How to use Apple Pay on iPhone XR

Learn how to easily and safely pay with Apple, pay in stores, restaurants, in applications, on the Internet, and much more.

With iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use Apple, paid, where you see one of these characters. 1,2 You can pay from Apple, pay in stores, restaurants, taxis, vending machines, and many other places.

Pay using iPhone with Face ID

  • Use your default cards, double-click the side button, then look at your iPhone to authenticate in the face certificate, or enter the password.
  • Hold the top of your iPhone for several centimeters to the contactless reader until you see and the corresponding icon on the display.

View demo. to see how it works.

Pay using iPhone with touch ID

  • Use the default card, the remaining finger on the touch ID.
  • Hold the top of your iPhone for several centimeters to the contactless reader until you see and the corresponding icon on the display.

View demo. to see how it works.

Pay with Apple Watch

  • To use the default card, double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple to observe for several centimeters to a non-contact reader.
  • Wait until you feel a light touch.

Depending on the store and the amount of the transaction, you may need to sign a check or enter a PIN code.

If you are in mainland China

Pay in stores with a credit or debit card, you need:

Using this card is impossible

Map World to Apple Pay no longer bind. But if Mastercard and Visa return, the service will earn again

Now you can say with confidence that Apple Pay is actually closed for the Russian market for an indefinite period. Why in uncertain? Because if MasterCard and Visa return to Russia, Apple Pay will earn again. After all, the banks from Apple’s payment service disabled.

Apparently, the disconnection of the map world from Apple Pay is gradually, so someone is likely to pay can still be paid. However, most likely it is the exception, and not the rule. Many employees of our editorial board, the domestic payment system card has already been disconnected and no longer work.

According to some data, the blocking will not be simultane. She will last until the end of March-month. By the time, even those cards that still continue to work with Apple Pay. But since it is unknown, when it is exactly the exactly of your card, it is best to rely on the iPhone and carry a bank card with you.

If you are not used to wearing a wallet with you and prefer to pay a smartphone, you can buy such a cardholder. It is glued to the back cover of the iPhone or cover that protects it. Just put your bank card there, and then apply the device to the terminal when you want to pay.

Do Apple Pay works with Visa and MasterCard

We tell, is it possible to pay Visa and MasterCard in Russia.

Despite the fact that Visa and MasterCard ceased to work with foreign services, payment in Apple Pay through Visa and MasterCard in the first half of the day I have passed without problems. My colleagues also have no problems. At the same time another problem. All transactions via Apple Pay are not recorded in the Wallet application. Starting from March 1, colleagues do not get to check which shopping they made through Apple Pay. At the same time in the bank’s application, everything is clearly seen.

On the left of the transaction in Apple Pay. Right in the bank’s application.

Many readers report that payment does not pass. And the iPhone or Apple Watch itself no notifications are sent. Payment does not pass exclusively through the terminal itself. At the same time, users note that the terminal itself was not served by banks from the sanctuction list and payment of Apple Pay through the world on the same apparatus was held without problems.

Just came out of the store, Apple Pay via Visa does not work. iPhone shows that payment has passed, and the device shows a mistake. At the same time, the physical card works without problems, paid everything through plastic, writes the reader.

It is possible that the changes will take effect a little later, in the afternoon of Moscow time. By the way, we have already encountered problems in Apple Apple Apple. We have already written about how to pay for purchases in the App Store bypassing restrictions. Be sure to read.

Maps and payment systems

The company concluded an agreement on cooperation with several payment systems. But in Russia not all their types are supported. Domestic bank cards work with ApplePay for two types of payments.

Payment systems Maestro, Unioncard, “Mir” today are not yet available to the Russian user to integrate with Apple Pei. This is due to the reluctance of Western companies to cooperate with Russian banks under the influence of existing economic sanctions. Credit organizations promise that the situation will change for the better. But while you can only bind, for example, the World Card on the iPhone for use in perspective. Using Apple Pay on iPhone X will be able to any owners of this phone. Select the types of plastic cards that are available for connecting to the service.

  • Debit
  • Bonus
  • Credit
  • Discount (accumulative)
  • Corporate
  • Family
  • Personal
  • Idential
  • Private
  • Payment

This is not a complete list. But in Russia, most plastic cards belong to one of the above-mentioned species. Therefore, most types of “plastic” are supported. If the user is interested in the question of how to install Apple Pay application, you will only need to add a bank card to Apple Wallet Apple.

Is Apple Pay function on iPhone x

Data on the amounts of transactions made in the form of anonymous information. It turns out that from eye scammers all your details are hidden reliably.

Using the Touch ID function during payment allows the risk of hacking to minimize. Even if the iPhone is lost or stolen, it will be impossible to pay it possible, since it will not be possible to fake a fingerprint.

This also applies to technology for identifying Face ID applicable to iPhone X. The owner system identifies with the recognition of his face.

The level of accuracy and reliability of the system is very high, it is able to recognize the owner of the gadget even with changes in appearance (for example, in wigs or glasses), but with another person it will not confuse him, even with similar features of the face.

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  • Transaction History on Apple Devices
  • Conclusion

How to buy with Apple Pei

In order to pay using Apple Pay on the Internet or store, it is enough to guide the instructions presented here for different types of Apple devices.

  • Attach finger to touch id sensor.
  • Lower the device to the upper part at a distance of 2-3 cm to the cash terminal.
  • Hold to appear on the screen checkboxes and inscriptions “Ready”.
  • To use a tied card by default, press twice the side clock button.
  • Lower the device down to the POS terminal at a distance of 2-3 cm.
  • Expect before the advent of light vibration from the device. Apple Watch Display will show a tick from below and the inscription “Ready” from above.
  • Check the contact and payment details, to select other “plastic” to press the arrow icon next to the default card.
  • Select a map and confirm payment using the Touch ID and password entry.
  • The appearance on the message “Finish” message on the screen means the successful completion of the transaction.

On the Internet with Mac (if there is Touch ID)

  • Click “Apple Pay”.
  • After checking the data, click the link to confirm.
  • To make a payment to touch the Touch ID and follow the instructions on Touch Bar. If the Touch ID is not active, to turn it on, press the “Apple Pai” image on the Touch Bar pane.
  • The appearance on the screen of a familiar notification will report a successful purchase.

⬤ White Apple.Club FAQ How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X

The other day, Apple has released a new video, where showed how to use Apple Pay Payments on iPhone X. Now every newcomer who bought iPhone 10 will be able to quickly see this instruction and understand correctly pay smartphone.

First you need to make sure that the terminal you are going to pay for the purchase, supports wireless payment. To do this, it should be a similar logo.

Now get your iPhone x and make dual pressing the power button. The device recognizes face on Face ID and unlocked, Apple Pay App will start.

You bring the smartphone to the terminal top, you can not apply too tightly. enough to the top of the iPhone 10 was near the terminal display. Like this.

Typically, payment passes for a split second, after the screen has appeared confirmation of a successful operation, you can remove the smartphone. As you can see. everything is simple.

To pay attention to: The Apple Pay function itself must be supported in the region where you are going to pay for the purchase. If you arrive, for example, to another country, first make sure that contactless payments of Apple Pay are supported in this state.

Learn how to easily and safely pay with Apple, pay in stores, restaurants, in applications, on the Internet, and much more.

Discounts when paying bumps

If you pay nfc, cachek will. But when paying for ZakPEE, you give a discount of 1% due to the cheaper acquiring

I do not know how for you, but for me the last two points are critical. For example, on your credit card I get cachek in the amount of 2% for each purchase. ZakPay allows you to use only debit accounts, but even in this case there will be no cachek.

No, of course, when paying for SBAJi purchases, you get a discount on the total amount of the check in most stores, even online, at least in theline that support this service. But the problem is that not all trading networks support SPEI, and the discount is only 1%. And on banknotes and special offers, refund can reach 2%, and even 5%.

In the chest of Alibaba every day the collections of the best products with Aliexpress

Where does the discount take on when paying for SBAI, ask? It is applied immediately at the time of payment. If the check amount is 500, then from your account automatically spikes only 495. This is due to the fact that the service of transfers over the system of rapid payments is cheaper.

In contrast to pay MasterCard or Visa cards, which take about 2-2.3% for their processing, payments for SBAI are not more than 0.7%. Thus, stores provide you with a discount and do not lose anything.

How to activate Apple Pai on iPhones 6/6 plus / 8/8 plus / SE / 7/7 Plus / X / XS / XS MAX / XR / 6S / 6S Plus

On the other versions of the iPhone, the applepay function mechanism looks easier. To bind cards, guided by this instruction.

Comment. If you cannot scan the iPhone Camera card, or an error occurs when manually entered the payer information, this means that the Apple Pai service does not support this bank-issuer. For more information, it is recommended to contact the official Apple portal.

Connecting Apple Pei on the iPad or MacBook is also carried out as for all versions of the iPhone newer fifth model. All actions are performed in the Wallet application available on any “apple” device.

There is an alternative option for inclusion of Apple Pay on the smartphone. through a third-party application. After downloading, for example, the program “Sberbank online”, the user will be able to perform the binding of the card using this program through a special built-in function. It will be necessary to log in in the application, go to the “My Maps” menu, select the desired “plastic” and click on the link at the bottom of the “Connect Apple Pey”. Then, in the same method, specify and confirm the payment details in Sberbank online. At the same time, the Wallet application will show a notification of the successful addition of the map. An iPhone binding notification will also come in SMS-message.

Having read the material given in the article, the owners of Apple’s technology will learn what an iPhone has a payment service to one touch Apple Pei.