What to do if the old iPad does not turn on?

Make it very simple. you need to perform the so-called “hard” reboot. To do this, on the iPad you need to simultaneously clamp the “Home” buttons and “Power and hold them until Apple logo (10-15 seconds) appears on the tablet screen.

On the iPad with the Home button, iPhone 6S or earlier models and iPod Touch (6th generation) or earlier models: Press and hold the Home and Top (or Side) button at the same time. Continue to hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.

How to charge an iPad battery directly?

  • Use a specialized charger (like me)
  • Use a laboratory power supply with adjustable voltage (like me, but not this time)
  • Use the battery that gives no higher than 4 in

Specialized Charger is not all. His presence I have it echoes of the former hobbies with radio-controlled models. Laboratory power supply is almost every hand engineer. Well, the batteries are available at all, but they do not provide feedback. you will have to use third-party sensors and meters to follow everything.

Well, I choose the program for charging lithium polymer batteries, I put the voltage 3.7 V (single configuration), maximum charge current 0.5 A (it would be more, but better more slowly and safer) and connect the conclusions directly to the battery: plus on plus, minus for minus.

The problem of smart charging (and IMAX B6 mini is no exception here) is that they also do not want to charge the battery, if its voltage is below the permissible level. in this case, the charger will fly with the Connection Break error. Fortunately, everything earned the first time and the stress began to grow.

If the battery gives a smaller voltage than the external charge can be identified, you will have to use either a laboratory power supply unit or a battery no more than 4 in.

Do not exceed the charge voltage above 4 V, if you use laboratory BP or something else!

With a smart charging, the charge current will not change, and the voltage will start growing. Closer to 4.2 into the strength of the current will begin to decrease. And when charging from the laboratory BP, you need to manually lift the voltage by holding the charge current at the level of 0.5 A.

You can charge the battery until you stop or at least up to 3.6-3.7 in so that it can identify the built-in device charge controller. I did it. When the tension came to 3.66 V (it is the same on parallel elements, of course), I turned off the charging.

After reverse assembly and connecting to the charger, everything worked. In the queue, battery pumping, charger calibration and adjusting an ancient iPad in 2020, that is, ten years later. But that is another story.

If you have iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

Click and quickly release the volume button. Click and quickly release the volume reduction button. Then press and hold the side button until Apple’s logo appears.

The most common cause

I will start with the most frequent, and at the same time the most obvious and easy to solve the problem.

So, usually does not turn on iPad due to the lack of charge. That is, the battery is simply discharged after a complete discharge.

  • First, the chargers can break, and they do it without any manifestations, but simply cease to work. People put their iPad mini, iPad 2 or another model for charging, even not paying attention to the absence of a zipper icon on the screen. Then they take the device in a few hours, and it no longer turns on. If it is in the charger, it is very easy to determine. Take another charging and connect it to the tablet, or try to charge the other apple device with the same charging, for example, iPhone. Immediately it will be clear, “Charging” is to blame or not.
  • Secondly, check whether the socket or the extension can work to which the tablet computer is connected. It is possible that the source of energy is defective, and not charging or iPad. I’m not talking about checking whether there is electricity indoors.
  • Thirdly, make sure that the charger connector on the tablet, and the port itself at the end of the charging USB cable is not clogged. Apple uses materials that are difficult to climb, but there are situations when the garbage literally sticks out. For example, if accidentally pour sticky fluid on a mobile device or charging, dust and debris accumulated a lot in a few days. In general, look at the input for charging on the machine, and to the port on the charger wire, and if you find clogging, eliminate it.
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I disassembled all the reasons and ways to solve them when iPad mini, iPad 2 or the other model does not turn on due to the lack of energy in the battery. Unfortunately, there are problems in another nature.

Why iPad does not turn on?

Among the most common reasons for the iPad does not respond to inclusion, it is worth noting:

  • Problems in the firmware. They may be provoked by the most various factors: both software and technical properties. Most often in such a situation, you need to make flashing device. However, in some cases, it can help reset to factory settings (turn on the iPad using the simultaneous pressing and holding the “Power” and “Home” buttons).
  • Output buttons. Make sure the breakage of this button is very simple. To do this, connect the tablet to the charging device. If the charging indicator is on the screen, it means that the problem is in the broken power button. It will have to be replaced. It is worth it only in the service center.
  • Moisture entering the iPad case. Moisture is one of the main enemies of any electronic device. In order to return the tablet in the working state after it falls into the water or the strait of any beverage, it will be necessary to make it a complete dryer. To do this, you need to disassemble the iPad and leave it for several days. If such a procedure did not help, then the device should be attributed to the service center. Most likely, the water led to the dissent of any microcircuit, which means it must be replaced.
  • Short circuit. Most often this is due to the use of a non-original charger. An electrical impulse of such charging can output several components of the tablet. It will be necessary to replace them.
  • Other technical reasons, among which breakdowns of charging nest, the failure of the battery and so on.

Also some iPad users may encounter a situation when an apple lights up on the screen, but it does not happen further. The most common cause of this is software problems, and it is eliminated by flashing the tablet. If it did not help, then you consider a gadget to the service center, as this indicates a malfunction of its internal elements.

In order not to look for an answer to the question of why the apple tablet does not turn on, it is necessary to comply with the conditions for its operation:

  • apply only original components (charger, cable and so on);
  • be neat when used (not to drop, not shedding coffee and juices);
  • Do not interfere in iOS (it is about removing restrictions from the firmware, as well as the installation of informal versions of the system and various hacker software).

If the iPad still came into disrepair, then its repair is better to entrust professionals, that is, attribute the tablet to the official service center. You can only make an ipad flashing, but here there is a risk that something goes wrong.

If the iPad does not turn on, the apple is lit, then the reason for this may be serious hardware problems. However, sometimes the problem arises due to software errors and other failures that can be eliminated without contacting the service center.

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Causes of malfunction

Before proceeding to independent repairs, it is necessary to understand the reason why the tablet does not start. Among the most common causes:

  • Battery discharge to zero. In this case, the iPad is loaded to the apple, and then turns off.
  • Problems in the operation of the operating system. If the screen lights up, but the tablet does not work, try to return it to the working condition forced reboot or flashing.
  • Hardware problems caused by mechanical impact, moisture ingress or other negative factors.

What to do if the iPad did not turn on after the mechanical exposure, or the screen is constantly shut down after switching on?It is recommended to contact the service center. Hardware problems can be the most different:

  • Faulty Enable Button. Detect breakdown easy. Connect the charger to the device. If the indicator lights up, then the power button is faulty.
  • Short circuit with component damage. To identify the damaged area will not work independently.
  • Fluid getting inside.

DIY repair will lead to the fact that the iPad will be removed from the warranty if it still has. In addition, you can damage other components by adding new problems to the existing.


If the device is turned on, but freezes during the download process, there may be several reasons for this. From the correct diagnostics of the root problem, the problem of solving the problem depends, so it is important to at least approximately establish the cause.

Operating system update error

This is the main reason, because of which the iPad does not turn on and the apple is lit. Failures in updating the IOS operating system can occur both by the fault of the user and because of the unsuccessful update issued.

Important! In order not to deal with the problem in which the iPad does not turn on, you only need to install the current operating system updates. Also, the tablet should not be turned off during the update.

Full discharge

Another common reason, when the apple logo on the display is displayed, and then the device turns off. the full discharge of the battery.

Most users are followed by the charge of the tablet and put it to charge about once a day, but if the charger has failed, it can not be noticed.

When charging breaks, the tablet does not receive energy, and when you turn on the apple and goes out the screen. The charger does not work either USB cord or adapter. often is the USB cable, which twisted and receives external damage.

The adapter can overcome or literally fall apart, if it is poor-quality equipment.

Check what exactly the problem can be connected another adapter and / or cable. Then will then buy a charger. The original Apple cable costs about 1800, and the adapter will cost about 2200.

Hardware problem

Under the hardware problem implies damage and outputs of the components of the mobile device. If the iPad dropped, got on it, were inaccurately exploited and so on, it can stop correctly loading and operating.

If one of the above or similar was with your device, then at home will not repair it. You should contact the service center, and it is desirable that it is official from Apple or partners.


Internal elements of the tablet may burn due to moisture from entering, as it provokes the reaction of conductive elements. In this case, the device will continue to turn on at all, and it will have to replace components and repair the device.

Why not need to immediately run to the service

The most versatile way to solve love Ipad fault. contact your Apple Store or an authorized service center.

Any original apparatus will either repaired or replaced with a new. But only if the warranty period of the manufacturer is still in force.

Nevertheless, it is not always advisable to contact the service center.

If the battery in the device failed due to wear or inaccurate appeal, then the service center can only offer to buy a new battery and pay for its replacement.

Although much cheaper will buy an original battery separately, and install it on your own. And this is quite simple and especially disassemble the case does not have to.

In addition, if the iPad does not turn on and does not charge after the resulting damage or fluid interaction. This may be damaged not only the battery, but also the connector, the inner tire and other components.

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Apple Standard Warranty does not act in such situations, since the malfunction was caused by a careless handling of equipment. There is no point in serving, because no services will not be available there.

Common causes and methods of struggle

If the iPad does not turn on, the first thing to do is put it for charging. In fact, this is the most common cause. The fact is that, in normal conditions, you see the level of charge of the device right on the screen, but if the battery is discharged completely, the device will not even be able to start to inform you about it. In this situation, you need to connect the charger (of course, knowingly working), and wait a few minutes. On the screen, after the primary charging of the battery to a state when the iPad can turn on, nothing will be, but an image of a discharged battery will appear on its completion. Let him fill the charge, and, after that, the tablet can be turned on. Actually, you can do it immediately as soon as you see this icon, but it is not recommended to do this. If this option worked for you, then you are lucky. Is that a few days should be supervised to the battery. if she degraded from time to time and keeps badly charge, you may have to contact an authorized service center for its replacement.

How to enable iPad if it is not discharged, but still does not respond to buttons. a little different matter. It is possible that it is caused by banal freezing, and then a forced reboot can help. Tighten the power and “home” button at the same time for 10-15 seconds. Apple logo should appear on the screen. This command, bypassing the level of the operating system, turns off and includes a device. Action occurs at the iron level; In this case, the user data stored in the device’s memory, on the shaped hard disk (if you operate with familiar computer terms), but those that were stored in RAM, that is, the data running at the time of rebooting applications will be.

Such an operation can solve most problems arising from iPad. The fact is that most of the program errors are treated with the notorious “turn off and enable”, since this illudive algorithm restarts the execution of the program, and at the same time, the conditions for the occurrence of an error may not be repeated. But, you need to understand that not every error is treated in such a simple way. Let’s say if the iPad does not turn on, which is caused by a damaged system file, make such a reboot meaningless. Each time the operating system is launched, it will request this file and turn off with the same error.

Then will help restore the system through iTunes. This universal software allows you to spend many actions with your device, among them there are both we need in this situation. Connect iPad to a computer using a wire. Then, when running the program, clamp the “Home” keys and power on, but keep longer than in the previous case. 20-25 seconds. Apple logo will appear on the screen, which will change the system recovery symbol. At the same time, a pop-up window will appear in iTunes with the request, what to do with your iPad: Restore or update. Click on the “Update” button, it will start the procedure for reinstalling the operating system while saving your user data. Now it remains only to wait for the end of work.

If the process takes more than 15 minutes, iPad (like iPad 2) goes into sleep mode and does not turn on. What to do in this situation, we have already described: just repeat the same actions without turning off the device from the computer. Performing an interrupted task will continue from the previous place, since the iPad saves the system status in sleep mode.