Swift Playgrounds makes it easy to program on the iPad

Apple has presented an application for the iPad. Swift Playgrounds, with which, according to the developers, everyone can easily learn to program. Swift Playgrounds’ interactive interface helps beginners learn Swift, Apple’s easy-to-learn programming language used by professional developers to create world-class applications. Swift Playgrounds includes Apple-created coding lessons where students write code to guide on-screen characters through an engaging graphics world, solving puzzles, completing assignments, and mastering essential coding skills. In-app templates help students embody their creative ideas and create real-world programs that can be sent to friends via Mail and Messages, or even published on the Internet.

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With programming lessons from Apple, students can learn basic concepts such as running commands, creating functions, executing loops, applying conditionals and variables. This, according to Apple, will help them gradually develop their skills and gain confidence. Apple will release new assignments on a regular basis so students can hone their skills as their skills grow and interests expand. Teachers and Developers can also create their own assignments using Xcode.

In addition to tutorials, Swift Playgrounds includes a number of built-in templates to help aspiring developers express themselves. Based on these templates, students and developers can create their own code by adding graphics and controls.

By progressively mastering the graphics and interface, students will develop powerful touch-sensitive applications that utilize the accelerometer and Bluetooth devices. And because Swift Playgrounds uses real Swift code, projects can be exported directly into Xcode to create apps for iOS and macOS and then turn them into full-fledged apps.

The Swift Playgrounds preview is available today to Apple Developer Program members as part of the iOS 10 developer preview, and will be available in the iOS 10 public beta in July. The final version of Swift Playgrounds will be available for free in the App Store this fall. Swift Playgrounds works on iPad Air and iPad Pro, and iPad mini 2 and later running iOS 10.

Textastic. is it possible to program on the iPad?

Application: Textastic Code Editor | 299 r | For iPad

For all my love for the iPad, for a long time I thought that it was primarily a gadget for consuming content, and for my main job, programming, it is not very suitable. But recently, apps have started appearing in the App Store that contradict my opinion. One of the first swallows was the Textastic programmer editor, which I will tell you about.

First of all, a text editor written from scratch with syntax highlighting for 80 different languages ​​and autocompletion for HTML and CSS. Since the author approached writing wisely. the editor turned out to be fast, even when working with large files.

As in desktop editors, there are search and replace functions (with support for regular expressions), control of tabulation, hyphenation and encoding, and an external keyboard is supported. There are many themes and a choice of different fonts and sizes. Although, of course, this is not enough for full-fledged work with code on a tablet. Let’s see how the developer gets around the main tablet problems.

The third problem is the isolation of iOS and the inability to work with the file system. To overcome this difficulty, Textastic has support for WebDAV, FTP, and even Dropbox. It supports work with sites via FTP with simultaneous viewing of results both locally and on the server. There is a convenient built-in file manager for managing local and remote files. In addition, you can synchronize files via iTunes and e-mail, as well as connect to the tablet via WebDAV using the server built into the program.

In addition to the iPad version, there is an option for the iPhone, but I have not watched it, since I do not see the point in it if I have an iPad.

In general, it cannot be said that Textastic completely solves the problem of using the iPad as a programmer’s working tool: Apple has set many obstacles along the way. But for simple operations and quick edits on the run. Textastic is quite suitable. If your main development is related to the web, then Textastic is capable of more.

Title: Textastic Code Editor Publisher / Developer: Alexander Blach Download: For iPad

years with a faithful old man

If before the MacBook Pro 13 ‘2012 at minimum salaries completely closed my requests, then over time it began to slow down and lag. I don’t want to talk badly about my old friend, with whom we have seen many ups and downs in my life, but the instrument itself and the periphery became a burden to me.

Of course, I thought about upgrading my first poppy, bought with my own money, but it would not have made it any easier.

It weighs almost 2.5 kg, and in addition, the power supply is also very weighty. These characteristics do not so much make it difficult to transport this historic MacBook as they affect my mobility.

Perhaps such a load perfectly trains the breathing apparatus, allows you to lose weight, but in my case, I would still like to put the functionality and performance of the device in the first place.

Today, I cannot afford a new laptop from Apple’s lineup due to my own budget constraints. And how would you like to touch all this novelty, walk your fingers along the touch panel with different content, but I am not yet ready to pay more than 100 thousand rubles for equipment.

It’s not just about money. The question is, what do I get for these 100k. The 2017-2018 models have real problems with the trains. I cannot take such risks and remain without a working tool for an indefinite period: the work of the entire project and its support will stop.

How will I look the players in the eyes later?

How I started coding directly on iPad instead of laptop

Hello! My name is Maxim Gazizov. In this post I would like to tell you about how I transferred the process of developing my own project from MacBook Pro 13 ‘2012 to iPad Pro. I have several reasons for this.

I will make a reservation right away that my experience may and will not coincide with yours, because in this article I describe purely individual needs. So what we have:

  • own project, not work for hire
  • Telegram bot platform
  • MacBook Pro 13 ‘2012 in the minimum configuration
  • constant traveling
  • the need to intervene in the development process from anywhere in the country and the planet
  • desire to always be close to your project

Is a new friend better?

After this introduction, I would like to switch to the topic of working from a tablet. Perhaps, designers are at the same time norms and have some kind of discomfort when working with graphics on the iPad.

My situation is a bit specific. I need to code and draw. Maybe it’s a blessing that my UI tasks do not require powerful render packages

Right now my developer pack looks like this:

  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • Apple Pencil
  • charger for 2.1A

My iPad Pro 10.5 lasts 10 hours on a single charge. This is a significant stone in the garden of new Apple laptops, which at the limit of work do not last even five hours. Again, this is my own experience.

What software do I use

I want to go back to the point where my case covers individual development requests. Since I do not write native mobile applications, web programming tools are enough for me. Let’s start with the fact that I’m working on Wasteland Wars. an MMORPG based on a Telegram bot.

The main process of developing such text-based games is writing and uploading graphics code to the server, where all the machine work is already going on. The very process of developing and debugging the game code does not provide for the need to work with the graphic part.

I personally find it more convenient to create graphics with the Apple Pencil and a number of drawing programs. Fortunately, there are things in the AppStore that cover the above.

Since I’m writing my project in Python 3.6, an IDE called Pythonista lets me forget that I’m not working from a computer. The thing is that it has all the capabilities of desktop editors:

  • generating code and viewing work results
  • connecting third-party libraries
  • built-in terminal for simple web servers on a tablet

Termius client helps me manage the server via SSH. I noticed that for basic work, the premium version of this program is no different from the regular one. And so the timely paid money for the premium simplified the management process and saved my nerves.

I work with server files through FTP Manager Pro. The most convenient thing. Let me explain why: you can transfer files from the local storage just via Drag Drop. By the way, the screenshot shows an example of interaction between this FTP Manager Pro and local storage in Split View mode. Spoiler alert: this is awesome handy.

Regarding game graphics, I have a clear division into raster and vector. For creating and editing bitmap graphics, I chose AutoDesk Sketchbook and Procreate.

I work with vector graphics through Vectornator and Assembly. Vectornator covers my needs for developing graphics of any complexity from scratch. Assembly allows me to quickly create icons, logos, sometimes art.

At home I can work from a computer on Windows, but I want to both understand my location and walk. So the convenience of a tablet as a developer tool is not limited to the ability to code while traveling.

Pair of Apple Pencil (1st generation) from your iPad

If you have an Apple Pencil (1st generation), remove the cap and connect it to the Lightning connector on your iPad.

When you see the steam button, click on it.

After pairing the Apple Pencil, it will stay paired until you restart your iPad, turn on Airplane Mode, or pair with another iPad. Just a couple of times the Apple Pencil when you’re ready to use it.

Apple pencil (2nd generation)

If you have an Apple Pencil (2nd generation), you can use it with these iPad models:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)
  • for iPad Pro 11-inch

Use Apple Pencil

  • Open Sheet Music.
  • Click. to start a new note.
  • To draw, click If you can’t see. update your notes. Sketch, tap. then tap add thumbnail.
  • Start your drawing or sketch. You can choose from several drawing tools and colors, and switch to the eraser if you make a mistake. When you are drawing or sketching, you can tilt the Apple pencil in the shade line and press firmly to darken the mowing line.

If you get close to the edge of the screen with an Apple Pencil, iOS won’t activate Control Center, Action Center, or multitasking. You can draw anywhere on the screen without interruption.

Coding on the iPad Pro. Part 1

On Apple Pencil (2nd generation), you can double-tap the bottom of the apple with the pencil to quickly switch to the last tool you used. To change preferences, double-click and select Apple Pencil Settings, then choose between:

I tried coding on my iPad for 7 days

  • Switch between the current tool and the eraser
  • Switch between current tool and last used
  • Show color palette
  • From

Double tap only works in supported apps like notes.

Apple pencil (1st generation)

If you have an Apple Pencil (1st generation), you can use it with these iPad models:

  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • for iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • for iPad (6th generation)

Is it possible to program on iPad pro

Learn How to Pair, Use and Charge Your Apple Pencil.

Pair of Pencil Apple (2nd generation) from your iPad

If you have an Apple Pencil (2nd generation), attach the Apple Pencil to the magnetic connector on the side of your iPad Pro, like this:

Charge your Apple Pencil (1st generation)

To charge your Apple Pencil (1st generation), connect your desktop or laptop to the Lightning connector on your iPad. You can also charge it using the USB Power Adapter using the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that came with your Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil will charge quickly when plugged into any power source.

To see how much power your Apple Pencil has left, check the Viewer Widgets on your iPad.

Apple Pencil (1st generation) works with iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5- 1-inch, 9.7-inch tablet and iPad (6th generation).

Pencil company works with iPad?

Find out what Apple Pencil works with on iPad.

It became possible to program on the iPad

In June 2011, Apple slightly revised the rules for publishing applications in the App Store and now allows the inclusion of interpreters for various scripting languages ​​in programs. This is primarily necessary for game developers, since they often use high-level languages ​​to implement game logic. What Apple is not allowed to do is download arbitrary code from external sources. If such an opportunity appeared somewhere, it would threaten the birth of an alternative App Store, which Apple really does not want.

Coding On An iPad Air? (2020)

Codify has other limitations as well. In the games created there, so far, you can only use sprites from the standard set; you won’t be able to choose your own picture. However, the application also has its advantages. for example, buttons added to the on-screen keyboard that allow you to quickly navigate through the program text, or color or sprite selection dialogs that substitute values ​​directly into the parameter list of the corresponding functions. Also, Codify comes with a good help on all available functions (graphics, sound, math functions, external parameters, working with a touchscreen and an accelerometer).

Codify costs 8 and is available in the Russian App Store. Let’s hope that this initiative does not die out and does not become another victim of the changeable mood of the App Store moderators. I would like to see the same development environments for other languages ​​and with other libraries, for example Python or Processing. If the admission of Codify to custom iPads is not an accident, but the beginning of a smooth change in strategy, then it is possible that Apple itself is thinking about how to make the iPad suitable for programming. And that would be just great news.

Of course, if you do not want to learn Vim and it is easier for you to use visual text editors, using the iPad will not be the best option for software development, but if this is not a problem, you can safely consider the iPad Pro as a good working typewriter. In addition, the iPad Pro is much cheaper than the MacBook Pro.

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Programming on iPad Pro

Programmers often prefer to use a MacBook for work. Apple laptops have a Bash console and are similar to Linux, while offering a smooth and pleasant interface that Linux (even Ubuntu 19.10) still cannot give us. However, is the MacBook the only option? Is it possible to program on the iPad as well? In this article, we will look at how you can use the iPad Pro programmer as a machine for work.

Is it possible to replace the MacBook programmer with an iPad Pro?

Programming on the iPad Pro can also be convenient because iOS 13 has support for a mouse, trackpad, and keyboard, which immediately clears up the question of ease of use. In addition, the iPad Pro version with a 12.9-inch screen is available to consumers, which makes it a good alternative to the 13-inch MacBook and even more so to the 12-inch MacBook.

What flow can be when working over SSH?

You can purchase a virtual cloud server on any service, connect to it via SSH and then configure the environment by installing the necessary packages. It can be PHP, Python, NodeJS, MySQL, Nginx. everything that is necessary for the server to work. After that, we set up Git, create a project folder, and start coding on your iPad. The need to use a regular PC disappears. The advantage of console text editors lies precisely in the ability to work remotely through any device.

Once you have installed the text editor Vim on a remote server, you can install various plugins to it. For example, one of the most popular is NERD Tree, which adds a convenient structure of project folders and navigation through them. The Vim plugin base is huge. You can customize it for both backend and frontend work, including setting up Eslint and Prettier. In addition, for convenience, you can install a terminal multiplexer Tmux. Unlike iTerm on Mac OS, it launches multiple sessions directly inside the terminal, so split screens are also possible when using SSH.

For developing mobile applications, the iPad option is probably not the best, since you need to work using a remote desktop, which is not so convenient.

iPad OS! Mac OS

Another good option would be to use an SSH connection for development on a remote system. The best way to do this is to use the Blink terminal, its appearance can be customized, Blink supports Bluetooth keyboards and has good integration with the text editors Vim and Emacs. In addition, it supports FaceID and has the ability to generate SSH keys if a secure connection is configured on the server using a pair of such keys.

Longreads for you

The 2021 iPad Pro is very advanced and technologically advanced and is quite suitable for competing with Mac computers. But there are at least 5 features of the new tablet that you need to know about before buying.

Every week, 100,000 apps are submitted to the App Store, almost half of which are rejected. Apple reveals why this is happening and how App Store verification works.

Apple plans to further expand the capabilities of the iPhone and iPad in iOS 15, adding missing features and qualitatively reworking what has long needed to be reworked: iMessage, desktop, notification system and much more.

A professional programmer would never have written such an article. Programming on iPad is like painting walls with a watercolor brush. Long, tiring and stupid.

Pythonista 3

Pythonista 3 is a program for writing Python applications. An interesting fact: the name of the language did not come from the reptile python, but from the name of the comedy British show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. Python just in English Python.

Some people think that Python is great for the first programming language. Maybe so. The language has a simple and understandable syntax and at the same time a large number of functions.

Python is a popular language used by many large companies. For example, Google and use it in their projects. Pythonista 3 allows you to write a program and run it right there.

Swift Playgrounds

Apple developed the Swift programming language for iOS and Mac OS programmers. Apple conceived Swift as an easier and more readable language to learn than its predecessor, Objective C. In 2014, the language was introduced into Xcode. And in 2016, Google announced that Swift would be the first language for Android. Most likely, this will have a positive effect on the speed of the release of applications for Android. There will be fewer exclusives and applications that are released first on iOS, and after a few months / years on Android.

Swift Playgrounds from Apple themselves allow even a beginner to immerse themselves in the world of the language. Study new constructions, study the work of the code using live examples in a playful way.

Code Recipes

Recently I came across an interesting application-reference, which contains examples of codes in 6 programming languages: Swift, Java, C #, Python, C, Objective C. Its essence is so that a person can quickly find a piece of code in the language he needs. For example, a programmer needs to quickly remember what an error handler looks like in C. He looks at the program and finds the necessary fragment that he can apply in his program.

The application developer has collected examples from these 6 programming languages ​​and, judging by the updates, he also constantly updates them.

The program is shareware, but the full version costs only 2.

Textastic Code Editor 6

The App Store has two decent text editors for code. Textastic with its price of 749 rubles ( 10 in the American App Store) is a budget option.

Textastic supports syntax in about 80 programming languages. The program serves for beautiful display and editing of texts. This is not a compiler. please note. The application works like this. you download the code, edit it and then fill it back.

The program is supported by the author and is promptly updated.

Old app overview. Now it looks much more modern.

And here is the more expensive and advanced version of the text editor. For 1890 rubles you will get everything in one.

  • Code editor with syntax highlighting and convenient editing both online and offline.
  • Support for many popular languages.
  • Support for network protocols (in particular FTP) and most importantly. the SSH terminal.
  • Synchronization between iOS and Mac (version for Mac OS can be purchased on the Panic website).

The programming language “Smart BASIC”

An application that invites the user to program in an advanced version of the most popular learning language. Basic. It was with Basic that my acquaintance with programming began 20 years ago.

Despite the fact that many advanced Basic programmers do not understand the word at all, I think that this is a good language for beginners. It is very simple and at the same time, in skillful hands, it can solve a lot of problems.

Our reader Alexander, an amateur programmer, has even previously created applications in Smart Basic, which were published in the App Store.

Series “Learning Programming Languages” by Sololearn

Recently I came across a series of entertaining applications from the Sololearn company that offer interactive lessons on learning programming languages. The following languages ​​are available in Russian: JavaScript, HTML, C, Python, Java, CSS, SQL, PHP, C #, JQuery, Ruby. Swift lessons in English.

I went through some JavaScript tutorials. Everything is very accessible and interesting. Mini-lessons with examples are given, which can be immediately run in the emulator. This is usually followed by a multiple choice question or the option to enter a text answer. Very visual and easy to use for beginners.

There are code examples and the ability to run them:

All apps are free and no in-app purchases.


Codea appeared in 2012 as the first App Store application that could be used to write iOS applications. To this day, the program is being updated. Codea uses the Lua programming language, which was invented in Brazil, and is most similar to JavaScript in ideology.

Codea is designed to make programming for iOS easier. That is, the goal of the developers was to visualize the process and make it more convenient due to this.

As an example, the developers have posted on the App Store a very useful completely free game Cargo Bot (it is written in Codea). In it, it is necessary to rearrange the colored boxes using a manipulator arm in order to get the desired location. To do this, you need to come up with algorithms using the available commands.