How to connect a phone to a TV via HDMI cable

Modern TV models are equipped with everyone in a row: they have their own software, replacing a computer, access to high-speed Internet and HD-resolution of screens. However, such TVs are expensive, so many prefer to buy modest models with disabilities. But this becomes solved when connecting the phone to the TV.

By connecting a smartphone to the TV, what happens on the phone screen is transferred to the TV screen. At first glance, someone may seem strange to connect a smartphone to a TV, but in fact there may be several reasons:

  • If the TV does not have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, then connecting a smartphone will correct this problem-you can include the same videos on YouTube on the phone, but watch them on a large television screen;
  • When the smartphone screen is not enough to enjoy the beauty of photos, they can be examined in detail by connecting the phone to the TV;
  • Telephone games will look more colorful and comfortable in scale;
  • Films on a small screen are almost always uncomfortable to watch. The film’s output to the TV screen will fix this problem and at the same time improve the image and sound quality;
  • It will be more convenient to view sites for which there are no mobile versions;
  • When showing a presentation, other people will be much more clear if you transfer it to a large screen.
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What are the possibilities of connecting the phone to the TV

The functions of the phone remain the same, only to perform some actions will now be more pleasant and comfortable:

  • play your favorite games on the screen with a wide diagonal (you can additionally connect the Bluetooth keyboard or joystick to the TV to play it);
  • Watch movies, photos and other content;
  • organize impressive presentations;
  • “Sit” on the Internet;
  • control the TV with the help of a phone (it will be like a remote control).
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How to connect any smartphone to TV samsung

The application that has already been preinstalled on Samsung devices can independently load on a smartphone or tablet of another manufacturer. Samsung SmartView works both on iOS and Android.

When you run the application, the TV will be found automatically. Now you can use the mobile device above as a remote control and transfer content to the TV screen. For example, if you open the YouTube application on iOS or Android, you can broadcast all the videos. To do this, press the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and select the Samsung TV.

Wi-Fi Direct

To use this method, you not only do not need any additional gadgets, even the presence of a wireless Wi-Fi network in the house is not required. We need only a smartphone and a TV compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function on TV, after which it will create his own Wi-Fi network. Turn on the Wi-Fi Direct mode in the smartphone in the “Wireless Network” menu. “Wi-Fi”. “Expanded settings” and select the network of your TV. For all its simplicity and unpretentiousness, this method of connection does not differ in high speed, so it should be used only when all other options for working with the TV are not available.

This is another way to connect a smartphone to a TV that does not require any expenses from the user. You will need only DLNA support TV. True, unlike the same Wi-Fi Direct, you can’t do without a Wi-Fi home network.

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Turn on the DLNA function in the TV menu. Install your TV on your smartphone as a player, run the standard Android gallery and open the desired media file. The downside is that this function does not support the screen broadcast, everything is limited to conventional media files.

DLNA does not ensure the universality of the content display. it conveys only music, photos and some video file formats. In this case, the image resolution depends on the receiving device.


Connecting a smartphone to the TV opens additional opportunities to the user. In addition to the usual screen broadcast, you can run full.fledged game applications using a smartphone as a joystick.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless)

For business, such a functionality will also have to come in handy. After connecting a smartphone to TV, it becomes possible to organize impressive presentations, communicate with colleagues in video communication and much more. Or you can just use the phone as a remote control.

Using MHL technology

Considering the connection of the phone to the Samsung TV through HDMI, the Slimport format adapter was mentioned. But along with it there is another adapter-MHL port. It can also be found in almost any electronics store, after which it will not be difficult to carry out the conjugation using the HDMI connector.

The action plan here is exactly the same as in the case of Slimport:

  • MHL USB plug up into a smartphone.
  • Connect to MHL HDMI cable, thereby connecting it with a similar tV-receiver connector.
  • Also connect the power to the MHL port using MicroUSB cable.
  • Open the TV settings and as a type of connection, select the involved HDMI connector.

By analogy with the previously considered option on the TV, all the actions carried out by the user of the smartphone will be displayed. The main inconvenience is the presence of a large number of wires, but the connection when using this method of connecting as stable as possible. This option differs favorably with wireless conjugation through Wi-Fi.

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Please note that the MHL protocol is not supported by all smartphones. It is recommended to clarify in advance the availability of support on the manufacturer’s website.

Screen Mirroring

The function will help easily and quickly configure access to multimedia on your device, it looks like in a screenshot below.

For convenience, we divide the instructions according to the versions of the Android.

How to Connect Android Phone to Samsung Smart TV (Fast Method!)

Android 6.x

  • On the tablet / smartphone, open the fast settings panel. running your finger down the screen from top to bottom;
  • “Fast connection” and as a result of the search, select your TV in the list;

Android 7.x

  • On the tablet / smartphone opens the panel of quick settings by moving the finger from above the screen down;
  • Expand the panel completely pulling again down → Next, spend on the left. to the right to display “Additional Settings” → “Smart View”.

Which way to connect a phone to the TV is better to choose

For iPhone

The best way is to use your native software. AirPlay will give full functionality for combining TV and smartphone without errors. The only negative is the price. Miracast technology is also suitable for the iPhone.

For Android

Miracast wireless function is the most affordable and provides full functionality without restrictions. It is important that you can turn any TV into a device with support for a smartphone. Not the most expensive adapter will help. USB.The cable is suitable for extreme cases when the phone is used as a flash drive.