How to find a turned off (discharged) iPhone

In this material, we will give several simple, but very important tips, thanks to which you can increase the iphone security level and find it in a critical situation without any problems. What to do if the iPhone is lost and the battery is discharged in it?

Previously, a simple ringle could be returned in two ways: actually call the lost phone and ask the new owner to return the property or contact law enforcement agencies, where it is possible to track the phone by IMEI through a mobile operator number (my good friend returned the smartphone, though without a flash drive without a flash drive and in a very killed state).

Now the level of safety of smartphones has increased significantly. Passwords, fingerprint scanners and retinal eyes and a whole bunch of software for remote tracking and blocking of a gadget. iPhone, of course, in this regard ahead of the planet, because just find on the street, reflash it and you will not be able to use it. Of course, if the owner competently set up everything.

First, check the activation of the “Find iPhone” function, for what:

Make sure you are authorized in your account of Apple ID.

In the “Find iPhone” section, the function should be enabled.

Immediately, make sure that the “Last Geopolition” function is active (present in iOS 8 or more recent versions of the system). It is she who will be the last hope if the battery is discharged. After discharge, the device will send its location to the Apple server.

Of course, in order to track the location of the gadget, a constant presence of active Internet connection is necessary. There is one important nuance. the control point without any problems opens on the blocked iPhone screen, and thanks to this, the attacker can activate the Avia and, for example, send a smartphone for donation. In this case, the location will also not be determined. To prevent this from happening, go to the settings → control point and deactivate the switch opposite the point “on the blocked screen”.

If you take into account all these nuances, then finding a smartphone will be much easier. To detect lost iPhone:

At the top of the display, select the device.

After that, it will display on the map. Pay attention to the fact that the time is displayed when the data was last sent to the server. If the status of “less than a minute” is displayed, then you are very lucky and you can find the iPhone in hot pursuit.

Apple Maps is not very informative in the territory of the post.Soviet space, so do not forget to choose a “satellite” or “hybrid” in the right view of the ICLOUD right corner of the ICLOUD page. Then the pictures from Google satellites will be connected to the rescue.

If the iPhone is discharged, then the only way to limit the work of the iPhone will be the “loss mode”. After its activation, you will have to enter the phone number on which the new owner will be able to contact you and the message.

After the iPhone is connected to the network, your message will be displayed on the locked display.

If, after all, the smartphone cannot be returned, then be sure to follow the following list of actions:

how to track a stole phone without SIM Card

Find iPhone via iPhone or computer. all actions

Let’s start with the actions that need to be taken as soon as you find the loss of your phone. It will be very good if no one has time to find it yet and you know the approximate place where you lost.

Call him from another phone. So, we will check if it is turned on, and give the sound signal. We learn the approximate location. If you are nearby, you can quickly find.

If someone has already found it, then he will be able to pick up the phone and return your device to you. If the iPhone is already turned off, and you remember that the charge was complete, then most likely. they stole. What to do in this situation is written below.

Go to the site. https: // find/ from a computer or other smartphone. Enter data from your account. Select your iPhone in the list of devices and try to give a sound signal on it. This is convenient if there is no other phone to call it.

If you can’t find it, then turn on the loss mode. Indicate your contact details by which the found will be able to contact you. This is convenient, especially if you immediately change the SIM card.

If the phone is turned off and you know for sure that it was stolen. In the same window, you can immediately click on the cleaning of the iPhone in order to erase all your data from it and the attackers could not get access to them.

When finding a device, in the future, everything can be restored from a backup iPhone.

After turning on the search function, look at the map where your device is located, move to it, and turn on the sound signal to hear. If someone takes a smartphone, then he will be able to contact you according to the contact data you left.

Important! If, when the phone is missing, there was no password on it and it could be easily unlocked, then I recommend changing passwords: from the mail, Apple ID and others, to which a person could access your phone. First of all, change the password from email.

How to track someone’s location with just a phone number

If stolen 100%. After the operations done above, call or go to your cell operator and block the SIM card, in the office. re.release to be in touch.

There are many data now: banks, access to sites and other actions require a phone number. And he will not be with you to avoid problems, it is better to immediately make a lock or change a SIM card.

Go to the police, write a statement for the loss. I also extremely recommend that you contact your own and not only a cellular company to make an IMEI lock. Also add it here. https: //

possible, track, iphone, card

Be sure to take documents to the police confirming that the phone is really your and your documents.

If the device is not found for a long time, then remove it from the list of trusted devices in iCloud.

Next, we will consider in detail what needs to be done in certain situations when we disappeared.

Important! About how to correctly configure the locator on your device, it is written in detail in the material. the locator on the iPhone. Always turn on this function on the new device.

Search iPhone through the application

Apple offers an alternative search option off the iPhone. using the Find My Phone application. Download it from the official AppStore to any “apple” gadget, get back under your data (Apple ID).

The application will show a list of all devices tied to this account. Click on the icon iphone icon, and the system will notify its last known location.

Here you can also send a message to the lost phone (displayed at the first turned on), delete the data stored in its memory and perform other available functions.

There are no other functions that suggest the possibility of a search, off the iPhone. If the “Find IPhone” application was disconnected and/or the smartphone was not tied to the Apple ID, it will not be possible to find out about the whereabouts of the gadget. you will have to turn to the help of law enforcement agencies and try to solve the problem with the use of their resources, so be vigilant, attentive and careful.

Find iPhone by IMEI

IMEI. the identification number of the smartphone that is located on the box of the device, and therefore is untouchable: it cannot be erased or changed.

IMEI is broadcast that the phone is connected to a cellular network. However, the mobile operator does not provide subscribers with information about the location of the gadget, even if there is evidence that the applicant is the legal owner of the iPhone. Appeal to this fact may appeal to law enforcement agencies. Until this moment, the user can block the SIM card inserted into the lost smartphone.

How to find lost or stolen iPhone

If your iPhone (iPad, Mac and so on) was lost or stolen, then its location can be traced using the icloud online service.COM or using the “Find iPhone” application on another device.

Open the computer web browser and go to the icloud or open the “Find iPhone” application.

Enter the Apple ID and password for iCloud accounting. Data must coincide with those indicated in the ICLUD of the lost device.

If you use the iCloud web-Inteake, open “Find iPhone“.

On the upper central tab “All devices” select the lost/stolen device and it will immediately display on the map.

Activate the “Lost mode”. You can also play a loud sound (if the smartphone is lost somewhere nearby) or erase the data.

In the “loss mode” to the smartphone, you can send a message asking the device and the phone number (displayed on the blocked screen), which will be more effective, especially when it is impossible to determine the exact location in Apple Maps due to frankly terrible maps (my roads are worth it at the intersection of two roads City with 200,000 population and there is nothing more). Saves the position of a hybrid or satellite map of the card activated in the lower right corner.

Today, the lost, or stolen iPhone and iPad can only be found if it is turned on, and the Find My iPhone function is activated. However, soon everything can change.

If you believe the patent issued by the California Corporation by the American Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks, Apple is developing a mechanism for detecting off devices.

The Find My iPhone function shows the location of the iOS device on the map only if it is activated, and the smartphone or tablet is turned on. In the case of the theft of the device, it is enough for attackers to turn it off and get the SIM card.

Apparently, Apple decided to strengthen the safety of her devices and protect users from their theft in another way. According to the patent received, the iPhone can be activated by the mechanism of periodic transmission of geodata regardless of whether the smartphone is included or not. To do this, the company will use the timer and periodically include only part of the hardware of the device. The geolocation service will record the location of the device and transfer it one or several channels.

In order to track the location of the device, emails, or text messages will be used. At the same time, codes, images, sound notes, or any other data that will help detect the device can come by mail.

It is not yet clear how the new technology will work on Apple devices without mobile support, with a Wi-Fi connection. The problem is that the iPhone, iPad and MacBook can only be transmitted when connecting to the well-known Wi-Fi network.

As usual, the fact that Apple has patented a new mechanism for sending geodata does not mean that this technology will appear in the near future, or will be realized at all. Nevertheless, the new method of security is not something that could be left in the patent portfolio.

The lost device, when turned on, will immediately generate a special encrypted signal, which can be accepted by any apple device nearby. A completely unfamiliar and stranger can turn out to be a coordinate relay. His device without the knowledge of the owner will catch a signal, check its location and encrypt the data about this using an open key received from the missing device.

Information about the location is encrypted so reliably that only the second device of the owner will be able to determine the location of a fellow who is lost (with a Wi-Fi or without SIM card). Apple empire that the geolocation of the lost device cannot decipher even it, although this information comes to it on the server. The owner needs to activate the “Find” function and get the same encrypted message that will reveal information about the location of the lost device.

Search for the lost gadget is not a simple thing. If the “Find iPhone” function has been turned on, you have great chances to find your iPhone. If the function is turned off or off the phone, play on a social factor or seek help from law enforcement. Also go around the places where, in your opinion, the last time you could drop your apple gadget.

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