Yandex turned off the smart speakers JBL from the Yandex application.Music

I am a user of the JBL Link Music column with Alice for more than one month. And everything in principle suited me, while a few days ago she disappeared from the Yandex application.Music “on my iPhone.

I thought, well, you never know, maybe a version of the version for iOS, took out Xiaomi, the same nonsense. Began to sort out options, check Wi-Fi, reinstall applications, nothing helps. Well, it’s time to contact support.

Well, the first answer is standard, I answered honestly that I did all this, and that everything is ok. I will miss the still obvious moments of correspondence, and go to the main thing when I convinced the TP that I was not to blame.

Well, the end of this story was today, me, as well as all the poor fellows who dared to buy JBL columns were sent to three letters.

What conclusions can be drawn here? Well, for myself, I decided that I would go to buy a column from. and this one will go to Avito, or grandmother to the village. I will refuse from subscription plus. I had thoughts that all these smart devices would be oxidized sooner or later, but this is no criticism. Obviously, Yandex just wants me to buy a station. But I’m not like that, I don’t like abusive relationships.

I read it in time. My order hangs on this column. I went to cancel. Thank you to the author.

Which one? JBL ? Isn’t it easier for Yandex to remove music with such jokes?

The Supreme Court in the case of 6-kg20-19-k6 in a similar case considered the issue. A person bought a Smart watch and the software ceased to be updated due to which the meaning disappeared in them in essence.

The courts of 3 instances refused, but the Armed Forces recognized the decision illegal and sent for a new consideration and, on a new consideration, the courts satisfied the requirements of the consumer.

What is a quality product, the Sun explained in the motivation part. This is a product that can be used for its intended purpose (for which it was purchased) throughout the entire service life. The software that supports his work should also work.

It is impossible to eliminate the disadvantage in the case of Shepeleva: the manufacturer refused one software and switched to another. This is confirmed by the defendant himself. That is, the Supreme Armed Forces, the deficiency is unavoidable. The collegium indicated that the lower instances should determine the responsibility of the manufacturer by analogy with P. 6 tbsp. 19 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights.

Applying the indicated norm by analogy, taking into account the provisions of Article 6 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, the court as legally significant was to establish the following circumstances: whether the possibility of using goods was lost within 10 years from the date of transfer of goods to the consumer in connection with the failure of maintenance of goods, and Whether the shortcomings arose in the specified period.

There is a nuance in the case you given: both the product and the software are sold under one trademark. Roughly speaking, for the buyer these are the goods of one manufacturer that guarantees their work (both together and separately). Perhaps (for sure), in fact, these goods and services are produced and provided by various legal entities, but are sold under one brand, which misleads the buyer. Thus, the decision of the court is fair and justified.

And in the case of the described vehicle, the manufacturer of the column and the manufacturer on. different persons, and general responsibility does not imply. over, the changes were made only in the Yandex, and not to the design of the JBL column, so if we can talk about some damage to the consumer, then only from Yandex. Sad, but it seems maximum. will return money for subscription.

Thank you for a brief audit of judicial practice and for links, immediately, with decisions. Very often this is not enough, to understand. how to act in a legal field.

Oleg Oleg from Tinkov and went to calculate the trajectories of comets. This is from the news in which Oleg told her that she could do a more useful thing.

Recently, we really turned off the possibility of broadcasting to JBL columns. Now you can do this from a mobile application only to Yandex station.

The fact is that we gradually update the functionality of managing stations and columns in applications. Updated firmware will certainly appear on JBL, but a little later.

We understand that such a decision could upset you and regret that we had to wait for an answer from the support service for so long. We will try to tell users about such news in advance in the future.

And you can answer essentially, not going around the bush? The functionality is planned to be returned? If yes, then when? I am upset not only by your decision, but also in principle a disregard attitude. They wanted to block. It is also not necessary to warn, let the user puzzles his head there, and his devices, trying to understand what is wrong.

Thank God I did not have time to buy this column. I would get on the same wabbed as this poor fellow, whom you essentially vilely deceived. Until recently, I used your service, but such a disgusting attitude is a good reason to stop completely

Add at least the ability to roll back to the old version that supported these devices if you do not give a damn about your users.

Two solid acoustic systems. home and portable. with high.quality sound JBL and smart technologies of Yandex.

and more products with Alice appear on the market, and at the same time, voice technology becomes more popular and an ecosystem of a smart home is developing. The regional versions of the speaker systems Link Music Yandex and Link Portable Yandex from the JBL brand compiled the company to the already sold Yandex and devices of manufacturers. They tried them in the case-and realized that both speakers successfully fit into the line of acoustics with Alice: one closed the empty category of medium-sized home columns, the other finally added high-quality sound in a portable format.

If you look at the current line, that’s what you can take from the columns with Alice now. Yandex.The station is a large flagship column, which can be connected to the TV on HDMI. Mini.compact acoustics station for small rooms. LG has a Xboom AI ThinQ with the same price as the station and very high-quality sound, and at the opposite end of the field, the cheapest and small columns from IRBIS and DEXP, suitable for voice commands and control of a smart house than for any sane listening music. Elari and Prestigio products were available in the portable segment, also without outstanding musical talents, and JBL Link Portable finally offers in this format a sane quality of sound. In turn, JBL Link Music closes the empty niche between the large and small stations for the price and size. In general, now there is a choice for each taste and wallet, as well as for any needs for functionality and sound quality. Unless there is not enough soundbar with Alice, but I won’t be surprised if he will still appear in the foreseeable future. Well, now to the point. I tell. What is interesting JBL Link Music and JBL Link Portable.

Technical characteristics of JBL Link Portable / JBL Link Music Diameter Diameter: 1×49 mm / 1×64 mm Peak power: 20 W / 20 W frequency: 65 Hz-20 kHz / 60 Hz-20 kHz signal / noise: 80 dB Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 connector: USB Type C Water Protection: IP7x /. Battery: 4800 mAh /. Dimensions: 88×170 mm / 112×134 mm weight: 735 g / 730 g

Despite the belonging to one line, JBL Link Portable and Link Music are different. For portable, six different hull colors are available (including my favorite olive), home is sold only in one black classic color. For or against such a division, it is difficult for me to speak out. On the one hand, colored speakers as if better could be built into home interiors, at the same time they were clearly released in a portable format with an eye on the self.expression of a youth audience, with the calculation of which these columns were produced. In general, as for me, it would be better for both the home and the portable version would still be colored. I also note in the list of differences that the portable column is protected from water and dust according to the IP7X standard and you can not worry at least in the rain, even at the pool, and the stationary defense is not declared. In addition, the homemade is smaller, wider and received a larger speaker-all this due to the lack of a built-in battery, which takes place inside the portable model.

If you continue to talk about the difference between the models, I would also note the sound. JBL Link Portable plays with pronounced low frequencies, the sound of a homemade JBL Link Music is more balanced. Such differences are due to both scenarios for using the columns and the target audience. In mobile format, music is more likely to choose a big role to play a boorish bass, the genres are more diverse at home and users more often put something calm. And here is what these two speakers unites, so the volume supply that you do not expect from such compact models. In this regard, the complete order: JBL columns with Alice will cope perfectly even in large rooms and in open spaces where people do not bite around acoustics.

Of the less pleasant features, it seemed to me that portable acoustics “hears” the user’s voice a little worse, when music plays loudly or is quite noisy around it. The home version of JBL Link copes with this better. However, this is relevant not only for these two products, for example, the Mini station at Yandex has an incomparably best hearing than a large station. For example, I am familiar when you are in the living room and say something to Alice, while the station is ignoring you in the same room, and the mini station responds from the bedroom. The difference in the sensitivity of the microphones of JBL Link Music and JBL Link Portable is not so dramatic, but also available.

By the way, it is worth keeping in mind that even at a lower price, and this is 8560, JBL Link Music can be considered a competitor to eleven thousandth LG Xboom AI ThinQ and a full.sized station, and JBL Link Portable is abusively offers the best sound quality from all portable columns from Alice. They wanted an acoustics with a full.fledged Russian.speaking voice assistant. feel free to look closely at JBL products, they will not disappoint. And from the cool features of these speakers I note these points. The portable version is supplied with a special stand for charging (which does not cancel the ability to charge it through the Type-C connector on the rear panel) and thanks to this you can also find some permanent place in the apartment. And for the first time, among products with Alice, the connection and listening of music on Bluetooth does not turn off smart functionality, so Alice remains available. In all other columns, you have to choose: or connection via Wi-F with the availability of Alice and listening to Yandex.Music, or Bluetooth connection, turning acoustics into a regular wireless column.

How to connect to the Internet

One of the reasons why the column does not connect to the global network is errors in the performance of work. In practice, the primary setting of JBL Link Music is not much different from other solutions with Alice.

  • Go to the setting.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network. According to the developers, the column is connected by a 2.4 or 5 GHz network (it does not matter).
  • Enter the installed password and bring the phone closer to JBL Link Music.
  • Wait a while while the device thinks.
  • Wait for the installation of updates if they are available.
  • Check out the skills of Alice that appear in the overall list.
  • Activate the bluetooth conjugation mode using a button or voice command.

When following this instruction, JBL Link Music is easily connected via Wi-Fi. If some difficulties arise in the process, they are easy to solve using the above recommendations.

Knowing how to connect with the JBL Link Music column, you can quickly configure the device and use it with Alice. In the case when the device does not connect, start by rebooting the router, make sure the Internet, try to make changes to the settings or contact Support

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us which way you helped, for what reasons you have a JBL Portable does not connect to Wi-Fi, and what other steps can help in solving the problem.

JBL Link Music does not connect to Wi-Fi: one comment

It turned out to drive JBL Music on the Internet! In the ASUS RT-AX56U router, Smart Connect turned off, made for each network (2.4 and 5) different SSID and passwords, for network 2.4 N network N-online, channel width 20/40, channel 9, WPA2/WPA3-Personal verification method. I connected the column to the guest network, SSID and password. all numbers (maybe not necessarily, have not tried). For almost a month he steamed. With the old Router Zyxel Keenetic II, the column worked normally, but the speed on SpeedTest was 98, ASUSA has speed 215. Perhaps it will work if you directly pick up to 2.4, I have not tried, I’m afraid to frighten off a separate “gratitude” to the support of Yandex. Demonstrated complete helplessness.

How to use JBL column? Turn on the device by long.term clicking on the power button, connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth or using the wire, and then control the tracks using the Play button on the case or a special application. Below are detailed instructions for the use of JBL Extreme 2, Charge 2 and other models.

Preparation for connection

First of all, you need to download a special application from Yandex. since it was this developer that created a voice assistant, you can not do without the program. The setting of the JBL column with Alice will begin in the application, there we will connect the device for further operation.

And after that you can move on to how to set up a smart JBL column with Alice. If you have a portable version, it must be placed on a docking station so that it eats from the network. If you have chosen a stationary model, first connect the power adapter to the outlet and insert the cable into the nest on the case.

You are almost ready for how to set up a JBL column with Alice. Do not forget to choose a good place for a stationary device. do not put very close to the wall, do not place under low hanging shelves, do not clean the far corner. Coped? We proceed to the next step.

Turning on the column

As we said, the setting of the JBL column with Alice will be carried out through the Yandex application. Open it (you did not forget to log in?) and do the following:

Previously, you have already tied other smart home devices to your account (not necessarily a station)? If yes:

  • Click on the icon in the form of a plus;
  • Choose to the menu add a “smart column with Alice”;
  • From the list you need to select your model. portable or stationary.

Separately, let’s say how to set up a JBL column with Yandex Alice, if you have not used such devices before and go this path for the first time:

Found the desired device on the list? If everything went well, the next screen will open, where a system notification will appear.

  • Your device should start blinking blue backlight automatically;
  • If this does not happen, then hold the activation button manually (the assistant icon on the lid) and hold for about five seconds. wait until the indicator lights up with blue.

We complete the review of how to configure Alice on the JBL column:

  • If everything is done correctly and the connection was successful, a list of available networks will appear on the screen;
  • Choose the desired finger press, then enter the password and click on the connection button;
  • Wait for the successful completion of the procedure. as soon as the Internet works, the sound losing window will open;
  • Bring your phone closer to the device and click on the purple button on the screen.

Everything went well, the assistant will tell you about the completion of the setting. now you can start using a smart device. A list of Alice’s capabilities will immediately appear on the screen, study them, save the most interesting teams and immediately test them in practice!

It is important to remember that the setting of the JBL column with Alice is made one algorithm. no matter what device you have chosen, stationary or portable. There will be no differences in the process, you just need to choose the appropriate model in the menu. that’s all! The rest of the steps are absolutely identical algorithms.

You managed to configure the JBL Link column with Alice? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how simple or complex the process was, what difficulties arose, how you coped with them? Perhaps your experience and reviews will help other users connect the device. or even make the final decision to buy a smart device!

Alice will put music, fulfill instructions and become an interlocutor

The first impression is the purity and clarity of the transfer of the virtual assistant’s voice. Difficulties with the perception of teams are not observed. Hears even a whisper, but only in complete silence. Not one hundred percent, but the ideal is unattainable.

Yandex.Music. a library of compositions of various genres; is a streaming service, the Internet connection is necessary for use. Favorite motifs will be found by lovers of heavy rock and prefer lyrical melodies. It is more difficult to choose from millions of available. Alice will help, smart assistant. Contact her by name and ask to turn on the music or talk about what she is capable of.

Listened to 1555 hours “Yandex.Music “in 2019, testing Link Music, I realized. the column is indispensable for a permanent service user. I can’t imagine how I used to do without it. On request will put not only the named song, but also the album of a certain group or performer completely.

Not only includes melodies at the request of the user of a smart gadget, but will also become his interlocutor. Capable of conducting a meaningful conversation on an interesting user topic. Will transfer pounds into grams or kilograms, feet. millimeters, centimeters or meters. Cope with the transformation of other units of measurement, count the currency at the rate.

Will tell the child a fairy tale for the night while parents are busy with their business. It is enough to ask the assistant by calling the fairy tale to which you want to please the baby.

You need to wake up early. say the Alice command, put an alarm clock for five in the morning ”and you can sleep further. Time, of course, determines the user, the indicated. just an example.

Having asked the question of a smart virtual assistant, the user will receive not only the answer, but also the source. the resource in which he was found. It must be remembered that there is no guarantee of the correctness of the response. Analogue of the text search system, advanced and more convenient to use.

The choice of voice assistant for the model means complete support of the Russian language and simple integration into the concept of a “smart home” developed by Yandex. If implemented, ask her to turn on a nightlight or lighting. Other smart devices are provided, including air conditioning and TV. Will include at the request of the user radio.

Applicable for remote shutdown of light and household appliances, provided that the room is equipped with smart sockets, switches and light bulbs.

It is possible to contact a group of devices. For this, scenarios are created that allow, for example, to turn on with one team: light in the kitchen, kettle and chandelier in the living room.

Assistant skills

Interesting with its functionality, which are called skills. Tell you what to cook and share a recipe. The user says to Alice, what he had lunch, the assistant will give information for thought. information about calorie content and nutrient content. Will help in the selection of diet.

A selection of skills is extensive for those who are engaged in fitness. from complex training to five.minute office gymnastics.

It will solve the equation for the user, help to learn the language, teach you to correctly pronounce words.

Only a small part of its capabilities. The collection is replenished and expanded.

About sound

From a volume point of view, everything is the same as Link Portable. He is impressive. In this case, by the way, it is not necessary to have maximum decibels, because it is designed to be a bedside assistant.

The device, according to official figures, issues 60 Hz. 20,000 kHz. I listen again and understand that there is about 80 Hz. 15,000 kHz.

Unlike Link Portable, the Link Music Accent column is shifted to the middle and high frequencies. There is no more overload on the bottoms. In this case, it is extremely pleasant to listen to classic compositions, and even rock and metal sound good. there is no “porridge” that is in Link Portable.

Naturally, Link Music perfectly conveys Alice’s voice. loudly, clearly and purely. The sensitivity of microphones is slightly higher than that of Link Portable: commands are recognized without problems.


The output of the JBL brand with Alice on board was quite logical: a well.known brand, a huge number of people use a voice assistant (my is so used to Alice that it has not been using text entering information in the search for a long time), the people like Yandex.Music “(I’ve been an active user of a streaming service for two years now), and with a subscription you will get several pleasant bonuses.

As for the columns, from the point of view of design, everything is very calm, as I said, closer to the Harman Kardon brand.

The portable version works for a long time, it sounds good, but I would not load it with something heavy. The Link Music device has a more even frequency response, so it is suitable for listening to almost any music genre.

Let me remind you prices: JBL Link Portable. 12,000, JBL Link Music. 8 500. It seems to me that the price could be reduced by 2,500. 3,000.

JBL Pulse, JBL Link Music, JBL Link Portable

What competitors exist in our market:

  • Yandex.Station. Big and powerful column. Knows how to connect to TV by HDMI.
  • LG Xboom AI Thinq. Great option for those who want to purchase high.quality sound. Large and heavy column.
  • Yandex.Mini station. Compact version of a smart column from Yandex.
  • Elari Smartbeat. Inexpensive portable 5 watts column, of course, with Alice inside.
  • Irbis a. A compact column, only for acquaintance with Alice and Yandex ecosystems.

And you communicate with voice assistants? If so, what are the main scenarios use?

We start working

You turn on the column and listen to Alice’s appeal to you. She briefly tells what she knows how to connect.

For the full operation of JBL Link Portable and Music, you will need the Yandex application. Install it and go to the list of all available applications. It is available by pressing an icon consisting of four squares in the lower right corner:

On the opening page there will be a “device” icon, where you can connect a new column.

Actually, the process of connecting the column is no different from other products with Alice. Like their scenarios of use.

As I said above, the column works in two versions: both portable and connected to the dock. In the portable charge mode, the battery is enough for 8 hours.

In both cases, the column knows how to work with both Alice and Bluetooth. By the way, it is very pleasant that Alice is not deactivated when Bluetooth is turned on. you can still use it.

By the way, the column is protected in the IPX7 class.

Like any portable column of similar sizes, this is not quite about bass. The declared frequency range is 65. 20,000 Hz here, but, to my restrained taste, the bass is not enough. And I don’t like everything buzz. I love balance.

For example, in the song, which I always put for listening, I do not have enough bass base, although its notes are heard.

But I really liked the details of the remaining frequencies: nothing merges into some unformed porridge, each of the tools is clearly heard, and the main moment with aoy blows magic, as it should be.

Retro-Sulu sounds good performed by Monophonics-as if created for this column:

Everything sounds hard and beautiful here. And Natasha Artamonova, having heard this song, came running and began to dance. He says he loves this song very much. And I only found out today that this is Monophonics!

link, music, connect, working, hours

Beggin ’perfectly illustrates what things are organic on such JBL. I will hint another song:

In general, retro-storms will sound good on this column. Monophonics and Black Pumas are well played. But something with a deep bass is not so good. For example, the cheerful and perky Good Times Roll would lose if they had not made a barrel such an emphasizing attention:

Как Подключить Беспроводную Колонку JBL к Телефону по Bluetooth и Настроить Алису?

The volume supply is very large. Already 70 % it is excessive. Although the power is only 20 watts.

Official for this money you get a good sounding column with Alice. And here another problem arises: intraspecific competition. For 11 thousand you can buy a very beautiful Pulse 4 from the same JBL:

JBL Pulse 4 Review: Music not only for the ears

Ilya Kichaev

Or a rather large XTREME 2 for trips to nature, which has two speakers and twice a lot of power. 40 watts.

JBL Link Music Speaker Review unboxing | Watch Before You Buy

Is Alice Killer-Fichi? Personally, I would buy JBL Pulse 4. it is beautiful and sounds cool. But I do not really use the Yandex ecosystem. Although, gaining this text now, I understood one thing: it is convenient to answer calls, not worrying about the need to quickly switch from the column to the speaker’s spoken speaker. It is convenient to listen to the music by just saying “Yandex, turn on Thrice” (I switched the launch phrase from “Alice”). And it’s convenient in the morning after a cup of coffee to ask what the weather will be in the evening.

Of course, all this can be done on a smartphone. But life becomes more comfortable thanks to such trifles.

Connection, opportunities and impressions of work

At the first inclusion of Alice on the network, it loudly notifies its new owner that to work with it will need to install Yandex mobile application on the smartphone. It notifies so loudly that I can’t even believe that this sound comes from such a small column. In principle, to listen to music with JBL Link Music, you can not connect “Alice” at all, leaving it to be in a “sleeping” state. In this case, the column does not need to be connected through the Yandex application with the Wi-Fi home network, but you just need to manually convert it to the Bluetooth VID mode and connect it to any sound source that has an appropriate communication technology. In most cases, it will be a smartphone or laptop.

JBL Link Music connection via Yandex mobile application

link, music, connect, working, hours

But JBL Link Music is primarily interesting precisely by the voice assistant, “Alice”, and therefore not to use all the capabilities of this column would be completely wrong. Searching and connecting a device in the Yandex mobile application is held quickly and without any difficulties. Like “Yandex.The station “, the JBL Link Music column during the connection asks the user to bring the phone closer to transmit special code sounds similar to the conversations of the R2D2 robot from the well.known cinema saga. Well, then JBL Link Music turns from a simple column into a center of entertainment and managing your smart home, if it has any other compatible devices-sockets, lamps, air conditioners, televisions and other household appliances.

We have repeatedly met the capabilities of Alice when testing various Yandex devices. In addition to the voice control of the smart household appliances, Alice is able to chat a little about life, talk about weather and traffic jams on the road, find the answer to some question on the Internet, learn by the voice of its owner and, in accordance with his preferences, for example, change Lighting in the apartment or turn on the music of a certain style. The latter, as before, Alice is looking exclusively in the Yandex Appendix.Music “in the presence of a designed subscription. In this case, “Alice” will also find films in this case, but he will not be able to broadcast, since JBL Link Music has no video output.

But the sound of JBL Link Music was very pleasantly surprised and even a little shocked us. We did not expect such volume and bright pure sound from such a baby: a room of 20 square meters is easily filled with voluminous sound. At the same time, I do not want to set the maximum volume level. at least for such a room it is redundant. The sound of the column is very bright, voluminous. over, it literally spreads 360 ° around the column due to horizontal placement of the speaker inside the case.

At an average volume level, the sound is decorated with deep saturated bass, which is much less pronounced both with low volume values ​​and with the highest possible. Middle and high frequencies are pleasant for hearing even at minimum volume, which will be in handy if you use calm music as sleeping pills at night. Well, for a noisy party, it is better to have JBL Link Music closer to the center of the room. The main thing is that the power cable does not interfere with the guests.

If we talk about the most preferred musical styles for JBL Link Music, then, as in the case of any other monocolon, this device most fully reveals itself when playing rock, jazz, electronic and popular music. Instrumental music also sounds good. Also JBL Link Music is a great option for voicing the film when watching from a laptop. Anyway, for a laptop with a Bluetooth module, this column can become a good home assistant. It is a pity that you can’t just transfer it from the room to the room. you have to turn off the power supply.

The work of two microphones is no different. Despite the fact that there are only two of them, Alice will recognize even a whisper well. True, in the evening, in complete silence. But to shout to it when playing at full power, alas, is not easy. To do this, in the literal sense, you need to shout loudly: “Alice! Make a quieter!””

The smart column JBL Link Music will be an excellent addition in the line of devices with the voice assistant “Alice”, which previously had a larger Yandex.Station “and tiny” Yandex.Mini station. And it is especially pleased that the novelty has joined these devices from JBL. Fans “Alice” such a pleasant surprise definitely should like. over, JBL Link Music has a lot of advantages:

  • design and quality of execution at the highest level;
  • The sound around 360 °;
  • very high level of maximum volume;
  • pure voluminous sound;
  • possibility of manual control;
  • The ability to work in the regime without a voice assistant.

The defects detected are not so significant. We are talking about the absence of a 3.5-mm mini-jack-section for a wired connection with a sound source and not too convenient placement of the microphone disconnection button. Otherwise, this is one of the best speakers with Alice on the market. True, without a battery. For those who need autonomous work, there is a model JBL Link Portable, but we have not tested it and we can’t say anything about the sound quality. As for our guest today, we can safely recommend it for purchase, if you were going to purchase a smart column with a voice assistant.

JBL Link Music Management Dynamics

A guide for your JBL Link Music Dynamics is required? Below you can view and download free management in PDF format. In addition, frequently asked questions, product rating and user reviews are given, which will optimally use your product. If this is not the guide that you were looking for, contact us.

Your device is malfunctioning, and there is no decision in the leadership? Go to Repair Café to receive free repair services.


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I want to connect a speaker to the TV via HDMI. Which port should I use? You must use the HDMI-ARC port, which is specially designed to connect audio equipment.

What the frequencies of the dynamics indicate? Proven they indicate the frequency range, which can play the speaker. The larger the range, the wider the spectrum of sound and the better its quality.

When music sounds too loud? The proven sound of more than 80 decibels (dB) may begin to damage the hearing. The sound of more than 120 dB immediately damages the hearing. The degree of harm depends on how often and how long these decibels sound.

Does Bluetooth work through walls and ceiling? The proven Bluetooth signal will pass through the walls and ceiling if they are not made of metal. Depending on the thickness and material of the wall, the signal may lose strength.

To what noise level is it safe for children? Hearing proven in children is damaged faster than in adults. Therefore, it is important to never expose children to the noise louder than 85 dB. There are special models for children in the headphone housing. In the case of loudspeakers or other situations, you must be attentive, the noise does not exceed this level.