The protective glass on the phone was peeled off

28.08.2019 bought a phone and a protective glass guarantee of 6 months (in the check) today on the glass a crack and it has partially peel off. Glued in the store.

I glued the protective glass on the phone in the store in two weeks, it was opened myself, they told me that these were consumables and they would not change.

What is the warranty period for the protective glass on the phone and its sticker if the glass has been renamed?

I bought a protective glass on the phone, after a couple of days it reopened at the top and went cracks a few weeks ago, a glass guarantee of 6 months can give me a new one? Glued glasses in the store seller.

I contacted the service center to stick a protective glass on the phone. As a result, part of the glass was peeled off in the hands of the master, after which they gave me the phone with words walk like that for a couple of days, if you completely fly back. An hour later, having pulled the phone from a bag of half the glass moved away from the screen, I squeezed out the air, as the master showed, but the emergency rooms remained all the same. The next day I turned to SC, with a request to return the money, but they refused me, they offered to glue the same glass again. The fact is that these glasses (4D) are not subject to repeated gluing, since the tightness was broken. What to do in this situation? The check was not presented on demand, arguing that the forms were over.

I bought a protective glass on Samsung Gelaxi from 7, paid for the service in the store and they glued a protective glass on my phone. Upon arrival home, pulling the phone out of the bag, I saw that the glass was peeled off. Can I return the money or change to another protective glass in the store?

Birthday wife was bought a Samsung phone a 3. After a month of use, the device began to fail: namely, the front camera began to crawl. After which we took the apparatus to the server. Centre. The phone was made quickly but not of high quality. A day later, the protective glass was peeled off and a day later began to get the camera again. Again handed over to the server. Center and exactly the same situation. Only the glass did not glue. Tell me what to do that the device was changed to a new one or returned the money.

Is the return of the protective film of proper quality possible?

Almost all computer equipment and electronics belongs to the list of technically complex products, which means that problems may arise with return or exchange. Let’s figure it out more.

You decided to return the protective film of good quality. The reasons for the return are different:

  • I did not like the goods: it does not combine with the interior in color, shape, etc.D.
  • hurried with the purchase (found cheaper or picked up another model), changed their minds

If you have found a protective film in one of these lists, then it will be difficult to return or exchange this product, even if you have all the necessary documents and even if no more than 14 days have passed.

Technically complex goods of good quality (without flaws) are not subject to exchanging or returning within 14 days from the date of purchase, belong to the group of technically complex household goods, for which warranty periods are established (according to the government of the Government 5 of 19.01.1998.).

If your product is not in these lists, then you can return to the store for 2 weeks, not counting the day of purchase, and exchange it for another model. And if another product suitable for you will not be available, then the seller must return the money to you.

Return of a technically complex product of proper quality

Large stores are often loyal to customers and can go for an exchange of goods. Check out the rules for the return and exchange of some Russian hypermarkets, perhaps your case will be considered there.

If a technically complex product has a disadvantage, read on.

Protective glass broke

I repaired the child’s phone, replacement of touch glass, and they offered me a protective glass to make it more reliable, I bought, and they glued it. Gave a guarantee of 3 months. And today the daughter took out the phone on the books on the books with a straight glass and after a while she looked and there the glass broke again, but at the same time the protective glass is planted as a whole. How so? Went to the service where they did it since the guarantee has not yet passed and we were refused there. They said there was a mechanical impact and now these are your problems. But if you understand this, then drive a finger on the touch screen, the same mechanical effect?

In the protective glass that I was stuck in the salon, the phone was broken down by the glass, I refused to repair what to do?

I bought a phone for 16 thousand, and today I broke it, but it was in a protective glass, the protective glass did not break, but the glass of the phone itself broke, I have a guarantee for a year.

Can I replace the glass for free?

Is it possible to return the money if the protective glass broke down, when it is still under warranty?

Help please resolve the issue! In February, I bought a protective glass on a cell phone, a month later it crashed. I came to the store on April of the month, demanded to return the money for the glass. They refused me.

The son threw off the portfolio of a classmate from the bench, there was a cell phone, a protective glass broke up. His parents demand to return the money for the phone, we offered to replace the protective glass. What threatens his son if they turn to the police. He is an imperfect year.

I bought a phone with a protective glass, a month ago, after 2 weeks, the protective glass broke, through my fault, can I demand to replace the protective glass for free, and the guarantee for the phone is a year.

That if the glass of the protective glass broke a month ago. They will put a new one?

I bought a phone on December 29 and a protective glass for it in the store consultant to me immediately stickers and today on January 12, I took out a phone from my and the protective glass came out and fell (crashed). how to be in this situation is not cheap.

I purchased a phone from China, it was positioned as a protected phone IP 68. And after a couple of months when flying from a height of about 2 meters, fell on a pebble, and the protective glass of the camera broke up. There is an annual guarantee, but it was refused. Without motivating anything, tell me it is the opportunity to give it under warranty?

Is it possible to demand a refund for a protective glass for a smartphone, does not correspond to the declared characteristics, which include industry and firmness of 9 N. I concluded this after the fall of the smartphone. The protective glass not only crashed, but also did not protect the smartphone screen. The cost of film 800 can you write a claim as a product of inadequate quality?

2 days ago we bought a phone and protective glass, today I dropped the phone and the protective glass broke, can I change it according to the warranty?

I bought a phone at MTS iPhone 8plus. They took in installments. At the same time, we were made a guarantee of a senior MTS. Yesterday he fell. The protective glass crashed and the phone itself. Can I replace the screen for free or not?!

In the morning I bought a phone on credit in the morning, the evening accidentally dropped and the glass and the protective and the glass of the phone crashed, the floor of the screen burns black, can I return the phone if there is a guarantee or fix it in servo for free or everything is behind me?

Hello. Bought a phone. Six months later, a protective glass broke. Passed under the guarantee for the repair. Changed glass and 10 days after receiving the screen began to darken. Smelled for diagnostics in the service. And after that they diagnosed the mechanical effect (damage that entailed the loss of the display matrices). We did not drop and beat. In appearance, the phone is whole. They say that our fault. And warranty repair is impossible. How to be?

Hello, please tell me the situation is my gr.Husband goes to the child to the former gr.Showing my wife on the phone that was issued on me as a sound recording how she was breaking into our apartment, she grabbed the phone and twice hit the floor twice as a result of which the protective glass worth 790 p the checks was broken. At that moment, the phone was on the sound recording of which she knew and after which the husband said why the phone dropped, she played that you were dropping yourself. Is it possible to write a statement and prove her guilt thereby compensating for the damage?

The phone fell and the protective glass broke, the phone at warranty, whether they can exchange?

possible, return, protective, glass

A classmate dropped the phone and he broke a protective glass and a slightly scratched case. Is it worth going to court to return the money for the damage caused?

That’s the matter, we were with a classmate in additional courses. My phone was lying on the desk, she sat down and asked to go through. I got up due to my desks, while she was sitting down she pushed her desk and my phone fell and the protective glass broke. She does not want to compensate me for the damage. Can I write a statement to the police for her? Or what should I do?

In the Euroset store, a rack with accessories brushed off, it hooked the iPhone 6 employees and the protective glass and small coats on the screen and the phone of the phone broke up. She allegedly wrote a statement to me, they took an explanation from me where the whole situation was described but without the fall of the phone itself, and where I undertake to come to terms with her. The inquiry officer told me that she would come a refusal, but if she treats him to court, then it may end even worse. At first she said that she wanted a new one, talking, she said that she was ready to take 25,000 and would give a receipt, and she would not have any complaints to me. The phone repair will cost 19000, supposedly she wants to take a new one, and will not repair it. Tell me what to do in this situation.

My friend and I were fooling around and sang songs, remembered the song I was a chocolate hare and began to change her. I started singing a chocolate background. And a friend began to grab my phone from me and say give it I eat it. I jokingly said no, he was mine and took her lips with the corner of the phone in my mouth. She grabbed him and he slipped on his teeth. The protective glass broke. It costs 1500. She refuses to return and says that it was not necessary to take him in her mouth. I believe that you can’t grab someone else’s phone. And my phone I want to do with him. Please please do not publish and call.

Is it possible to exchange glass for the phone in the store

Is it possible to exchange glass for the phone in the store

Technically complex domestic product (which is the phone) with the established warranty period of proper quality cannot be returned to the store or exchanged for another with a surcharge.

However, if you find the shortcomings, you have the right to return the goods back and receive money, or exchange it for another similar model within 15 days from the date of purchase of the phone.

After this period, a return is possible in the following cases: a significant drawback has been revealed; the deadline for eliminating the deficiencies is violated; You can not use the phone during each year of the guarantee longer than 1 month.

possible, return, protective, glass

Is it possible to replace the battery on the phone with a more powerful, as well as glass with touch? Perhaps you are not going to change the device yet, everything is happy with you, but you are interested in how to improve its work.

You can get an answer faster if you call the free hot line of Moscow and the Moscow region: 8 499 705-84-25 free lawyers on the line: 6 answers of lawyers (1) Similar questions

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You can return the protective glass to the store

Return or exchange of a cell phone Answer: A cell phone refers to technically complex goods, you have the right to get your money back if there is any deficiency within 15 days from the date of purchase.

In the future, it will be possible to return the phone only if there is a significant deficiency in it or in violation of the repairs, as well as if the phone was on the repair for more than 30 days during each year of the warranty period.Answer: Art.

18 of the Law “On Consumer Protection” provides that the consumer in the event of the product is found “at his discretion”, and not at the choice of the seller (manufacturer), or exchange goods with deficiencies, or demand an immediate free elimination of the deficiency, or a proportionate reduction in the purchase prices, either refuse to execute the contract of sale with the subsequent return of the amount paid for such goods.

Is the protective glass to the phone is subject to return

If they refuse or there is no answer within 10 days after the appeal, then you can apply for the termination of the contract (lawsuit) to the court, the state fee is not taxed.For information: Article 15 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Return for protective glass

Hello! Tell me PZhT, today in the communication salon I purchased a protective glass on the phone, I was offered for additional.glue it with a fee, I refused, since already many times he had glued them without any problems.

I came home glued glass and found that the edges around the entire perimeter were not glued, since there is no glue on them, in one corner the glass did not glorify 5 millimeters, it looks terrible, especially considering that the glass is not a cheap.

Can I return money for such a product? Or can I exchange it for a better product? Tatyana another region Protection of consumer rights Hello, you have the right to abandon the services of a glass executor, such a refusal does not change anything and cannot serve as a basis for infringing on your rights, although the seller will definitely try to refer to this. But you should know that you may be guided by the provisions of ST.

How to return a mobile phone to the store. We study the legal foundations

The consumer has the right to exchange goods of proper quality for a similar product from the seller from whom this product was purchased if the specified product did not fit in the form, dimensions, style, color, size or configuration.

The exchange of goods of proper quality is carried out if the specified goods were not in use, its commodity, consumer properties, seals, factory shortcuts, and there is also a commodity check or a cash register or other document confirming payment of the specified product. Consumer self.defense 1. The consumer has the right to return the low-quality phone to the seller and demand the return of the money paid for the defective phone, if a significant deficiency is detected for 2 years, and within 15 days when any drawback is detected (see. Art. 18 and Art.

Return Mob 23.01.20011. I purchased a cell phone in the Euroset. I found shortcomings in it: the call key occurs periodically, the phone itself changes time and more.

Yesterday I went to take it. I rolled a claim in 2 copies, the claim is a refund. Came, an employee of the Euroset, of course, began to mow under the fool, but the ignorance of ZOPP on her face was reflected in a stupid look.

And the hardest thing to talk with the fool, especially arrogant. She accepted the claim. The return of the phone without a film in the store motivated this by the fact that the girl shot a protective film from the display, so the phone is now considered not new.

In the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, they say that in this situation the entrepreneur is right, although the girl all equal took her money with the help of law enforcement officers. Anastasia Antosha, who bought for 1 thousand, turned to Kafu.

Return of the phone without a film

Find out if you can exchange the phone for another with a surcharge if you didn’t like it. Here you will find expert Комментарии и мнения владельцев, whether the phone is subject to exchange, is it possible to replace with glass on a touch phone.

Answer: Products of many categories can be safely returned to the store for 14 days if any defects are detected or even in their absence.

But whether the phone is subject to exchange for another if it did not like it or if it has broken, and is it possible to carry out this procedure? Cell phones belong to a group of technically complex goods.

Is it possible to exchange a phone for another with a surcharge?

Rospotrebnadzor claims that buyers who have bought a cell phone have the right to exchange it for another model within 14 days and the seller has no right to refuse to him. “Refusal to exchange the specified cell phone of proper quality for a similar product of another model is unreasonable.

Is it possible to return, exchange a working mobile phone to the store. 25 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” allows you to exchange or return the product that has not begun within 14 days from the date of its acquisition. However, the law has an indication of the list of goods not to be returned and exchanged if they are working.

How remove and reinstall used tempered glass film screen protector. iPhone 6 tutorial.

How to return the phone to the store under the warranty?

To return the phone to the store under warranty in the first two weeks, you should file a written complaint. Return the phone within 14 days allows the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. It indicates on the basis of which defect the consumer returns the goods.

A mobile phone of proper quality, not related to technically complex goods, can be returned to the store for exchange/return within 14 days from the date of purchase (the day of purchase of goods is not considered, h. 1 tbsp. 25 ZOZPP).

Is it possible to return a new TV to the store?

The Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” gives the seller the right to refuse to return the TV of proper quality as a technically complex product. replacement can be asked for both similar and any other goods with compensation for its value.

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The Russian Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” does not prohibit the return of goods without packaging. Even if the goods are of high quality, but did not suit the buyer with something, it is obliged to take it back within 14 days or to replace it with a similar.

Is it possible to exchange a phone for another if it is under warranty?

The exchange of a phone under warranty for a new one, after a 15-day period, is possible only in cases where the detected deficiency: can be considered significant; was not eliminated within 45 days; leads to the stay of the device for repair for more than 30 days during each warranty year.

If you want to make a return of high.quality goods that did not fit or did not like it, then you have 14 days, not counting the day of purchase. Strictly speaking, the law does not speak of a return, but about the exchange. And only if the seller does not have a suitable for the exchange of goods, then it is possible to return it.