headphones

The network often sounds the question of whether there is a microphone in JBL wireless headphones, because the presence of such an option is convenient and allows you to communicate without additional assistants. Immediately we note that almost all Bluetooth models are equipped with this device, and the total number of available headset ZhBL is calculated by hundreds. This is done so that the user can answer calls, communicate in messengers, participate in the discussion during online games and t. D. The headset without a microphone is less functional, so in modern devices it is usually provided for.

Taking into account the above, the question arises of how to enable the microphone on the JBL Tune 500 and other wireless models of headphones. In most models, no separate activation button is provided for. The device turns on and is turned off in automatic mode after connecting and off, respectively.

Activation occurs when it is necessary taking into account software tasks. For example, when clicking on the call to receive button, an automatic activation occurs, and the interlocutor will hear your dialogue. It is convenient and allows you not to bother with constant inclusion.

Another question is. where is the microphone headphones where it is visually visible. In most cases, it is hidden in the case and is particularly sensitive. But in some models it is remote and built on the edge of a special bar. In this case, to turn on MIC, it is enough to lower the device, and to turn it off. raise. This option, in particular, is relevant for Quantum 400.

When connecting JBL headphones with a microphone to the laptop, you need to consider that PC has its own speaker. This means to turn on the headset, you need to take a few additional steps:

As an option, enter the control panel and the “Sound” tab, and in the “Record” section, click on the recording device with the right button and click “Use by default” to enable it. If the microphone is turned off using a special bar, it must be lowered and thereby turn on the speaker.

Another option is to use the device manager. To turn on the device, click on the Winr combination, enter DEVMGMT.MSC and find in the list of interest equipment. To activate it, click with the right button and click on “use” or “turn on”.

Note that in most cases nothing needs to be done, and the device is associated automatically. If this does not happen, the microphone can be included in the headphones of JBL manually using the methods considered above.

How to setup

To use the device, you need to understand how to set up a microphone in JBL headphones. There are several options at the disposal of users, and much depends on the device with which you checked the headset.

The first option is to check through the engineering menu. The entrance option depends on the processor. For example, for MTK you can use the code ### or ###, and for Exynos. ###. As soon as you managed to go, go to the Hardware section, go to Earchones and Mic, and then adjust the sound, sensitivity of the dynamics or microphone.

The second option is to enable and configure the microphone in JBL headphones using special software. For example, for the Quantum model you can download the JBL Quantum program by the JBLquantum link.COM/Engine for PC. With its help, you can calibrate the headset, configure the sound, add effects, etc. D.

Installation is carried out on a PC with the Windows 7 or 10 operating system. To control it is enough to install software, go to sound settings and control panel. To configure the microphone, go to the “Record” section and select “default settings“. As an option, you can set other parameters.

quantum, engine, settings, games, additional, opportunities

For smartphones, you can download the JBL Headphones program. With its help, you cannot turn on the microphone in headphones, because this happens automatically, but you can configure other points. equalizer, voice assistant, touches, intellectual sound mode, etc. D.

The third way to configure the speaker in the headset is to perform this work through the capabilities of Windows on a computer / laptop. To do this, click with the right mouse button on the speaker right at the bottom of the clock and go to the “Sounds” section. Here go to the “Record” category and select “Microphone”. Select the device and click “Configure”. Next, set the necessary parameters.

If you fail to turn on or configure the speaker in JBL headphones, try to restart the laptop / phone, discard and connect the device again, start the antivirus and check the microphone serviceability on some other device. If this does not help, try to start the Bluetooth search again and connect to the headset, update the drivers or check the confidentiality settings. In the latter case, it is necessary to allow access to the microphone.

Now you know where the microphone in JBL headphones is, how to turn it on and configure it, taking into account your own preferences. Most often, this process occurs automatically, but sometimes manual activation may be required using a special application or settings of the Windows operating system.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell me if the recommendations given in the article came in handy. Share your experience of connecting headphones and tips that can be used to resolve the issue.

Settings in methods

The first option is how to configure the sound in JBL headphones is to use the phone functions. Volume, equalizer, a change of codec, if it is available in the basic settings. all this is created for convenient work.

The equalizer is the fastest and most convenient way. There are equalizers for the entire phone built into a music player, equalizer of individual offers.

Setting an equalizer may seem like a very difficult task, so you can see the instructions for various options. But the most basic information is to create a symmetrical curve from the equalizer, as in the image below.

quantum, engine, settings, games, additional, opportunities

In addition, sound virtualization should be enabled. Also check that the equalizer itself is included. After that, the sound should become more smooth and voluminous.

These settings are not related to the headphones and their type, but only with your phone. But some models for which there are recommended players are also equipped with a more subtle and deeply customizable equalizer.

In.depth settings through the developer menu

Sound setting with wireless JBL headphones can include a lot of parameters. Usually they are unavailable for an ordinary user, because by combining incorrect values, you can worsen the sound to a sufficiently deplorable level. But if you know what to do, you can use deep parameters, the so.called developer menu. To do this, you need to perform the following instructions:

  • Open the “Settings” Android phone.
  • Transfer to the point “On the phone”.
  • Click on the inscriptions of assembly numbers. You will see how the inscription appears below that you can become a developer after a few repetitions of such an action. When you click on the inscription 5 or 7 times, you will see the text “You became a developer”. Now go back to the previous menu, I will find the item “for developers”.
  • You can find a lot of deep parameters associated with sound setting, in this menu.

Here are some opportunities that open in this case:

  • Choosing a bluetooth sound scheme. Select the SBC Audio Code, Audio Sample Rate 48 Kilortz, Audio Bits Per Sample 16 Bits. for improved sound and economical electrical consumption, or Audio.Code LHDC, Audio SAMLE RATE 96 KILOVERTS, AUDIO BITS PER SAMPLE 32 BITS. for the best quality, but more seriously.
  • A deeper setting provides for the preservation or trimming of certain frequencies. Thanks to this, you can regulate energy consumption and sound quality. For JBL headphones, this can be quite useful, because the gadgets themselves convey the sound very well. The image below shows sound schemes of the best sound and with cropped upper frequencies.
  • The choice of audio codes affects quality indicators. The very first and originally designed for the voice of audio codes is SBC. APTX HD codec corresponds to the best sound quality. LHDC Codec also issues good parameters, but consumes a lot of energy. And the AAC codec is the only one except SBC available on Apple phones.


This is strange for me, but JBL Quantum 800 liked more than Quantum One, about which I spoke earlier. Quantum 800 do not experiment, but simply give a great sound. They are comfortable in circulation and look worthy.

For me, Quantum 800 is heavy. I play a lot of games, and for 4-5 hours to sit in them is still uncomfortable, my ears begin to sweat. But even in this case, I do not want to shoot them, because the sound envelops them, and the Summies are jamming outer stimuli.

The most significant minus is the inability to listen to Quantum 800 on charging. Well, it can also scare away. If you are not very fundamental Bluetooth, then the wireless model Quantum 600 will cost five thousand cheaper.

JBL Quantum One headset

It is worth saying that both devices look like devices from a spaceship. Well, or I just hadn’t dealt with game sets for a long time.

The model weighs about 370 grams, and the dimensions are a little more than average overhead headphones, for example, recently surveyed by JBL Club 950NC. By the way, the stylistics is very similar, despite the fact that one is for players, and Club is for music lovers.

The entire Quantum One structure is made of durable plastic. And I would not say that it looks dearly-godo. Eco.legged headline with an unusual convex shape. From the headline to the cups, black and red data transmission wires are suitable.

There are no management elements on the right headphone. All the main twins and pressure were transferred to the left cup. Apparently, it is understood that the PC will stand on the left. So, there are on the cup:

  • TalkThru button
  • Reviewing the sound center when activating QuantumSphere 360. In DTS and stereo sound, it does not function
  • Microphone. On the right. the same. For active noise reduction
  • Volume adjustment wheel without fixation
  • Turning or disabling a microphone
  • USB-C
  • 3.5 mm
  • Special nest for connecting an external microphone

There are still two indicators: TalkThru power and mode.

One of the main chips is the backlight. It is divided into three sectors: logo, ring and angle. In the first case, the area is glowing under the JBL logo. In the second. an uneven circuit around the perimeter of the cup. In the third. the angle of the cup on the front side.

In the JBL Quantum Engine application there is a separate item “Hitting”. There you can either turn it off or configure it for yourself, and very subtle: there is a choice of timing of sunbathing and color. For example, it is easy to set so that the ring shines green for the first 2 seconds, then 3 seconds are red and another 5 seconds. yellow. over, for each sector you can set the type of glow: constant, wave, failure, turns and so on.

It is interesting that the choice of color occurs not just RGB, but a large number of shades of color: 255 tones are allocated for each for each.

Only in this thing you can play for several hours, setting up the headset for your Wishlist.

By the way, I found Quantum Engine with great difficulty, and then by link on YouTube in some Indian review of JBL headphones. The program was installed and demanded to restart PC. I rejected and continued to work. Then Windows asked me again about “Rebut”. And I refused again. For the third time, “Windows” scored on me and, without asking for permission, rebooted Windows with all open windows, projects and programs.

A little theory that will be needed to understand the essence of Quantum One headset.

“Quantumsphere 360. This is an advanced Quantumsurround technology.

How to Set Up the JBL Quantum ONE Gaming Headset

QuantumSphere 360 ​​has a testing sensor behind the head to fix 360 ° sounds around. In ordinary headphones when head moving, the sound environment changes. But with JBL QuantumSphere 360, if you turn your head, the perceived location of the sound source remains in place thanks. For example, if the sound comes in front, and you turn your head to the left, the perceived location of the sound source moves to your right ear.

In addition, as in reality, in the game you can move your head to distinguish where the sound is heard. Thus, with JBL QuantumSphere 360 ​​you can move your head naturally to accurately determine the sound source ”.

This chip came to me the most. In toys you hear what is happening exactly where it occurs. This chip works when watching films. As a simple example: on the screen, two people communicate with each other, and you hear the sound exactly in the center. As soon as you start to reject your head left or right, the sound instantly changes the direction of the dialogue of people. over, this happens perfectly synchronously. Very unusual, the effect of the presence of 100%.

JBL Quantum 800 headset

From the point of view of the technical characteristics of the quantum 800 headset, almost one in one like Quantum One, but the first does not have a track position, it is connected via Bluetooth/3.5 mm/usb, the microphone cannot be disconnected, only the logo and ring are highlighted.

The quantum 800 headset looks much simpler: here is a rather familiar design close to ordinary full.size headphones. The headline is even and made of eco.leather, the cups are also plastic and painted silver color.

It sits on my head not as comfortable as one’s headset.

Only the logo itself is highlighted in this model (the entire space around the logo shone in One), and the ring is much smaller and passes along the perimeter of the logo.

The color settings and the duration of the glow are present in the Quantum Engine settings. Opportunities are similar to One model.

  • Turning and disabling noise reduction
  • Mechanical volume adjustment and Balance game/chat. There are settings.
  • Turning on and off the microphone
  • Nest 3.5 mm
  • USB-C.

And you will find microphones for ANC on the sides of the cups.

Of course, there is a microphone for a chat. Unlike the ONE model, here it is built. Lower. activated, lift to the headline. turns off with a characteristic mechanical sound. During operation, the microphone indicator is highlighted.

Microphone in model 800 is more sensitive in comparison with the ONE model. Below is an example of recording.

About sound. It is definitely better than Quantum One. Low frequencies in Quantum 800 are some kind of transcendental, already tears from the eyes flow with such “bottoms”-this is very cool! High and medium.sized, the impression that the frequency range is narrowing in One. Volume higher by 15-20%.

JBL Quantum One: Review of the features of the work

The JBL Quantum One game headset has received a huge variety of functions that theoretically allow you to justify the price of 255. With Quantum Engine software, you can install equalizer parameters, configure RGB lighting (headlights have cool illumination) and microphone levels, as well as activate spatial sound parameters.

Alas, it is impossible to create separate profiles or tie them to the games, so you will have to constantly manage and set up for each new application.

Spatial sound is a determining line of Quantum One, and I will return to this soon. But first I have to indicate how terrible the process of installing this headset is. I have extensive experience in using and testing headphones and headsets, but I can not remember a single device with a more confusing setting or less intuitively understandable process of eliminating problems. Of course, this is a long.known problem: JBL wrote a very long list of instructions for headphones JBL Quantum One, where you can find absolutely all answers. But even with her, I managed to ruin everything.

Simply speaking, Quantum One uses three separate drivers to work with Windows, and you will have to manually delete them, and then install them again. The driver requires you to manually set up the advanced sound parameters in the control panel, otherwise you will not be able to get a voluminous sound. But when I switched to the right driver, the headphones of Quantum One generally stopped playing the sound.

At the first use, it is recommended to carry out the following setting:

  • Open sound settings
  • In the Playback group (playback), select the item “JBL Quantum One Game” and select “Set Default Device” (set the default device)
  • Select “JBL Quantum One Chat” and select Set Default Communication Device (set a default communication device)
  • In the “Recording” group, select “JBL Quantum One Chat” and select “Set Default Device” (set the default device)
  • In the Chat application, select “JBL Quantum One Chat” as a default audio device

To solve this problem, I had to delete and reinstall six different drivers, as well as Quantum Engine software! But even this did not help. Understanding all the hopelessness of the situation, I dropped the settings of the headset, after which everything worked fine. So the concept of “connect and play” is definitely not about JBL Quantum One.

It’s good that such a headset is focused not only on games, but also on audiophiles. I just can’t provide a gamer that could withstand the entire installation process.

When everything is ready, you can use Quantum Sphere 360: JBL technology that monitors your head and controls the volumetric sound. I do not argue, in words it sounds exciting. But in practice it is absolutely not noticeable. And even during the highest level of FPS, my head almost never radically changed the situation.

Perhaps if you have a giant curved monitor, a 3D sound can bring a lot to the game, but in all other cases the function is completely useless, since your look is always directed in one place.

This is an interesting technology, but I do not think that it costs the money that the manufacturer asks for.

JBL Quantum One: Sound and Music

Since JBL is primarily a company engaged in musical accessories, it is not surprising that the headphones of Quantum One are perfect for any musical genre. I listened to tracks of different groups and performers: Noize MC, Spleen, Rolling Stones and Korzh. In each case, the vocals were bright and clean, and the tools were impressive with dynamics and realism.

JBL Quantum One also received certification of Hi-Res Audio-rare among game sets. If you do not go into details, this means that you can listen to any types of audio files without loss as a sound. Quantum One will be able to reproduce them with perfect accuracy. By the aggregate of factors, it turns out a little expensive to just listen to your favorite tracks. But if you love to just sit at home and in a calm atmosphere, without being distracted, listen to music, then you will definitely be satisfied with Quantum One.


The headset is highly dependent on the JBL Quantum Engine program and can conflict with another software that is associated with sound. But if you do everything right, then the volume will work perfectly. Even where there is no strong stop on voluminous sound, JBL Quantum One copes with this effect perfectly.

In Cyberpunk 2077, for example, the noise of the city streets is spilled evenly in a fairly large space. Thanks to the qualitative sound and good sensation of volume in Call of Duty: Warzone, it becomes many times easier to determine the distance and direction of the steps of the enemy. And the sensor of the headset position does not knock down your orientation when rotating the head.

When listening to music, the bass is slightly swallowed by some hidden limiter. Not critical, but some powerful musical parties sound a little strangled, as if they are not allowed to play at full power. In DTS mode, without the company quantum sphere 360, the headset sounds strange. But what is the point of not using the main chip of the device? For long sessions, JBL Quantum One is heavy, over time begins to crush a little, sweat. but we are talking about really long run.


The headset JBL Quantum One costs 18,000, and for this money you get excellent emotions both during the game and in all other entertainments. be it movie or music. But these are still not headphones for music lovers, but a pretty good tool for players.

I especially recommend for COD and other similar games. to hear the creeping enemy priceless.