How to install telegrams in Russian on a laptop, instructions for free

For many years, telegram has been a popular messenger for smartphones. Unlike WhatsApp or Viber, telegram works without personal data of its users. Using a special data encryption method makes the program one of the best in terms of security. The user does not have to use the application exclusively on his smartphone. The developers have created a table version of a telegram for a laptop.

Download telegram to your gadget. Then perform the installation procedure with subsequent activation. It is easy and very quickly with the help of tips.

  • 1 step. First download the application from the official site: https: // Just click the “Get Telegram for Windows” button. Download will begin automatically. By pressing “Show all the platforms”, you can choose a version for other operating systems (Linux, MacOS).
  • 2 step. After the load is completed, click the file below to open and install it. Just follow the instructions of the installation master.
  • 3 step. The application starts after a successful installation. Click the “Start messaging button”.
  • 5 Step. Now you will be sent a five.digit code to the number, which then should be entered. The validity of the code expires after 2 minutes. After successful code entry, you can use telegrams on a laptop.

Web version

Many users prefer to use the messenger’s online version; To do this, you do not need to download the utility on the laptop.

First of all, you should visit the official website. Web.Telegram.Org. There the user will see a special window for entering data. Firstly, you need to choose a country in the telephone network of which an account is registered. After the appropriate code of the country will appear automatically. Next, enter the phone number. After that, a text message with the code, which must be entered in the browser, will enter the smartphone.

Ready. If everything is done correctly, the user will be able to access the following functions on the main page:

Participants can also send messages and exchange files of different formats, the size of which does not exceed one GB.

Protecting mechanisms

Especially for Telegram, a special protection protocol was created, combining several types of mechanisms. MTPROTO. This development takes on the RSA-2048, DH-2048 algorithms for encryption.

The next step when transmitting messages is the formation of AES with a key that cannot be obtained thirdly. a combination is known only to the client and server.

Provisions of private data are the main concept of the Telegram messenger.

At the beginning of its existence, the motto was as follows: “Taking Back Our Right to Privacy” (“Let us regain the right to privacy”). Now it has changed a bit: “New era of message transmission”.

The creators of the application are so confident in its component that they put it on Kon 200,000. This money was a prize fund to one who can hack messages from the correspondence of the Durov brothers.

over, it was necessary to hack a special “secret chat”, which significantly complicated the task.

As a result, no one could achieve the goal. But one vulnerability in the system was still found.

The Habrahabra user found that the client received the parameters for generating DH keys from the server without checking.

Accordingly, the MTPROTO proprietary server could convey incorrect parameters that do not provide cryptographic resistance, and secretly conduct a MITM-Atak for secret chats.

Half of the prize was allocated to this person, since it was not possible to find out the details of the correspondence.

Security was evaluated by special ratings. Telegram was scores 4 because of 7 for ordinary chats. Secrets achieved the result 7/7. The assessment took place in December 2015 Electronic Frontier Foundation.

As a result, Pavel Durov achieved with the help of an advertising company the fame of his messenger as the safest.

In addition, scandals from different countries regarding Telegrama blocking fueled the interest of the Internet community in the application.

In addition, users often turn to the messenger when in some countries it becomes known about sites blocking and interception of messages.

Server data

Servers with information Telegram are scattered at different points of the planet. Each location is responsible for a certain region of action.

Accordingly, it works, so the application is quickly and harmonious.

For Europe, the main server in London became the main. The server in Singapore is responsible for Asia. Mexican data is stored in San Francisco.

And even if someone decides to hack servers, it is pointless due to the fact that a specially generated code is on a smartphone.

Version for the computer

Telegram desktop client, that is, a separate application, can be downloaded on the official website. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the article, we consider the classic Windows Curiant.

For authorization, you will also need to scan the QR code through the application on the smartphone or enter your phone number and the verification code that will come in the Telegram chat.

Note that with the computer version you can use several accounts (in browser applications this function is not available). There is also a dark topic, the ability to create folders, groups and channels, access to stickers and audio calls.

However, in terms of functionality, the client for PC is still inferior to the application for smartphones:

  • You can not block and complain about users, you can only send complaints about channels.
  • No graphic editor.
  • No video calls and video messages in circles.
  • No secret chats.

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Browser or desktop version: what to choose?

In general, if you use telegrams only for text correspondence and file exchange, you will not notice the difference between the browser and the desktop version.

However, if you use several accounts at once, then a separate client for PC is more suitable for you. If you need video calls, then you should use Telegram Webz and Webk. over, we consider webz safer due to the ability to install an additional password.

Telegram in a browser

Consider installation of the Messenger’s extensions in browsers.

Expansion for Google Chrome

Instructions for ensuring quick access to telegrams in the browser:

After the installation is completed in the upper right corner, the telegram icon will appear.

In fact, bypass the blocking to install telegrams and use it, as you certainly understood, it is not difficult at all. Of course, there are other ways to bypass locks, for example, through the expansion of the VPN in a browser, through proxy servers, through other VPN services. But the salt is that, no matter how blocking, useful services will continue to use no matter what! 🙂

And you use Telegram from a computer? In what way to go through the protection, share 🙂

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев

As a rule, this is the problem of the telecom operator or the phone itself (the network module, specifically). One of the options. Reloading the phone.

Vladimir Belev, it turned out. This is the problem not of the telecom operator, but the telegram itself. Three code came to my cart for a working computer. It’s good that some of the colleagues are late late. He dictated the code to me. Now I have telegrams not only at work, but also at home. And if everyone left work on time.

Good afternoon.I had a telegram, then flew off.Began to reinstall, gets an error 0xc0000006.I have been fighting for 2 days-all the same.Help, pliz. I do not live in unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons for the error with such an code. Simply put, you need to dig from checking for viruses, to correcting errors on the hard drive (if not SSD you have) and check the system for the integrity of “native” files. Maybe something else has been written besides the code?

Therefore, I can’t give clear instructions, only vague (do in the indicated sequence):

Check the integrity of system files. To do this, on behalf of the administrator, we open the command line and enter the command there: SFC.EXE /Scannow

Be sure to save spaces. After that, make sure that telegram is definitely removed from the computer and try to install again.

P.S. Guarantees that everything will work after maintenance at 3 points above I can not give.

Vladimir, I correctly realized that in this way you can install telegrams on a laptop without even having a telegram on the phone?

That’s right, unlike WhatsApp, telegram is not dependent on a similar application on the phone. But the phone will be required to enter the account or to register a new one, through it you will need to receive SMS.

The laptop with XP is not placed, more precisely, after sending the phone number, nothing else happens.

I do not think that the cart with the XP is still compatible, too old the system and is almost not supported by fresh versions of programs.

How to install Telegram on Android phone?

You need to open the Play Market (it is Google Play), in the search to dial Telegram, open the found application and click “Install”.

Tried to use the recommendations of other sites. Nothing happened, but here the first time it should be.

Vladimir, you are smart! Finally I have my telegrams in the computer! Your blog is very useful. Now I will often hang on it. And what do you advise from the courses on how to open and lead a channel on a talegram? Who can learn from?

Happy to help! 🙂 as for the information of the channel, it depends that you specifically need it. If you just create, place posts in it, then there is information on my blog.

If you pick up the Telegram or Telegram blog, you can find other articles on similar and this topic.

And if you need information on the correct maintenance of the channel for the purpose of earnings, then so far I do not have such information and I can not advise anyone.

Microsoft Store (Windows 8 /8.1/10)

The method described above is suitable for users of any version of Windows. Those on whose computers an actual “dozen” or intermediate “eight” are installed can be installed by Telegram from the Microsoft Store integrated into the system. Application store stores. This option is not only faster, but also deprives the need to visit the official site, and also excludes the installation procedure in its usual sense. everything will be done automatically, you only need to initiate the process.

In any convenient way, open Microsoft Store. It can be assigned to the Windows tasks or in the Start menu, or to be there, but already in the list of all installed applications.

On the main page of the Microsoft store, find the “Search” button, click on it and enter the name of the desired application in the line. Telegram.

In the list of tips that appears, select the first option. Telegram Desktop. and click on it to go to the application page.

Click on the “Install” button,

Then the download and automatic installation of telegrams on the computer will begin.

At the end of the procedure, the messenger can be launched by clicking on the corresponding button on his page in the store.

In the application window that appears after starting the application, click on the link “Continue in Russian”,

and then by the “Start communication” button.

Indicate the phone number to which your account is tied to Telegram, and click “Continue”.

Next, enter the code received in the SMS or in the messenger itself, if it is launched on another device, then click “Continue” again.

After these actions performed from Microsoft Store, the client is ready to use.

As you can see, downloading and installing telegrams through an application store built into Windows is an even simpler task than the standard installation procedure. Note that this is the same version of the messenger, which is offered on the official website, and she receives updates in the same way. Differences are only in the method of distribution.

Some features and capabilities of Telegram for a computer

  • Messaging and multimedia (attachment to messages of full.sized photos, videos up to 2 GB and so on);
  • Creation of groups (up to 200,000 participants) and channels;
  • Friendly integration;
  • Safety-the program uses the MTPROTO protocol, which provides reliability and high data exchange rate even with a slow Internet connection (telegram provides more reliable protection than popular WhatsApp and Line messengers);
  • Telegram bots;
  • Without advertising and subscriber fees;
  • Automatic synchronization on all devices;
  • Design topics, huge selection of free stickers;
  • Entrance from several accounts
  • Registration by phone number;
  • The presence of a portable version that does not require installation in the system is Telegram Portable;
  • Windows version, unlike a mobile application (Android, iOS, etc.) does not support “secret chats”.

Download Telegram for Windows

Here you can download the latest version of Telegram for computers running Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32 and 64-bit).

Telegram is a free and safe cloud messenger that allows you to exchange messages and files of multimedia of various formats (video, music, documents).

Operating system: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Rating: (59 assessments, average: 3.92 out of 5)

Registration on PC

It is impossible to register a messenger without a phone. You will definitely have to give a mobile number, and after receiving an SMS with the code, enter it into the confirmation window.

The process of installation of the Telegram messenger takes no more than 3 minutes:

  • Indicate the name of the folder where you need to place the file.
  • Following the instructions, create a folder in the starting menu.
  • Click on the point “Install”.

After installing the desktop version, click on the “complete” button. Then you can proceed to communication.

Distinctive features of the version for PC

Users who installed telegrams on a computer note a kind of application specificity:

  • Unlike other instant messengers, there is no need to keep the phone turned on. Messages are synchronized and available in any version;
  • PC notifications are gaining much faster than on a smartphone. True, some users on the telephone version give odds in the speed of set of messages.

Not all users like the lack of secret chat in PC. But, since the key to correspondence is stored in the computer, everyone who gets access to PC will be able to easily read notifications.

How to install “telegram” on a computer or laptop

The procedure for installing a “telegram” on a computer for all OS is the same with minor differences.

The sequence of actions during the installation of Telegram on Windows OS:

  • Run the browser and go to the DESKTOP download page.Telegram.Org. Downloading from other sources can lead to infection PC viruses.
  • On the page, select the messenger options-portable, for 32-bit Windows, X64 or other platforms (Linux or MacOS).
  • Click on the link with the desired version.
  • Expect the file download. Its version is reflected in the name Tsetup-C64.3.5.0.EXE. The browser can issue a request to choose a saving place.
  • Run the file with a double click at the end of loading.
  • Click Next.
  • Indicate the need for a shortcut on the desktop and in the “Start” menu.
  • Press the Install button.
  • Upon completion, press Finish.
  • In the window that appears, click Start Messaging.
  • Indicate the country and phone number for registration.
  • Enter the code from SMS and complete the installation by pressing Next.

Emulator “Android”

Android OS programs can be performed in Windows OS on a laptop or desktop without any alteration when using an emulator. This makes Play Market Available Software that has no analogues for Microsoft OS.

The functional completeness of programs for smartphones is determined by the quality of emulators. One of the most common is the free Russified Bluestacks. It is regularly updated and supported by developers since 2009.

The emulator has a limited set of functions, due to which high performance has been achieved.

Games in BlueStacks show the best results compared to analogues. I noticed that for working with some programs you may need an account in Google.

Web version of “Telegram”

The program is located on the site of the Telegram There is a page in Russian. For loading it, you will need an anonymizer, since the site is blocked.

There are 2 options. Webk and Webz, differing in design and some capabilities. After starting the loaded program, a QR code will appear on the screen, which must be counted by selecting “Settings” in the smartphone → “Devices” → “Connect the device”.

The desktop device is automatically tied to the smartphone, and all messages are synchronized. Registration using a button phone is possible.

Press the “Entrance by phone number” button and enter its value. After receiving the confirming code, enter it in the corresponding field and click on the “Next” button. The registration is completed on this, and the web mixer is ready to work.

Telegram Desktop

Telegram for Windows, like a browser version, does not need a program on a smartphone. When installing you will need a phone to receive a message with the confirmation code.

Word 2016: Saving and Sharing Documents

A distinctive feature of the application is the ability to register a virtual number.

  • Download on the Telegram installation file for your OS (versions for “Windows”, Linux and MacOS are available).
  • Run the uploaded file.
  • Indicate the catalog to install the program. By default, Windows 10 uses a folder C: \ Users \ Alexey \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Telegram Desktop.
  • Install the label in the Start menu if desired, click “Next” to pass.
  • Choose a tick Create a shortcut on the “desktop”.
  • Click the “Install” button with the mouse without removing the daw “Launch Telegram”.
  • After click “Complete”.

With the launch of the messenger, start registering an account.

Possible problems when installing Telegram on a computer

Messenger’s performance depends on technical, software, anthropogenic factors.

Installation problems are possible because of:

  • locking the installer with antivirus software;
  • incorrect setting of user rights PC;
  • incompatibility of versions of the messenger and OS;
  • lack of access to the Internet.

In case of unsuccessful installation, check the connection with the provider, turn off the antivirus on. Sometimes reloading PC or re.launch of the program helps.

According to users, telegrams on the computer surpasses all existing messengers in speed of work. The application of enough resources of obsolete devices to maintain functionality and ensure speed.