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How to restore deleted files on Android (photos, pictures, messages, videos)

Good day!

At first, I will immediately say that it is possible to restore remote information (but no one will give you a 100% guarantee, including me).

Today’s question raised in the article is quite multifaceted. The fact is that when restoring there may be quite different situations:

  • One in one-the data was stored on the SD card;
  • for another. on the internal memory of the phone (tablet);
  • Someone has Android-the 5th version, and someone has the 9th;
  • Someone immediately came to his senses and set to restore, and someone only six months later.

I also want to note that various photos are best amenable to restore. screenshots. text data (but the archives. For example, much less chances).

Be that as it may, in the article I will try to consider different options and methods of restoration. I hope everyone can draw something useful for themselves.

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How to restore remote videos on Android through a computer

If the above methods are ineffective, it is worth resorting to a reliable and proven method. restoration through PC. There are a huge number of special programs for this, and all that we need is a USB cable, access to PC and a good utility.

7-Data Android Recovery

The program is specially designed for a computer and does not require a ROOT-right. Unfortunately, there is still a drawback, and this is paid software. But in terms of its functionality, the tool is simply magnificent, the Inte Weese is intuitive, there are no extra and intricate options. How to restore an accidentally deleted video in it?

  • First we turn on the developer mode on the smartphone. This is an important and necessary moment.
  • Now we connect the phone to the computer using the cord.
  • We launch the utility, wait until it determines the device. Choose a section of memory (internal or external media).
  • The search for remote information begins. Usually it takes a little longer than in Android applications, since each file is checked very carefully.
  • Scan results appear, which we view and select the right video. Next, we just click on it “save”. note! Save the materials to the computer, and then just transfer them to the phone. That, in fact, is all, work in 7-Data is successfully completed.
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One of the best recovery programs developed by a company known thanks to the release of CCleaner utility. The application is completely free and is freely available on the Internet. Also has expanded and very convenient functionality. Go:

  • The first actions are the same as in the previous program: we connect to the computer, start the tool and select the media.
  • Further, Recuva asks us to determine what type of information we will restore. We see the third section below called “Video“. But the fact is that when activating this item, a video with resolution.MP4 simply is not determined by the program and it passes them without the possibility of restoration. Therefore, it is better to choose “all files”.
  • The process begins with which we are observing in real time. As soon as it ends, we see a list of materials where color circles are located opposite the name: red, green and orange. And these are not simple designations. Red means that the file is no longer possible to restore, the orange.file is damaged, the success success of 50 to 50, and the green. the file will be restored without problems.

Ontrack Easy

A fairly powerful special program, for which, unfortunately, you will have to pay. Free version does not exist. But the functionality is similar to free applications, you will not find any new tools in it. Therefore, we recommend using Ontrack only in cases where other utilities do not help, otherwise it is useless to spend money.

Problems and ways to solve them

Despite the fact that there are many ways to find and return the lost data, it will not be possible to restore deleted videos described by the described methods if the state of detected information is classified by the program as an average or unsatisfactory. But the most common problem is the damage to the file and the lack of the ability to play it.

What to do if the file is damaged

Given the specifics of storage and processing of user information, videos after recovery may be inaccessible to reading or played fragmented, in separate pieces. Do not panic, because there is an opportunity to fix the video file, especially if it was recently deleted. The following applications will help to solve the problem.

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Samsung one remote control pairing. RESET

“VLC Player”. A universal program capable of playing video files, loaded partially or damaged. The principle of operation of the application is that it converts the video to the work format of the file, as a result of which it is completely restored.

Video repair”. Suitable for those videos that have a “double” in nature. For correction you will need to download the program, select a damaged file and reference (film, clip). After starting the scan, it will begin to implement corrections, which will be reported in the report.

How to restore remote photos or videos in the Samsung Galaxy A5 via application?

There are applications that will allow you to find lost files.

Diskdigger to restore photos to restore remote photos

Diskdigger Restoration of photos will be an application that will allow you to cancel the removal of photography or image or find a video. You can directly choose the preservation of this remote photo or video in the cloud (on the disk, in Dropbox and T. D.).

Restore remote images

Restore remote images will be an application that will restore remote images from internal memory or SD card. He will offer you to find all types of files, and then you will need to find those that have disappeared.

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Why can’t I find remote photos on my Samsung Galaxy A71?

Perhaps your photo or video was irrevocably deleted. You cannot find your photos or videos for several reasons:

  • The file is deleted more than 60 days
  • You completely deleted it
  • You removed it from the gallery, and there is no backup on your laptop
  • You have not saved it in Google’s pictures

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to regularly make backups so that you can make a backup copy of photos on your Samsung Galaxy A71. Read our article to find out about the process.

Where is the basket on my Samsung Galaxy A71?

There is no basket on Android. However, you can use the usual basket application. Garbage container. Thus, each deleted file will remain in the basket for some time before deleting. If you need additional information about your Samsung Galaxy A71, we invite you to get acquainted with training materials in the category: Samsung Galaxy A71.

How can you restore photos or videos, deleted Google photo?

If you use Android to configure photos or videos on the Samsung Galaxy J7, in this situation you can accidentally delete a photo from your gallery. It is possible that if you have Google photos in your Samsung Galaxy J7, this image is always present in the application. If not so, read the next paragraph, which explains how to restore a remote photo in Google photo.

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How to find a remote photo using applications for creating Google pictures?

  • Go to the Google photo application
  • Go to the menu (3 parallel stripes)
  • After that, click Recycle Bin.
  • Then press and hold the image or video for recovery, the file will be found in:

Reasons for removing photos and files with Samsung Galaxy A5

There can be many reasons, deleted photos and loss of files on Samsung Galaxy. Here are the most common of them:

The good news is that after deleting you have every chance of restoring lost photos and other files using the Samsung Data Recovery tool

The Samsung data storage system is similar to the data storage system on the computer, therefore, when you remove data from this set, only the index is deleted to files from the file placement table, while the actual data files are not deleted, but the OS is marked until it is rewritten by any new data.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not pull, but immediately start restoring lost files, otherwise the chances of restoring them will become minimal after some time.

Recovery without computer and programs

In addition to the options described, users are able to use other applications created specifically for such situations. They allow you to do without connecting the phone to the computer, but do not always guarantee a positive result. over, the most popular are:

Undeleter (Root)

To restore the remote videos on Android Honor and Huawei using the Undeleter application, you will need:

  • Launch the service and provide it with a root-right.
  • Select a section of memory for scanning (internal or flash drive).
  • Launch file search and wait for the end to scanning.
  • Select the desired video and return it to the phone using the functionality of the service.

GT Recovery (Root)

GT Recovery is a full analogue of the above service for Android, requiring users of the same sequence of actions that are described above. The main difference between the program and Undeleter is the ability to scan the entire memory immediately, without choosing between the external and internal drive of the device.


Diskdigger differs from the above applications for smartphones and tablets in that: