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Developers have added to the GTA 5 on Android a unique opportunity. Users can make their own modifications of the game. For example, add new vehicles and weapons. All these innovations are reflected in the plot, it becomes more complicated, immersing the participants in a new reality. Of course, for this you need to have some knowledge and experience.

The rest of the players free mode Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to fully control the actions of characters. The user himself determines the storyline. He can pass missions, race through the streets in a powerful car or engage in a firefight.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). here before you a mobile version of the famous PC game. Yes it is absolutely safe to admit that the mobile version, unfortunately, is a little weaker than what we could observe on the computer, but it is still good enough to play and enjoy the game on a mobile device.


Just like in the other versions of GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes, the map in the game is really big, so you can spend a lot of time, just to explore it at your pleasure. Besides, each location is different both in appearance and in special features.

Another nice thing is the freedom of the game, here you have virtually no restrictions, you can both follow the plot, and give up on the plot, and do literally anything you can think of. There are no limitations, everything is in your hands.

Also the game has a good choice of weapons, you will have a variety of vehicles that you can use to move around the locations. Well, enjoy the humor, which in the game on the one hand a lot, and on the other hand it is mostly really funny, bright and well just lucky. Yes to call the humor that we can observe here subtle, definitely not get, but in the form in which it is presented, the humor mostly looks very good.

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The action takes place on the streets of Los Santos. In GTA 5 there are three main characters. Each character has his own characteristics and unique abilities. During the game you will be able to switch almost freely between the three characters in order to use their skills as needed. Just like in the previous parts of the iconic series, in GTA 5 you will be able to walk along the storyline scythe, or just drive around the city in a stolen car, wreaking havoc and destruction.


By the way, in the mobile version of the game you can also customize the radio wave you like. Around a stolen car more fun with music! It is worth mentioning that in GTA 5 there are only 6 missions, that make up the storyline. However, they are not the easiest.

Each mission requires a detailed plan to be worked out, including the use of different character skills at different stages of the mission. You will be rewarded a solid amount for completing each mission. In-game currency can be spent on buying weapons, or on red-light girls.

GTA 5 on your tablet

The plot now centers on 3 characters at once. Franklin, Trevor and Michael. The first character on the list dreams of getting rich and escape from the poor neighborhood of Los Santos. The two remaining characters are former friends and robbery partners who are brought together again by fate.

Extremely different and complex characters must become a complete team to rip off the big score, deal with fake cops and establish their personal life. The player will have to choose between the characters he likes, as well as watch the dynamically evolving events.

GTA 5 Mobile

Like in previous games of the series, in GTA 5 there is no specific task for the hero. Each player can choose their own path of development, exploring the fictional town of Los Santos, completing missions or getting into fights. However, the developers have emphasized the role component. now the hero can get a job and become a prosperous citizen or join a gang, hoping to take the place of a criminal authority.

Can I Download GTA 5 on Android?

You can already download and install the fully functional version of the game GTA 5 on your Android devices on the Internet. But the company has not yet announced its launch. What’s even nicer, fully russified version of the game can be used on your device for free. BUT. not from the official server.

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The version that is offered on the Internet is not the official release. This is an adapted version of San Andreas, transferred to the new platform.

version for phones does not retain all the features of the original GTA 5, which does not prevent you from enjoying the game. It has no cache that will appear after the official release of the project and without which you will not be able to run the toy. As in many other versions, the cache must be downloaded and installed separately. The main application (the file.APK), which is installed from Play Market, does not cope with this task.

To run the cache must be installed in a separate folder, sdcard/Android/obb. And if the folder does not appear automatically, you have to create it manually.

A lot of videos have already appeared on the Internet, showing the official launch of the game GTA 5 on mobile devices. So far, all this. mostly fakes, and links to download the “official” versions lead to sites infected with viruses. So download the mod that turns San Andreas into an analogue of the fifth version of your favorite game, and enjoy what is available.

Until the official announcement do not look for a more “natural” version. Now the official manufacturer is just recruiting programmers specializing in Android and iOS. This may not be considered as an announcement of the imminent release of the program, but it is a sign of hard work on the release of the latest version. After all, there is no information that the company is busy developing a new game.

The game has many advantages, and we want to consider them. The gameplay is exciting, with individual storylines. You will be pleased with a large number of weapons and three characters that you can play as.

  • Open World. You will be able to explore the city of Los Santos and its surroundings.
  • Many cars and other varieties of vehicles.
  • The three-dimensional graphics are stunning in quality and realism.
  • Mini-games and additional tasks that make the gameplay even more exciting.
  • Thousands of basic missions that will be interesting to perform.
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The game is fully translated into Russian, so there are no problems. Control your character with the sticks on the side of the screen. It will take a few minutes to get used to the buttons. The controls are easy to use, and the character immediately responds to clicks. You can install GTA 5 for free and go straight to the game.


Download GTA 5 on your phone

Hi. recently, the Rockstar team released a mobile version of GTA 5 for Android phones and tablets. Today you will have a chance to install the game on your device for free. Just below we will list its features and advantages over competitors.

GTA 5 is the best third-person shooter. A large number of gamers want to play this game. The developers have tried to implement the possibilities of the computer part. The opening world will plunge into the sunny city, crime and gangs. You will be able to join a faction or create your own, and have a shootout with the cops.

Download GTA 5 on your phone

Just recently GTA 5 was released on Android, where the developers have tried to transfer the functionality and features from the PC version. The game has been optimized for mobile devices, but it only works on powerful smartphones or Android tablets.

As statistics show, the release of GTA 5 on PC was expected by many fans of the game series. It just so happened that I was one of those who have been waiting impatiently for the game and was the first to try to play it. I think that no one will not be a discovery if I say that Grand theft auto 5 came to the phone. Such news has excited millions of people, because it is possible to play your favorite game, not only sitting in front of the monitor, but also while waiting in line.